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              Achromatopsia is the condition of being born without cones in the eyes.  These are the structures that give one color vision and visual acuity.  Achromotopsia is considered an incurable birth defect.

We are currently with Liam, a four-year-old boy with achromatopsia.  He is improving nicely after just 3.5 months on the development diet and supplement program.


The effects of achromotopsia include:

Photophobia – These children experience severe light sensitivity and for the majority of them there is complete loss of vision in daylight.  The condition is also called "day blindness".  They only see bright light during the day.

Reduced visual acuity - They experience reduced visual acuity due to:

- lack of cones, because cones provide high-resolution vision

- issues with lighting.

Nystagmus - This is swinging of the eyes typically in a horizontal pendular motion.  Nystagmus typically shows up around 3-6 months of age and may or may not resolve by 5-10 years of age. 

Total color blindness. 


Hair analysis information (date of test: 2/1/19).  LiamÕs hair test revealed:

- An extremely fast oxidation rate.  This is an acute stress and inflammation pattern.

- A very low sodium/potassium ratio (0.61).  This is associated with chronic stress, infections and excessive tissue breakdown.

- A zinc level of 5.  We commonly see a low zinc with eye conditions because zinc is critical for the eyes.

- Significant toxicity with mercury, lead, aluminum and nickel.


Improvements.  LiamÕs mother reported that Liam began his program around March 1, 2019.  After one month on the program Liam began to sleep better.

On June 22, she reported: 

- LiamÕs field of vision seems to have increased by several feet and he is noticing more detail in objects and people from further away.  Prior to the program he would stand with his face about 3-6 inches away from the television screen in their living room.  Now he currently can sit on the sofa, which is about 6-7 feet away from the screen to watch the televisoin.

- He has been able to discern peopleÕs faces and their facial expressions from several feet away outdoors whereas before he was unable to recognize people outside.  

- He is also more easily able to locate her when they are outside.

- His nystagmus is now imperceptible.

- He was starting to develop strabismus in one eye, and this has diminished.  


Discussion.  The improvements this rapidly cause us to believe that this is not a genetic or inherited condition, but rather a congenital nutritional deficiency or toxic condition, most likely due to malnutrition in his mother during her pregnancy with him.

We will update this article as we receive more reports from LiamÕs mother.



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