by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© January 2019, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


The following are ways that most people become stuck in a level of physical, emotional or mental functioning.  Knowing the patterns described below may help a practitioner or client greatly to understand how to get well when one is caught in these patterns.

The patterns may sound like we are stereotyping people.  This is not the intent at all.  However, after 38 years of experience, one finds it is possible to identify certain “types” or styles of living and working.

Most people are a combination of some of the patterns below.  However, we are presenting the pure patterns as this makes them much easier to understand.

We will relate the personality traits to the seven major energy centers on the physical body.  This is because imbalances in these energy centers are associated with each of the personality types.




The first energy center concerns ego or self-centered pursuits and generally a more physical and often sexual lifestyle.  All these people have stressed thyroid and adrenal glands as a result of their physically strenuous lives. 

Occupations. Many are professionals such as doctors, real estate moguls and the like. Their defining quality, however, is their incessant attempt to keep their oxidation rate more or less balanced with frequent workouts of all kinds.  Some run, ride bikes, ski or go on long, arduous hikes.  Other go to many aerobics, pilates, power yoga and other classes.  Rarely, they like dangerous sports such as bungee jumping, sky diving and other more exotic treks.  Others engage in drugs, sexual orgies of various kinds and other unhealthy activities mainly for thrills.  Many have a lot of money and most are rather arrogant and selfish.

Health. This group is intelligent and may eat well in fine restaurants, but it is inconsistent and mixed with alcohol, drugs, at times, and poor quality “trail food”.  They develop burnout and sexual problems such as impotence.  Women have often had an abortion or two, and suffer from psychological stress in all cases as the lifestyle is too hard on them.  Many are exhausted and end up pumping themselves up with prescription or other drugs.  Eventually, many die young of a heart attack during a marathon or “on the slopes”.

Common hair analysis patterns.  Many of these people, if they are in decent health, are fast oxidizers.  This is a less mature individual, usually, who does not want to slow down and finds ways to stay in fast oxidation in many cases.  Some are also energy vampires and this helps them stay in fast oxidation.

What they need and how to help them. These individuals need to turn their attention away from the three lower centers and move into their upper energy centers – five, six and seven.  This means moving away from physical lifestyles and sex and more into their hearts and minds.  This would not only make them nicer people.  It would move them along spiritually on their life paths.  Most are very capable and bright, but very stuck in the physical world.

The main difficulty working with these individuals is convincing them to slow down physically and turn more of their attention to spiritual matters.  This would help them greatly, but is usually difficult as they are quite stuck.  They don’t usually seek out holistic help, feeling it is too “new agey”.  They do not realize how much their lifestyles keep their attention focused on the lower energy centers and away from mental development.  However, if they can be enticed to do the program, they follow it well and can progress slowly, but surely, toward greater health and development.



The second energy center has to do with one-on-one relationships, but also is very self-centered and egotistical in its focus.  The people I am calling ‘iron heads’ or ‘breakthroughs’ are the most interesting because a lower level of brain functioning is breaking through on an almost continuous basis, influencing their every thought and activity.  Most have excessive, but usually hidden iron, manganese and often hidden copper toxicity, but especially iron toxicity.  Often, toxic forms of these metals can elevate the sodium and potassium levels to such a degree that it causes a temporary fast oxidation condition.  However, they are not true fast oxidizers because they are not that healthy.

Vampirism. A defining quality of this group is they are psychic vampires at some level.  This may not be obvious at all.  In fact, they may seem very “mellow”, sweet and even kind on the surface.  Energetic vampirism is a very real phenomenon and discussed in popular books such as The Celestine Prophesy by James Redfield, and in People Of The Lie by M. Scott Peck.  Mr. Roy Masters in his books also discusses the idea extensively.  It is the subject of a separate article on this website entitled Energetic Vampirism. 

Occupations. Breakthroughs are often found in positions of power, such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, politicians and sadly, many mothers.  They may work in any area of society, but are most destructive as parents, teachers and politicians because they affect more people this way.  They number in the millions in modern welfare nations, including The United States and Europe.

Spiritual orientation. Their basic spiritual “posture” is denial of guilt.  This always leads to some the following scenarios:


Š           Living superficially and often seemingly happy and successful.  This is one way to avoid deeper searching that would uncover their guilt.

Š           Anger and even hatred.  This is a projection of their guilt onto others.  Unfortunately, anger moves a person into the lower energy centers where the thinking process is clouded by ego, prejudices, and even violent thoughts and beliefs.

Š           Self-deception and lying.  This is the same idea as denial.  Most have done it for years, are very glib and proficient at it, and have learned how to lie to others easily, as well as lie to themselves.  It makes their thinking very inconsistent and insane, in fact.  However, they can present their arguments in a very logical-sounding and glib way that sways millions of people unless one thinks it through.  This is the essence of modern liberalism and the Democratic Party in America, which is where one finds these people today.

Š           Quick-witted in many cases.  This is necessary to stay ahead of their guilt and denial.  Underneath, however, they are very confused, which becomes obvious in their behavior and even their words.  For example, the president of the USA, recently announced that to save money on health care we must spend a trillion dollars or more.  This does not make logical sense.  However, he managed to convince the nation to adopt his plan.

Š           Lacking trust in themselves.  This, however, is at a deep level.  As a result, they project this feeling and, consequently, rarely trust “the masses”, although they profess to love them.  In other words, while their words are loving, they are generally elitists and often heartless authoritarians inside.  They usually support authoritarian schemes and policies such as socialism, Marxist ideology, and even outright communism.

Š           Unsure of themselves.  They compensate for this by desiring power and control.  They will often support policies that encourage centralized control for this reason.  They will also promote behaviors in the home and policies in the nation to spoil others.  They do this because it actually throws others out of control and causes dependency, which they like.

Š           Tolerant of ego activities by others, but not real truth-seeking.  They often side with leftists, political outcasts, radicals, terrorists dictators and other fringe groups who are basically angry at society, just as they are.  Real truth-seeking, however, they consider arrogant, ‘harsh’, ‘mean-spirited’ and biased.  This usually is how they view capitalists, Christians, and secretly, Jewish people and Israelis as well.

Š           Out of integrity with themselves and the world.  This makes them quite destructive in many cases.  On a personal level, they don’t mind stealing energy from others by upsetting them, as this makes them feel strong.  In positions of power, they often confuse others intentionally.  The innocent young are their most common victims in the home, most public schools and universities where they are usually in control and sheltered from real-world pressures so it is easier to maintain their lies and fantasies.

Š           Afraid of people of real faith.  They feel this way because real faith in God or truth would lead them to the truth about themselves that they are denying.  As a result, these people often support atheist groups and others who feel that “religion is the opiate of the people”.  This phrase is attributed to Karl Marx, who is often one of their heros.


To a logical person, their antics and behavior appear bizarre and corrupt.  This is because logical truth-seekers cannot imagine the layers of compensations and denial the iron types have built up over the years.  Even attempting to understand them and reason with them is upsetting.  In addition, many intelligent children and adults are no match for their glib, but fake or flawed arguments and odd hidden agendas.  For example, innocent public school or university students do not realize that the teacher’s logic secretly begins with “How can I get back at and upset my class to control them better?”.  In this way, the vampires sow confusion and destruction wherever they go and whatever they do.

What they need and how to help them. These people need nutritional balancing to help release iron, copper and manganese.  However, they are difficult to work with because they often believe they ‘know better’ than most doctors what they need.  As a result, they tend to gravitate to experts who think like they do, which is not helpful in most instances.  Most are difficult to help psychologically, as they really need to release toxic metals rather than talk about issues or other matters.  Meanwhile, their destructive nature needs to be restrained, both in families and in the larger society.




            This is a very common personality type in Western societies.  It is an unfortunate personality because the person is quite stuck, yet often has wonderful qualities that will not be developed unless the person can break through the addictive personality style.

            Whom and occupations. Most are men, but more and more are women.  They are “hung up” in some way, often with alcohol, drugs, sex, lying, gambling or something else.

            Psychology and physiology.  Most of these people are very poor eaters, many are hypoglycemic and most are exhausted underneath.  Most are also angry, hostile, lying and prefer to lower their awareness with a drug or activity rather than face life squarely.  This is sometimes called the tendency to self-medicate.  Also, most have trouble following set routines.  This holds them back a lot, at times, because routines are helpful to move them out of their stuck situation.

            Common hair test patterns. Some of these people may have a high calcium/magnesium ratio, indicating an imbalance in the lifestyle or an attitude is holding them back.

            What they need and how to help them.  These people need major support of all types to keep them moving in a positive direction.  This is why Alcoholics Anonymous and similar groups are so effective.  They also need plenty of nutritional support, although without psychological support they will often not be able to continue with a good diet and a supplement program on their own.




The third energy center has to do with ideas, belief systems and control in certain ways.  The group I am calling ‘intellectuals’ are usually slightly slow oxidizers but not too slow, and have a slightly low sodium/potassium ratio in most cases.  Their defining quality is they are stuck in their heads, figuratively, and cannot go beyond their mental level, although they are very intelligent people, as a rule.  This causes them to stop growing spiritually, which eventually leads to illness and death from diseases related to mental stress such as heart disease and cancer.

Occupations. Many are engineers, lawyers, accountants, office workers and others who generally do well in society.  They may be called ‘middle class’ and are fairly balanced people in an emotional way, and even a spiritual way.  That is, they do not reject or accept ideas too much, and mainly just live their lives on a mental level.  They usually do not have many bad habits and live moderate lifestyles.  They are tired because their bodies are not healthy.

Common hair analysis patterns.  Many of these people are slow oxidizers.  In part, this is due to less physical activity and a higher copper level. 

What they need and how to help them. They can be helped easily, in most cases, with nutritional balancing if they can become excited about the program.  Their main problem is they may not be too committed to the program and may drift away as soon as they feel a little better and their main symptoms have disappeared.




              The defining quality of this pattern, which is fairly common in men, and less so in women, is that they push themselves very hard and successfully so. 

Common hair analysis patterns. They are usually slow oxidizers, meaning they are very tired, but they succeed in pushing themselves into a three highs or four highs pattern with a peculiar double high ratio pattern.

Symptoms. This rather unique pattern is associated with anger, acute stress, inflammation, and a tendency to be a workaholic (combination of four highs and an elevated sodium/potassium ratio).  It is also quite an efforting pattern, and quite an acute stress pattern.

Men may be prone to alcoholism with this pattern, or alcohol use may aggravate it.  Alcohol depletes zinc and magnesium, which are often low or needed greatly with this pattern even if the readings look normal or even high.  Inflammatory symptoms such as arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis and other aches and pains may also occur.

What they need and how to help them. These people need to calm down, which is hard for them.  Nutritional balancing is often very helpful to restore their bodies and help balance their glandular system.  This may allow them to calm down and relax a lot more.  Removing toxic metals may also help them to relax.

Men need more zinc, in general.  This pattern is a “great need for zinc” pattern.  Often one can give up to 2-2-2 or about 125 mg of zinc to these clients.




              This pattern is not as common. It is usually found in a woman who is very toxic, often with high toxic metal levels.  She may be vegetarian in orientation, meaning she does not like or does not eat much meat at all.  She is also angry, inflamed, often attractive and caught up with her beauty to some degree.  This is often a copper personality type related to the angry copper type described in Nutritional Balancing And Hair Mineral Analysis.

              In our experience, the person is often addicted to exercise, but exhausted, and perhaps young looking, a copper personality trait as well.

              Common hair analysis patterns. Often there is a calcium shell, three or four highs and a double high ratio pattern, all at once.

            What they need and how to help them. These women need a lot of love, and they need to stop worrying about their bodies so much and relax.  Meditation may help a lot, as does becoming more spiritual, which can mean different things for each person.




The fourth energy center has to do with social, professional and perhaps family relationships of a non-sexual nature.  The ‘pretenders’ are people who are trying to fit into society in ways that might work for them superficially, but not at deeper, non-karmic levels.  This mainly wastes their time and the time of others, such as family members.  It is also harmful for their health, at times. 

Common hair analysis patterns. A spiritual defensiveness pattern is often present.  This is a calcium/magnesium ratio above about 13.5 or so.

It is important to point out that a pretender is not exactly the same as a fake or a phony.  Most are well-meaning people who are just caught in a common tendency to stay with jobs, friends and family, usually, even when it is not in their best interest.

Some are working too hard to fit in and show a sympathetic dominance pattern as a result.  However, the person is pretending, nevertheless, and does not realize it.  This is why it is a defensive pattern – the person is defending the action when the correct attitude would be to leave and do something else, whether it be a relationship, a job, an attitude or something else. 

            Health. Many are just very tired out from trying to fit in to a life that is not really for them.  Most are hypoglycemic, love sugar, and many race around tiring themselves out and distracting themselves in many ways.

What they need and how to help them. These are often spiritually-minded people who are afraid to go out on their own or admit to themselves and others that they have less interest in the superficial lifestyles of the society and would rather study healing, spiritual subjects, be an artist or musician, or learn something else more off the beaten path.  They mostly need reassurance that they can do other things.  They also need assistance to find their niche or what they love, even if it is unusual, as it often is.




Occupations. These bright, capable women are more common on the east coast of the United States and in Europe.  They often “have it all”, meaning they are attractive, personable, smart, have money and a good job, as well as a husband or boyfriend.  However, they are extremely driven and just keep working too hard at office type of work, causing them to be continuously “stressed out”.

Health.  Symptoms include slight obesity, a tendency to workout often to keep up energy and lose weight, a clear tendency to overwork and a tendency for depression and severe anxiety at times.  They feel they are not doing enough.  They tend to have high levels of toxic metals because most eat fish.  Many talk fast and talk too much. 

They are independent women, but not completely.  They like having a man in their life and find supportive men to marry or live with, who usually adore them and their fast-paced lives.  In fact, these women are angry toward men and compensate by working more.  They usually have a somewhat inflammatory personality and definitely an inflamed body chemistry.  Some are sensitive to heat for this reason.

They are prone to infections, such as sinus infections, which are fungal and related to copper imbalance.  Some end up with diseases such as lupus, which is often related to deep unhappiness.  Other common symptoms are allergies, candida infections, eye problems, mental and emotional symptoms such as moodiness, headaches, insomnia, digestive difficulties and cravings for starches and sweets.

Common hair analysis patterns. This is a high copper type of person.  They are very slow oxidizing women in their 30s to 50s, or even older in some cases.  Copper is often elevated as well.  All have a calcium shell or close to it, and a sympathetic dominant temperament, which means they push themselves very hard.

Sympathetic dominance may not show up on the first several hair tests because other imbalances may mask the pattern at first.  The shell can also be mild in some cases, but calcium is usually above 100 mg%.  Most also have a high sodium/potassium ratio until they burn out even more as they become older. They also have the “amigos” or friends in spades – manganese, iron and aluminum.  These support their adrenals and thyroid glands, which are very worn out from their incessant activity.

What they need and how to help them. They need to slow down and deal with anger at their fathers, and toward men in general.  This is very difficult for many because they have built up quite a complex web of defenses and have a very socially acceptable lifestyle in modern Western culture.  The main problem working with this group is their relentless pace of life that they rarely are willing to change.  For this reason, progress is slow and many don’t stay with the program long enough to benefit fully.  However, those that understand the program can do well, making slow steady progress.




The fifth energy center has to do with creative expression and often working at jobs that demand one’s creativity. 

Occupations. Most are men, with only a few women in this group. They are often “crusty old codgers”, often angry, but trustworthy and basically very good, common sense, church-going types of people.  Many are retired now.  Fewer are around as the older generations die off.  They tend to be hard-working, active types.  While most work or worked in physical occupations, some are office workers who kept tight schedules and were usually excellent workers.  Many grew up on a farm and did manual labor as children or young adults until they moved away to the cities.

            Health. Overall health is fairly good.  They are prone to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other degenerative conditions as they age, in large part due to their diets.  They do well on fast oxidizer food such as steak with a potato loaded with butter and sour cream. 

However, this food is not as healthful as it once was.  They also often enjoy ice cream and cookies for dessert, for example.  Vegetables, especially salads, are usually not a favorite food.  Also, some smoke or smoked cigarettes.  As a result, they can gain weight and develop diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other degenerative diseases of modern civilization.  They do not use drugs, fortunately.

Common hair analysis patterns. The ‘tough guys’ are mainly adult fast oxidizers, with either hidden or overt cadmium toxicity in all cases.  They often have other toxic metals as well, due to improper diet, smoking cigarettes and metal exposures from physical occupations such as farming, the building trades, factory work and others. 

They are decidedly more yang than most of the other energy center personality types.  They also prefer more yang foods such as meat and cooked food, rather than vegetarian and raw food, which helps keep them more yang and gives them longer life, as well, if they care for themselves.  They are also more active, which helps keep them somewhat more yang.

What they need and how to help them.  These are physical people, so they are somewhat stuck in physical thinking and pursuits.  They are often not deep thinkers, or even readers, in some cases.  Instead, they depend on their strong, grounded instincts to guide them and do very well financially and in other ways for this reason.

They need encouragement to pursue spiritual matters beyond just attending church once a week, for example.  Spiritual matters need to be more of a focus than this alone, although church is very good for them as well.

Other problems working with them are that some are very independent and have difficulty changing their habits of eating, especially cutting out sugars.  Also, their high toxic metal levels cause healing to be slower, especially among the older ones.  Those that understand nutritional balancing, however, make excellent clients.




These are burned out workers.  This group may be called “old”, but not due to their physical age. In fact, they can be of any age, even children.  However, they are so exhausted and “fried” from biochemical imbalances and poor quality diets and lifestyles that they appear, think and often act old.  They are usually working people such as single mothers and even young men and women that one finds in many service jobs.  They are much too tired for physical labor, though some might clean houses, for example, which is light work compared to digging ditches.

Spiritual orientation. They are mainly spiritually-oriented people, but so tired they are apathetic and cannot think too much.  In fact, they don’t seem to care much about anything.   Many are just waiting to retire, get sick, receive welfare payments and then just die to get away from their overwhelming fatigue. 

Most are good people who do not use recreational drugs, though they might have tried them once or twice.  Most feel worse on marijuana, for example, because they just feel more tired.  They would be very uncomfortable on cocaine or stimulant drugs because it is as though they have adopted a “tired” and perhaps depressed personality type.

            Health.  Many physical problems occur in this group because both their bodies and their minds are quite ill.  Most become obese and this is related to their very poor diets, staying up too late and the generally yin quality of their bodies.  Recall that yin is expanded and soft or mushy. 

They are rarely physically fit because they tend to be more easy-going and even lazy.  They do their jobs, but are not great workers because they are not motivated by money, power, position or much of anything.  They get by and that is about all that matters to them.  Emotionally, they are also depressed and somewhat anxious about the future, but too tired or depressed to think clearly and plan ahead much.

Common hair analysis patterns. They are usually slow oxidizers, or fast oxidizers with a very low sodium/potassium ratio.  There is certainly overlap between this group and the group of spacey young women above.

What they need and how to help them.  These people need nutritional balancing.  If they can afford it and stay with it for a few years, they are the easiest to help with this method of healing.  This is because this program will restore the body’s energy system, which they need. 

Problems working with them are money, at times, and motivation.  They are liable to quit and give up, as they do on most things.  Most have “tried everything” including medical drugs, herbs, homeopathic remedies, vitamins, minerals and bio-identical hormones with little success.  These methods often don’t work because the body needs a complete overhaul and rebuilding, not just a remedy in many cases.  Saunas are particularly helpful for them because they are relaxing and soothing, yet powerful for healing.




The sixth energy center or energy center has to do with the development of wisdom and understanding.  Most are good souls who are misled.  This group may be called drug experimenters, unlike others who use drugs for thrills or to cool down, perhaps, or to entice each other into bed.

You will find this group of people on trips to Peru and elsewhere to try “medicinal mushrooms” and other psychoactive plants, for example, and to study with the shamans and cults.  A few are inner city gang members, but not the hardened drug lords or even middle-level pushers who are in it for the money.

Spiritual orientation. This group is interested in spiritual matters.  They experiment with drugs, in part, because they don’t feel well, but also because drugs give them glimpses of worlds and experiences they crave.  This is a karmic tendency, as these people were often magicians in past times and they crave exotic experiences.

Sadly, they keep the drug pushers in business and lobby actively to legalize various substances.  They mean well, such as supporting medical marijuana use, and do not realize the harm they cause for teens and other innocent victims of the drug trade. 

Their interest in drugs also engenders many serious political and even spiritual problems for them and for the world in general.  Most love California, where many of them live.  This American state is starting to suffer, however, as a result of this group’s legal and illegal activities.

Some are brought around by tragedy and become pastors and priests, teaching others not to use drugs.  A few, however, end up on death row because they become involved in crime to obtain their experimental substances.

Health.  These people often die young of toxic overdoses, toxic metal poisoning and other chemicals found in ALL drugs.

I sometimes tire of phone calls by well-meaning members of this group who assure me that marijuana is safe and it is proven in “studies”.  I, in turn, assure them that, based on clinical practice, marijuana or cannabis, as they prefer to call it, and other drugs, are not safe.  In fact, if one takes enough one will never get one’s mind back.

Common hair analysis patterns. The druggie-spiritual types are mainly adult slow oxidizers and are a copper personality type in most cases.  They also often have high levels of some toxic metals due to the effect of both medical and recreational drugs.
            What they need and how to help them.  These people do not make good clients in most cases.  They find development programs boring, “low level” or silly.  It is just not enough fun.  They will take some help, but usually want to keep smoking marijuana, the safest and easiest drug to obtain, and the one they believe is best, overall, in most cases.  Drugs, or even strong herbal remedies, are never part of development of the type recommended on this website. 




This is an interesting aspect of the sixth energy center that has to do with an ability to tune into the body in a precise or more delicate way.

Occupations. These are often people who worry and fret, and are quite exact in their habits.  They like things in their place, one might say, including the oxidation rate.  They are detail people and easily upset and unbalanced.  This is why they may get upset when they come out of four highs pattern, for example.

Health. Some have an illness such as Lyme disease that makes them more delicate.  Most, however, are just tired out and have adopted a strategy for coping that involves delicately balancing the oxidation rate.  This gives them more energy with which to cope.

Spiritual orientation.  These people are often quite spiritually-oriented, though they may not appear that way.  That is, they may not talk about it, go to church or synagogue, or do much about it.  However, they are not party types, in general, and their energy is in their mind and upper energy centers for the most part.

Common hair analysis patterns. Most of this group of people have a four highs pattern on their initial hair analysis.  This means they are actually slow oxidizers under a lot of stress of certain kinds.  Many have a type of delicate constitution that makes them want to and able to keep their oxidation rate balanced in unhealthy ways such as a four highs pattern.  They may have a copper personality type as well.  Some are workaholics and many have a passive-aggressive quality to their personalities and, at times, a passive-aggressive pattern on a hair mineral analysis.

What they need and how to help them. Coming out of four highs pattern, in some cases, is difficult for them as it involves slowing down and facing the fatigue and often depression that occurs with slow oxidation.  If they can overcome these challenge, they do very well with nutritional balancing and make excellent clients.




The seventh physical energy center or energy center is concerned with one’s connection with the higher planes, spirituality or God.

Whom and occupations.  These are mainly young women, although a few young men fit the description as well.  Unlike the independent businesswomen, this group is not quite as business-oriented and are much sweeter in their personalities.  Many are more hippie-like or counter-culture types.  Some are essentially drifters.  They are not particularly angry with men, but are often single, living by themselves or in poor quality relationships.  They are sometimes quite “spacy” or detached.

Sexual nature. They often are somewhat sexually loose, but not because they like sex that much.  It is more often because it is a way to connect and “be loved”.  Also, they are often attractive and simply relaxed about sex.  Some are what may be called “free love” oriented, but again, not out of sexual desire, which is low or missing altogether.  It is more from a need for what they call “love”.  They may use drugs, on occasion, more as a way to feel close to others, and less for the high that drugs provide.

Health. The women tend to have premenstrual tension, sexually transmitted infections and brain fog.  Other symptoms may include acne, muscle cramps, tension, anxiety, depression in almost all cases, and other copper-related symptoms.  They later develop cancers and may die young.  They are often romantic and can die of a broken heart if a relationship goes bad.  This is unfortunate as they are very loving, caring, sweet and delightful people to be around. 

Common hair analysis patterns.  Most are slow oxidizers.  Most all have high copper or quite severe hidden copper toxicity.

What they need and how to help them. These lovely young women need real, deep love more than anything in the whole world.  The smarter ones know this and at least seek out better quality relationships.  The others usually wallow in poor quality relationships with men.  The main difficulty working with them is they may become distracted and fall away from the program.  Discipline is not their strong suit.  Brain fog can prevent them from understanding how important diet and lifestyle are for healing.  Many have trouble following directions.  For example, they may drift onto a vegetarian or raw food regimen if they meet a man who is doing this.  However, if they can follow a nutritional balancing program, they do extremely well on it as it satisfies their nutritional needs excellently.



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