by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Definition.  This is a sudden, strong desire to rest and sleep.  It can occur at any time of the day, and is not uncommon among those following a nutritional balancing program.  The need for rest is usually short – 15 to 45 minutes.  Afterwards, the person feels rested and well.




In all cases, the cause of this sudden fatigue or attack of fatigue is development.  A crude way to understand it is that during development the body “downloads” or assembles new information and other changes that need to take place.

At a certain moment, there is a need to implement or integrate that information into the body structure and physiology.  The rest period is needed in order to complete this process. 

A good analogy.  This is analogous to the need to restart a computer after downloading new software for it.  The software has been introduced into the machine.  However, to fully implement the new software, one must temporarily shut down the machine and then restart it.




Not at all.  They seem to be a necessary part of development for some people.  They can be annoying, however, if they occur while one is driving a car, talking on the phone, or busy in some other way.

In these cases, it is necessary to pull off the road if you are driving, lock the doors and doze off for a few minutes.  If you are busy in other ways, the best answer is to excuse yourself, and go and rest a few minutes until the fatigue attack passes.


Twist the spine, pop the toes and knees.  A way to speed up the time required to integrate the new information into the body is that when you lay down to rest, push the toes downward until the pop, possibly twist the feet, and pull your bent legs one at a time toward your abdomen while lying down.  This releases stuck energy and may reduce the time needed for resting.




            At this time, we are not aware of any way to avoid or prevent fatigue attacks.  Drinking coffee or taking other stimulants might help a person keep going instead of resting. 

However, this is not wise.  The body needs the short rest period to develop properly, and fighting it with stimulants just slows development.




            No.  Narcolepsy is a medical condition caused by low energy or other imbalances in the body.  Fatigue attacks are due to development, and are not a medical condition nor are they any kind of disease condition.



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