by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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To become more beautiful, become healthier by following a nutritional balancing program.  This is what many clients report to us.  While looking beautiful is not the goal of the program, I often hear the following:

“My skin finally looks great”

“I look ten years younger”

“The cellulite just seemed to go away!”

“I lost weight in the right places, and without effort, except to follow the program”

“I am standing up straighter” 

“People say I have a sparkle in my eye”.  (More oxygen often causes a much healthier glow.)

“My vision has improved, and my prescription for eyeglasses has gotten weaker.”

“My husband is envious and says I’m prettier than when we married twenty-five years ago”.

“My skin has tightened and my breasts have firmed up again, after years of sagging”.

“My hair now holds a perm, and looks much healthier”.

“Fingernails are strong and pretty again, and the stretch marks are gone”.

“Libido is back.  Me and husband are happy”.


Even if your facial features are not the most beautiful on planet earth, you may be surprised how much better you will look and feel as you become truly healthy with a nutritional balancing program.  It will take some months and often a few years, but is well worth the effort. 




Both men and women who are healthier are definitely more beautiful.  Here is why:


Your hormone balance:

It is known that the sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone, in particular, will increase secondary sex characteristics, and are associated with being and feeling beautiful, and having a good libido.

When one becomes healthier these hormones definitely begin to come into better balance automatically.  Their quantity in the body tends to increase to a normal level if it is low.  If they are too high, they tend to diminish to a normal level.


Hormone replacement. I never recommend taking bio-identical or other hormone replacement unless the organ has been surgically removed.  There are just too many side effects of hormone therapies, in general.  Also, it seems to slow or stop what I call mental development.  In almost all cases, a nutritional balancing program can restore more youthful or appropriate hormone levels at any age. 

In my experience, it is not true that people need hormone replacement if the hormone levels become low.  This is a error perpetrated by many doctors, conventional and holistic ones.  They just do not know how to restore youthful or appropriate hormone levels.

A better way to balance your hormones is to follow a complete nutritional balancing program.  It works, and we have proved this in thousands of people of all ages.  It requires a healthful diet of the type we recommend, detoxification of the entire body of all the toxic metals, not just a few, and restoring the balance of the vital mineral ratios in the tissues.  It takes a few years, but is well worth the effort.  The entire body is rebuilt, literally, in this manner, including the hormonal system in a man or in a woman.

For more on this, read Hormone Replacement Therapy on this website.




Another way that being healthy is beautiful is that higher hormone levels and better libido is associated with higher overall vitality, or higher adaptive energy.  This is a crucial concept that is not taught in medical, chiropractic or naturopathic schools nearly enough, if it is taught at all.

Vitality is critical for feeling beautiful.  Most people know that when they become tired or burned out, sexual desire and general interest in sex diminishes greatly.  This may be because sex is not a vital function, so the body just shuts it down if the energy level is too low.

When clients complain of low libido, in most cases their energy level, according to a hair tissue mineral analysis, is very low.  As their energy level is restored, their attractiveness and libido also increase, in general.

An exception is that in some cases, when a person is very tired there is excessive interest in sex, perhaps because of hormonal imbalances, or the person is acting as an energy vampire during sex.  In these cases, a nutritional balancing program can actually help normalize sexual desire and help a person stop acting as a vampire.  For more on this, read Energy Vampirism on this website.

Nutritional balancing can also help stop energy-depleting habits such as masturbation.




Nutritional balancing programs get rid of cellulite in women, tighten the skin without the need for surgery, and remove layers of toxins in the skin and elsewhere.

Many people have lost 100 pounds or more easily, without the need for vigorous exercise, drugs, hormones, or low-calorie diets.  All of the preceding methods I consider extremely dangerous, stupid and unnecessary.  Read the articles on this website, for example, about HCG Diet Dangers.  Also, read Exercise And Its Dangers.  Also read the articles about the Paleo diet, Weston Price diet and GAPS diets.  You can lose weight on these diets but they are too high in fats, so you can end up with cancer easily.  Fat always contains some female hormones.




Here is a brief summary of how body chemistry affects the overall shape of your body.  Genetics has less to do with body shape than body chemistry, in my experience, and the shape can change a lot as body chemistry improves.


Hourglass shape or voluptuous curvy body. This is associated with eating more fat, which contains some estrogens. Be careful, however.  Some clients eat far too much fat and this is associated today with more cancer.  So do not overdo on fat just to have a pretty body, please!  Follow your nutritional balancing program.


The bulked up or hunky look.  This is popular among some men, in particular, and a few women.  Unfortunately, it is often a very yin body, high in yeast, and not healthful at all.  It can be a high testosterone condition in some younger men, in particular.  This is healthier, but still not wonderful.


The V-shaped body.  This body carries most of its weight high up, with larger breasts and broad shoulders, and a thin waist and thin hips.  Such women are sometimes called “broads”.  It appears they have “natural” shoulder pads.  This is usually a fast oxidation rate pattern, or a high testosterone pattern.

If you carry weight unevenly on the body, as you heal and become healthier the weight distribution will tend to balance out.


Little girl or little boy body.  This is a rather sexy female body shape, though it is not healthy for an adult.  The body is often quite thin, hunched over, with little of the female fat pads that should be in the hips, stomach and elsewhere.  Breasts are small or nonexistent.  Some models look like this.  Usually, the adrenal hormone levels are low and the body is toxic and ill. 

There is no need to take replacement hormones, however.  In fact, they stop deep healing.  As one heals on a nutritional balancing program, this body often changes into a more curvy female shape with normal subcutaneous fat, bigger breasts and better posture.

In the male body, this is not a sexy look.  The man is thin, often hunched over, with poor muscle development, producing a more child-like body.  This is associated with adrenal exhaustion or adrenal burnout and slowly changes to more muscular development as one heals.

This body type is definitely a slow oxidizer type, often with a calcium shell.


Apple shape.  Here the arms and legs are quite thin, while the mid-section is much larger.  Men and women usually have a paunch or large belly, and the women often have larger breasts that sag.

This shape is often associated with fast oxidizers with a low sodium/potassium ratio.  It is also associated with metabolic syndrome, diabetes and heart disease.

On a nutritional balancing program, the paunch goes away and the body evens out.


Pear shape, with heavier hips and legs.  This is a very common pattern in women, but it is seen in some men, as well, today.  It can start early, at puberty or even before.  There may be cellulite in the women, particularly as they age.  It is a slow oxidizer and weak thyroid pattern.  I do not recommend thyroid hormones, however.  A complete nutritional balancing program will get rid of the cellulite and the heavy legs and hips will slim down. 


Tall, slender, linear build.  This is sometimes called the thyroid body.  It is an attractive shape today, thin with smaller breasts.  They are often mentally sharp, often in a “heady”, intellectual or “brainy” way.  The body can appear somewhat wispy, at times, although these people are often strong mentally and emotionally.If the person is not healthy, however, it is associated with digestive problems and a tendency for cancer and other metabolic diseases.

It is associated with higher progesterone and perhaps lower estrogen levels, which causes the slender figure and smaller breasts and hips.  It is also associated with sympathetic dominance, an autonomic nervous system imbalance that can cause nervousness, worry, fear and digestive weakness.

These people do well with a nutritional balancing program, and procedures such as lamp sauna sessions, coffee enemas and vaginal coffee implants help a lot.


Short, stocky build.  This is sometimes called the adrenal body.  It is more common in men.  The person is shorter, somewhat heavy, and usually quite muscular.  Often the tissues feel somewhat watery with poorer muscle definition.  It is seen more in fast oxidizers.  As the sodium/potassium ratio declines with age, these people often develop a large belly, and metabolic syndrome (hypertension, diabetes, heart disease).  This pattern can balance out with a nutritional balancing program.


Drier, thinner appearance with excellent muscle definition (ripped).  This is a more attractive, more athletic appearance.  It is associated with a slow oxidation rate with sympathetic dominance, in many cases.


The barrel chest.  This is more common in men.  It is considered attractive.  It is not that common, and often related to childhood abuse.  It tends to recede with a nutritional balancing program.


Pigeon breast.  This is quite common, and sometimes associated with asthma or stress as a child.  The chest seems pushed in or collapsed.  The posture is hunched over, and the women’s breasts are sort of hidden by the collapsed chest wall and hunched posture.

This somewhat unattractive body shape will improve a lot with nutritional balancing, coupled with chiropractic and perhaps Rolfing or structural integration work.  The Roy Masters meditation, coffee enemas and lamp sauna therapy are very helpful.




Shattered look.  This is sadly a very common body form today.  The body is usually on the thinner side or normal weight.  However, the person is somewhat uncoordinated, and does not move in an integrated way.  It is as though the limbs are not connected tightly to each other, and so do not move together in a coordinated manner.  The person may also have an expression of panic or confusion much of the time. 


Collapsed or Hollow look.  This is also common today.  The person looks somewhat hollow inside.  This is a more yin look, associated, at times, with eating a vegetarian diet, or a raw food diet.  There is a lack of substance and strength, and the eyes sometimes look sunken or empty.


Toxic look.  This is less common in young people and moreso in older men, especially those who eat too much meat and eggs.  These cause some toxin buildup.  It is a more yang look – somewhat tough and strong, but not healthy.  Weight is often good, and the face can look a little dark.


Tight tissue syndrome.  Some people look as though their skin is “plastered” onto their body.  The skin is often thin and tight, and the whole body looks “uptight”.  It is associated with a lot of stress in childhood, usually, and may be a type of copper imbalance.  Copper is involved in connective tissue formation.  It is a more yang or male response to stress.  Sympathetic dominance pattern may be present on a hair mineral test.

This is not a particularly attractive pattern.  It can change, but it may take some years on a nutritional balancing program.  For more, please read Tight Tissue Syndrome on this site.


A yin, expanded look to the body.  This is common today.  The body may look like a blown-up balloon.  It is definitely a slow oxidizer look, associated with mercury toxicity, copper toxicity, chronic yeast problems, and a diet with too much bread or other carbohydrates, and not enough cooked vegetables.

On a complete nutritional balancing program, the weight and bloated look can go away easily, but many of these people are somewhat addicted to carbohydrates, particularly starches.  As a result, it can be hard for them to really change their diets.  For more, please read Yin Disease on this site.


A young, childlike, coppery look.  This is common in some vegetarians.  It looks sexy, but the person is never healthy, even if they feel fine.  It is associated with lack of animal protein, low zinc, low sulfur, and too much copper.  While it may look good, my experience is these people do not live as long as others.


The myxedema body.  The body is quite overweight or even obese.  The face and skin look doughy.  The thyroid gland is very sluggish.  This body type is common in peasant cultures in women who have had many children.  The women are nutritionally depleted, especially the thyroid.

Weight loss is difficult for these people, although it will happen fairly easily on a nutritional balancing program.  Kelp and a diet of mainly cooked, not raw vegetables are essential.


Watery, somewhat puffy tissues with poor muscle definition.  This can be associated with a higher hair tissue sodium level, as this is associated with water retention in the tissues.  This is also seen with some fast oxidizers who have higher insulin and higher cortisol levels.

There can be swelling of the ankles, although this is due more to kidney weakness or heart weakness.  It goes away on a nutritional balancing program.




This information is mainly from Mr. Michio Kushi, the teacher of macrobiotics:


Too much dairy: puffiness of the eyelids, pasty skin, often somewhat overweight, and a move curvy or voluptuous look due to higher estrogen found in dairy products today.

Eating fruit: the face can take on a reddish hue and seems inflammed.

Bread or beer: a larger abdomen.

Too much meat: a hard or dense look to the body and more body odor.

Vegetarian: a childlike (high copper) appearance.  See the Young, childlike, coppery look in the section above.


Methods to change your shape that I do not recommend.

1. Eating a lot of fat to increase breast and hip size.  As explained above, this tends to cause cancer due to the higher estrogen levels in many fats today.

2. Eating pork and ham.  For some reason, this can increase breast size, but contains toxins that cause other problems such as trichinosis, and others.

3. A lot of sex.  In some women, this causes a more voluptuous body.  However, it also wears out a woman fast, in some cases.  Please do not do this.



In contrast, a nutritional balancing diet with plenty of cooked vegetables – 9 cups daily – with cooked vegetables at every meal – will give you a slimmer look with smaller breasts and leaner hips.  It is not only a more modern look, but it is much, much healthier, too.

Nutritional balancing is a detoxification program, first and foremost.  Paleo diet, GAPS diet, and Weston Price diet are not.  If you don’t detoxify today with diet, as well as with other methods such as near infrared saunas and coffee enemas, you will not live as long.  Also, you will not retrace your traumas as well, which is another key to being and feeling beautiful that is explained in a section below.

Smaller breasts may not be what you want, but healthy breasts without cancer is definitely what every woman needs these days.  They look fine when combined with an overall sleek body and slender hips, which are really much more beautiful – too beautiful for some, in fact.  Some women complain that they have become too attractive and don’t like the way others react to them.

Men will also get thinner on a nutritional balancing diet compared to a Paleo or other diets.  They, too, will be more balanced and much healthier this way.  For men and women, the bulked-up look is usually a cancerous one that you don’t need.




Beauty has a lot to do with the condition of one’s skin and the exterior of the body, in general.  Better health often brings with it a more vibrant and healthy look, feel and glow of the skin.  This is definitely more beautiful.  Use of a near infrared sauna as part of a complete nutritional balancing program is sometimes quite amazing in what it can do for the skin.




Many people, even young adults, have a stale odor, or a yeasty odor, or a toxic odor to the body, no matter how much deodorant they apply every day.  This is because the interior of the body is unclean and is supporting bacteria, fungi or other micro-organisms that generate foul odors. 

Also, when one eats incorrectly, often food rots or putrefies in the large intestine, causing not only smelly gas and bloating, but the production of very toxic and odorous chemicals in the colon.  These are reabsorbed to a degree and must be eliminated – in part through the skin.  All of the body secretions are affected and the urine, feces, sweat, breath, and oils of the skin will take on different odors depending upon which toxic chemicals are being formed inside the body.

As the body is cleansed and balanced properly, these odors definitely are reduced and replaced more by a “baby odor”, which is much sweeter and more pleasant.  This applies particularly to women, but also to men.




As you build your health with nutritional balancing, but often not with other methods, your teeth and gums, especially, will begin to look much better.  Many people have so much gum disease that it is a wonder anyone would want to kiss them.  This is not necessary, and correcting gum disease usually occurs easily and rapidly on a nutritional balancing program.  The gums take on a light pink color, receding gums often correct themselves, and the teeth may even straighten on their own.

If you combine this with brushing the teeth with hydrogen peroxide, this will also whiten the teeth slowly and easily.  Brushing with a mild soap solution, while not tasty, is another way to brighten up your mouth area.  Use some peppermint soap to leave a nice odor.  This is often far better than any toothpaste.  Always avoid fluoride toothpastes and alcohol or harsh mouth washes.




Dr. Paul Eck found that fast oxidation is more associated with interest in sex and a more beautiful demeanor, in general.  One reason is the person is literally more alive, more sensitive to touch, and the skin and hair are more moist.

Another reasons for this may be complex, having to do with yin and yang aspects of body chemistry.

Body shape and the oxidation rate.  Faster oxidation also brings with it a different body shape, with more weight carried higher up on the body, and less on the hips and legs.  This is definitely a more beautiful look.

If the oxidation rate is too fast, a person is likely anxious, nervous and perhaps paranoid and angry.  This can also come into balance and help with one’s appearance and sexuality.

Softening the body.  Slow oxidizers also tend to build up calcium and other minerals in the soft tissues.  This effectively “hardens” the tissues and makes them less flexible, less moist, and much less attractive.  As this condition, which is really just a part of aging, is reversed, the skin and muscles become much softer to the touch and flexible, more like the tissues of a young person or child.


Importance of Retests.  Nutritional balancing programs always are set up to balance the oxidation rate, and this is an important reason for retesting the hair every 3 to 6 months, and not going for too long without a retest.


Sexual numbness in slow oxidizers. One of the problems of those with a very slow oxidation rate is they have a buildup of non-ionized calcium in the body tissues.  This acts somewhat like an electrical insulator and it literally numbs the nervous system to some extent.  This is not always the case, but often is so. 

Other nutrient imbalances can also affect the sensitivity of a person to touch, including copper and aluminum, among the most important ones.

Another imbalance that can cause some numbness is the beginnings of diabetes.  This is extremely common today, and manifests often as a slight tingling or numbness in the feet, often, and later in other extremities.  This will go away on a properly designed nutritional balancing program.




These are all possible using a nutritional balancing program.  Posture improves because adhesions are broken up that hold the body in a poor posture.  Also, some poor posture today is due to fatigue.  Copper imbalance is associated with scoliosis and kyphosis (rounded shoulders).

Teeth and bones also become stronger as the body heals, and this can assist the posture, as well.

While smiling is definitely a habit, the desire to smile can also be due to feeling well.  It is much easier to smile if one is not in pain, and if one’s energy level and health are excellent.




A nutritional balancing program often will bring up and resolve old emotional and physical traumas that many people carry.  This includes a variety of sexually-related traumas such as rape, molestation, beatings, humiliations, and more.  The incident may have occurred at a young age, so one may not remember it at all.  If it was severe, one may block out the memory of it.

Releasing these trauma, as will usually occur on a nutritional balancing program when the body’s vitality is raised high enough, can cause gigantic shifts in attitudes and behavior related to sexuality.  Often, a much healthier, more wholesome and balanced interest in sex returns, or occurs for the first time. 

For example, rape always affects women to some degree.  It does not have to be an actual physical rape, but even the fear of it or a mild incident affects the pelvic area of the body, and often other aspects of sexuality. This is true for both women and men.  For more on these topics, read Pelvic Syndrome, molestation, and Healing Rape on this website.




A large and interesting area of nutrition is the effect of specific minerals on one’s appearance.  I will just touch on it briefly.

Trace minerals and beauty. Specific minerals play critical roles in our feelings and secondary sex characteristics.  This is a very unusual and interesting area of trace mineral science.  For example, zinc and selenium are called masculine minerals.  They tend to be balancing and calming. They tend to cause less water retention and a leaner look to the body.  They may cause more muscle definition in a person, which is usually considered attractive.

Copper, manganese and iodine are called female minerals, because they are more important for women’s sexual and reproductive activity, and perhaps for women’s health, in general.  Copper is called the emotional mineral, while Dr. Eck called manganese the maternal mineral, due to some of its subtle effects on the brain.  More copper gives the skin a soft and rounded appearance that some people consider as beautiful.  Too much copper, however, causes acne and many other skin diseases.

Selenium and silicon, especially, are associated with joy, and a silky smooth quality of the skin and hair.  Think of corn silk, which is very high in silicon.


Toxic metals and beauty.  High levels of any of the toxic metals often causes a less attractive appearance.  They all cause a darkening of the overall aura of a person.  Toxic minerals such as mercury, nickel and cadmium can cause bags under the eyes or dark circles under the eyes.  Others can affect the posture and other areas such as causing a protruding belly, lips that are too large, rough skin, etc.

A discussion of this topic is also found in Nutritional Balancing And Hair Mineral Analysis, 2010 and 2014 editions, Chapter 43.  To look through the table of contents of this book, click here.




A nutritional balancing program may change the roles men and women wish to play, and this can make a person seem more or less beautiful.  This has to do with hormonal correction in some cases.  Women who are very “masculine” in their looks and role may find themselves softening and becoming more beautiful.  Men who are overly feminine may also find this changing as they follow a healing program.




Some people crave male or female sexual fluids.  This is not really appealing, but rather it is a type of addiction.  A nutritional balancing program will slowly change this condition and eventually get rid of it completely.  This frees a person to be more himself or herself, without the need for sexual fluid.



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