by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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The B-complex vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, folic acid and others play a very important part in development programs.  However, it is a different role than their use in symptomatic nutritional programs set up by many holistic and naturopathic doctors.  This article helps explain this difference, and its importance.




The main difference is that in development programs, B-complex vitamins are used specifically to alter the oxidation rate.  They work exceedingly well for this purpose.  Vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6 and folate speed up the oxidation rate. 

Vitamins B2, choline and inositol help slow an excessively fast oxidation rate and can help with symptoms of anxiety.  New research (2019) indicates that some people need a supplement of preferably sunflower lecithin (although soy lecithin will work).  Lecithin is a rich source of choline and inositol.  For more details, read Lecithin.

The use of B-complex vitamins to alter the oxidation rate was first proposed by George Watson, PhD, in his book, Nutrition And Your Mind.  Dr. Paul Eck tested the idea and found it to be accurate.


Higher doses sometimes needed.  Some people claim that one need not take B-complex vitamins if one eats foods rich in them such as meats, eggs, brewer’s yeast or perhaps food-based vitamins that contain a little of them.  However, This is not enough in most cases.  The reason may be poor absorption, but we think it is just that higher doses are often required to alter the oxidation rate.


Synthetic B complex vitamins will enhance the oxidation rate.  Dr. Eck also found that synthetic B-complex vitamins will work for the purpose of enhancing the oxidation rate.  Some doctors and clients oppose the use of synthetic vitamins.  However, they work fine for the purpose of speeding up the oxidation rate.

This is why general statements, such as that synthetic vitamins are not as good as food-based vitamins, are simply not true.  It depends upon the purpose for which one is using them.

We observe no toxicity from proper doses of synthetic B-complex vitamins when used at the right time for the right purpose.  The problem with using food-based B-complex is the doses are not high enough unless one takes a pile of tablets, which is costly and inconvenient.  For more on this subject, read Food-Based Supplements.




Yin.  Many B-complex vitamins are quite yin in Macrobiotic terminology.  This applies to both the natural and the synthetic B-complex vitamins.  Today, anything that is too yin is harmful.  This is one reason we do not use megadoses of B vitamins.


Niacin toxicity.  A number of doctors and nutritionists utilize high-dose niacin to reduce cholesterol or improve circulation.  Mr. L. Ron Hubbard used it in his ‘clear’ sauna detoxification programs. 

While it may help some health conditions, we find that doses greater than about 100 mg daily of any type of niacin is somewhat toxic and builds up in the body.

Also, removing the niacin from the liver takes a few years, and this slows development.  Please do not take high doses of niacin in any form!


Vitamin B-12 toxicity.  Taking vitamin B-12 or cobalamin, elevates the cobalt reading on a hair mineral analysis.  This is a toxic situation and not healthful.  The form of cobalt is an ‘amigo’ that is stimulating, so people like the effect.  However, amigo forms of minerals are not healthful.  For details, read Iron, Manganese and Aluminum – The Amigos.

We find that if a person eats red meat twice a week and takes a powerful digestive aid such as ox bile and pancreatin, that vitamin B-12 is rarely, if ever, needed, even in those over the age of 60 or so who have weaker digestion.  Please be careful about taking extra vitamin B-12, even though it may make one feel better.



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