by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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The meat of the lamb, which is a young sheep, is one of the very few protein foods that is absolutely required for rapid development.  It is definitely a special food for development.

How much.  At this time, eat two 4-5 ounce portions of lamb per week. 

Cooking.  Do not overcook lamb.  We suggest cooking it in a pressure cooker for about 1-2 minutes.  For even cooking, you will need to put one cut in the lamb along its vertical axis before placing it in the pressure cooker.

Lamb should cook just enough so that the deep red color of the meat turns to a light red-gray color.  That is enough cooking!

You can also steam it or put it in a pot with a little water, which is like steaming.  This takes up to 10 minutes.

Cooking lamb in a toaster oven or regular oven is okay occasionally, but high temperature cooking produces some toxic chemicals, so we prefer cooking it with water.

Pasture-raised.  Lamb is usually pasture-raised.  Unlike cows, for example, lambs do not thrive living in barns their entire lives and living on grain.  As a result, they need to eat pasture grasses.  These make the meat an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and many other vital nutrients.




Besides its content of many nutrients, lamb appears to strengthen the bones.  We are not sure what the nutrient is in the lamb that gives it this property.   However, it is an excellent food for women to help avoid osteoporosis.  Just eating lamb is not enough, but anyone who wishes to avoid osteoporosis and osteopenia should eat some lamb every week.

Women may need to eat a little more lamb than men.  Perhaps this is because women’s bodies are a little more yin than those of men.




Lamb is an ancient food on earth.  It is famous in the Old Testament of the Bible.  The ancient Hebrews were told to put the blood of a lamb on the doorposts of their houses when the plagues of Egypt were brought upon the Egyptian people.  This caused them to be spared the ravages of the plagues that were brought upon the Egyptians in order that the Hebrews would be freed from slavery.  This is the origin of the Jewish holiday, Passover.

The New Testament of the Bible calls Jesus “the Lamb of God”- John 1:29, and contains 6 references with this appellation.



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