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Nutrient Minerals And The 7 System

The Toxic Metals

Toxic Metals






This article explains how the nutrient minerals and toxic minerals found in human, animal and plant bodies fit into the 7 system and the tetra or 4 system.  Some readers will recognize the early part of the arrangement of the minerals from the way the mineral chart is set up on a hair mineral graph from Analytical Research Laboratory.

To understand the mineral personality qualities, it is helpful to read Alloys and Anthropomorphic Qualities of Minerals.




Each of the nutrient minerals corresponds to the energy center of the body of the number shown above the mineral.




1         2         3         4         5         6         7

Ca     Mg    Na     K        Fe      Cu     Mn


8         9         10     11     12     13     14

Zn     Cr      Se     V        B        Mo    P


15     16     17     18     19     20     21  … etc.

Co     I          Rb     S        Ge     Si       Ti




I am told the toxic metals also relate to the 7 system, although we do not use this connection at this time.  Here is the setup:


1         2         3         4         5         6         7

Pb      Hg     Cd     As      Ni       Al       Sb


8         9         10     11     12     13     14

Be     Br      Ba     Au     Ag     Sn     Ru




The minerals also fit into groups of four, also called tetras.  The first four tetras are:


#1. Calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium.

#2. Iron, copper manganese and zinc.

#3. Chromium, selenium, vanadium and boron.

#4. Molybdenum, phosphorus, cobalt and iodine.


In total, there are about 12 tetras.  However, we only use the first two or three at this time.




Level 1. CALCIUM


Keyword.  The structural mineral.

pH balance. Strongly alkaline-forming.

Polarity. Masculine (male and female polarities alternate in the 7 system)

Energy Center. The first center, located near the testicles and vaginal opening and opening downward between the legs. 

Action step.  Desire

Use in industry.  Concrete, cement and gypsum used to make wallboard in homes that are heavy, solid and won’t burn.

Uses in the body.  Most is found in the bones and teeth.  It is also critical for the nervous system, and important for all tissues.  Calcium balances the heart rhythm and balances the acid-base system of the body.

  Hormone relation.  Calcium is associated with the pituitary hormones that regulate all the other glands.

Personality qualities.  The calcium personality type is common.  Think of manual workers. 

Positive traits include a hardy body, toughness and simple, direct thinking.  Often their integrity level is fairly high.  Negative traits are rigidity and not the highest intelligence.

Calcium personalities have heavier bones, and often have good teeth unless they eat a lot of fruit or sweets, which is common.  They often work in the building trades, which have to do with grounding and the earth.

Calcium functions as a stabilizer and psychological buffer element.  It sort of lays over the personality.  It is a sedative mineral, along with magnesium and zinc.

Too much bio-unavailable or Amigo calcium (oxides, carbonates and other similar forms) causes rigidity of the personality and can cause depression and suppression of emotions.  Too little calcium is associated with physical, emotional and mental instability.

When calcium is mixed with toxic metals such as lead and cadmium, calcium personality types can become ‘hardened’ criminals.

Food sources.  High-quality calcium compounds are critical for development.  We use blue corn, almond butter, sesame tahini, carrots and well-cooked vegetables as food sources.  Raw dairy products are also good sources, but more difficult for many people to obtain and too yin except to eat in small quantity.

Supplementation.  Most soils on earth and therefore all the food on earth is low in bio-available calcium.  For this reason, everyone needs a calcium supplement to be well nourished.

Importance for development.  Calcium is extremely important for development, for which reason eating lots of cooked vegetables, some blue corn, almond butter, and sesame tahini every day is most important.




Keyword.  The bright and shining mineral.  Magnesium is the main “powerhouse” enzyme activator of the body.

Polarity.  A feminine mineral in the 7 system.

pH balance. Strongly alkaline-forming.

Energy Center.  Magnesium is associated with the second center, located in the lower abdomen.  This center has to do with emotion,  intimate relationships, spinning to the right or to the left and “taking sides”.

Action step. Intention.

Uses in industry.  Magnesium is used to make flares and fireworks because it gives off a very bright light.  Expensive bicycle frames are made of magnesium because it is a very lightweight and very strong metal.

Uses in the body.  Magnesium is absolutely required to make and activate thousands of enzymes everywhere in the body.  Magnesium literally “lights up” the enzyme systems of the body.

Hormone relation.  Magnesium is associated with thyroid hormones.

Personality qualities.  Magnesium personalities are common.  Think of high-quality teachers, leaders, scientists and engineers.

Positive traits are intelligence, integrity and brightness of the personality.  They are ‘bright lights’, which can be a spiritual term, with a quiet power, drive or determination.  Integrity is good.  There are few, if any negative traits.

Too much bio-unavailable magnesium results in fatigue and suppression of emotions.  Too little magnesium causes weakness and a wishy-washy personality. 

Food sources.  There are few good sources.  We use blue corn, almond butter, cooked vegetables, and meats.

Supplementation.  The soils of earth are all low in magnesium.  Therefore, the food is deficient in this mineral and everyone needs a magnesium supplement for optimum health and development.

Importance for development.  Magnesium is critical for many aspects of development.  Therefore, please eat the foods above and take a supplement daily.


Level 3. SODIUM


Keyword.  The volatility mineral.  It is also the power mineral and a solvent mineral.

Polarity.  Masculine, in the 7 system.

pH balance.  Alkaline-forming.

Energy center.  Sodium is associated with the third energy center, located in the solar plexus area and upper abdomen.  The third physical energy center is associated with power and control, and the adrenal glands.  The adrenals directly regulate the tissue sodium level through secretion of the hormone aldosterone. 

Sodium is also very important for the stomach, which is located in the same area.  There sodium chloride is changed into hydrochloric acid to promote digestion.

Action step. Allowing

Uses in industry.  Used in many industrial processes as a solvent, a stabilizer, a cleanser, in detergents, and to control water and other fluids.  Sodium is used in many antiseptic and astringents.  Many medical drugs use sodium compounds.  Sodium vapor is used to make very bright lights.

Uses in the body.  Sodium regulates the water balance in the blood, the electrical balance, and acts as a solvent, as well.  It is one of the major extracellular minerals.  This means it is found mainly outside of the cells.

The body pumps potassium and magnesium into the cells and pumps calcium and sodium out of the cells to maintain the proper electrical balance of the cells.  This is reflected in the hair sodium/potassium ratio (not the serum sodium and potassium levels, which are regulated by the kidneys.)

Hormone relation.  Sodium is associated with thymus gland secretions and with aldosterone, the adrenal hormone that regulates sodium levels in the blood.

Personality qualities.  This is a somewhat less common personality type, fortunately.  They are more common among politicians, professional athletes and popular entertainers.  Think of energy vampires.

Positive traits are energy, ambition or drive.  Negative traits include selfishness, brutality and most are energy vampires.  These are fast oxidizer traits.  Sodium personalities often remain fast oxidizers during adulthood.

Too much bio-unavailable sodium causes osteoporosis or dissolution of the bones, hair loss, and mental instability.   Low sodium is common and causes weakness and low stomach acid.  Their hair loss is due to copper imbalance. 

When out of balance, sodium personalities are energy vampires who harm others (dissolving the energy and bodies of others).

Food sources.  Natural sea salt, kelp, meats and other foods contain good quality sodium.

Supplementation.  This is not needed if one uses sea salt and takes kelp.  Do not avoid all salt, as some doctors recommend, or you will become deficient in high-quality sodium.

Importance for development.  Sodium is very important for development.  Fortunately, it is relatively easy to obtain from foods and sea salt.




Key words.  Dr. Eck called potassium the follow through mineral.  Potassium is also the dissolution mineral.  This means that it is a solvent mineral that dissociates many chemical compounds and ends their existence.

Potassium completes the first tetra of minerals.  The old Latin word for potassium is kallium.  A similar word in Sanskrit, kali, means destruction.

Potassium is associated with the destruction of the selfish part of a human being.  The more selfish stages of ego development are associated with energy centers 1, 2 and 3.  Potassium is associated with the fourth center, which is a less selfish stage of human existence.

pH.  Alkaline-forming.

Polarity.  In the 7 system, potassium is a feminine mineral.

Energy center.  Potassium is associated with the fourth energy center, located in the region of the heart.  The heart is extremely dependent upon adequate potassium.  Potassium out of balance (a low Na/K ratio) is associated with heart attacks.

Action step.  Surrender.

Uses in industry.  Gunpowder – potassium is an explosive element.  Another toxic form of potassium is a key ingredient in superphosphate or N-P-K fertilizers.  These chemicals are used on all agricultural crops today on earth.  They stimulate plant growth and produce more food, but it is much lower in mineral content.  This is the main problem with agriculture today on earth.

Many medical drugs use forms of potassium.  Potassium compounds are used in many other chemical processes. 

Uses in the body.  Potassium and magnesium are the main intracellular minerals.  They maintain the electrical charge of the cells.

Potassium is also a solvent mineral, and helps maintain the fluid balance of the body.

Potassium is critical for some of the detoxification pathways in the liver.  This is why cooked vegetables are essential foods today.

Potassium is also involved in blood sugar regulation and the conversion of glucose to glycogen and back again.  Here again potassium is involved in energy release, an explosive aspect of human functioning.

Hormone relation.  Potassium is associated with cortisone and other stress hormones.  

Personality qualities.  Potassium personalities are fortunately rare.  They are destroyers and can easily be mass murderers.  Think of Mao Tse Tung, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin or other communist or socialist leaders.

Positive traits are intelligence, decent physical health, and lots of ambition or drive.  Negative traits are ruthless brutality and a psychopathic nature with no or very little integrity.  They are often fast oxidizers and can be tyrants and dictators.

Food sources.  Most natural foods contain potassium compounds.  However, much of it is not healthful enough.  We use cooked vegetables and kelp as sources of healthful potassium compounds.

Supplements.  All potassium supplements are slightly toxic, so we avoid them.  They are not needed if one eats a lot of cooked vegetables.

 Importance For Development.  High quality potassium found mainly in cooked vegetables is very important for development.


Level 5. IRON


Keyword. Strength, angry, hard, brittle.

Polarity. Iron is an older male mineral.  

pH. Neutral or slightly acid-forming.

Energy Center.  In the 7 system, iron is associated with the fifth energy center, which is located in the throat.  This center has to do with expression, creativity and teamwork.

Action step. Desire.  Iron begins the second tetra of minerals.

Uses In Industry.  Iron is used as a major building material in reinforcing rods, iron grillwork and many other applications.  Iron is also the main ingredient in steel and stainless steel, which are major building materials on earth.

Iron is also used in inks, dyes and paint pigments where it gives materials a black or dark color.  Iron is very easy to magnetize so it is used in motors and other magnetic equipment.

Iron is used to make hundreds of basic metal parts such as automobile bodies, pipes, chains, rivets, screws, weapons and much more.

Uses In The Body.  Iron is the central atom in hemoglobin, the molecule that carries oxygen to the tissues.

Iron and copper are required in the final steps of the carboxylic acid cycle or Krebs energy cycle in the cell nucleus.  This is where most of the energy or ATP is made.  Therefore, the proper iron compounds are essential for energy production.

Iron is one of the main Amigo minerals, meaning that it forms oxides and other harmful compounds.  Overload and toxicity with these compounds of iron is extremely common today.  This contributes to cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease – the main killers in today’s society.

However, in most people iron toxicity goes undiagnosed until it is too late to do anything about it because it cannot easily be diagnosed from blood tests.

Hormone relation.  Iron is associated with testosterone and perhaps other testicular and ovarian hormones. 

Personality qualities.  Iron personality types are common.  Think of a liberal politician.

Good traits include decent health, and strength and force of the personality.  Negative qualities include angry, sexy, and low integrity.  Their thinking tends to be shallow and faulty.

They tend to be attractive and charismatic, with a “magnetic” personality, meaning they can attract people to their ideas.  They tend to be sexy, very angry underneath, and do not have high integrity.  Many, if not all, liberals, progressives or left-wing people, including many politicians, are iron personality types.  Some call them iron heads, which is accurate.

Food sources.  Good quality iron compounds are quite easy to obtain from meats, kelp and many cooked vegetables.

Supplementation.  Iron is overused as a supplement.  Often it is unnecessary and harmful.  Many anemic conditions that look like iron-deficiency anemia are caused by a copper imbalance.  Occasionally, women who have heavy periods and do not eat much meat or green vegetables need an iron supplement.  Even during pregnancy, iron is often not needed if one eats correctly. 

In fact, most bodies have too much iron in the form of iron oxide, which is a powerful irritant and pro-oxidant.  This is revealed on hair mineral tests as a high iron level or as a poor eliminator.

When needed, we use chelated iron or dessicated liver as iron supplements.  Many other iron preparations used in medicine are somewhat toxic and irritating to the digestive tract.

Importance for development.  Iron is not one of the most important minerals for development.  It is, however, an important mineral for one’s health.


Level 6. COPPER


Keyword. Copper is the emotional mineral.  Dr. Eck called it the love mineral, by which he meant something similar.  Copper tends to stimulate the emotions.

Polarity. Copper is an older female mineral.  It is one of the major female minerals that is very critical for women’s menstrual cycle and for reproduction. 

pH. Alkaline-forming when in the proper compounds.

Energy Center.  Copper is associated with the sixth energy center.  This is also called the brow center because it is located just above and between the eyebrows.

The sixth energy center has to do with beliefs and ideologies.  Copper speeds up brain activity by stimulating the activity of the biogenic amines such as norepinephrine and dopamine.  By so doing, it also increases the emotions.

Action Step. Intention in the second tetra of minerals.

Uses in industry.  Copper is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity.  It has been known since ancient times.  Today it is used in pipes, wires, printed circuits, heating and cooling equipment, and many other products.  Its reddish color is used in dyes and pigments.  It is also used in many alloys in such materials as brass.

Uses in the body.  The tissue level of copper rises and falls in sync with the level of estrogen in the body.  Women tend to have higher levels of copper in the body than do men, and this gives women some of their unique qualities of body and mind.

Many people have toxic forms of copper such as oxides in their brains.  This is associated with health conditions such as attention deficit disorder, depression, anxiety, autism, spaciness, seizures, Tourette’s syndrome and schizophrenia.  Copper plays a major role in all connective tissue (hair, skin, nails, arteries, veins).  Many skin, hair, hair, vein and artery problems involve copper imbalance.

Hormone relation.  Serum copper levels tend to rise and fall in sync with estrogen.

Personality qualities. High copper personalities are common.  Copper is “electrical” in nature and a flexible metal.  It imparts these qualities to the personality.  Think of artists, musicians, writers and philosophers.  Women are higher in copper than men.  Most women, however, have too much of it.

Positive traits are artistic, creative (including women who are able to give birth), intelligent, gentle, and quick thinking.  Negative traits can include emotional, spacy, sexy, too sensitive, sentimental, childlike and more gullible.  The emotions can overwhelm the person, in which integrity suffers.

Sources.  Good quality copper compounds are found in meats, grains, kelp and cooked vegetables.  Humans cannot extract many minerals from raw salads and most other raw food due to an inability to digest vegetable fiber.

Supplementation.  Dr. Eck found that copper supplements are needed when the sodium/potassium ratio is low, and for all fast oxidizers.  Otherwise, they are best avoided because most people have too much copper already.  Unfortunately, most multivitamins contain copper, especially prenatal vitamins.

Importance For Development.  Copper is necessary for development.  However, it is fairly easy to obtain from food.  Therefore, it is not too much of a concern.




Keyword.  Manganese is the great regulator in the body.  It has a lot to do with the pituitary gland and brain activity. 

Dr. Eck called manganese the maternal mineral because animals deprived of manganese do not take care of their young.

Polarity. Dr. Eck called manganese a feminine mineral.  However, in the 7 system it is considered male, not female.

pH. Neutral or somewhat acid-forming. 

Energy center.  Manganese is associated with the seventh energy center, which is located near the crown of the head and extends upward.  Too much manganese causes severe brain problems including psychopathic behavior and “manganese madness”, a known medical condition.  Excess manganese is also associated with hearing loss, ringing in the ears, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, seizures, dementia and other brain problems. 

The seventh energy center is a culmination of the other six centers.  The right balance of manganese is important for the proper activity of all the glands.  In this sense, it represents a culmination of the six lower levels.

Step of action. Allowing, the third step in the second tetra of minerals.

Uses in industry.  Manganese is a metal used in steel alloys, and in paints, varnishes, bleach-making and fertilizers.

Uses in the body.  Manganese is important for the bone structure, thyroid gland activity, the entire head area of the body, and is needed in all tissues.

Hormone relation.  Manganese is associated with some pituitary hormones.

Personality qualities.  Manganese personality types are not common.  Think of schizoid personality types and some criminals.

Positive traits are a balanced brain and mentality, gentle and flexible, yet strong personality.  Negative traits.  None if manganese is in the proper form or compounds.

Toxic buildup of manganese can cause brain disease and the worst psychopathic behavior.  The schoolyard killers that one hears about on the nightly news are often welders who breathe toxic forms of manganese and become psychopathic.

Sources.  Good sources are cooked vegetables grown on soil that contains manganese.  Eating salads provides little or no manganese.

Supplementation.  Dr. Eck supplemented manganese for everyone.  We no longer do this because we prefer to obtain it from lots of cooked vegetables.  Supplements of this regulatory mineral are needed if the sodium/potassium ratio is low.  This is complex, but very important.

Importance For Development.  Manganese is important for development.  If one eats plenty of cooked vegetables, one will get enough.  Without this source, getting enough of the right manganese compounds is difficult to impossible.


Level 8. ZINC


Keyword.  gentle strength, balancer, escort mineral (‘shepherds’ or helps remove toxic metals and some toxic chemicals).

Polarity. Male, in that men require more of it, especially in the prostate gland.  However, in the 7 system it is female.

Energy center. Zinc is associated with the 8th energy center.  The 8th energy center begins the second octave of the energy centers.  For this reason, the quality of the 8th center is similar to the first energy center, but on a more mental level.  It is associated with mental survival and mental grounding.

A spiritual mineral.  The 8th center is located a few inches above the head.  Minerals associated with energy centers that are above the head (not at the level of they physical body) are considered spiritual minerals.  Zinc is the first of these, and a most important one.

pH. Strong alkaline-forming.

Action step. Surrender.  Zinc completes the second tetra of minerals.  It is unusual to think of zinc as a destroyer.  However, it does help a person move on to a more spiritual life by interfering with (destroying) the physical focus of one’s life.

Many people come face to face with their issues and traumas during a development program.  Our rather intense use of zinc supplements has something to do with this.  Zinc rather forcefully kicks copper out of the liver and elsewhere, forcing a person to face reality. 

Uses in industry. Metals are often coated with zinc to protect them.  Coating metal in this way is called galvanizing.  This is an interesting word because to galvanize also means to awaken, arouse, excite, inspire or stimulate a person to take action.  This is a key part of the personality of zinc (see below).

Uses in the body.  Extremely important mineral needed everywhere for protein synthesis, the eyes, the prostate gland, to remove free radicals, to prevent birth defects and more.

Personality qualities.  Zinc personality types are not common enough.  The reason is that zinc deficiency is fairly universal due to low zinc in most all soils of the earth.  We call zinc the gentle strength mineral.

Zinc is extremely protective, which is why it is used in industry to coat metal.  It also creates a personality type that is protective, which means the same thing as conservative.  This may have something to do with eating a lot of zinc, as is done in America compared with most Asian and Middle Eastern nations.

Men’s bodies and brains should have loads of zinc and they would protect women and children.  Without it, they are users, exploiters and seducers of women, in particular.

Zinc reduces and balances the sexual drive of men.  We sometimes call zinc ‘the Jesus mineral’ because it is spiritual and quite masculine, but gentle, loving and protective.

Women need more zinc.  It would develop their brains much better.  When we give it to women, they care for and protect themselves and their children much better.  This is hard on some relationships that are based on emotion and sexual attraction.

Instead of adequate zinc, most women have too much copper, making them spacy, sexy, emotional and gullible.  It also makes them quite ill with yeast or candida problems, menstrual problems, headaches, bad skin other symptoms that zinc heals but copper produces.

Food Sources.  All the soils of earth are low in zinc, so most all food is low in zinc.  Good  sources are meats, especially rare or just heated organic ground beef.

Most meat is overcooked and this destroys some delicate zinc compounds everyone desperately needs to day.  Sardines and pumpkin seeds have some zinc.  Other foods have very little.

Supplements.  It is very critical to take a zinc supplement because the soil and all the food is low in zinc.  Many holistic doctors and naturopaths fail to recommend this simple, but vital supplement.

Importance For Development.  Zinc is very critical for development.  Without it, development proceeds slowly.  This is one reason we do not like vegetarian diets.  Vegan diets are even worse.  We consider them evil because they stop development, no matter what other benefits they might have.



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