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Definition.  The return occurs in a personÕs life after four seven-year cycles of life.  This means it occurs at age 28 to about 30 or 31.  It occurs again after eight seven-year cycles, or around the age of 56 to about 65.  It may occur again after 12 7-year cycles if one lives that long.

The main feature of the return is a maturing process.  This can be painful, but always moves a person forward in his or her life, provided the person accepts the challenges of the return.

The return may be viewed as a rite of passage or initiation that everyone must pass through to reach their 30s.  It is not always noticed, but most people take note that they must overcome certain hurdles at this time in their life.

These hurdles or obstacles may include an illness, a marriage breakup, a job loss, a financial loss, an accident or injury, loss of a parent, or a career change.

The only escape from the return occurs if one has already matured in oneÕs 20s, usually due to having handled properly a trauma of some kind.  In these cases, the return is mild or one may not notice its occurrence at all.

The return is known in various sciences.  For example, in astrology it is known as the Saturn return.




Both men and women settle down after the return, in many cases.  For this reason, it is best for men, in particular, to wait until during or after the return to marry.  Women can marry earlier, although marriages earlier may end during the return if they are not with a compatible partner.

Men often go through a shift during the return where they learn more about love, and what love really is.  Earlier, men often equate sex or good looks with love.  This, of course, is not love at all. 

Women know this more intuitively, in many instances, but men do not know it.  The return often helps the men to learn the truth about love, at least to some degree.

Men are often more affected by the return than women.  In general, men seem to need the return more than women today, although women are quite affected by it, as well.

Menarch.  Women all go through an initiation or rite of passage at the menarch, or the beginning of menstruation.  Their bodies change, their mental state begins to change during each month, and their previous life routine is interrupted every month by the menstrual cycle.  This helps women to mature a lot.  Men do not have this initiation, so the return is more important for them.


Sex and the return.  Ideally, both men and women should not experiment with sex until after the return.  The exception is if one marries before the return.

Sex is usually better if begun after the return, as one has more understanding of its significance.  Waiting for sex until age 30 or so also reduces the possibilities of sexually-transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and sexual fluid loss that weakens a person.




The return often has to do with separating from oneÕs parents to become a mature adult.  This is particularly true for men, but may also be true for women.




0-7 = BABY

8 – 14 = CHILD

15 – 21 = ADOLESCENT


29 – 35 = MAN OR WOMAN


43 – 49 = HOUSEHOLDER (the so-called mid-life crisis can occur at this time.)




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