by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© January 2018, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


            This short article will help you stay on the path of goodness, integrity, decency and safety.




            The first rule is to avoid arrogance.  Arrogance is the substitution of anything for that which is most important.

For example, if you think you are superior to another, that supercedes or substitutes for the truth, which is that all people are GodŐs children whom he loves equally.

If you treat others badly, that is a substitute for the truth that all are created equal and all must be treated equally and loved equally.

If you do not deal honestly with everyone, that substitutes for the truth that communication is essential for life and that lying is a supreme form of arrogance that presumes that you can say whatever you feel rather than speak the truth and it does not matter.

These are examples of how arrogance is the substitution of various behaviors for what is most important.  To review, some of the substitutions are:

- lying

- cheating others

- stealing

- lusting rather than loving others

- dishonoring anyone for any reason

- dishonoring God by not observing His laws and rules.  This is perhaps the most important example of arrogance.

You may ask, what are His laws?  The answer is the 10 Commandments of Moses and the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  These are the main laws of God on earth.




 The second rule is to treat all people equally.  It is an aspect of the first rule above, but worth discussing in more depth.  First, what does it mean?

It means to love everyone and love them equally.  This is difficult when you are a parent, for example, and you see others suffering but you are preoccupied with your family and your children.  How are you supposed to treat everyone equally when you can hardly take care of your family?

The answers are:

1. Pray for the other person

2. Help in other ways, such as by donating money, donating your time, or even just bringing their plight to the attention of others who may be able to help.

3. Think of the other or others often, in a loving way.  Do not put them out of your mind even if their plight is unpleasant to think about.




The next rule is to work with others.  This may seem like a simple idea, and it is.  However, many people do not like the idea of working with others, particularly others whom they do not know. 

Many are suspicious, not of being harmed physically, but of the motives of others.  This is especially true of others who are of a different religion or even of a different political persuasion.

Working with others, to be done right, requires understanding that all are good people and all are needed and all are loved equally by the One or by God.  This is a lot for many people, but an absolutely necessary requirement for really working with others.




This chapter is about a concluding thought.  That thought is that everyone is needed in the world.  This is a highly unusual idea of earth.  It means that there are no people who do not belong, who should not be here, or who have nothing to do. 

No one should be on a welfare program, for example, unless they are required to work.  No one should just lay around all day, or even part of the day.  All should be busy and engaged in helping others in a truly noble and fulfilling way.


É to be continued



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