by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Many people think in a strange way today, especially young women who have had bad experiences with men.  Somehow, their minds are changed so that what seems good or okay to them is really not wholesome at all.

Meanwhile, really good things and really good men seem boring, scary or somehow not to their liking.  This article discusses this interesting phenomenon that I will call being upside down.

Upside down is an aura impression, I am told, that signifies that the mind has been altered by some trauma, nutritional imbalance, virus or something else.  It causes a person to see most everything backwards, especially in the area of relationships between men and women.  The phenomenon affects young women the most, I would say, and causes them to be attracted to, and want to attract that which is not good for them. 

In this regard it is a reversal of normal or wholesome living.  Instead of wanting to cover up their lovely bodies, they want to expose themselves to danger by dressing down or whore-like.

Instead of wanting to go to bed early, they want to stay up late.  Instead of wanting to eat only wholesome and very nutritious cooked vegetables, they want to eat whatever they want.  And so on. 

Meanwhile, men who are solid and kind and good seem boring or somehow scary, while stupid, sexy men seem attractive, even if these men treat the young women poorly - and even if they know that some women are raped by them.




It is critical today because more and more young women are getting raped, abandoned, and having their hearts broken repeatedly because they do not wake up and see that their thinking is upside down.  They allow their feelings to rule their logical minds, rather than the other way around.  As a result, their bodies are trashed, and all future relationships and family situations suffer badly.  This is the importance of this problem today.




The first thing for anyone who thinks this way to do is to stop and question why you are acting this way.  Are you just selfish, or lonely, or so bored you need the “excitement” of a horrible relationship?  Are you so angry at men that you feel you must get back at them somehow, and this is your way to distract them and try to win back your dignity?  Ask these difficult questions of yourself.  Then try to figure out where and when the problems started, and go back and fix your mind.

Many times, ill health plays a role, although you may not realize it.  Most young women are born malnourished due to their mother’s malnourished and toxic condition.  So they don’t even get a chance to have a normal life.  They are often tired, somewhat depressed, copper-toxic, and do not think clearly or accurately.  This website can help with many articles about thinking, and with a nutritional balancing program to correct the deficiencies and toxic conditions of the body.

Without this physical or biochemical correction, correcting the mental and emotional aspects can be very difficult, indeed.  The mind just does not work well enough to process old traumas and to think through clearly situations that are at hand.  Please be aware of this fact, and take action today to begin a nutritional balancing program.  If you cannot afford it, contact me at Send An Email.  We have some funds available to help.

Also, begin at once by clicking here for the Free Program.  It is not as good, but it is a very excellent start!  So that is my advice for overcoming upside down syndrome, as we may call it.

To read much more, read the articles entitled Rape and the one called Trauma Release on this website.



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