The Google Social Credit System

by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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DEFINITION. A social credit system is a new type of extremely comprehensive electronic spying system that records people’s behavior using hidden cameras, monitoring online activity, and using cell phones to track people’s movements.

The system then combines all the information using well-known analytic methods to form a profile of each person.

This information is then used to rank people by how well they conform to whatever standards of behavior the government decides it likes. Based on this, the government rewards or punishes its citizens.


This system started operating in communist China in 2018. A combination of security cameras, online surveillance, credit card surveillance, and cell phone surveillance data are combined to profile every citizen.

In China today, if the government detects behavior they don’t like, such as criticizing the government, they restrict the person’s ability to travel or to hold a good job. Even worse, they are arresting anyone whom they think is a threat the government. People are being tortured or just killed if the government considers them a threat.


The same type of social ranking system is quickly being set up throughout the Western world. The perpetrator is Google, the world’s largest monopoly. Google has quietly bought up dozens of companies that make various types of spying software.

Google is offering various types of monitoring software, often distributing them free of charge. Americans and Europeans are encouraged to install more and more of these programs to remotely control their homes, their cars and more.

However, Google secretly tracks and combines all the information gathered by these devices to form a detailed profile of everyone. If this sounds crazy, it is not! The computing ability and analytic software is readily available.

Experts estimate that by the end of 2021, there will be one billion cameras set up that monitor everyone’s movements in public places.

Cell phones and newer automobiles already monitor people’s movements, conversations, and more. New televisions and computers have cameras that are combined with facial recognition software and analytic software. All the information these spy systems provide can now be combined easily to track and profile everyone!


George Orwell wrote a must-read book a number of years ago entitled 1984. Here is a description of this book from the Britannica website. (I have done a little editing to shorten long sentences):

"Nineteen Eighty-four (1949) is a novel George Orwell wrote as a warning after years of observing the twin menaces of Nazism and Stalinism. The novel is set in an imaginary future in which the world is dominated by three perpetually warring totalitarian police states.

The book’s hero, the Englishman Winston Smith, is a minor party functionary in one of those states. His longing for truth and decency leads him to secretly rebel against the government. The government perpetuates its rule by systematically distorting the truth and continuously rewriting history to suit its own purposes.

Smith has a love affair with a like-minded woman, but then they are both arrested by the Thought Police. The ensuing imprisonment, torture, and re-education of Smith are intended not merely to break him physically or make him submit. They also root out his independent mental existence and his spiritual dignity until he can love only the figure he previously most hated: the apparent leader of the party, Big Brother.

Smith’s surrender to the monstrous brainwashing techniques of his jailers is tragic enough. However, the novel gains much of its power from the comprehensive rigor with which it extends the premises of totalitarianism to their logical end:

The love of power and domination over others acquires its perfected expression in the perpetual surveillance and omnipresent dishonesty of an unassailable and irresistible police state. Under its rule, every human virtue is slowly subverted and extinguished.

Orwell’s warning of the potential dangers of socialism (government control of the economy and more) made a deep impression on his contemporaries. The book’s title and many of its coined words and phrases (“Big Brother is watching you,” “newspeak,” “doublethink”) have become bywords for modern political abuse.”


The first thing to do is re-read this article a number of times until you are clear that this article is not paranoid or conspiracy theory. It is a plan for the entire planet earth. For more details, read this article from Dr. Mercola’s website:

Then resist their effort. There are forces that are helping to stop what is basically a Rogue takeover of the planet using high-tech information technology to track everything and everyone.

Ways to resist are:

- Take care of your health. This is the only way to keep your mind alert and sharp. We recommend a Development Program as the best way to do this.

AVOID raw food, vegetarian, herbal, homeopathic, chelation, celery juice and most other holistic programs. They are all either toxic, too yin or both. For more details, read the WARNING section of articles on this website.

- Do not vote for anyone who advocates the expansion of government power. In this regard, conservative Republican politicians are usually best to vote for. The worst candidates at this time are the liberal, progressives and socialist political candidates. In America, the worst people to vote for are Democrats. Republicans are not all great, but most have better values.

- Get rid of everything related to Google in your life. Begin with getting rid of GMAIL email addresses and do not use Google Chrome browser. Better browsers that do not track everything you do on the computer are Brave and Firefox.

- Do not install all sorts of “convenient” tracking and monitoring equipment in your home. It is not necessary and just invites spying.

- Do not use cell phones. They are harmful for your health and they now track everywhere you go and everything you say, text or photograph. The entire system was set up illegally and needs to be replaced by a fiber-optic and cable phone system that is much safer for health and does not track people.

- Google company and similar monopolies needs to be stopped. We might all suffer a little without their search engine and other products, but their ability to control our lives would be gone.

- Tell your friends to read this article. We will add to this article as we learn more about the new social ranking system to be implemented in America and elsewhere.

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