by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            Many women are getting Botox therapy or cold laser therapy to remove wrinkles.  However, these methods of taking care of wrinkles are toxic, and best avoided.




            Botox therapy for wrinkles is the use of small amounts of botulism toxin that is injected into the muscles around a wrinkle on the face.  The powerful toxin damages the nerves leading to the muscle.  As a result, the muscles relax.  When the muscle relaxes, wrinkles disappear or fade somewhat if they are caused by chronically tense muscles in the face.

            The injections must be repeated every few months to once a year, as the Botox will be absorbed and removed by the body.




            Problems with Botox injections that have occurred in our clients include:


1. Pain at the injection site.  This can occur immediately, or may occur a day or more after the injections.

2. Some also report generalized toxicity from the injections.  In other words, the botulism toxin does not stay localized in the face.  Instead, it moves throughout the body, and causes odd symptoms that may include pain, malaise, headaches, upset stomach, nausea and more. 

Many of these symptoms may be related to the liver, which must detoxify the Botox.  These symptoms can last for months and seem to be caused by sensitivity or intolerance to this particular toxin.

            3. More chronic toxicity might also result, although in most cases the body can handle the botulism toxin without leaving longer-term toxicity.




            This involves shooting a laser at the muscles of the face.  The laser damages the nerves leading to the muscles, and the result is that the muscles of the face relax.  This can lessen wrinkles caused by tense muscles in the face.

            This therapy can cause serious pain and tingling in the nerves of the face.  It can be extremely annoying, and not easy to get rid of.  A nutritional balancing program can help, but it may take several years on a program, along with massage of the face.




            Improving one’s general health with a complete nutritional balancing program will often reduce wrinkles and may eliminate them altogether.  This may take several months to a year, but has many beneficial side effects, as well.

            In particular, a reddish heat lamp used on the face for only 5-10 minutes several times daily is sometimes helpful.  Use of a near infrared lamp sauna is also excellent to detoxify the skin and enhance one’s appearance.  For much more on this topic, read How To Be Beautiful on this site.



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