by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Ionizing radiation is a very subtle poison.  One cannot feel its direct effects, at all.  The only thing one can become aware of is the longer-term effects on the body.

Although they do not feel it, many people suffer from the effects of excessive ionizing radiation.    The causes for this include radiation exposure due to:


¯  Medical and dental x-rays

¯  Other medical uses of radiation such as scans, contrast media, radioactive iodine treatment and more.

¯  Frequent flying in aircraft of any type.

¯  Radon gas exposure in millions of homes today.

¯  Effects of atom bomb tests that release radiation into the air, either intentionally or by accident.

¯  Nuclear power plant exposure, which is universal.  It is much worse when an accident occurs, but all the plants give off low levels of radiation as well.

¯  Occupational exposure such as x-ray technicians, physicians, nurses, those in food irradiation plants, workers at nuclear plants and bomb factories, those who handle ammunition made from depleted uranium, uranium miners, workers at uranium enrichment facilities, and others.




              Ionizing radiation refers to extremely small, high energy particles that are emitted by various metals, machines or other sources.  The particles are called alpha, beta, and gamma particles.  The names have to do with how penetrating the rays are.  The worst are gamma rays.  Sometimes these are called cosmic rays.

These pass through any material, except perhaps several feet of concrete or earth or a lead shield, though some manage to get through that, as well.  They are present throughout space and inside the earth, as well.

On earth, they are given off by radioactive rocks and minerals such as uranium-238, plutonium, and many others, in fact.  However, these rays are also given off by x-ray machines.  Some gases on earth are also somewhat radioactive, such as radon gas.

At times, water supplies are also contaminated with ionizing radiation.  The spring or well water passes through radioactive rock formations, and the water picks up a little of the radioactive minerals that are in the rocks.




This occurs by various mechanisms.  One is oxidant damage due to tissue destruction.  Another is to disrupt DNA causing impaired protein synthesis and DNA mutations.  These may cause cell death, or the mutated cells may be able to reproduce, but cannot carry out their proper functions.  Radiation toxicity is also known to promote the development and/or spread of cancer in the body.  This may be caused by slowing of the metabolic rate, DNA damage, tissue irritation, liver damage or other means.




A complete nutritional balancing program is excellent for radiation removal.  Features of this program that are particularly beneficial for radiation removal include:


A. Lamp sauna therapy.  This therapy does the following: 1) the increased body temperature caused by the saunaÕs heat disables or may kill cells mutated by radiation exposure so they cannot reproduce, 2) the drastic increase in circulation can dislodge some radioactive mineral particles stuck in the body, 3) the higher temperature enhances the metabolic rate, which can speed up cell turnover, also getting rid of some mutated cells, and 4) other mechanisms may also enhance cellular activity to counteract the effects of radiation toxicity, such as the removal of toxic metals and toxic chemicals that may be laden with radioactive particles.  For more on this remarkable and simple therapy, read Sauna Therapy on this site.


B. Proper diet and supplementation.  This provides healthful minerals and other nutrients that can quickly replace toxic ones that are contaminated with radiation.  Diet and supplements also strengthen every aspect of metabolism and enzyme strength, speed up the metabolic rate, which is slow in most people exposed to radiation, and therefore promotes healing of the body and brain.  Specific supplements are discussed below.

Qualities of nutritional balancing programs that promote healing from radiation toxicity include: enhancing the oxidation rate, providing anti-oxidant nutrients, making the body more yang (very important), and causing what is called mental development (also very important).  The program also detoxifies the liver, kidneys, brain and other organs and helps repel and expel radioactive particles from the body.


C. Coffee enemas.  These powerfully detoxify the liver and colon, assisting the removal of radioactive particles from the body.  Coffee may have other positive effects as well, such as enhancing the oxidation rate, removing other toxins, inhibiting the sympathetic nervous system and others.  For more on this procedure, read Coffee Enemas on this website.


D. Proper drinking water and other aspects of the program.  The right amount and type of drinking water promotes hydration and therefore proper detoxification of the body, helping it remove all types of toxins, including radioactive ones.


E. Kelp.  This particular supplement seems able to help remove radiation by several means.  It supplies a wide variety of easily utilized trace minerals that can replace radioactive ones in the body.  It also tends to speed up the metabolic rate.  It also supplies iodine, to replace radioactive I-131.  The alginates it contains also seem particularly able to capture and remove toxic radioactive material in the body.  It also provides some anti-oxidants that may help offset oxidant damage from radiation poisoning.

Other sea vegetables such as nori, hijiki, wakame and dulse may also be helpful for similar reasons, although these have more mercury in many cases and most have less alginates than kelp.  This is why I prefer kelp.


F. Sardines.  This food is highly recommended on all nutritional balancing programs.  Not only does it provide omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, which everyone needs in abundance, but it also provides RNA-DNA or nucleic acids that may help rebuild the cells.  It also is quite yang, but does not have the excessive mercury found in almost all fish and seafood products today.



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