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Definition of the wells.  The wells are two etheric energy collection areas around the hips and legs of every person, including babies and children.  The wells are not visible to the naked eye, although some people can see them or feel them on a person.

Often, these energies remain in the wells for the duration of the life of the physical body.  However, by forgiving others and following a nutritional balancing program completely, one can clear the wells.  This usually has a dramatic and positive effect on the person or even on an animal.


Location.  The wells are located around the hips and down to about the level of the knees.  One of the wells is in the front of the body, and a second is at the back of the body.  To those who can see them, they appear like a sarong or thin dress that covers the hips and legs in the front and the back of the body, but not much on the sides of the body. 


Appearance and effects. Negative thoughts and negative emotional content that a person experiences and holds on to in some way tend to collect at the wells.  These show up in the aura or energy field of the person as dark spots or dark areas because the negativity obscures the normal color of the aura in this area.

All of us must empty the wells continually, as they tend to fill up again just due to the bumps and traumas of everyday life.  If a person does not empty them daily, then symptoms of clogged wells can arise. 


Symptoms of clogged wells.  These include feelings of being dirty, or sexy in a negative way, and somehow contaminated.  Other symptoms associated with clogged wells include unforgiveness, and negative feelings such as depression and even despair.




The wells tend to fill up in everyone, particularly in women over the age of 12 or so.  They do not empty properly in many cases because:


1. The wells are in the most yin part of a human or animal body.  Yin tends to attract things to it.  For more on this important property of matter, read Yin and Yang Healing on this site.


2. Sexually transmitted diseases.  These seem to be able to hold more negative feelings in the pelvic area of the body.  The bacteria or viruses themselves do not fill up or prevent emptying of the wells, but there is an association.  It is just another reason to keep yourself sexually pure, if possible.

If you have these diseases, as most people do today – even from sitting in a hot tub or swimming pool - then use a nutritional balancing program plus the hydrogen peroxide baths two or three times weeks for a few weeks.  In this way, you can get rid of them completely, even herpes, in our experience.  For more on this, read about the bath in the Baths article.


3. Rape or sexual molestation. Damage to the pelvic area for any reason, in fact, tends to cause it to be even more yin and therefore more negative energy accumulates there.  Trauma such as rape often causes anger and rage, and makes it much harder to empty the wells.  Even more forgiveness is needed, in these cases.


4. An underactive thyroid gland.  This appears to be a factor, in some cases.  I am not sure why this is so.


5) Improper diet.  A poor quality diet weakens the body and damages the aura in many ways.


6) A difficult life. Exposure to more stress, to negative people, or even too much work and no play, may influence your ability to release the negative feelings and thoughts that accumulate in the wells.


7) Improper lifestyle.  This could be a factor such as lack of rest and sleep, no exercise, use of drugs such as marijuana and even too much prescription or over-the-counter drugs, or other problems.




Methods that can help include:


1. A basic nutritional balancing program.  This means the nutritional balancing diet and the supplement program, along with a healthful lifestyle of plenty of rest and a little gentle exercise daily.  For more, please read Introduction To Nutritional Balancing on this site.


2. Use of the reddish heat lamp daily.  This is most helpful.  Sit in front of a reddish heat lamp for at least an hour every day, or the sit inside a red heat lamp sauna for at least 20 to 30 minutes daily.  The effect can be remarkable if the wells are very clogged.  Many people report extreme improvement in symptoms by this method.  For more on this topic, please read Sauna Therapy on this website.


3. The Roy Masters mental exercise with my modification.  This means pushing energy downward through the body from head to feet, and/or pulling the energy downward from the head to the feet.  Doing this daily for at least two hours is extremely good to empty the wells and keep them empty.  Over time, one can become very adept at clearing the wells using this exercise.  For more, read Meditation on this site.


4. The coffee cleanses.  Use of the coffee enema and moreso, the genital coffee implants, is extremely helpful to move energy downward through the body, and clears the wells in other ways, too.  For more on this topic, please read Genital Coffee Implants and Coffee Enemas.


5. Improve thyroid activity with a nutritional balancing program, not with replacement hormones.  Hormone replacement therapy for thyroid problems does not work nearly as well, in our experience.


6. Deep breathing.  This has a very positive effect, as well.


7. Heal your traumas.  If rape, molestation or any other traumas occurred in this area of the body, then healing the traumas is most helpful.  A nutritional balancing program is extremely helpful to heal traumas of all kinds, as can be counseling and other methods.  Learning to forgive everyone for everything that has occurred in your life is a key to healing all traumas.  For more on this topic, please read Forgiveness and Trauma Release on this website.


8. Chiropractic.  Releases on the hips and legs, and perhaps other body work that releases tension on the pelvis and hips may also be excellent.  For more on this, read Chiropractic on this website.




Men versus women.  Women have a harder time with the wells because:


1. Women are more yin.  As a result, they accumulate more negative feelings and negative thoughts than men.  This is a very important difference between men and women.

2. Women are more likely to “play the victim” in life.  This is a very negative thought that is never quite true.  It harms the wells greatly. 

3. Women, in general, are subject to more sexual molestation, and more rape that affects the pelvic area.

4. Women are much more subject to negative or demeaning sexual advances than men.  Often, these result in negative feelings for girls and women.

5. Sexually transmitted diseases are actually more common in women.  This is because the warm internal space of the vagina supports them more than the external genitalia of men.

6. Today, most women are less grounded and less centered than men.  This tends to hinder emptying of the wells, and it may cause much more accumulation of negative energies there.

7. Women tend to be more sensitive than men, and perhaps are too concerned with the opinions of others.

8. Most women’s energy centers spin in reverse.  This further weakens the first and second energy centers and makes it harder to empty the wells.  This is an esoteric topic that is discussed in the article entitled The Energy Centers on this website.

9. Low thyroid activity is much more common in women than in men.  Reasons for this may be:

a) Women need more iodine than men, in general. 

b) Copper and manganese imbalances affect the thyroid, and are more common in women.

c) Selenium may be lower in women, in general, and this is critical for proper thyroid activity.

d) The thyroid is located at the level of the fifth energy center, which has to do with expression.  In general, women are more inhibited about expressing themselves than are men.


Keep the testicles out of the wells.  Ideally, men should keep the testicles out of the wells.  This can improve a man’s fertility.  The only way to do this is to keep the wells unclogged or empty.  Fortunately, this is often not difficult for most men because:

1. They accumulate less negative thoughts and feelings than do women, as explained above.

2. Men seem more able to release the negative feelings than women, although not in all cases.


How come the idea of the wells is not found on the internet?  I believe because the wells are not visible to the naked eye, and the concept is fairly esoteric.


There is more to say about the wells. This article will be expanded in the future.



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