by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            A popular beverage today is called Kombucha tea.  It is a mixture, in most cases, of regular tea and liquid in which a fermenting mushroom is growing.  The beverage apparently originated in the Orient.  Some people say it gives them more energy, and helps with liver detoxification.  The tea contains some B-complex vitamins and other nutrients, along with a small amount of alcohol.

Either one buys kombucha in a bottle, buys a prepared dry powder to which one adds water, or one can make it at home.  To do this, one must obtain one of the mushrooms it is made from called a “mother”.  Then one grows the mushroom in a mixture of water or tea and about 1 cup of sugar per gallon of water.

No matter how you obtain kombucha tea, I do not recommend drinking it.  I also do not recommend making it yourself because a problem could arise making it very poisonous.  The reasons to avoid kombucha tea are:


1. Aldehyde toxicity.  Everyone who uses kombucha tea regularly that I have observed has some degree of aldehyde toxicity in the liver.  This is very unhealthful.  For more on this, read Aldehyde Toxicity on this website.


2. Very yin.  Fungi of all kinds are very yin organisms in Chinese medical terminology.  Kombucha is no different.  It is somewhat like beer, which is another fermented drink.  However, beer is fermented grain, and grain is less yin than mushroom.  Anything that is rather yin today is also not healthful.  To read about this, read Yin Disease.


3. Stimulant.  Kombucha tea seems to have a stimulating effect on the body.  Many people like this, and it keeps them using the product.  However, it is not healthful.  In fact, kombucha contains an amphetamine-like substance and it is definitely addictive.  PLEASE DO NOT DRINK ANY KOMBUCHA TEA.



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