by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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This is a rough time for babies and young children on planet earth, and specifically in the United States and perhaps Europe.  Here is why:


1. Vaccines.  These are horrendous, especially for the babies and children – but really for everyone.  When will the charade end and people be told the truth that vaccination is the main cause of autism – a terrible scourge that is ruining the lives of millions of children worldwide.

Vaccines cause other disabilities, as well, and now and then cause death.  Vaccines are not needed in almost all cases, and we would be better off with the childhood diseases than the ravages of vaccine use.


2. Illegality of raw milk.  This is another horror.  Raw milk is superior to pasteurized milk.  It always has been, and it always will be so.  Babies and children who cannot breast feed, or are done with breast-feeding need the highest quality milk, not the pasteurized and homogenized junk they are forced to drink today.


3. Low-fat diets for babies and children.  This is totally wrong for most babies and children.  Most at this age are fast oxidizers.  They absolutely require some good quality fat or oils with every single meal. 

When babies and children donŐt get enough fats and oils, they suffer a lot.  Many become hyperactive or develop attention deficit.  The lack of quality fat at this critical time also can delay development and cause many other problems for them. 

Please do not buy into the low-fat myth for children.  It is wrong.  The opposite it true, in fact.  The real culprit in many childrenŐs health problems is the lack of fat and feeding children fruit, fruit juices, rice milk, soy products, and other sugary or starchy products when the need is for good quality fats or oils.


            4. The advice to stop breastfeeding at 6 months to one year of age.  Most babies need breast feeding for up to 3 years, and no less!  Their digestive systems are simply not designed to eat adult food until this time. 

However, most pediatricians tell mothers to stop breast feeding after 6 months or so.  This is awful advice and damages the health of millions of babies and toddlers. 


            5. Overuse of antibiotics, antipsychotics and other toxic drugs with babies and children.  Babies and children are very sensitive, and easily harmed by the use of medical drugs.  Yet doctors often do not want to just wait and see, or treat disease conservatively, even though medical studies of ear infections, for example, and other conditions show that conservative treatment is much better.


            6. Antimony in childrenŐs bed sheets and even in polyester pajamas.   Antimony is added to most polyester textiles, clothing and other products today.  It is a severe poison for babies and children, who seem to absorb more of it than adults, perhaps because of their faster growth rate.  Please lobby to have this poison metal removed from all polyester clothing and fabrics.


            7. Pushing daycare.  Daycare may be needed if a mother must work.  However, it is not good for most babies and children.  The reasons are:

a) Disease.  Daycare spreads disease like nothing else.  Children at this age are often ill, and they put everything in their mouths.  They also touch, spit and drool on each other and everywhere.  This spreads many germs around the daycare center easily.

b) Junk food.  Too many daycare centers offer the children candy, cookies, cake, soda pop, ice cream, fruit and fruit juices, and more that is not good food for babies and children.

c) Rough handling.  Being in charge of half a dozen or more babies is not easy for anyone.  Many daycare workers are doing it as a job, and they are not sensitive enough to the needs of babies, in particular.  This is not a criticism of daycare workers, many of whom are wonderful, but it is just a fact of life when there are many babies and young children together all day, every day.

d) Missing Mom or Dad.  Babies and children need to be with their parents, especially when young.  They do not need all the noise, smells, poopy diapers and all the rest that goes with most day care centers.  If possible, raise your baby and child yourself.  Do not use daycare centers, if possible.


8. Sadly, most pediatricians.  They are the ones vaccinating the children, telling mothers they need not breast feed past 6-12 months of age, and dispensing lots of antibiotics and other toxic medications.  Some do not do this, but most of them are not good for babies and children.


9. Fluoride drops or pills for babies and children.  This is just another powerful toxin that is not needed if a baby or child is fed correctly, and mainly harms babies and young children.


10. Toxic baby lotions, shampoos, soaps and other products.  Please, only use baby safe products around and on your baby or child.  DonŐt just buy whatever they sell.  Read labels, and if you cannot pronounce it, donŐt buy it.  This is not a guarantee, but it is a step in the right direction.


11. Finally, toxic mothers and fathers.  These are the real cause of most health problems in babies and young children.  Moms and Dads, please go on a nutritional balancing program – not some other program with your holistic doctor or others.  Preferably, do this before having children for a few years.  It can make all the difference with your child.



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