by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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This article presents an overview of the main ways to understand God using the 7 system.


1. GOD AS A PHYSICAL BEING.  One can think of God as a person such as Jesus.  One can also think of the Father as a person sitting on a throne. 

The word god (no capital letter) can also mean an advanced or perhaps just a large physical being, such as the Greek gods.


2. GOD AS AN EMOTIONAL IDEA.  The basic thought of the second center is ‘taking sides’.  It is literally right spin or left spin.  The most important idea about God that one needs to have is that God is good.  The two words – god and good – are related.

One can think of God as Love, for example.  This is stated in the Bible. 

Some people also think of God as their lover, and this fine.  It is not a sexual love.  However, when one moves energy downward from the head to the feet (the Pulling Down Exercise), bringing into the body more of God and then even more of God, there is often a slight tingling in the body that is very pleasant.

Some people associate other emotions with God, such as a God full of mercy and grace.  Some people believe in a “wrathful God”, a term used in the Old Testament of the Bible.


3. GOD AS A POWER.  This is a common understanding of God as the almighty one, all-powerful and in control of everything. 


4. GOD AS MY FRIEND.  This is another excellent understanding of God.  Some people talk to God all day and ask for guidance often, as one would ask a close friend.

God is the friend that is always with you and never abandons you.  God gives one free choice, however.  Therefore, don’t blame God if things don’t go well.  It is best to just say thank you for this experience, and move on.


5. GOD AS MY PARTNER.   In this understanding, God is like one’s marriage partner or a business partner.

  This is a common understanding and very excellent.  Jesus said “Of myself I do nothing.  The Father in me does all things.”  This is the same idea. 

A more secular aircraft expression is,  “God is my co-pilot”.



For example, some say that God is the ether or God is a special energy in which we all have our existence.

Some people say that God is the radiance or the life force or love that gives rise to all matter and all energy in the universe.


7. GOD IS EVERYTHING AND EVERYWHERE.  Jesus expressed this idea when he said  “I and the Father are one”.  One can interpret this to mean that all that I am is God.  God is within me and around me at all times and I am a manifestation or expression of God in physical form.



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