By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© January 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            The development team who helps with this website has issued some new advice that is in addition to the basic development diet, supplements and procedures.  The material below has always been part of development science, but perhaps has not received as much emphasis as other parts of the program.

The team suggests that if you follow the advice below you will heal fastest and stay much safer.  Disobey or ignore them, for any reason, and you will not heal rapidly, and you are not nearly as safe.

They also say not to use the following excuses for why you don’t follow the advice: your parents, upbringing, education, media, friends, other family members or situations, time constraints, or laziness.  Here are the advice for the body, the brain and the spirit.


A general rule:

            Every day, do the Pulling Down Exercise.  Do not skip it and do not substitute other mental exercises or meditations.


For the body:

1. No showing off or sexy dress, behavior or words.  This is difficult for women because it is so easy and ‘natural’ for them.  For details, read How And Why To Be Unsexy.

2. No manipulation using the body.

3. No loose sex.  Also, preferably be married, not just living with a partner if you want to have sex.  No homosexual anything.  No pornography and no sexy jokes and talk.

4. Feed the body correctly.  This means nutritional balancing, not four food groups, not raw, not paleo, not GAPS, not vegan and not other diet systems.

5. Keep the body clean and warm.  Change clothes often and wear only light colors so you can see the dirt.

6. Lifestyle – be careful, thoughtful, rest more, go to bed early, moderate activity, gentle exercise only, friendships are good but with good boundaries and not all the time.

Recreation is good, but only if it is wholesome, safe and moderate only.  Be a leader – which means take control of your life.  Help others as much as you can, but always keep yourself in the circle of your love.


The brain:

1. No zombie behavior (no lockstep).  Instead, think independently.  Look, listen, reason.

2. No fawning and slavish attitudes. Think more and think critically.  Question everyone and everything.  No sacred cows. 

3. No anger and resentment.  Let go of your grudges and your anger.  Forgive – even when this is difficult.  Read Forgiving.  Realize that anger is fear that one projects, and that is all it is.

4. Help out.  Do not get caught up with yourself or be lazy.  No self isolation.

5. NO ARROGANCE or mental rigidity.


The spirit:

1. No lying or exaggerating.

2. No stealing, which includes rape.

3. Go with God and no one else.

4. Remember: “Ask and you shall receive”.  Ask often for help from of the Father, or God, or The Radiant One.  Often, if you do this you will get guidance, although it may come in an unusual form or manner.

5. No fear.  Love, instead.  Love God and love others, and put that above your fear and you’ll be very happy.

6. No coveting – this means no envying others with secret desires.

7. Turn your life over to God.  Read Turning Your Life Over To God.

8.  Live in integrity.  This means your entire life must be integrated and consistent and built around developing yourself and assisting others to do the same.  Read Integrity.

9. Practice “Thy Will be done through me.”  For details, read Thy Will Be Done.



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