by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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This is an amazing and fascinating aspect of nutritional balancing science that I will just begin to discuss, as it is quite complex and extensive.

The idea that chemicals present in the brain may affect behavior is well known in the medical and psychological professions.  However, how to measure and alter the brain chemistry is not well understood and not done much, except through the use of rather toxic drugs in most cases. 

For example, the effects of toxic metals are well understood in the field of toxicology.  However, very few medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and others in the medical and psychological fields know much about toxic metals and their effects upon behavior.  If they did, the world would be a much safer and happier place. 

Instead, our health authorities often encourage or at least people to use toxic products such as anti-perspirants and vaccines preserved with aluminum and mercury.  Meanwhile, they fail to oppose the use of mercury amalgam dental fillings, cadmium in cigarettes and brake linings, lead in a myriad of products and industrial applications, nickel in dental materials and jewelry, and so forth.  This is a simple area of behavioral and character research in which progress has been made in the past 50 years, but much more is needed right away to make society safer and people mentally healthier.

Development science is a way to help with this problem – both identifying and correcting the problems.




1. The removal of certain toxic metal compounds and their replacement by more “updated” and more nutrient minerals can affect character greatly. 

2. Also, the balancing of a person’s oxidation rate and major tissue mineral ratios can also greatly enhance awareness and therefore assist the process of character development and maturity. 

3. Making a person’s body more yang, today, also helps to further maturity. 

4. Undoing traumas helps improve awareness and character.

5. Increasing a person’s adaptive energy level, while not sufficient, is also helpful. 

6. The near infrared rays of the reddish heat lamps appear helpful, as does the use of the coffee enema and especially

7. The proper practice of the technique of foot reflexology affects the brain in unusual ways.

8. Improving the flexibility and movement of the spine can also help, at times. 

9. Finally, renourishing the body with hundreds of vital chemical compounds and removing hundreds of toxic chemical compounds is also very helpful.




This topic bears directly on the subject of criminal behavior, as well, but this article is short and now focuses on character development rather than improving criminals.  However, same principles apply and it works.







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