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All information in this article is solely the opinion of the author and for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


12/18/18.  Merry Christmas and a very Wonderful New Year!  Many thanks to everyone for making 2018 a super year for us.  I am very grateful for all of you.

              Please share this newsletter with all of clients.  Here are a few news items:


              Anchor patterns.  A major new hair test finding over the past few months is the anchor patterns.  Please read about them on the website and look for anchor patterns on everyone’s retest hair analyses.  They are easy to see, and very important to tell clients about because they indicate healing of the brain.  Read Pivots And Anchors for details.


              Organic ground beef. We are finding that organic ground beef - about 3-4 ounces twice a week - contains an excellent form of zinc that is speeding up people’s progress.  It is available in many supermarkets in America and in some other nations.  Grass-fed beef is not as good, but is still good.

              However, the meat must be cooked very little or the zinc compound is destroyed.  The best way to cook it is to put about 1/4 of an inch (1/2 centimeter) of water in the bottom of a pot or frying pan.  Bring the water to a boil.  

              Form the meat into a small hamburger patty about 1/2 inch (or 1 centimeter) thick and place this in the boiling water in the pot.  Cook for only about 15 seconds.  Then turn the meat over and do the same on the other side.  If done correctly, the inside will be very rare or even appear raw.  Our development team says this is safe.  The meat should not be cold in the middle, but it will not be cooked much inside.  Eat with a little sea salt and GB-3.


              What is development?  I’m realizing that development is a genetic process.  That is, it is built into our genes.  One just has to be very well nourished for the genes to turn on.  I’ve changed a few articles to include this idea.


              Faster healing.  I’m told that the vibration of the earth is improving, and this is helping clients to heal and develop faster.  


              Better ways to tune in.  Over the past few months, the development team has found better ways to tune in to the brain souls to learn what people need.  It is a significant improvement that helps the programs to be more accurate.


              Pulling down.  This really helps progress and is not difficult to do.  I always welcome feedback to see if we can make it easier for people to learn.  Other meditations or mental exercises do not do the same thing.


              Phone numbers.  We really need at least the last four digits of clients' phone numbers to help tune in.  Otherwise, we sometime get the wrong person and the program or answers to questions might not be accurate.


              Forgiving.  Some people do not want to let go of anger and forgive everyone for everything.  This attitude really slows progress.  Forgiving does not mean to forget, or to remain friendly with someone who did not treat you well.  Realizing that we don’t understand why things happen helps one forgive.


              Endomet We’ve never had problems with supplements like what is going on at Endomet.  They changed suppliers and that is the cause.  I hope the problems will be resolved by the end of the year.


              Website upgrade.  I am starting to improve the appearance of the website.  It will take a while, but hopefully you will notice changes over the next year.


              Earth Cleanup.  I am told that a cleanup of planet earth is picking up steam and hopefully in the New Year we will read or see on television some of the improvements on the planet.  The focus is on:

- Stop the phony narratives, which include climate change, carbon footprints, and collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians.  The earth is just fine and the climate and sea levels are controlled by advanced beings who regulate it according to the needs of trillions of creatures and plants.

The real criminals are Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama, and we’ll see if they are brought to justice.

- Reducing corruption around the world.

- Cleaning up toxic metals and toxic chemicals.

- Improving the soils of the world to improve the nutrition of the food.  

All this is very exciting to anyone who is tired of the problems on planet earth.


              Wishing you and your family a very Happy 2018 Holiday  Season



October 5, 2018.


Coffee problems. This newsletter is prompted by a problem that we are having with some coffee.  Two of our Helpers were made ill by a coffee from Cafe Altura (dark roast Mexican blend).  Please avoid this coffee, and at this time avoid all coffee from Cafe Altura.

              We are still checking to see what is wrong with the coffee, but it appears to be a toxin in it.

              For safety, we like Bulletproof coffee.  It is a little more costly, but seems to work very well.  It is available on the internet, and it might be at a few stores, too.

              Also avoid all light roast or “gold roast” coffee, such as that sold by SA Wilson, Theracoffee and Purelife.


People should feel good on the program.  Please, if a client does not feel well for more than a day or two, submit a question to your coach to have me and the development team completely check and update the client’s program.  This is vital!

              We have had several clients in whom this was not done.  The Helper tried to make suggestions and changes themselves or just sort of ignored the client’s complaints, telling the client it was probably just retracing.

              Please don’t do this, and don’t worry about bothering me.  It is not safe and we can all get in trouble if clients don’t feel well.  So if problems continue for more than a day or two, submit a question to your coach for a program review and update. 


Anchors and pivots. A new set of patterns, the anchors and pivots, are very exciting.  These patterns are indicators of enhanced brain activity, which is necessary for development and improves all body functioning.  Many people are showing these new patterns and they are reliable and consistent indicators on at least 200 hair tests, thus far.

              The latest insight is that pivots and anchors can occur not only on the first four minerals (the first tetra of minerals), but also on the second four or second tetra, as well.  This is iron, copper, manganese and zinc.  You can look for these pattern, which are indicated by little change in a mineral level.  For much more detail, read the Anchors and Pivots article.


Clients doing very well. We have noticed in the last few weeks that the hair tests are showing more improvements than usual.  This may be due to changes in the energies on planet earth.  

We are still having trouble finding some people, so please include the last four digits of the client’s phone number with every test and every question you submit to your coach.  This is vital!


Dietary updates. Be sure to only have only one clove of garlic once or twice weekly and a small slice of ginger once or twice weekly.  This is a recent change.

              Also, we are finding that a few other foods contain the chemicals needed for development.  The most important new food is Savoy cabbage.  A few others please eat in very small quantity only.  They are celery, golden beets, and an occasional grape tomato.  All need to be cooked until soft.

Tahini and almond butter.  Tahini needs to be the usual kind, not black tahini.  It is quite important to have a tablespoon daily.  The easiest way to eat it is to use it as a topping on vegetables, with a little sea salt mixed in.

Almond butter is also vital for development and contains gold compounds, among others, that the bodies require.  It requires a little sea salt on it and is delicious as a topping.


Pressure-cooking update.     If you are at high altitude, pressure-cooking will take a tiny bit longer because the air pressure is lower at high altitude.  As a result, water boils at a lower temperature.  No matter what is your altitude, if you slice rutabaga and cauliflower leaves thin, vegetable will cook in about 3 minutes.  So will a chicken leg or thigh, or a lamb chop if you put a cut or two in them so the meat is not thick.


The law of cause and effect and the program. A development program shortens the time needed to undo what are sometimes called “blemishes” in and on the body and brain that get in the way of joy, health and love in one’s life.  This is related to the law of cause and effect.  Most people know of this law of perfect cosmic justice from the phrase in the Bible:  “As you sow, so shall you reap”.  

              This phrase is identical in meaning to the law of cause and effect.  The Golden Rule sort of expresses the same idea:  As you treat others, so you will be treated.

              A corollary that is in the Real Self book, CD and article is that the world we see and experience is nothing but feedback, showing us what we have “sown” or put out in the past.  I know this is a little esoteric, but quite important.


A new Real Self book.  There is now a new, larger and updated edition of the Real Self book.  The new edition is available free on the website, or you can buy a hard copy inexpensively.


Perking Up pattern - name change. A rise in the hair phosphorus level of at least 2 mg% or more used to be called ‘on fire’.  It is an excellent pattern that has been showing up a lot on the hair tests.

              However, that name was not descriptive.  So it has been changed.  If the phosphorus rises between 1 and 4 mg%, we are calling it ‘perking up’.  If it rises 5 or more mg%, we are calling it one of the ’new person’ patterns.



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