By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Most of the womenÕs liberation or feminism movement teaches women that they can and should behave as the men do.  Women are encouraged to do all the jobs men do, behave in the ways men behave sexually, fight in combat in the army, and so on.

The problem is this approach does not necessarily help women, who are not Òjust like menÓ.  Women are more delicate, less muscular, somewhat less coordinated, and different in other ways, as well.




Cadmium and nickel toxicity.  We find that in order to be Òjust like menÓ, women must harden their bodies and minds by taking in more cadmium.  Cadmium, and other toxic metals such as nickel, definitely harden the body.  However, they also cause cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other serious health conditions.

Heart attacks, strokes and more.  Not surprisingly, since the advent of the womenÕs liberation movement over the past 40 years, women are getting more and more of the diseases that used to be seen mainly in men, such as high blood pressure, heart attacks and others.

Rape.  Also, as women are spending more time out of the home and in the working world, especially in certain occupations, there has been an increase in rape.

Many women today are exhausted, depressed, and quite unhappy.  We believe many have been tricked by the current womenÕs liberation movement into thinking they are just like men, and they should live like men.  We believe this is not the truth at all.




              The real womenÕs liberation is liberation from sickness, danger and an unhappy life.  It is based not upon competing with, or copying men, but rather on understanding womenÕs needs and qualities much better.  Some of these qualities are:

- Women, of course, are uniquely built to bear children.

- Women tend to be smaller, physically weaker and less coordinated than men.

- Women are more attractive than men.  For this reason, and for the reasons in the paragraph above, women are in danger of sexual attack at all times.

- In general, womenÕs bodies are more sensitive than those of men.

- Women tend to become infected with sexually transmitted diseases more easily than most men due to their anatomy.

- WomenÕs energy centers are set up differently than those of men.  The centers #2, 4 and 6 spin outward, and this makes women more interested in relationships and somewhat less interested in solitary pursuits than men.

            Based upon these differences, here are some guidelines for a true womenÕs movement:

            - Women often feel safer and do better staying at home.

- Women enjoy being social, but that is different than working all day at an office.

            - Most women enjoy having and raising children, (especially when those children are healthy, which is rare today, but can be arranged by following a development program.  These children are a joy). 




Here are just a few ideas:


- Develop yourself.

- DonÕt compete with men.  Let them do the rougher jobs and appreciate them for it.

- Teach your children at home and get paid for it.  Here are some details:


Development.  Development is an amazing process that is programmed into the genes of both women and men.  It offers women amazing benefits including:
- Greater safety and a longer and happier life

- Much better health and disease prevention

- Healthier childbearing and much healthier children

- Better mental and physical performance

- Much more.

For details, read Introduction To Development.


Home schooling.  A rather radical idea that we believe would work well is to shut down the public school system, a system that is not working well by any standards.  Redeploy the money and resources, such as some teachers and counselors, and pay mothers to educate children at home. 

This would solve several serious problems in society today:

- Mothers would be able to remain at  home

- Mothers could earn money for the very important task of educating their children.

- Children would be much safer, especially girls, away from the schools and away from the bullying, sexual attacks and more that is common in schools.

- Children would learn more.  Statistics clearly show that home schooling works, and works better in terms of academic performance and efficiency than the public schools.

- Teachers and other school personnel would be displaced.  However, many of them are women, who would become mothers and earn money teaching their own or other peopleÕs children (tutoring) at home.  Overall, we believe that they, too, would be much happier with this arrangement than they are currently.



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