by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            The Golden Rule is sometimes stated as “Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.”  The Hebrew Torah describes this law negatively as “Do not do unto others what you do not want them to do unto you.”  The meaning is the same.

            This is sometimes called the rule of reciprocity.  This means it is a reciprocal or back and forth agreement between souls.  You act in certain ways toward me and I will act the same to you.




One can expand upon the golden rule:


1. Think or believe about others as you would want them to think or believe about you.


2. Feel about or love others as you would want others to feel about or love you.


            3. Act or behave toward others as you would want them to act or behave toward you.


            4. Go or associate with others in ways that you would want them to associate with you.


5. Speak with others as you would want them to speak with you.


6. Wish for others what you would want them to wish for you.


7. Tune or adjust your energy to that of others as you would want them to tune or adjust their energy to you.




The Golden Rule expresses what may be called the classless society.  This means that everyone must obey the same set of laws and no one or group is exempt from the laws or “above the law.”

For example, Great Britain still has, to a degree:

- The king’s law for the royalty or nobility class.

- The common law for the commoners or common people.

- The canon law for the church. 

This is less true today, but has not completely disappeared.


            The gun example.  Another political example is that if you would want to have a gun to protect yourself, then you must vote to allow others to have guns to protect themselves, as well.

In America, this is an ongoing fight.  The leaders or ruling class – Congressmen and Senators – all have bodyguards who carry loaded guns.  But many of them don’t want to give the same right to the rest of the population.  This is a clear violation of the Golden Rule.

            Most other nations are much worse, including Great Britain, Australia and most of Europe.  Here the leaders have their gun-toting bodyguards, but the people are not permitted to own guns to defend themselves.  Switzerland is an exception.

            One can answer that in Great Britain or elsewhere one can hire an armed bodyguard if one needs protection.  However, this costs so much money that it is not feasible or possible for most people.  Therefore, it is a false or specious argument.




            Many people say they believe in the Golden Rule.  However, they cheat others in business matters, sexual matters or in other ways.  They say to themselves that a little cheating is okay and everyone does it.  Instead of the Golden Rule, their rule is to do whatever they can get away with.


Another substitute philosophy and the way many people think is that it is a dog-eat-dog world and one must compete with others.  Someone expressed this humorously as “Do unto others before they do unto you”.


Lying is also a violation of the Golden Rule.  After all, most everyone would want others to be truthful with them, so they should be truthful with others.  There are a few situations when telling the truth is not wise, such as if someone is looking for your family to harm them.

However, in general the Golden Rule applies very much to telling the truth and the whole truth.



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