Updated April 18, 2016


            The nutritional balancing residential retreats are excellent for anyone looking for:


* A healthy vacation or getaway

* An orientation to get going fast when beginning a program

* If you have trouble following a nutritional balancing program at home

* If you need extra support  with your program

* To learn more about nutritional balancing in an experiential way


              Below are the currently operating retreat centers.  I have not visited these retreat centers myself, so I cannot guarantee them.  However, all of them are run by our nutritional balancing practitioners who follow all the rules for advanced training and for practitioners listed on this website.


United States:




            This retreat center is located in Bend, Oregon, and run by Robert Yount.  To obtain more information about this residential program, please go to the link below:






            This retreat center located in a National Park in Portugal and run by Martyn And Heather Chilvers.  For all the details about it, please go to:



Asia/Pacific Rim:




            This retreat center is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and run by Robert Morgan.  For all the details about this retreat, please go to:



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