Updated October 2016


            A number of people ask me what other training would be helpful to become a nutritional balancing helper, besides the helping program we currently offer.

            Here are three suggestions:


1. Do a self study program using this website.  Read and study one or two articles every day.


2. Take courses in reflexology and/or chiropractic.  These would be useful because they are part of all nutritional balancing programs.


3. Take high school or college courses in anatomy, physiology and/or biochemistry.  These are the basic medical sciences.  They are helpful to understand the body better.  They are offered online at many schools.


4. Take courses in nutrition.  These will give you some background.  Beware, however, that nutritional balancing is a special type of nutrition that promotes Development.  It is quite different from standard nutrition, both in its theory and its practice.  This can be very confusing.




A number of schools offer training in nutrition, herbs, vitamins, minerals and related subjects.

          I cannot recommend any of these programs, at this time.  The reasons are:


A. None of the them teach nutritional balancing science.


B. Confusion. Some of what is taught will conflict with nutritional balancing science.  This is because nutritional balancing is a development science, as mentioned above.

Nutritional balancing is also an integrated system of healing in which all the parts must be done together for it to work correctly.

In contrast, almost all medical and natural healing sciences are remedy sciences.  They are based on removing symptoms, and not on developing a person.  The goals and the procedures are very different from nutritional balancing.


C. Incorrect information.  Just because someone or a university offers training does not mean that it is valid or truthful.  There is plenty of training that is not very good in the holistic field. 


D. A waste of time and money.  Several of our helpers say they wasted time and money with other trainings that were not very good.


E. We may lose you.  Other courses may teach that one need not bother with hair testing, or with the detoxification procedures, for example.  Some trainings teach a seemingly simpler, less costly or less involved method of healing.  You may not realize the differences in these healing systems.




 Some of our consultants feel they would be more comfortable, and might have more business, if they had a health-related degree.

This degree could be an ND (naturopathic doctor), PhD (doctor of philosophy), MS (masters degree), DC (doctor of chiropractic) DO (doctor of osteopathy), or an MD (medical doctor).  Other programs offer other degrees such as NTP (natural health practitioner), or other degrees that are less well known. 

The problem is finding a good program.  I donŐt know of any at this time to recommend.  Most programs available are also costly, teach wrong information, and are almost guaranteed to cause confusion.

Therefore, if you want a degree, my suggestions at this time are:

1. Spend as little money as possible.

2. Find a program that is not too difficult. There is no reason to become stressed due to an education program, but that is often what occurs.

3. Preferably do a program online to save money, and it is much safer for women.



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