1/14/21. There are now photos to show the location of the two reflexology points to press on for rewinding. Pressing these points on a daily basis will slowly help undo all illness and trauma in the body. To view the photos, go to the Rewind Technology article.


1/13/21. A new policy is that anyone who is interested in the full development program needs to apply for the program before sending money or sending in a hair sample. The reason is so we can check the person’s suitability for the program. We have a problem that criminals are using the program and we won’t allow it.

Applying is simple. Just give your Helper your full name, address, phone number and age so we can tune in. Anyone is welcome to do the “basic” or “free” program that is on the website.


1/13/21. The development program had been compromised. The main reason we took down some of the names of Helpers is so that new people will be directed to Helpers whom we believe are the most solid. For now, we will continue to review all of the tests of the Helpers whose names we just removed.

Meanwhile, the results of the program - in those who follow it well – are quite remarkable. This is not a time to stop the program.

We don’t know the timing of events. However, in the next few days we will write about cycles and other factors that may be influencing current events.


We are told there is a spiritual war on earth. This means that to help stay safe and for our side to win, the people of earth need to live a very clean and modest life.

Don’t waste anything. Follow the Ten Commandments And the Golden Rule. One reason for the success of the rogues for many years has been too much lying, cheating, stealing, adultery and other crimes.

This means no sex without marriage, limit ordinary sex, and do mainly down sex or down hugging. Live simply and honestly as best you can.


Some of those whose names were removed from the Helper list may be put back. For now, we will keep reviewing all their hair tests – provided that Helpers convey the programs to their clients correctly. We will do our best to keep everyone informed about the situation through this newsletter.


1/12/21. From a woman doctor: "I cannot do the second vaccine.  I developed systemic vasculitis rash all over my body for two days (from the first vaccine).  I’m doing Dexamethasone injections and taking Claritin.  Itching has stopped but the rash did not.  I also have dizziness, sleepiness, body aches, a fast pulse, chest pain, and difficulty breathing.  It is a nightmare."

A second doctor, male, she spoke with said he had dizziness for 2-3 hours after the vaccination.  Last I saw there were over 100 deaths!


1/12/21. This is an unusual technology that is being used on earth to attempt to undo some of the rogue horror on earth. It may sound like science fiction, but it is not. For details, read the new article, Rewind Technology.


1/11/21. Today’s update was posted later than usual because someone hacked in last evening and we were unable to access the website server. We hope this does not occur in the future, but it can occur.


1/11/21. We don’t recommend drinking coffee. However, its use in enemas and vaginal and penis implants is nothing short of amazing. I am are told it contains special souls that can remove a huge variety of toxins from all the organs, and particularly the liver.

This is extremely important today because EVERYONE has an ailing and toxic liver. Here is a quote from the website

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) has been recognized as a silent, yet major, disease in developed countries.

However, by their own admission, medical personnel generally fail to diagnose it. The following is a quote from the Mayo Clinic website:

Because it causes no symptoms in most cases, it (liver disease) frequently comes to medical attention when tests done for other reasons point to a liver problem.”

Translation: doctors usually miss the problem.

In contrast, in development science we assume that everyone has liver toxicity. We think this is a much more accurate and more responsible starting point. We also know that it takes ten to twenty years of daily coffee enemas, plus a clean diet with lots of cooked vegetables, to heal it.

The problem. Liver toxicity is not just due to infections, parasites, toxic metals and toxic chemicals, which are everywhere. Another group of toxins are from an improper diet. We call them the A’s:

Aldehydes from fermented foods. For details, read Aldehydes.

AGES (advanced glycation end products) from roasted, broiled, baked and barbeque foods. For details, read AGES.

Amigos from foods fertilized with superphosphate fertilizers (which is most all of it) and other sources. For details, read The Amigos – Iron, Manganese And Aluminum.

Emotional and mental toxins including anger and lack of forgiveness also wreck the liver.

There are also more exotic toxins such as nano-micro electronic circuitry that the group we call the Rogues put in our food, water and on objects we touch.

Another strange, but important group of toxins are called hexes, trines and other poisons used in witchcraft. This filth has also been brought to our planet by the rogues.

Symptoms that can indicate liver dysfunction. These include fatigue, orange or reddish discoloration of the fingers and palms - especially the fingertips, itching, vague abdominal discomfort or pain, bloating, weight gain or weight loss, big stools, dizziness, nausea, easy bruising, slow wound healing, spider veins, and mild swelling of the ankles and feet. Men may also notice swelling of the breasts.

Without the development diet and coffee enemas, most people will not become healthy and will not develop quickly, no matter what else one does. For details, read Coffee Enemas, The Liver And It Problems and Liver Detoxification.


1/10/21. A very confusing part of the development program is that healing deep imbalances can involve much more than a few days of retracing. A new article discusses these deeper healing reactions. For details, read My Journey.


1/9/21. The people of the state of Georgia are particularly angry. They had a runoff election on Tuesday for two senate seats. They expected cheating, so many exit polls were done. These indicated that the Republicans won the runoff election decisively. However, the voting machines were rigged and the election was given to the Democrats.

Even worse, after a court challenge was filed, the corrupt Georgia state legislature certified the bogus election results anyway. This violates a law that requires waiting to certify the election until the court case is resolved.

Still worse, the Democrat “winners” should have stayed home until the court case was heard. Instead, they went right off to Washington and were allowed to be sworn in. This is illegal because the swearing in should have waited for the results of the Georgia court case. Also, the senators immediately violated their oath of office to uphold and defend the laws of United States.

To top it off, the US Congress then voted to certify the national election. This is illegal because there is a pending Supreme Court challenge to the election results.

Meanwhile, the illegal Chinese virus economic shutdowns, mask orders, and stay-at-home orders continue in America and in many other nations.

Thomas Jefferson said if the government no longer serves the people, then the people have a duty to replace it. We believe a movement to replace the government is starting in the United States and in several other nations, as well.


1/9/21. Rabbits make very good pets. They are excellent healers of their owners. They are also very smart, cute, cuddly and clean animals. They are very good for children because they are quite healthy, and are easier to care for than dogs and safer than cats. So consider getting a rabbit as a pet. For details, read Rabbits.


1/8/21. A new, short article is about an unusual subject, the sats or satans. These are hybrid creatures that everyone needs to know about. It is not conspiracy theory. It is completely real. Calling it conspiracy theory is just a way to discredit the truth.

The subject is scary and if you prefer, just skip to the end of the article called Protection From The Sats. This is not scary and is helpful information for everyone.

Knowing about the sats will help explain all the strangeness going on at this time politically, socially, and in many other ways. For details, read The Sats Or Satans.


1/7/21. We are being told that at this time there is a full-scale attempted invasion of Israel from Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and perhaps elsewhere. Very few, if any news outlets are reporting it, even including the Jerusalem Post.

I checked the internet and earlier Christian Broadcasting Network reported it. However, when I returned later to their website to put it on this newsletter, the story had been taken down.

Earlier, there were also several Youtube videos about it. However, when I returned to them to write this newsletter post, they, too, were no longer there.

The reason for not reporting it is the Israelis need help. I am told there is some American help, but not much else.


1/7/21. I received an email about Kettler shoes - similar style as Crocs, but the sender says they have fewer toxic chemicals than crocs. They are made in South Korea. They don’t have holes in the front, so they would be a little warmer and cleaner.

They are a little more expensive than crocs, and the crocs do not seem too toxic. Here is the website and if you buy them, let me know your impressions:


1/7/21. This is an excellent article about the effects of the lockdowns. The author forgets to mention that the shutdowns are also thoroughly illegal in the United States and some other nations:


1/6/21. I have heard that the people of Great Britain are rising up to disobey a new national lockdown order. If anyone has information about this, please let me know.


1/6/21. A new, exciting finding is that anyone going through a healing or purification reaction may benefit from the vaginal or penis peroxide procedure. This applies to both physical and emotional or mental healing reactions.

Apparently, peroxide can reach the entire body through the vaginal or penis reflex systems. It helps destroy infections and can loosen or “unlock” toxic metals and perhaps other chemicals from the tissues.

One can do the procedure for between one and two hours daily. More than this causes detoxification reactions such as a headache. For details, read The Vaginal Peroxide Procedure or The Penis Peroxide Procedure.


1/6/21. The media and our political and medical leaders are scaring people every day in regards to the Chinese virus. In truth, the illness is usually mild with over a 99% recovery rate in most age groups. In most cases, even if you contract it, you will have few, if any symptoms at all.

Also, it is by no means a “pandemic”. This word means that everyone has it. That is just another lie.

According to the US Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, 94% of those who are listed as having died from the illness had other illnesses, so one cannot say that all who had the virus died from the virus. That is another lie.

But there is another crime being committed – worse in some ways. Leaders are supposed to calm the people. To instill fear, especially of a false nature, is a crime in our view. Authorities should be held accountable for their actions.

CROCS (not crocodiles)

1/5/21. A brand of shoes that are comfortable, easy to keep clean, come in white color, are not costly, and transmit subtle energy well are Crocs. One can wear them into the shower for safety and wash them at the sink or anywhere.

They also sell white flip-flops for use around the house. We don’t recommend wearing flip-flops outside. We suggest that all clothing, including shoes, should be light-colored. To learn why, read Color.


1/4/21. Dogs often eat poisons that are around the house or outside. There are simple things you can do to save the life of the dog. We added a new Section VII to the dog article about poisoning. The same principles and methods can be used with human beings. For details, read Dogs (Section VII).


1/3/21. Beatings are a very common and important method of torture and brainwashing used by the rogues all over the earth. They are done secretly, but they need to be brought to public attention. That is the purpose of this newsletter post.

Women experience most of the beatings. The rogues want the men unaware of them. The beatings often accompany rapes and are often worse than the rape. Women who have experienced beatings need to know they are not alone.

The purposes of the beatings are to terrorize and control people, especially women. Other goals are to weaken and sicken the future generation of children by wrecking the physical and mental health of young women.

The overall goal is to terrorize and brainwash enough people on earth to control elections and dominate the planet. For details, read Beatings.


1/2/21. Empathic methods of healing and development are those that involve more than one person. They are very important and basic healing and development methods. However, few doctors and healers discuss them and some don’t even realize they exist.

All those who follow the development program are involved in empathic healing. Development causes it to occur automatically and unconsciously.

In fact, today developing yourself is the best way to help others and save the world! This is a major theme of this newsletter. You can do it without leaving your home. It requires no special training other than learning the program, and one need not spend a lot of money or place oneself in dangerous locations and situations.

Using empathic methods consciously works even better. Among the best empathic methods are down sex, down hugging and visualizing these methods.

We improved several articles about empathic healing methods. For details, read Down Sex And Down Hugging, Paralleling, Empathic Blending and To Solve Problems, Do More Of The Development Program.


1/1/21. A client reported having menstrual cramps when she does the vaginal peroxide procedure. Menstrual cramps are contractions of muscles in the wall of the uterus. The muscles contract in order to push out a baby.

However, the muscles will also contract during the vaginal peroxide procedure if there is something inside the uterus that does not belong there. This occurs often, especially if a woman has given birth.

For example, a little placental tissue can be left inside the uterus from a past pregnancy. In other instances, a fibroid tumor, cyst or polyp can be inside the uterus that needs to come out. In this case, the client passed what she thought were blood clots.

The solution is to just keep doing the peroxide procedure. When the uterus is clean, the cramping stops. For more details about this excellent procedure, read The Vaginal Peroxide Procedure.

On a related subject, we do not recommend Degasa brand of 3% hydrogen peroxide. It has a strong chemical smell. Hydrogen peroxide should not have a smell, so this product is obviously not pure. This brand is made in Mexico and sold in the United States and perhaps elsewhere.


12/31/20. Heart attacks are the leading cause of death in most nations. They occur in both adult men and women of all ages, and not just in older people. We don’t think it is exaggerating to say that throughout the world, heart attacks cost societies over a trillion dollars every year.

In spite of their blood tests, scans and screenings, mainstream medicine, holistic and naturopathic health professionals do a terrible job of preventing heart attacks! In contrast, regular hair mineral testing, when done properly, can identify mineral patterns such as Step Up Pattern that warn of a possible fatal heart attack or stroke.

We can change this pattern easily with the development program. This is so much better than other approaches, there is no comparison! Everyone needs to learn about this mineral pattern! For details, read Heart Attacks.


12/31/20. A client did fact-checking about the Dr. Oswald post just below and apparently it is not true. We apologize for this error.


12/30/20. We took down the post of the Facebook quote by Robert Oswald, PhD until the information can be verified. Anyone who can help please let me know.

What is going on is fraudulent in the following ways. The disease is mild, the tests are horribly inaccurate, and the arbitrary economic shutdowns and stay-at-home orders are illegal in America and many other nations.

Also, the mask policies are harmful and don’t work, and the reporting on the number of cases, rather than on the death rate, is insane and just fear-mongering. However, it would be helpful to confirm the Facebook post.


12/30/20. Opposition to the fraudulent covid measures is growing around the world. For details, see


12/29/20. We improved the article about raising girls by adding two other factors that always need to be considered when raising girls. In fact, these are probably more important than correcting the spin of their energy centers. For details, read Raising Girls.


12/28/20. Not all brands of nutritional supplements work well, even if they are fancy and expensive. We believe the rogues either own some of the companies or force some companies to irradiate or otherwise damage their products.

For example, we do not recommend Carlson or Nordic Naturals brands of fish oil. Recently, we found that NOW brand vitamin D is not working well, and is best avoided. We have recommended NOW brand TMG, and we think it is okay, but we are checking further.

Another brand that we find to be tainted is Standard Process. So far, the Endomet supplements are working well and this is an important reason to use them.


12/28/20. Sinus infections in horses can be very serious. A few years ago a woman called me and said her horse was dying with a sinus infection. The infection had not responded to antibiotics, vitamins or herbs. The horse wouldn’t eat and she thought the horse would die within a few days - did I have any suggestions?

I always recommend a hair (or fur) mineral test to assess all the mineral levels, ratios and patterns. But she said it was an emergency and what could we do in the meantime?

I asked what she was giving to the horse. The horse was on antibiotics and supplements, including vitamins B and C, just like the case in the post on 12/27/20.

A common mistake is giving supplements that speed up the oxidation rate when the oxidation rate is already too fast. This always makes the situation worse.

Most horses are fast oxidizers – and, as explained in the earlier post, vitamins C and B complex further speed up the oxidation rate.

Also, some sinus infections are fungal infections. This might be why the horse did not respond to antibiotics.

In addition, to heal fungal and yeast infections, one needs bioavailable copper. However, vitamins B and C lower copper in the body.

I suggested stopping all the vitamin B and C, as well as the drugs and herbs that were not working. Instead, I suggested giving the horse 60 mg of a copper supplement every day. The amount of a supplement to give to a large animal depends upon the weight of the animal – in this case about nine times the weight of an average human being.

The woman called back two weeks later and said the horse made a complete recovery. Sadly, she did not express more interest in our healing method.


12/27/20. An overlooked passage in the Old Testament Of The Bible is the story of the rules given to Noah after the great flood. I am told they are very important and are part of the basic rules we are all to follow to assure health and happiness. For details, read The Seven Laws For The Children Of Noah.


12/27/20. About 20 years ago, a friend called from New York City. His mother, age 72, was bedridden, very weak and scheduled for a heart valve replacement in five days. My friend was not sure she would make it through surgery.

I asked the friend to take a hair sample to find out why his mother was ill. We know that mineral imbalances are the real cause of most illness. He said he would, but that there was really no time to run a test.

In desperation, I started asking questions. She was under the care of a very famous American cardiologist who used vitamins, not just drugs. Among the medications were vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc.

This raised suspicion! In development science, ALL of the supplements above speed up the oxidation rate. This is good if one is a slow oxidizer. However, if one is a fast oxidizer they make a person feel worse!

We run into this issue often with clients who want to take various supplements, usually as a result of reading a book or article. They don’t realize that the oxidation type is a vital concept that must always be considered when setting up a healing program.

I guessed that she was a fast oxidizer and that the cardiologist was giving her exactly the wrong supplements for her oxidation type!

We run into a similar problem if a person’s oxidation rate changes while on the development program. Suddenly the program is incorrect. This is why if you don’t feel well on the development program for more than two or three days, stop your metabolic pack, glandular product and zinc or Limcomin. Then submit a question to your Helper asking that Dr. Wilson check and update your program.

My friend’s mother had another possible problem. All the supplements she was taking lower copper – and copper is vital for the heart.

I told my friend to stop his mother’s supplements. I suggested he run out and buy supplements of copper and magnesium. These are in the SBF product we use for fast oxidizers. I told him to give his mother about 6 mg of copper and 500 mg of magnesium daily and to feed her fat with each meal, with no sugars and low carbohydrates. All this will slow down a fast oxidation rate.

On this regimen, his mother began to improve almost immediately. Within three days she was out of bed and the doctor cancelled her surgery! Soon she was out of the hospital and began a complete development program. A year later she checked in with me and had no further heart problems.

Her cardiologist was impressed and invited me onto his New York City radio show, where I told this story. But, as far as I know, he did not follow through and change his protocols.

My friend’s mother was lucky. I will share a few stories of heart problems that did not work out well.

The lessons are: 1) the oxidation types are real and very important. Read about them at The Oxidation Types. They are part of ancient healing wisdom and modern physics that needs to be incorporated into all health care. This is a basic article about health.

2) Supplements are powerful when used in special combinations. Taking the wrong ones for your oxidation rate can easily negate their benefit or even cause problems.

3) Be careful with all doctors.


12/27/20. One of our Helpers is doing well promoting the development program. He suggested a book to read that helped him with promotion. It is Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller.

The theme of the book is that people connect best to a product if you use stories to explain it. The book explains how to do this. We welcome any marketing ideas to that would people connect to the program.


12/26/20. Here is a recent quote from Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Vice President and Chief Scientist of the Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company, whose vaccine is now being used for the Chinese virus:

There is absolutely no need for vaccines to extinguish the pandemic. I’ve never heard such nonsense talk about vaccines. You do not vaccinate people who aren’t at risk from a disease. You also don’t set about planning to vaccinate millions of fit and healthy people with a vaccine that hasn’t been extensively tested on human subjects.”


12/25/20. At first, most of our clients have little faith in the development program. Many have been to a dozen doctors without much success.

However, every day we hear wonderful stories of healing. It often comes as a complete surprise. We don’t really understand why this program is so powerful, but it is.

I ask clients and Helpers to send us testimonials. We post some on the Testimonials page. A few are tucked into articles on this website, and a number are in Dr. Wilson’s books. But we hear about many more than these. Here is one from a few days ago:

Jane. Jane, age 61, began the development program three years ago. Her health conditions included weight gain, chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, joint pain, high blood pressure, hair loss, stomach pain, bloating, a rapid pulse rate, a bitter taste in her mouth, a pulsing headache every morning, and chronic Epstein-Barr virus infection.

It took Jane about four months to change her diet and lifestyle to get more rest and to go to bed earlier. She follows the diet quite closely, though she still loves bread, black beans and lentils and eats a little of these foods.

The shut-down pattern. Jane’s hair tests repeatedly revealed a four low electrolytes pattern. The advanced Tibetan acupuncturists on our medical team call this pattern “the tunnel of death”. (These patterns are not taught to Western acupuncturists.) The pattern indicates a person is in a shut-down sequence as life ebbs out of the body.

An analogy is what you do in a car when arriving at your destination. You shift the car into Park. Then you close the windows, turn off the headlights, the radio, and perhaps the windshield wipers, perhaps set the parking brake, shut off the motor, get out of the car and lock the doors. This is an example of a shut-down sequence.

Apparently, our bodies also go through a set of changes as life begins to end. Thousands of people have the four lows mineral pattern. It is a pattern that puzzled Dr. Eck, one of my teachers, for years because these people are very difficult to help. The person is on a downward spiral that today can begin as young as age 20 or earlier.

Early development. Jane’s situation was not all dismal. On her previous retest mineral analysis, Jane had a very hopeful pattern. It was a rise in the phosphorus level to 18 mg%. This is a sign of early development – and development is a truly magical process.

The junk DNA. Development is the activation of genes that we believe should be activated when we are born or early in life that greatly strengthen the body. Development is taught in some Catholic and Tibetan monasteries and convents. However, we don’t know of anyone who teaches it to the public at this time. Some in positions of power definitely don’t want it taught because healthy people are much more difficult to control.

The genetics of development is not well understood. I am told that scientists have not decoded this part of our DNA. To hide their ignorance, they call it “junk DNA”, implying that it is not important. But it includes over 97% of our genes!

You can type “Junk DNA” into a search engine and read what little is known about it. To learn more without all the technical jargon, read Genetics and several other articles on this subject on this website.

The leap pattern. On her most recent hair retest, Jane suddenly exited the four lows pattern and has a wonderful new pattern that our medical team calls the leap. The first four minerals all increased by at least six times. Three of them were ten times higher than on the previous test.

Toxin elimination. Also, the levels of lead, mercury, aluminum, nickel, copper and manganese all increased. This indicates Jane now has the ability to eliminate toxic metals. Copper and manganese are nutrient minerals, but they can form toxic compounds that must also be removed from the body in order to regain one’s health. We call some of the minerals that are in an oxide form “The amigos” because several are often found together.

Also, Jane is suddenly feeling much better. Many of her symptoms vanished, almost overnight.

The guide creatures. I was told that part of the reason for Jane’s healing is that several fine matter creatures that should be around her body returned to her. Our medical team tells me that we are all born with guide creatures around the body. However, if a person becomes malnourished or experiences trauma, some of these wise and helpful creatures leave because they cannot help us very much.

Ezekiel 1. I am also told that the first chapter of the Book of Ezekiel in the Bible is a somewhat dramatic description of some of them. For more details, read The Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.

The merit system. The guide creatures returned because Jane changed her lifestyle and diet, took the correct nutritional supplements, and did the healing procedures faithfully for several years.

In other words, she deserved the return of the guide creatures. I am told that this is how life really works. Everything is based on merit and we must work for and earn our health and development!


12/24/20. A new food that is helpful for development in small quantity is celery root. For adults, have one small, thin slice or several of the small roots twice a week. We will continue to research and post updates as we learn more.


12/23/20. This is an important post that will set the tone for the future of the development program. Over the past several months, we have realized that the method we use to help people heal and develop is that of the souls.

It is not Dr. Wilson’s method, or Dr. Eck’s method, or that of anyone else. We now realize we have stumbled upon an objective scientific method that has been in use for billions of years. This is very important!

I don’t know why I’ve been permitted to bring forth this system, but I feel honored to do so and I realize others will try to destroy it. So beware of those who tell people they can do it better than we can.

The system involves special souls inside the bodies called planning souls. When we can find them, they tell us exactly which foods, supplements and procedures to recommend. We just share this information with our Helpers and we share general information through this website. For more details, read The Planning Souls.


12/22/20. One of our Helpers, Lewis Rowlands, has decided not to work with us. It is very important that all of his clients find a new Helper in order to continue getting the best program possible.

On a related topic, we now have about 20 indicators to help us decide if we should work with a client. We check carefully because we do not want to exclude any legitimate clients.


12/21/20. We are very disturbed to learn in the past few weeks that some criminals are on our program. This needs to stop at once.

This is not how Dr. Wilson and his medical team want to spend their time and energy. For safety, integrity and legal reasons, we are checking clients. We will let Helpers know if we cannot continue to assist a person.

Also, as explained in the previous post, all prospective clients must first apply for the program before sending money or hair samples. The procedure is described in the previous post. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this causes our Helpers.


12/21/20. This post applies to our Helpers and to prospective clients. To avoid the problem we posted about on 12/11/20 – that of criminals using our program – we have put in place a new rule.

Before sending a hair sample or money, anyone who wishes to begin a program first needs to apply to us by sending their full name, full address, full telephone number and age. Helpers will send this information to their coaches. We will then check on the applicant and let the Helpers know if the person may begin the program with us.


12/20/20. We are being told that in the past 12 hours there has been even more progress cleaning up the earth and the other planets in our solar system. The cleanup will take years, and this is just the beginning, but it is an important start.


12/19/20. During the past two or three days we are told there is progress getting rid of the rogues on earth. We believe the planet is safer as a result. This is an update to the post on 12/13/20 that frightened some people.

I have asked that if the earth is being cleaned up, please tell all the people of earth about it. The fine matter beings with whom we are in contact say they do not yet control the media. This is why there is not more discussion of the cleanup. However, they say there is progress.


12/18/20. We just learned that many Instant Pot brand of pressure cookers are damaging the food in subtle ways. Several clients have run into problems for this reason. We have told a few people that their Instant Pots are okay, but now we suggest do not use Instant Pots at this time. Don’t even use them as crock pots or slow cookers.

Stove-top or non-electric pressure cookers seem okay and we recommend the Presto stainless steel 4-quart or 6-quart stove top units. One can also steam food or use a crock pot. However, do not overcook vegetables, which is easy in a crock pot.


12/17/20. This is a new article that is needed for men and for women. Please read The Rape Planet.


12/16/20. A new article discusses basic food ideas as they relate to development. This article explains in a simple way how the development diet is different from others. For the details, read Development And Foods.


12/15/20. We have checked about half a dozen of our clients’ pressure cookers to see if they are damaging the vegetables. Some Instant Pots are not working properly, although others are okay. So far, the stove top cookers are okay except for a brand called Vinod.


12/14/20. Topical magnesium has a drug-like energy-boosting effect. However, two of our clients had strokes when they used topical magnesium.


12/14/20. We updated and improved the Happiness article and the Development Lifestyle article. For details, read Happiness and The Development Lifestyle.


12/13/20. Things are heating up quickly on earth, though we don’t want anyone to panic since that accomplishes nothing.

About 12 hours ago, the forces defending the earth found thousands of rogue bases underground all over the world where they train rapists and other criminals – mostly men. The rogue leaders beam the men up to the surface of the earth where they commit all types of crimes, including very sophisticated cheating on elections, murder, rape, beatings and more. This has been going on for years, but has increased over the past year.

The children. The earth forces are cleaning out the underground bases and children are most aware of the situation. If you have children, encourage them to speak up and listen to what they have to say. Little girls, in particular, seem quite tuned in to what is going on.

Safety. The rogues don’t like it and children need their parents at home right now. Also, no woman is safe leaving the house. Even at home, women are not safe if they live alone. We advise all women to go stay with a man they trust if at all possible.

Also, we suggest for women and children, in particular, do not open the door to your home or apartment if someone knocks today. We are told you are safe inside today. We suggest women don’t go out even to work today. If you must go out, lock everything carefully.

Women are learning courage these days. Courage to speak up, to not live in fear no matter what threats they receive, and to discuss what happened openly.

We don’t know how long this situation will go on, but hopefully not for more than a few days. We will keep you posted through this newsletter, assuming we can keep posting messages.


12/12/20. There was progress today cleaning up the interior of the earth. This won’t be reflected immediately on the news, but it is a step in the right direction. If the trend continues, there should be improvement in the situation on the surface of the earth as well.


12/11/20. The development program is very powerful to help anyone improve their health. However, we have become aware of abuse of our time and energy.

At times, the rogues are sending their agents to us for nutritional help. We end up making them better liars, murderers and rapists. We can’t continue to do this with a good conscience and we cannot afford the time and energy it wastes.

To check on people, we check the hair test numbers carefully. In some cases, they have been altered to hide a criminal pattern. This is actually quite easy to do. The guides also check the aura and they speak to the souls of the person.

We are still perfecting how to make sure we don’t exclude good people and yet find the ones we need to exclude. It is not easy! and takes up a lot of Dr. Wilson’s time.

If you have a strong sense that we made a mistake, let your coach know and we will check the person again. However, if we tell a Helper to exclude a person, we insist that you do not assist them in any way or we will stop working with that Helper.


12/11/20. A more philosophical view. The fine matter forces defending the earth are viewing matters more philosophically. We see much more in space because we have destroyed millions of rogue bases that somehow darken space.

The Rogues are puzzling. They have seven enormous bases positioned around the earth, with seven more behind those – one behind each of the first seven. We think they have been there for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Each base has thousands of ships, fighters, and lots of advanced military equipment. So far, we are unable to destroy even one of them. However, thus far they are not attacking us in great numbers. We wonder who controls them.

The solution. We are told that if the fine matter beings on and around the earth follow the Ten Commandments given to Moses, the Golden Rule, work together, help one another, and develop themselves that all will be well. We will not “attract” the rogues and they will leave us alone!

We are also being told that if our forces do not act this way, planet earth could be destroyed. The choice seems clear and more souls and fine matter creatures are now aware of and following the development program. Their program is very similar to the one suggested on this website.

Surviving on earth. We are told that earth humans, too, need the development program. We are told not to fear, and instead follow the development program.

Integrity. We are also told that earth humans need to have much more integrity and honesty. Their leaders are demonstrating to them what happens when one does not tell the truth.

Many earth humans think they can lie and cheat, and get away with it. They cheat on their taxes and in business, and some cheat on their husbands and wives. They cheat emotionally, not facing their problems. They cheat socially, artistically, creatively, mentally and even spiritually, pretending to be religious but secretly harboring hatred and prejudice.

We are told that if you don’t like current events, work more on yourself. Clean up your own lifestyle, diet, friendships, family relationships, business practices, marriage vows, and yes, even your religious views and practices.

Worrying. We are told not to spend too much time surfing the web. A little is okay, but it does not cause development. We are told, and we hope it is true, that the future is really up to each of us.

What to do. Work on yourself and we recommend to spread the word about excellent health and the development program. You don’t need to be a doctor, or one of our official Helpers. Just assist anyone who will listen.


12/10/20. We recommend avoiding this and all vaccines if at all possible. We think it is unnecessary, probably not too effective and most likely quite toxic.

Need for a vaccine. We think the vaccine is totally unnecessary because the Chinese virus is a mild illness with an average 99.8% recovery rate.

If one is older and has other chronic illnesses, one is more prone to getting all viral conditions. Even then we think vaccines are not the way to prevent illness. Proper nutrition and lifestyle are much more effective. Developing yourself with the development program is the best.

Effectiveness. Most likely, the Chinese virus vaccine does not work well. Reports of 94% effectiveness, for example, we believe are highly exaggerated.

Trusting medical information. A very serious problem these days is trusting any medical information. So far, government health ministers and agencies have lied and exaggerated (a form of lying) on a daily basis about the seriousness and extent of the Chinese virus. There is no reason to believe they will suddenly start telling the truth about vaccines.

Censorship. It is important to know that Google, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and other large media sites are censoring anti-vaccination information. Try not to be swayed by the daily onslaught of media propaganda and fear-mongering. We consider this fraudulent and a deliberate attempt to mislead people, and these organizations need to be sued for their actions.

Toxicity. All vaccines tend to contain toxic metals, toxic chemicals and stray viruses. They can also contain electronic implants and who knows what else.

Adverse effects of vaccines include allergic reactions, autism and attention deficit in children, among hundreds of other symptoms. Here is an excellent recent study that compared unvaccinated with vaccinated children. It revealed that in all measures of health, the unvaccinated children were healthier!

A news report from the head of research at Pfizer Company indicates their covid vaccine may cause female sterilization. Vaccines can also cause paralysis and death.

The following vaccine articles are on our website: Vaccination – A Medical Abomination, Vaccine Refusal Form, Mandatory Vaccination Is Medical Genocide, Study Reveals Flu Shots Are Basically Useless and Vaccine Horror Story. Other websites such as ICAN, National Vaccine Information Center, Vaxxed and others publish much more research.

Legal aspects. We view forced medical treatment of any kind as assault and it should be illegal. We also think it should be illegal to require vaccination for jobs. However, some jobs in the health care and travel industries are requiring the Chinese virus vaccine. The only solution for those employed in these industries may be to find other work or work independently so that you make your own decisions.

We suggest writing your government representatives and letting them know your views on this subject.


12/9/20. We posted a new article that lists the main dietary concepts used in development science and development programs. It contains very essential information, most of which is not taught much today. For details, read Development Science Food And Dietary Concepts.


12/8/20. The Epoch Times, a very good newspaper, reported that people are becoming irrationally afraid of the Chinese Virus, which is not a serious health condition when handled correctly. For details, go to


12/8/20. Your newsletter author is doing the penis peroxide daily for one-half to one hour. We have learned that the procedure is not just for the genitals. The peroxide souls are able to use the reflex system of the penis or vagina to reach the entire body with the peroxide. They transport the peroxide all over the body, where it combines with either harmful micro-organisms or chemical toxins and burns them up (combines them with oxygen).

Similarly, souls in coffee use the reflex system of the large intestine to work on the entire body. We are still working out which procedure should be done first and for how long. We currently believe the peroxide is a shorter-term therapy and once the body is cleaned up with it, it is needed less.

The coffee enema procedure seems to be needed for at least 15-20 years in most people. Eventually, as one develops, the coffee becomes a little toxic. Some of our clients are alternating the two procedures, which they say works well.

In the body of your newsletter author, the peroxide souls are finding:

Fertilizer toxins. These are due to eating food grown with superphosphate fertilizers, also called N-P-K fertilizers (N=nitrogen, P=phosphorus and K=potassium). These fertilizers are somewhat toxic, but are used in the United States even on organically grown food.

We have written about Toxic Potassium. We now look for signs of the elimination of this chemical when we review hair mineral tests. People feel much better when it is removed from the body. The development program is one of very few methods that is able to remove it. The trouble is we keep eating some of these toxins because they are in most foods.

Detergents. The author’s brain also contained some detergent toxins, although he stopped using detergents a few years ago. We have newsletterged several times about the danger of detergents. Please do not use detergents at all, for anything. For substitutes, read Detergents.

Antimony. The peroxide souls also found a little antimony in the author’s brain. Antimony is a highly toxic metal that he probably acquired from wearing polyester clothing some years ago. Polyester contains a little antimony. Natural fiber clothing is better.

These are examples of how the genital peroxide procedure is used to clean up not only the genital area, but the entire body. Please everyone do this procedure. It is not difficult or costly. See the newsletter post below for more details.


12/7/20. We expanded and clarified the penis peroxide implant procedure for men. We also added several paragraphs to the peroxide article for women. We continue to hear wonderful feedback from clients who are doing these simple procedures. For details, read Penis Peroxide Procedure and Vaginal Peroxide Implants.


12/7/20. Some “scientists” are writing on the internet that face masks cause permanent brain damage by cutting off one’s oxygen supply. While we don’t like the masks, we think such talk is nonsense and just designed to scare people.


12/6/20. A subject that is central to this website is maturity. We will be speaking about it more. It includes development, which is a physical and genetic process. However, it includes much more such as compassion, wisdom, awareness, caring and more. For details, read How To Mature And Grow Up Faster and Introduction To Development.


12/5/20. We updated and improved the Childhood Nutrition and the Ear Conditions articles.


12/5/20. The following is an interesting article about the connection between mercury poisoning and homosexuality:


12/5/20. A recent article at discusses the big picture for vaccines, loss of all privacy, violation of basic rights, and more that is planned for the world. It’s a little scary, but worth knowing about and objecting to. For details, read


12/4/20. A patriot group in the United States, We The People Convention, is calling upon President Trump to declare partial martial law in the United States. They say he needs to nullify the recent election if the legislatures and courts allow it to stand in spite of clear evidence of widespread election fraud.

This group likens the situation today to what occurred in 1860 in the United States. At that time, there was a plot to divide the nation. President Abraham Lincoln took drastic action and managed to save the nation. A somewhat similar plot is going on today in the United States with the cheating on the election.

From the perspective of this newsletter, the United States is already under partial martial law. Constitutional rights to assemble and worship freely were suspended more than 6 months ago, with no end in sight. Actually, this is just the latest and most egregious of many violations of the US Constitution.

In a free nation, the citizens decide whether to shut their businesses, whether to gather in groups, or wear masks, etc. The Chinese virus has a 99.8% recovery rate! Most of those who die are over the age of 80 and have other health conditions. Sweden has not shut down anything and has a lower death rate than many other nations.

Back to the election. We hope the Supreme Court of the United States nullifies the entire recent election due to widespread cheating that is obvious to anyone who reads about it. A new election is required with no voting machines, no mail-in ballots, and with photo identification required before voting. For details, read


12/4/20. This post is a critical reminder – do not use your electric plug-in pressure cooker or a Vinod stove-top pressure cooker if you are not feeling well. Some of these are okay, but others are not.

We just had a third client whose body has almost no vegetable energy after using an Instant Pot for a number of years. Another person had trouble with a Philips electric pressure cooker. It is horrible and some of these cookers are definitely defective.

If you are not doing well on the program and were using an electric pressure cooker, you may submit a question to your Helper to have us check your vegetable energy level, assuming you are eating plenty of cooked vegetables.


12/3/20. The topic that causes the most problems during development programs is what we call healing reactions or purification reactions. These are flare-ups of symptoms that occur as the body heals at deep levels.

This rarely occurs during medical, holistic or naturopathic treatment because most of their therapies do not heal at deep enough levels of the body. As a result, very few doctors of any type understand healing reactions and believe they are just signs of illness. This confuses our clients no end!

Extremely positive signs of deep healing. In truth, healing reactions are always signs of deep and permanent healing and a reason for celebration. They are of several types:

Retracing. Some symptoms are due to bringing up old infections, injuries, and traumas from the past in order to clear them. We call this type of reaction retracing. It is quite unusual.

Toxin elimination. Another type of reaction is due to the release of toxic metals or toxic chemicals from the body. This causes temporary rashes, headaches, digestive disturbance, insomnia or fatigue as the chemicals leave the body.

Physical, emotional, spiritual or a combination. Symptoms of healing reactions can be of any type, depending upon what needs to be brought up for healing and cleared.

Need for an updated program. Often, body chemistry shifts during purification reactions. This can alter the oxidation rate and vital mineral ratios. Then the diet and/or supplement program are no longer appropriate and the program actually makes one feel worse.

This is why if symptoms occur, it is usually best to stop at least the metabolic pack, glandular supplement, and zinc or Limcomin. At times, this will stop symptoms and you can restart the program in a few days. If the program continues to make you feel worse, then request from your Helper that we review your program and update it.

Trauma retracing. This type of flare-up generally includes a combination of both physical and emotional symptoms. Also, one often experiences a combination of emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger or others all at the same time or perhaps alternating from hour to hour.

One may remember the trauma, but in other instances one may have no idea of the cause of the symptoms. Often, the purification reaction is over within a day or two. However, if a trauma was deep or extreme, the body may only be able to handle it a little at a time and the reaction can go on for longer. Very rarely, it goes on for months.

Spiritual retracing. Another unusual healing reaction is one in which one feels that one’s entire life is out of balance and does not make sense any more. One feels disoriented and confused.

This is really an awakening or greater awareness due to better functioning of the brain and body. However, it can be upsetting. Author Carolyn Myss wrote about it some thirty years ago and called it spiritual madness. For many more details on this large subject, read Retracing, and Trauma Retracing.


12/3/20. We recently realized that crockpots are fine for cooking, provided you turn the pot off at the right time so vegetables and meats do not overcook. We will update the diet and the cooking articles in this regard.

At one time we suggested that one can put vegetables in the crock pot at bedtime and they will be cooked in the morning. The problem with this is that the vegetables cook in about six hours. As a result, one would need to go to bed late or wake up early to cook vegetables properly.

Other ideas are to wake yourself up to turn the crock pot on around midnight or get up off after six hours of sleep to turn it off. Another possibility is to plug the crock pot into a lamp timer and set it to turn off the crockpot after six hours of cooking.

Meats usually need much less cooking time, so be careful about overcooking them in a crockpot. We suggest slicing all meat thin and then cooking for just a few minutes, or less if you braise meats. Cooking thick pieces of meat requires a long cooking time and the outside of the meat will be overcooked, so we don’t recommend cooking thick cuts of meat.


12/2/20. In the past few hours, the forces defending the earth have found over 1000 more large fine matter beings who help protect the earth. They are quite ill and malnourished. They are being fed and, as a result, they are recovering their health.

As they heal they are becoming smaller. Fine matter beings do not have bony skeletons, as we do, so they can change size and even shape to some degree much more easily than human beings.

We are told that these creatures belong inside of the earth and inside the other planets in our solar system. They have various jobs there that keep the planet healthy.

They also tell us that this newsletter needs to continue teaching the original Hebrew language, a project we stopped for the past six months or so. They also want everyone to know there is hope that the current problems on earth will be resolved.

They also say the other planets in our solar system need rehabilitation, and this is beginning now, as well. They say that some people on earth belong on these other planets and do not like the earth. Someday, they will be able to move to the other planets. This will somewhat reduce the population of the earth. Those who remain on earth will be happier and this will be another benefit for everyone.


12/1/20. Last evening the forces defending the earth discovered 14 more large fine matter beings in space. They appear to be protectors of the earth. They also appear to be connected to the Energy Centers of the earth, which are now functioning better as a result.

These two changes are helping defeat the invaders we call the Rogues, who are causing havoc everywhere on the planet. We will keep you informed about this new development. Important information about the energy centers is also found in the Raising Girls article.


11/30/20. PLEASE do not let the possibly excessive potency of the peroxide stop you from doing the peroxide vaginal or penis implants. Test your 3% peroxide on your hand. If it burns or turns your fingers white, dilute it just until it does not do so.

Actually, the penis and vagina are not as sensitive to peroxide as some other tissues. Other areas of the body, notably the fingers and feet, are more sensitive. That is why testing it on your fingers is a good idea.

If the peroxide still burns during the therapy, put some water in the vagina. This will dilute it and stop the burning. If needed, dilute the peroxide further, but only enough to stop the burning. Diluting it too much will slow down your progress.

Hemorrhoids. We received feedback that peroxide implants helped a client’s hemorrhoids. This is important because hemorrhoids often stop people from doing coffee enemas.


11/29/20. We just learned that some pressure cookers have been tampered with and are damaging the vegetables. This is rather shocking and we are very upset about it. Do not buy an electric plug-in pressure cooker until we learn more about this problem. Also, do not use Vinod stove-top pressure cookers.

If you already have an electric pressure cooker, we may check you to see if yours is okay when you submit your next hair test. Some cookers are okay, but some are not.

So far, most non-electric stove-top pressure cookers are okay except avoid Vinod. Good brands or stove-top cookers are Presto, TFAL, Fissler, and probably others but we need to research them.

Other ways to cook vegetables are in a steamer or just put chopped vegetables in the bottom of a sauce pan with a little water and set the water to boil gently. This will steam the vegetables. We will post more on this problem as we learn more about it, but we wanted to mention it at once.


11/28/20. This is the subject of a new article. The article will help you understand why healing reactions or purification reactions occur and how our bodies process hundreds of different types of toxic chemicals. For details, read Detoxification Is Not Easy.


11/27/20. The Bible teaches that one needs both faith and works. However, many well-meaning religious people are not healthy and not developing because they believe that all they need is faith in God.

For example, they eat poor quality food or just the wrong kinds of food. Their attitude is that they believe in God or in Christ, so it doesn’t matter what they eat. In our experience, this does not cause much development.

Development is the growth of the subtle energy field of a person, and it requires activating thousands of genes that rebuild the body, strengthen all body systems and promote a long and healthy life. This requires superior and special nutrition, especially because the food on earth is low in minerals and other nutrients.

Having faith is always wonderful. However, for development one must still work the program or one will not obtain results. For more details, read The Merit System and Work.


11/26/20. We are learning a lot more about the genital peroxide procedure and the cleansing process it causes. The feedback from clients and very positive and exciting.

Hydrogen peroxide apparently contains advanced souls who are communicating with some clients and assisting their healing in many ways. Healing often goes far beyond just killing germs. Old infections and traumas come up and are healed in an almost effortless way.

For women. All women seem to benefit greatly from the genital peroxide procedure, and some men need it as well if they have had a lot of sexual activity. Women need it because the genital area easily becomes infected and is difficult to keep clean because it is inside the body. In addition, women are subject to abuses such as molestation and rape. Cleaning it all up with peroxide is a great benefit.

Our women and men clients report feeling much happier, lighter, much cleaner - and they develop much faster. The procedure is also safe, inexpensive and quite clean. Genital peroxide implants are quickly becoming a basic development procedure!

We are adding the new research to the articles. Now there are two articles about it: Peroxide Implants For Women and Peroxide Implants For Men.

The women’s article also contains information about combining peroxide with vaginal coffee implants and hydrogen peroxide for the breasts. The latter is helping women who have had trauma or beatings of the breasts, which occur during some rapes. Clearing these traumas can even change the shape of the breasts, we are told.

Deciding you will do the genital peroxide procedure takes a little courage because it moves you along quickly. However, it is absolutely wonderful for health and part of the development lifestyle.

Also, use peroxide to clean everything in your home and office (see the post on 11/22/20.)

CAUTION. Some hydrogen peroxide sold in stores is too strong. While labeled as “3%”, some of it seems to be as high as 10% or more. So begin with just a little and if it burns, add some plain water to dilute it. For details, read the post on 11/18/20.


11/25/20. This is a short, but extremely important post. Get rid of all black or very dark clothing, and other black objects in your home and other surroundings as much as you can! Replace them with clothing and other objects that are white or close to white.

With this change, you will sleep better, digest food better, feel better and perform better in your job, marriage and everything else. You will also develop faster. Your children will also be happier, more cooperative and more content.

The reason is that Rogue souls and creatures easily attach tiny electronic equipment to black clothing and objects in a home or office that upsets the body and mind. We hope someday the rogues will be cleared from our planet, but at this time they are everywhere.

If you must have black objects around, such as printers, computers, routers, and television sets, spray them once a week with 3% hydrogen peroxide and then wipe them with a clean cloth. This will help keep them clean.

We know this task may be difficult for some people, especially those accustomed to wearing black or very dark clothing. However, it can make quite a difference in your life. For more details, read Color.


11/24/20. This is a somewhat unusual post. Although it is very positive, the subject matter may scare some people. In that case, don’t read it since the goal of this newsletter is not to cause more fear, but rather to calm and heal.

During the past week or so, the large, female, fine matter creature who calls herself Yaway (emphasis on the second syllable and no relation to the Hebrew word for God) is much stronger and radiates much more plasma light. Most human beings cannot see this light, but fine matter creatures can see it.

This change is very positive because Yaway is large – about 1 mile or 2 kilometers in height - and she helps the planet in many ways. We believe she is a protector of the earth and a special type of being called a light bearer. We will discuss this type of being in a future post.

Yaway is stronger and brighter because she is getting back a life-giving fluid that the group we call the Rogues stole from her. At first, we thought it was sexual fluid because it can be obtained via rapes, but it now appears to be something much more complex. Analysis of the fluid indicates it is full of advanced souls and rich in nutrients.

The fine matter forces helping the earth are finding special tanks all over the earth designed to hold, preserve and distribute this fluid to rogue operatives everywhere. The rogues use tanker ships, tanker aircraft, tanker railroad freight cars, and underground pipes to distribute the fluid.

Additionally, as Yaway retakes her fluid, the rogues appear to be weakening. We say “appear” because they are very sneaky and perhaps it is just a trick. However, this is what we observe.

This is also very positive. The rogues seem to require drinking some of this fluid every day or they lose strength.

Current martial law. As a result of these two changes, we are hopeful that the current imposition of martial law on earth may end. Martial law is the suspension of the people’s basic rights to work, travel, assemble, worship and more. This suspension of rights is completely illegal under the Constitution in the United States and in some other nations, as well.

For the past eight months or so, governments in many nations are ruling by decree or edict, better known as dictatorship or tyranny. Other words for this type of government are monarchy, autocracy, and oligarchy. Instead of rule by the people’s representatives, one person or a small group of rulers make the important decisions about critical matters in society.

The excuse for the suspension of basic rights is the mild Chinese virus or covid-19. The actual death rate of the virus is about 0.2%, and even less in people under 70 years of age. This is about the same as the annual seasonal flu. Creating a fake emergency in order to seize power is an old trick of tyrants everywhere.

Development program protective. So far, not one person following the development program has contracted the virus. We think this is because those following the program are better nourished and have a more balanced body chemistry.

Other diets and supplement programs may nourish the body, but they usually unbalance it. Balance is an essential important health concept that we wish were taught more widely. For details, read The Balance Concept In Healing And Development.


11/23/20. We updated the procedure for hydrogen peroxide baths. Taking two peroxide baths per week is an excellent way to begin a development program. They heal many infections, super-oxygenate the body, help heal traumas, and more.

Even if you have been on a development program for years, they are excellent for a few months or perhaps longer. They are comfortable, soothing and healing. For details, read the Baths For Healing article.


11/22/20. Dilute (3%) hydrogen peroxide is an excellent way to clean, brighten and sterilize most any surface, including the body. It is also inexpensive, non-toxic and does not leave a residue or film, as do soaps and detergents.

Our new research on peroxide vaginal implants indicates that peroxide acts at very deep levels of reality – far beyond just killing germs. It seems to have a rejuvenating effect on human tissue and even on non-living substances such as metal and plastic. It is truly mysterious and wonderful.

Use dilute peroxide to clean phones, television sets, computers, computer mice, and all electronic and mechanical devices. It is wonderful to clean car seats, dashboards and all other surfaces of a car or other vehicle.

Add one or two cups to a load of laundry to help sterilize clothing, especially if a family member is ill or infected. It is also excellent on floors, bathrooms, walls and just about all surfaces in every home and office. In fact, the uses are endless. Your entire home will sparkle if you use it everywhere.

The easiest way to use dilute peroxide is to to fill a few spray bottles with it. Keep a number of them around the house and office at all times so you don’t have to go looking for it when you have the urge to clean up.

A caution. We just realized that someone is tampering with some peroxide sold in drug stores, and it is too strong. It should not burn your fingers if you touch it. For details, read the post on 11/18/20.


11/22/20. If you question whether the American election was filled with cheating, an excellent press conference just took place in which some of the cheating was carefully explained and documented.

American voting machines were rigged. They contained the same software from Venezuela that was used to keep dictator Hugo Chavez in power against the people’s will in that nation.

Mr. Trump actually won the election by so much in some states that it overwhelmed the ability of the voting machine software to cheat. At that point, late on election night, the media stopped counting the votes in a six important states in order to turn the election to the Democrats! The voting system is clearly broken and everyone who has allowed it needs to be put in jail.

For the entire one hour and 45 minute press conference, go to In case Youtube censors it, the same video is at other sites. Search under Rudy Juliano-Sydney Powell Press Conference on Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020. If you prefer a short written summary, an excellent one is at


11/21/20. To help with toilet cleanup after coffee enemas, consider a handheld bidet sprayer that connects to the water supply of a toilet. It can also be used as a bidet, which is an excellent development therapy. The same device is also called a shattaf.

To view these, go to Handheld Bidet Sprayer. For more details about using a bidet for healing and development, read Bidet Use For Development And Detoxification. One could also attach both a handheld bidet sprayer and a fixed bidet sprayer to the same toilet if it is a flat-topped toilet.


11/20/20. A song that some clients tell us assists their development is The Nearness Of You. It is a love song and you sing it to yourself, to the God or souls within. Listen to it many times during the day. See if you can pick up the feeling of the song. To hear the song, click here.


11/20/20. The state of Utah, USA, is almost wholly owned by the Church Of The Latter Day Saints, sometimes called Mormon although we are told this is a derogatory term. In any case, we would stay away, especially their hotels and ski resorts. Everything appears happy and wholesome, but it is not true.

Many of the church members are good people, but the leadership is not. The church leadership is part of the Rogue presence on earth. Their hotels are anything but safe for women or men, and rapes are frequent. The same goes for any of their operations worldwide.


11/19/20. Lamb is an excellent food for development. If you can afford it, eat a 4-5 ounce or a 113-140 gram serving once or even twice a week.

Do not overcook lamb. It should be juicy and somewhat reddish on the inside, and not dried out. Pressure-cooking a rib or loin chop for about a minute works well. For thicker cuts, slice it thinner before cooking. You can also steam it. Ground lamb can be made into a hamburger patty and braised (cooked in a little water) until it is warm throughout.


11/19/20. Censorship is a horrible evil. It is deliberate lying and suppression of the people’s right to freedom of speech. It is an old trick of tyrants that is now being done on a massive scale.

The main perpetrators of the new censorship are Rogue-controlled internet and media companies, especially Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wikipedia, Spotify, and other large media companies.

Modern censorship is most obvious in the field of health. It includes information about the Chinese virus that does not fit the mainstream narrative, such as nutrition information and other alternative therapies. It also includes the truth about vaccination, one of the worst abominations in medical care.

Euphemisms = more lying. Instead of calling their actions censorship, it is now called “fact checking”, “community standard”, and “new algorithms”. In the medical field, an older term for censorship is “peer review”. The way it works is that if an article does not meet the approval of a group of (corrupt) doctors, then it will not be published. Another method of censorship is to fire employees who speak out regarding company censorship.

The perpetrators also label as “fringe” or “out of the mainstream” any information that does not agree with their point of view. They also do their best to discredit anyone who expresses views of which they disapprove.

Governments around the world are also to blame. They should be banning these companies in their nations for their crimes. For example, recently, Twitter “fact checked” a post by the president of the United States. Instead of taking action against Twitter for censorship, the president did nothing and continues to use this platform!

What to do. Write your government representatives and demand that they stop allowing censorship. Also, vote with your feet and stop using the services of the companies listed above. Some people are taking legal action such as suing companies for violation of their rights.

A website that has sample letters you can use is


11/18/20. Beware that regular hydrogen peroxide sold in the stores is sometimes too strong. This is a corruption of the product.

Instead of 3%, as the label states, it can be up to 6 or even 8%. We know this because a bottle we recently bought easily burned the author’s skin just from quick contact.

This is critical to know about because some clients report problems with the peroxide implant that are likely due to using peroxide that is too strong. If you experience burning with the peroxide implant, dilute the peroxide.

Another answer is to produce your own 3% peroxide by buying 35% peroxide and then diluting it with about 11 parts water to 1 part peroxide (this was recently corrected in the peroxide implant article). However, we are not sure if the 35% peroxide sold online is really 35%, either.

The best idea is to dilute the peroxide for the implant just until there is no burning. So far, we have not received reports of the opposite situation – that is, peroxide that is too weak.


11/18/20. Yesterday we posted positive comments about the earth. We have removed this post. Although the post was completely true, we do not want anyone to relax and think that the earth’s problems have been or are being solved. It is too early to make this assessment. Many problems remain in and around the earth.


11/18/20. The path of development is a very long one lasting thousands of years. One of the main challenges for anyone interested in development is to realize the length of the path - and therefore anything that speeds up progress is worth pursuing.

For example, simple distractions and common activities easily add up and clearly slow down your development. These include more time than necessary on the telephone or the computer, talking or chatting with family and friends, watching the news, too much cooking, shopping more than absolutely needed, washing the car too often, mowing the lawn, playing with pets, indulging children too much or too much play (some is needed), sexual fooling around and touching just for fun, taking too long to eat meals, and a hundred other things people do all day long.

Please beware of this and curtail unnecessary activities of all kinds if you want to develop quickly.


11/16/20. The procedure we call the twists loosens the spine, the knees, the toes, the hands, the wrists and other joints. It can include not just twisting the spine, but also turning the neck, and popping the toes and the knees.

Doing this every day, once or more per day, takes very little time and is one of the best ways to speed up development. In addition, over time these procedures will correct many spinal and other misalignments or subluxations.

We recommend quality chiropractic care, but there are not many excellent chiropractors or osteopaths. The spinal twists can achieve many of the same results and, in some cases, are even better because you control them. For details, read The Spinal Twists.


11/15/20. Some clients begin the development program on an unusual electronic system of life support. This slows development to some degree, but it is common.

Many young people have some of this type of artificial life support because they are so malnourished and toxic. One way to tell if you are among them is that the nail beds may be slightly dark in color. Also, there are few moons on the nails. For details, read Life Support.


11/14/20. Here are general comments about future forced vaccination. However, please note that it is too early to give definitive advice. We don’t know enough about the vaccines and their effects, we don’t know the rules or legal aspects at this time, and it may depend upon where you live.

Health aspects. Most vaccines, if not all of them, contain toxic metals such as aluminum and mercury. They are used as preservatives and for other purposes. Vaccines are most dangerous for children, and less so for adults. However, they can be dangerous for adults, as well.

Vaccines also usually contain stray viruses that are difficult to remove. Vaccines can also contain tiny electric circuits that are Implants designed to monitor your body and/or to communicate with you, giving you suggestions on how to behave, what to think, and more.

Some website say the Chinese virus vaccines also contain other things designed to alter a person’s DNA. We don’t know if this is true. Unfortunately, you cannot trust most medical research these days.

Psychological aspects. The continuous news about the vaccine is designed to get people excited and anxious to have the vaccine, whether or not it is safe or effective. We think a lot of it is just public relations and propaganda.

The rogue authorities know it would be easier if the people ask for the vaccine rather than having to force it on them.

Real prevention. Vaccines are not the best approach to stopping illness. They introduce more poisons into the body. A development program balances and strengthens the body, and we believe this is a much superior method for protecting oneself against all illness. So far, we are not aware of any client on the program who has tested positive for the Chinese virus.

Legal aspects. In legal terms, forced vaccination is an assault and should be illegal. We suggest writing your government representatives and keep writing, to let them know you oppose any forced vaccination.

In America, there was a Supreme Court case around 1906, in which the court decided the government had the right to vaccinate people for smallpox against their will.

In the first place, we think this was a bad decision that violates the national and state Constitutions. Secondly, smallpox killed up to 20% of the people who were infected. This is entirely different from the Chinese virus, which has a death rate of about 0.1% or less in younger and healthier people. The whole idea of treating the entire population as though the illness is equally dangerous for all is incorrect.

Handling forced vaccination. There are various possibilities. The worst case is that the authorities will insist that everyone be vaccinated, and will even knock on your door until you comply. If they force the vaccine on everyone, you are in much better shape to withstand it if you follow the development program.

For example, we are able to heal most vaccine-injured autistic children with the program. Therefore, it makes sense that if you follow the program, you are more protected from the vaccine poisons.

Other possibilities is that if one chooses not to take the vaccine, one’s travel and other freedoms will be restricted. This is better and most likely one can just refuse the vaccine.

Also, the vaccine may be presented as mandatory, but one may be able to refuse it for religious, health or philosophical reasons.

Should you take a voluntary vaccine? The Chinese virus vaccine could also be voluntary. In that case, some people will take it because it will be presented as safe and effective. In truth, we don’t believe any vaccine is safe, and most are not that effective.


11/13/20. We have added the “death cycle” to the Peroxide Implant article. Both men and women go through it if you have experienced a rape.

It frightens off some people from this wonderful procedure, but it is completely benign and is over in 10-15 minutes in most instances. Then you will feel stronger, more confident and development speeds up.

We also added Phase 4 to the Peroxide Implant article. In this phase of the peroxide procedure, development speeds up for both women and men, but especially for women.


11/13/20. In order to follow the development program one needs to learn time management. This is an essential skill! For details, read Time Management.


11/12/20. An effective way the rogues corrupt the morals of the people of earth is with sexy music videos. Even if the words of the songs are okay, the dress and the gestures of the performers can often only be described as soft porn.

The scantily clad women are energy vampires who steal life energy from millions of unsuspecting young people. It is a ‘mental diet’ of the worst junk food.

If you care about your mental health and that of your children, don’t watch sexy music videos and prohibit children from watching them, as well.


11/11/20. We recommend everyone read the following recent post from We hope and pray that the plans are foiled.

We also suggest contacting your government representatives to inform them and insist they stop the secrecy and illegal surveillance that is planned. Here is the post:


11/11/20. It is helpful to think of following the development program as a job or occupation. If someone asks what you do for a living, you can say “my real job is healing and development”. This may shock a few people, but it is accurate.

You can add that the job pays well: many fewer doctor bills, and less worry about diseases and the problems of old age. In addition, it leads to the unfolding of new abilities, receiving guidance, and more.


11/10/20. Our bodies are complex systems that continuously try to survive as conditions inside and outside the body change. This process is called adaptation to stress in the stress theory of disease.

This is a critical concept that is rarely taught. The reason is that it does not fit into the medical model that teaches that people are either well or sick, with nothing in between.

The way the souls of the body adapt or change the body is to alter its functioning. When the alterations go on for years, as is often the case, a type of inertia sets in. The body becomes accustomed to operating in ways that are not normal, but they are effective in keeping the body alive.

Here is a very common example. If one eats sugars or too many complex carbohydrates for years, yeasts grow in the intestinal tract as an adaptation to this incorrect diet. Yeasts thrive on sugars.

Common yeasts as candida albicans also produce alcohol. Over time, one becomes accustomed to having some alcohol in the brain all the time due to the intestinal yeast. Many people enjoy this because it slightly dulls the senses.

Others don’t like it and call it brain fog. Over half of our clients report this as a symptom when they begin a development program. One is actually slightly drunk all of the time without even needing to drink alcohol!

A type of inertia sets in as this becomes one’s new “normal” physical and mental state. Breaking the inertia is like stopping a moving automobile and turning it around.

This can be challenging. It is one cause of symptoms during the program that we call purification or healing reactions. In the example above, if one stops eating sugars and excess carbohydrates, one will literally go through mild alcohol withdrawal.

The medical term for this is delirium tremens. Symptoms can include shaking, shivering, irregular heart rate, sweating, hallucinations, anxiety, fears, confusion, and sometimes paranoia. Many clients go through some of these symptoms as they heal.

To ease symptoms, do more of the healing procedures and rest more. If you are still not feeling well, check with us to make sure the program is correct, since body chemistry can change at any time. At times, reducing supplements for a day or more will slow down the process and ease symptoms.

For more details, read Chronic Yeast Infections and Retracing.


11/9/20. Energetically, there are two methods of living one’s life. Subtle energy or etheric energy can flow from above downward through the body. The alternative is this life energy can flow from below upward through the body.

Downward moving energy is love-based and associated with health, development and long life. Upward moving energy is fear-based and causes physical and mental illness, addictions and social problems. It also shortens the lifespan.

The effect of sex and traumas. Most people’s subtle energy flow is a combination of the two directions. However, if a person has had a lot of ordinary sex, especially with multiple partners, there will usually be much more upward moving energy. Also, traumas of all types, particularly rapes, cause more of the upward moving flow of subtle energy.

Mr. Roy Masters, one of our teachers, stated this situation as “if men don’t find God, they find women”. We can add, “if women don’t find God, they find men”.

Correction. The development program is excellent to correct the direction of subtle energy flow through the body so that it is downward only. All parts of the program are designed to promote the downward flow of subtle energy.

Spiritual crises. Some of our clients experience a type of spiritual pain when they stop the upward-flowing movement of subtle energy. It is a feeling of agony and anxiety that can occur at any time during a development program. It often happens quickly with the peroxide implant procedure.

This is nothing to be afraid of. It is a “spiritual retracing” and nothing more, and it will pass. For more details, read Downward-Moving Energy And Healing.


11/8/20. Spending about 15 to 30 minutes in the sun each sunny day is helpful for most people. If your location is cold, you can achieve the same benefit by just sitting in front of a window that faces the sun.

It is possible to overdo sunshine. The time needed in the sun depends upon your location, the time of day, and perhaps other factors.

Sunshine is a nutrient that everyone needs, including babies and children. For many more details, read The Sun And Your Health.


11/7/20. The neck pull is a powerful accelerator of development. It requires a little practice to learn and it scares some people, at first. However, we have never had a complaint of damage to the neck.

We changed the procedure a little to make it easier. A new aspect is to begin by putting your attention at your feet. For details, read The Neck Pull.


11/7/20. A huge effort is underway to reverse the current chaos on earth. It involves one of our excellent development procedures. In addition, it will help you develop faster.

To participate, do the bidet procedure as often as you can. The best method is to sit on the edge of a shower stool in the shower and hold a shower massager set in the pulse position or strong stream. Hold the massager an inch or two from your buttocks so that the water strikes the anal region. The same procedure can be done with a standard bidet or bidet toilet attachment. However, using the shower is usually stronger.

This is an easy procedure for both men and women of any age, and even children about age 4 or older. It is an excellent laxative if water goes in the rectum, so just empty out in the toilet, if needed.

We recommend that a session last for up to half an hour. More is fine, but might injure the area a little if your water pressure is very high.

We are being told that any time spent doing this procedure for the next few weeks will help unwind the current world chaos - and will also cause faster development.

The bidet procedure has many benefits! They are due to moving subtle energy downward, stimulating a powerful reflex system in the area, improving circulation, helping the energy centers, and much more. For more details, read The Bidet Procedure, The Energy Centers and The Low Body Procedures.


11/6/20. Several women report slight bleeding after doing a vaginal peroxide session. So far, this only occurs in one or two sessions and then the bleeding stops. The cause is probably healing of an old lesion or disease. The bleeding appears to be completely benign and not a reason to stop the peroxide cleanup process. So far, we have not had men report this symptom.

One of our Helpers reported that an abscessed tooth healed during a vaginal peroxide session. She could feel the change occurring and has had no further problems with this tooth since doing the peroxide session.

Healing a tooth with vaginal peroxide might seem to make no sense. However, recall that the vagina contains a reflex system. The reflexes go to all areas of the body. The back of the vagina reflexes to the head area. For this reason, it is entirely possible that if the peroxide cleaned up a lesion in this area that it could cause healing of a tooth.


11/6/20. Some fancier enema kits for doing coffee enemas such as Mikacare come with a filter in the tube that leads from the enema bag to the enema tip. This causes problems because it easily clogs up. We do not recommend this type of enema kit. The filter is not necessary.

We also suspect that this type of kit may be somewhat toxic. The plain red enema/douche bag kits are often best, unless you prefer an enema bucket.


11/5/20. A new, short article discusses a physics principle that moves a lot of healing energy into the body. It is the reason the pulling down procedure is a must for rapid development.

The same principle lifts a large airplane off the ground and makes it easy to steer a huge ocean liner. For details, read To Cause Rapid Development, Create A Vacuum.


11/4/20. The American presidential election is not yet decided. Our guidance is that if the people of America (and everywhere else) want good and honest government, they must follow a wholesome and virtuous lifestyle themselves.

If people will not control themselves, meaning to live Biblical principles, then they will require a dictatorial government that will control them.


11/3/20. The US Constitution specifies there will be a ”day” for elections, not a month or two. This means that mail-in ballots are thoroughly illegal. They turn the election into a farce and a fraud.

The Democrats have literally millions of “extra” mail-in ballots ready to send in if they don’t win the election. In our state, the mail-in ballots even have your political party printed on the outside of the envelope. This makes it even easier for anyone to throw away your ballot if they choose without even having to open the envelope.

Both political parties and the courts are full of blame that they allow it. We pray every day for the restoration of the American Constitution and the rule of law.


11/1/20. Sun gazing is supposedly a healing method involving staring at the sun early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Please avoid this method. It is unsafe and definitely not needed for development.


10/31/20. We don’t know if this election will be fair. We know that mail-in voting makes it easy to cheat and voting machines are also not secure.

We think Mr. Trump and the Republicans are the better choice, although none of the candidates are perfect. Please vote if you have not already done so.


10/30/20. This is the title of a new article about a unique way to solve most concerns and problems. For details, read To Solve Most Problems, Do More Of The Development Program.


10/29/20. We want our Helpers to keep client records confidential for safety and privacy. However, at times, clients ask if their Helper if there are other people on the development program in their area or elsewhere with whom they could communicate.

This is okay and helps build community. Helpers can set this up. Just be sure to ask any client whose name and email or phone number a Helper might want to give out if it is okay if he or she is contacted by another client.


10/28/20. Normally the body is self-correcting and this is what keeps us healthy. When the body cannot self-correct imbalances, it is called a vicious cycle and this leads to illness.

A new, short article discusses a few of the most important vicious cycles that cause illness. For details, read Vicious Cycles.


10/26/20. An important truth about development is that it is a very long path. An implication is that to move along rapidly one needs to focus on development and avoid becoming distracted. Distractions, even little ones, add up and will slow down progress.

Development is like launching a rocket into space. At first, it moves slowly. However, as it continues it picks up speed. So don’t be discouraged if you seem to move slowly, at first. You will pick up speed.

Another analogy is that development is like building a house. First you must build the foundation. This may not look very pretty and can be complex, in some instances. However, once the foundation is in place, the rest of the house often goes up much faster.


10/25/20. We reorganized and added more material to the pain article, although it is still just an introduction to large subject. For details, read Pain.


10/24/20. Women generally develop slower than men. We added an Exciting New Research section to the beginning of the Women And Development article. It describes how women can develop almost as fast or just as fast as men. This information is essential for all women. For details, read Women And Development.


10/23/20. The development program is much more loving for the body than is most regular medical methods or most natural healing methods. The reasons are:

- We use few poisons. All drugs are somewhat toxic and most herbs are toxic. Surgery is quite toxic. Chelation therapy is toxic. Homeopathy is toxic, although some say it is not. Intravenous vitamin therapy is definitely somewhat toxic.

We use mainly food as medicine. We use some vitamins and minerals, but not in high doses unless needed, such as vitamin D. Coffee is slightly toxic, but much less so in enemas than if one drinks it.

- We focus on nourishing, resting and balancing the body. This is not the case with many medical or natural therapies and their lifestyle suggestions. For example, we suggest avoiding activities that deplete the body, such as vigorous exercise and ordinary sex. Gentle exercise and Down Sex And Down Hugging are excellent, however.

We use the hair mineral test to assess the balance of the body. This requires accurate testing, which is difficult to find. We hope this method will be taught more widely in the future.

Also, we always seek to balance the qualities of yang and yin in the body. This is a very important healing concept that we hope will be incorporated into regular and natural health care. We have a different understanding of yang and yin than is taught in traditional Chinese medicine or in macrobiotics. For details, read Yin And Yang Healing and other articles on this subject on the website.

- Downward-moving energy. We also focus on foods and healing methods that move subtle energy downward from the head to the feet. This is a less well known concept, but very powerful for healing. For details, read Downward-Moving Energy And Healing.

- A whole system approach. We view the body and mind as one complete system and we always take into account general systems theory and principles when we set up programs and consider procedures, supplements and more.


10/23/20. We added some more details to the basic visualization of the pulling down procedure. This may help make the procedure work better. For details, read the Pulling Down Procedure.


10/22/20. The author recently had a photo taken at the office of the American Automobile Association. When he went to pay for it, the clerk said they needed his drivers license. He asked why and was told “the computer requires it” to process the payment.

The author had the same experience at a dentist’s office, where they also “required” a drivers license to “verify his identity”. At a doctor’s office, he was told the office “needed” his social security number.

The author recently renewed his drivers license. The form said putting one’s address on the drivers license was optional. The author opted not to have it on the license. But when the license arrived, it had his address on it. They agreed to re-issue the license, but it required extra effort to correct their error, which was probably not accidental.

We believe the driver’s license system in America is also illegal – all they need to know is that you passed your drivers test – not anything else. Some question whether the entire drivers license system is constitutional because the people of America own the roads and therefore have a right to use them.

We recently learned that America is now issuing a new “travel ID” that will be required for travel, to enter some government buildings, and to visit national parks. This is wholly illegal.

Websites, especially Google, Apple, Facebook and others also now want private information about you which they don’t need. Phone companies are doing the same thing. If you want to use their services you must give up your private information.

Supermarket loyalty programs are also a horror. The market does not need private information such as your name, phone, email and address, but they require it. They could just give you the loyalty card and they should only care that you continue shopping with them. Instead, they require private information. Then they track what you buy, how much of it, and when you buy it. We have no doubt that it then goes into a large rogue database.

We have written about the privacy fraud and deception that is called the HIPAA law (Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act of 1996) in the United States. For details, read HIPAA- The Medical Privacy Scam. The fine print of this horrible law says that doctors can share all your private medical information with about 40 government agencies.

We believe that all these invasions of privacy are thoroughly illegal under the Fourth Amendment to the US constitution and under the American state constitutions. They are simply spying efforts and part of what the rogues call their “total control” program on earth. If they want to poison you or kill you, they know all your habits and actions, so it is easy. It is standard communist/socialist tactics. Everyone should object strenuously to these invasions of privacy!

We require our development Helpers to keep all client data completely private, and we don’t work with HIPAA. We will expel any Helper who shares client information, including client hair test data, with anyone without specific written permission of the client. The only exception is if the request for information is in the form of a proper subpoena for a legal suit.


10/21/20. We have improved the pulling down procedure article to clarify some issues with it. The best way to do the procedure is to put and keep your attention far below your feet. This and more is now explained in the article. For details, read The Pulling Down Procedure.


10/21/20. Empathic blending is a very important subject. It means the interactions that occur any time two people are in close proximity. It also occurs between human beings and animals, fine matter creatures, and other souls.

We updated and corrected the Empathic Blending article. For details, read Empathic Blending.


10/18/20. The American government is beginning a contact tracing program, supposedly to stop the spread of the Chinese virus. They are urging people to sign up.

Contact tracing is extremely invasive of your privacy and probably illegal. YOU NEED TO KNOW THE PROGRAM IS COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY. We also think it is not needed. What is needed is much better nutrition.

We suggest you do not not sign up for contact tracing. We will update this post as we learn more.


10/18/20. Some clients are eating nuts and seeds. Please do not do this. Nuts and seeds are nutritious foods. However, when the body is not developed, nuts and seeds are difficult to digest and too yin. They will slow down your development.

However, for fastest development, all adults on a development program need to eat two tablespoons daily of roasted almond butter and two tablespoons daily of roasted sesame tahini. Instead of tahini, one can eat four tablespoons of hummus, which contains tahini.

Children who are six years old or older also need some of these butters, in smaller quantity.

These butters are important foods for development. They are much easier to digest in the form of a butter or paste than in the form of whole nuts and seeds.

When one develops to a certain level, then we will recommend eating a few nuts because the body will be able to handle them. However, at this time none of our clients are at this level. For details, read Nuts And Seeds.


10/17/20. A newer finding is that when a person eliminates toxic forms of potassium from the body, one feels more grown up or mature. This is a very helpful aspect of a development program that can occur at any age – from 2 to 80 or older.

Toxic potassium is very widespread in our food and in the soil today. The main source is superphosphate fertilizers. These are used on all crops today, including organically grown food. Superphospates are basically stimulants that produce higher crop yields, but weaken and damage the food.

Fruit picks up toxic potassium from the soil more than any other food. This is one reason we suggest to avoid eating fruit. Fruit is also very yin in macrobiotic terminology, another serious problem with fruit.

A development program is one of the only ways we know of to remove toxic potassium from the body. For details, read Toxic Potassium.


10/17/20. Mercury contributes to at least two dozen serious health conditions ranging from memory loss and mental illness to most neuro-muscular diseases. It is also very widespread in the environment.

For this reason, most everyone has too much mercury in their bodies. The hair mercury level can help assess mercury toxicity. However, mercury is often hidden deep in organs such as the brain and the kidneys. In this case, it will not be revealed on a hair mineral test.

At times, the hair level is extremely low. This is a pattern we call a poor eliminator pattern. It is quite reliable and indicates that there is plenty of mercury present in the body, but the body is not able to eliminate it well.

We have been researching the ideal hair mercury level for a few years and have decided to lower it to 0.02 mg%. We think our can achieve this if one avoids all fish except sardines, avoid all shellfish, and avoid all seaweed except kelp capsules.

Silver amalgam dental fillings also contain a lot of mercury and need to be replaced with composite or gold fillings to lower the mercury burden of the body. The new mercury levels are found in the article, Mineral Levels In Human Hair – Ideals, Ranges, Toxicity and Poor Eliminators.

The development program will remove organic and inorganic mercury from the body. It takes a number of years, but is well worth the effort. In our experience, chelation, the most popular method of removing mercury from the body, is not nearly as thorough and is not as safe. For details, read Chelation.


10/17/20. Development requires subtle energy to move through tiny channels that run from your head to your feet. Moving the energy through the joints is somewhat difficult and is an important factor that slows development.

All of the twists, pulls, pops and kicks - popping your toes, ankles, hips, spine, shoulders, hands, and turning your neck – will help you develop much faster and can get rid of many structural problems! They also help posture, feel good, and improve general health.

They require just a few minutes of your time, so do them two or more times each day. Always begin gently. With practice you will be able to use more force.

The knee pull is one of the best ways to open up the knee joints and to move subtle energy through the knees to speed up development. The knee pull will also relieve some knee pain by realigning the knee joints.

We added a new procedure for doing the knee pull. The new procedure sometimes works a little better than the old one to cause the knees to pop or click. Both procedures are found in the The Twist, Pop, Pull and Kick Procedures article. You will find the knee pull in the Legs and Feet section of the article.


10/17/20. We added a Table Of Contents with hyperlinks to the Posture article and clarified a few of the subtitles. For details, read Posture.


10/16/20. We reorganized and added to the Posture article. Especially read the new section entitled Posture Exercises. For details, read Posture.


10/16/20. Braising a ground beef patty for only 4 or 5 seconds will leave the meat raw or hardly cooked in the middle. In our experience, it will be safe to eat provided it is high quality – organic or grass fed. We don’t recommend braising regular feedlot beef because it would not be safe to eat this way due to its much higher bacteria count.


10/15/20. We updated the main diet article. Braising a beef hamburger patty only requires 4-5 seconds, not 15 to 20 seconds. There are a few other minor changes and corrections. For details, read Food For Daily Use.


10/15/20. We updated and added to the Energy Vampirism article. It is an important one for everyone. For details, read Energy Vampirism.


10/13/20. Mexico, so far, is the only nation to recognize the close connection between diet and Chinese virus deaths. Several Mexican provinces have banned junk food for children. This is a small step, but it is a start.

We don’t agree with Dr. Mercola on everything, but his coverage of the Chinese virus scare has been good. For details, read


10/13/20. Adequate Vitamin D in the body drastically reduces the risk of a positive test for the Chinese virus and the risk of complications and death. The media and medical profession either don’t know the facts or they don’t care to share them with the public.

We find that every adult and all children over the age of about 5 need a vitamin D supplement – about 5000 iu for adults and less for children. The only exception is if an adult eats 3-4 cans of sardines each week. Vitamin D is also found in salmon and tunafish. However, we can’t recommend these fish due to their excessive mercury level.

For details, read


10/11/20. We updated, reorganized and added to the Women Masters article. This is a very important topic for women and for men. There is a great need for more developed women on earth. It is a most noble and uplifting path for any woman to follow.

Any woman of any age interested in development will receive a lot of assistance if she will follow the development program. For many more details, read Women Masters.


10/10/20. We removed the post about open water that we posted several days ago. Some concerns have arisen about this development method. We are sorry for any inconvenience we caused.

We are not advising drinking or using open water until we learn more about it. We will update you on this topic as we learn more.


10/9/20. The article below presents the evidence that the Chinese virus outbreak was planned for 10 years and is nothing but a ploy to impose more restrictions and controls on the world and to force people to be vaccinated with a deadly vaccine. For details, read


10/8/20. The Book of Kings in the Old Testament of the Bible contains a critical story for the people of today. The Hebrew people saw that other nations had kings or queens and they had none. So they asked Jehovah if they could have a king.

Jehovah told the Hebrews they were not to have kings or queens to rule over them. Instead, they were to follow the Ten Commandments given to Moses and that these applied to everyone. Today, this is called the rule of law, rather than the rule of depots or the rule of men.

Jehovah warned the Hebrews that if they chose to have a king or queen, he or she would take the men and send them off to fight foreign wars and would take the women and enslave them as prostitutes.

The Hebrew people continued to insist they wanted a king to be like everyone else, so the wish was granted. And according to the story, the outcome was exactly as Jehovah predicted.

This story is important today, (although my dear mother taught me that the Bible is just a dusty old book). Over the past several hundred years, through much effort and two World Wars, the rule of kings was overthrown in many nations. It was replaced by the rule of standard laws that are the same for everyone.

This system of governance is today called a republic, with limited government power and a large measure of self-government. It was quite an advance in terms of giving the people responsibility for their own governance.

However, since March of 2020, in the name of a “health emergency”, most nations are now back to the rule of despots. In the United States, the state governors now rule in some areas of life. In other nations, health ministers or other officials call the shots.

This is a limited form of dictatorship, tyranny or martial law. It is partial, meaning there are still some good laws in place, but it is a partial dictatorship and, at least in America, a violation of the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

In addition, the governments are violating the Ten Commandments by lying every day about the Chinese Virus statistics. The American Centers For Disease Control And Prevention recently admitted that only 6% of those who die with the Chinese virus actually died of the virus. 94% died of something else. Yet we keep hearing the lie about all the deaths from the virus.

The same rulers want everyone to wear masks, although anyone who can read knows that masks do not stop viruses.

In addition, not a word has been uttered about the importance of proper nutrition to prevent and to fight off the virus. We believe the rulers know the truth, but they choose not to tell the people. The junk food industry is thriving! We also hear very little about the massive personal, health and financial damage caused by the illegal government policies.

We urge everyone to keep writing and calling your representatives at all levels of government to protest the illegal usurpation of government power. Americans should add that mail-in ballots are unconstitutional and must be declared null and void. Just read your Constitution, which states that a day will be set aside for elections, not a month or two.

We also urge people to organize protest marches and to spread the truth wherever possible.


10/8/20. Opening the central channel is a milestone for anyone following a development program. It will make you more grounded, more centered, more self-confident and much healthier. It usually requires 10 to 30 years of following the program. A few of our clients are starting the process. For details, read The Central Channel.


10/8/20., in violation of their own rules, is not selling Dr. Wilson’s books. Analytical Research Laboratories is also no longer selling our books. They were recently told by the illegal American Food And Drug Administration that they may not sell books that have anything to do with the products they sell. This is blatantly illegal (many stores sell health products and health books), but is part of the breakdown of rule of law in the United States.

We have put Dr. Wilson’s books up on this website for anyone to read. If you want a printed copy, send a message to and we will send you books. A few of our Helpers also sell books and we encourage this. We will sell books to you wholesale if you buy 6 or more copies.


10/6/20. Many people report that they were “healthy” until they suffered with a flu, had an accident, or perhaps took a medical drug. Then their health fell apart. While this is possible, our experience is that it is not usually the full truth.

In fact, most people are very weak and malnourished today, no matter how healthy they look. One could say they are “accidents waiting to happen”.

We view this as a failure of the health care professions to teach people true prevention, which has to do with nutrition, lifestyle, attitudes and cleanliness.

An important reason to follow a development program is to clean up the body and mind, and build up one’s general health status. This is true prevention and is the only way to make the body more able to handle all types of stress. For details, read Prevention and Real Rrevention.


10/5/20. Listening to, or better, playing music is an ancient method of development. We recommend the piano, although one can use any instrument. The piano just offers a lot of options since you play single notes and chords, and it has a very wide range of tones. Electronic instruments are generally not as good as the old fashioned wooden, brass or silver instruments.

The best music is often classical music. It can be very simple such as some of the music of Chopin, for example, or Le Trois Gymnopedies by Erik Satie. In addition, some popular songs such as show tunes and songs from movies are very good, as well.

We find particularly healing songs are Moon River and Sunrise, Sunset from Fiddler On The Roof. Others are some of the songs from The Sound Of Music, West Side Story, the Man of La Mancha, The Music Man, and other musicals. We will compile a list of songs that seem to have the most effect upon development.


10/5/20. A very effective way to speed up development is to do a series of movements with your hands and fingers. In the reflex system of the hands, the fingers reflex to the brain. This is why interlocking the fingers and moving them about works well to speed up development. The details about the hand movements are found in the Spinal Twist article.


10/4/20. A number of women are reporting amazing results from one of the newer healing procedures – the hydrogen peroxide implant. The article referenced below is not quite complete. However, we felt we should post it on the newsletter today because it is so helpful.

The article is The Peroxide Implant. We hope to have it complete in the next few days, although it is a research project. We welcome feedback about your experience with this powerful healing procedure. This applies especially to men, with whom we have less experience using this procedure.


10/3/20. James is ten years old and has been on the development program for five years. A few weeks ago, his oxidation rate increased, he switched from slow to fast oxidation, and he matured (he eliminated toxic potassium).

This meant that his diet and his development supplement program were incorrect. This caused his oxidation rate to become excessively fast. In addition, the other children in his school suddenly seemed immature and not too smart.

Soon after the change in his body chemistry, he yelled out the answer to a question his teacher asked in class. She promptly sent him to the school nurse.

Attention deficit disorder. The nurse quickly “diagnosed” attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder. She did no testing and did not even observe aberrant behavior. She apparently had the authority to diagnose a disease based solely upon some else’s report.

Now James is labeled “ADHD” for life. Also, the school told his parents that he needs to calm down or he must take medical drugs to control his behavior in school.

We mention this situation because it could occur with other children. It is the nature of the present educational system in many nations. Also, a purification reaction on the development program can rarely cause an emotional outburst if the oxidation rate increases and the program needs adjusting.

On the positive side, James has had no further outbursts in the past three weeks. He is sorry for his yelling.

His mother has explained to him that he needs to have compassion for the other children who are not as healthy or as smart because they are not on the development program. He recently suggested the program to one of his friends, whom he says struggles to keep up with the class.


10/2/20. A surprising number of people today have little hope of becoming healthy. This is most important to know because it blocks many people from enquiring about or beginning a development program.

The reason for hopelessness is their lack of success after visiting half a dozen or more doctors, naturopaths, and other practitioners. Restoring a measure of hope in our clients can be a time-consuming and difficult job of a Helper.

Our Helpers tell us that they need to explain how the development program is completely different from other programs in its design and in its intent:

- The program is not symptomatic and primarily balances the body.

- The program is bioenergetic, meaning it works by increasing adaptive energy. The body then uses this energy for healing on many levels.

- The program causes a genetic change in the body. This cannot be seen, but many clients feel it.

Restoring hope is one of the most important aspects of being a Helper. Otherwise, many people will not start the program, will not follow it faithfully, or will quit if they have a healing reaction.

At times, even printing out and mailing an article or testimonial to a potential client can help them realize that the development program is totally unlike what they tried in the past.


10/1/20. Rest is one of the most important parts of the development program. Development requires a tremendous amount of rest, especially if one wants to move along rapidly. Rest means:

- Get at least 10 hours of sleep each night. Most important is to be be in bed. If you cannot fall asleep or if you awaken during the night and need to use the bathroom, eat a snack or drink some water, that is fine.

In fact, during development one will often have light sleep and will wake up a few times during the night. This is normal, so do not think it is a problem.

Sleeping deeply through the night is not best for development, although it makes the nights go faster. Certain aspects of development require that you be awake or at least semi-conscious. Other parts of the development process require deeper sleep. So the body will be awake at times and that is needed.

- Go to bed by 9pm. Do this because the hours before midnight are the most precious and valuable for development. In fact, if you insist upon going to bed late you will not develop rapidly.

One can go to bed as early as 7 PM f you are tired. However, going to bed at 8 or even 8:30 is excellent. Going to bed after 9 PM is not as good and will slow development. People who work a night shift job or who must stay up late will have more difficulty developing quickly, so avoid these jobs if at all possible.

- Naps are excellent! Take naps every day if you possibly can. They are excellent and very helpful.

Fatigue attacks. If you develop quickly, you will experience what we call “fatigue attacks”. This is the sudden onset of intense fatigue. You can feel as though you can hardly move due to fatigue. This is normal during development. Fatigue attacks are annoying, but they are a good sign, not a problem.

Nap times. Naps may only last a few minutes. However, early in development you may need longer naps and you may need them twice or even three times daily.

We know this is difficult if you work a standard job. For this reason, we suggest having a job or business in which you can schedule time for naps during the day. This is quite important because if you develop quickly, you will need these rest periods.

Sometimes you can arrange with your employer to take short rest periods during the day, perhaps right after lunch, for example. Another option is to have your own business where you can schedule nap times.

If no bed is available, it is fine to just lie on the floor on a mat when you need to rest. Some people can just sit in their office chair that has a high back and rest or sleep in the chair.

- You don’t have to go to sleep to rest. Although sleep is excellent, resting may just require that you lie down and close your eyes. So do not be upset if you do not fall asleep.

- Going to a private space is a form of rest. This can be closing yourself into a bathroom or bedroom and shutting the door.

- A twist rest. At times, when you feel the need to rest or nap, you may just need is to lie down and do the spinal twist, knee pull, toe popping and perhaps a few hand twists. Then you may feel able to get up and go back to your work or other activities. This is a type of rest or nap, although it is unconventional.

- A shower rest. Another unusual type of rest is to take a brief shower. We have observed this with people on a development program. You may need it at any time of the day or even during the night. A sign that you need it is if you toss and turn and cannot sleep, for example.

If this occurs, try getting in the shower and brush your skin, preferably with Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap. This will remove toxins from the skin that may be causing your fatigue or irritability.

Insomnia. Here are some tips:

Interrupted sleep. Sometimes “insomnia” is just interrupted or light sleep. The souls who assist us check people’s rest level when you send in a new hair sample and will alert you if your rest level is low. Many people are sleeping and resting enough, even though they say they have insomnia.

Copper elimination. Biounavailable forms of copper can be powerful stimulants. When the body releases them from storage so they can be eliminated, they often cause some insomnia. However, when the elimination is over you will sleep much better. The sleep article referenced below offers several remedies that may help a little.

Other stimulants. Sleep may be impaired when you eliminate other stimulant substances such as alcohol, caffeine, and stimulant herbs or medical drugs such as amphetamines given for attention deficit disorder. Even sedative drugs you took years ago can upset your sleep when they are eliminated from the body.

Note: Residues of all drugs and other stimulant substances can easily remain in the body for decades! For example, you may need to retrace an old coffee-drinking or tea-drinking habit. For many more details, read Rest and Sleep.


9/28/20. Sadly, the schools that train licensed naturopaths in America have been completely infiltrated and taken over by the rogues. They are a horror and visiting one of these practitioners is now very dangerous. For details, read The Naturopaths.


9/28/20. A misconception is that the development program won’t work unless one does the entire program. This is not true at all. The truth is that the more one does of the program, the better it works, but doing any part of it is better than nothing.

The diet is very basic, but even that does not need to be perfect in order to have good results. Without the diet, however, we don’t recommend the supplements more than once a day because the body will not be able to handle the detoxification symptoms.


9/28/20. This is an evil website. It makes many people feel ugly and it contains lots of incorrect information. It takes you away from your real self and encourages people to chase a false ideal. He recommends ‘solutions’ that in reality create more tension. He ignores the great possibilities of deep healing with a development program.

Mike Mew is all wrong when it comes to beauty. For details, read How To Be Beautiful. The truth is there is no ideal face shape. Another truth is it is not the end of the world if you have not been breast fed.

A development program addresses structural imbalances at a deep level. Mike Mew’s site easily causes feelings of depression and can even cause suicidal feelings. AVOID IT.


9/25/20. The Planning Souls is an unusual article about the group of souls that we contact whenever we review a hair mineral test. They are highly advanced souls present in every person who do their best to keep us healthy and moving in a direction to further develop the body.

We ask them what is needed for correction of health conditions and they assist. We use the hair test to make sure we are contacting the right person and the right souls. This is essential because there is interference by the rogues. This is what we call the forces that do not want people to heal and develop. For details, read The Planning Souls and the Rogues.


9/24/20. The newsletter author studied for a time with Bernard Jensen, ND, DC. Dr. Jensen said when one has any health condition or problem, often one has not one, but three problems.

The first is the condition itself. The second is anger about the condition. The third is fear about the condition.

He said if you can let go of the anger and fear about any condition or situation, often the body can take care of the original condition. The goal becomes to do your best to stay out of all emotional responses to health conditions. Instead, “just heal it”.


9/24/20. With the development program, unlike most all other healing methods, conditions heal on their own schedule – and not on our schedule. In part, this occurs because health conditions and traumas are actually layered within our bodies and minds.

Often, one must move through a number of layers until one retraces or undoes a particular symptom or condition. This can be frustrating, but is the way deep healing works.


9/23/20. Fires deliberately set by the terrorist groups, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, have caused the evacuation and destruction of the homes of up to one million Citizens in the state of Oregon, USA. These people have had to flee their burning homes with just a backpack - and their rifles.

The state governor, city mayors and other government officials have refused to stop the rioters and arsenists. Also, the president of the United states has done little to nothing to restore order and stop the chaos and destruction of property and lives.

Therefore, the fire refugees are now forming an “army” with the intent to take back the state and return law and order. For details, read


9/22/20. Post-abortion syndrome is widely disregarded in the medical and psychological communities. This fact, within itself, invalidates women’s experiences following an abortion. Abortion is a more important trauma than most people can even imagine.

Here is the common sequence of events: First, the woman becomes pregnant. Many women have a happy feeling when this occurs. This is due to chemical changes in her body and because women are designed for pregnancy.

However, these days she is often surrounded by people who tell her that abortion is best, that it is okay, it is just a hunk of tissue, and there are no negative consequences, and it will be over in no time. She may even be told she is “selfish” if she keeps the baby. This is confusing for her, since she may feel strangely happy being pregnant. This talk is also all lies, which is also confusing!

However, many women go along with the family, friends and doctors, and have the abortion. When she does this, the people around her are happy, but they cease paying attention to her. This is rather strange, she may feel. It is like the baby was a disease and she “cured” the disease with an abortion. Now that she is cured, no one is bothering to help her. In their mind, all her problems are over. The truth is, they have just begun.

A feeling of loss, sadness and depression often begins that she does not understand. In reality, abortion is a loss and great disappointment for millions of souls, even an early abortion. A late-term abortion even moreso. It is a loss of opportunity for souls and it is a real loss. Souls want to inhabit bodies and while it may seem strange, bodies are in short supply.

If the woman complains about her feelings of loss and depression and visits a doctor, she is usually told that she has a medical condition - depression – and that it has nothing to do with the abortion. This is another lie and once again denies her feelings. She is often put on anti-depressant medication, which just makes her body more toxic and does not solve her problem. This is all part of the trauma of post-abortion syndrome. For more details, read Post-Abortion Syndrome and Abortion.


9/22/20. A few women report that the coffee enemas and vaginal coffee enemas cause bloating in the abdomen. The cause is a cold or yin condition in the lower abdomen. We are researching why this affects only a few women. It appears to be due to trauma to this area of the body.


9/19/20. The fine matter forces defending the earth have found millions more prisons or ‘bubbles’ in space. They are being opened and the souls and creatures they contain are returning to our planet. This will help with the cleanup effort on earth.

Many of the souls released from the prisons are more advanced, and much needed here. The prisons also contain vital minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc that are needed for our food and for other purposes. These were essentially stolen from the planet thousands of years ago to weaken the people and to damage the planet. We are most excited to find them.


9/18/20. When you do coffee enemas, it is helpful for the brain to move the coffee to the superior or upper surface of the transverse colon. The reason is the top surface of the transverse colon is the reflex area related to the brain.

When the coffee touches this area, the souls in the coffee can quickly and easily reach the brain. Also, toxins from the brain can be moved easily into the colon and into the coffee, which absorbs them and assists their removal from the body. We continue to be extremely impressed with the effects of coffee enemas upon the health of the body. It removes unusual toxins that are otherwise very difficult to remove.

Two ways to move the coffee to the top surface of the transverse colon are: 1) massage or tap on your abdomen so that the coffee splashes up to the top surface of the transverse colon, or

2) elevate your hips above your waist so the coffee naturally flows to the top surface of the transverse colon. We use a small, partially inflated beach ball to put under the buttocks to raise the hips. You could instead use pillows or a slant board to achieve the same thing.


9/15/20. Possible reasons that knee pain would return after being on a program for five years are:

- The knee was not fully healed five years ago. A deeper retracing is occurring. This might involve the release of a toxic metal or healing of a bacterial or parasitic infection in the knee.

- Body chemistry has changed and a program update is needed.

- She re-injured her knee.

- She switched to Carlson or Nordic Naturals brands of fish oil. These popular supplements do not work well and this caused inflammation.

- She is having a mental/emotional/spiritual retracing involving the knee. The knees often represent moving forward in life. Think of the phrase “his knees went weak”, meaning he was afraid to move ahead.

- The rogues did something to harm her knee.

- A change somewhere else in her body, such as in her neck or upper back, altered her structure and posture. As a result, the knee needs to shift to rebalance the body. Until it does so, there will be some pain. In other words, the knee pain could be secondary to a change elsewhere in the body.


9/14/20. Moj, age 61, began the development program five years ago. Within a few months, her knee pain disappeared completely. In the past few days, however, her knee pain is back. The oddly puzzling question is why?

The next newsletter post will give five possible answers. If you think of the answers, do not email me. Just write them down and compare them to the next newsletter post.


9/13/20. We don’t understand the following fully, but it appears to be the truth. We have learned that at the purely physical level, the earth is not moving in a different orbit. However, an aspect or a quality of the earth is moving to a different and more wholesome location. We sincerely hope this will improve conditions on the earth.

For this to succeed, the fine matter creatures on and around the earth are being told very clearly that all of them must agree to a covenant about which we posted on 2/16/20 and 3/24/20. To review quickly:

The fine matter and the coarse matter beings (such as you and I) will receive protection if the fine matter beings all follow certain rules. These include:

- Observe the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai. (Recall that adultery is any sex outside of marriage and includes that which Christian literature calls fornication. Also, marriage is only between a man and a woman).

- Observe the golden rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you). This implies always attempting to help others and work with others, rather than act selfishly.

- Live and follow a version of the same development program that we recommend for human beings. The basic components are to get plenty of rest and sleep, and eat mainly certain foods that promote development. Eat some red meat, poultry or sardines every day. Also, cook but do not overcook all food except for dairy products that can often be safely eaten raw. Avoid fruit, salad, pig products, shellfish and almost all raw food.


9/13/20. We newsletterged about Grace Community Church on 9/10/20 because they are standing up for their rights to conduct worship services in the United States, although the governor of California says no. The pastor was recently interviewed and asked - What is the governor’s real agenda?

The pastor answered: His policy is definitely not about a virus! Statistically, the pastor said, the virus is quite mild, killing only about 0.2% or perhaps fewer of the people who get it. Contrast this with other infectious diseases such as small pox and the plagues of Europe that killed up to 20% of those infected.

He said the real agenda is to “reset America” and the rest of the Western nations so they no longer believe in limited government and self-government. For example, if you are afraid of a disease, don’t go the football game, get more rest, and take your vitamins. Instead, the leaders today just everyone to blindly follow the orders of their leaders. This is the way things work in a socialist or communist totalitarian nation.


9/10/20. Almonds, in the form of almond butter, along with sesame tahini, either as tahini or in hummus, are very important foods for development. Some people skip these, but please eat them – 2 tablespoons of each per day for adults. If you eat hummus instead of tahini, adults need 4 tablespoons daily.

These foods provide special forms of many minerals including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and others. Please eat them!

Whole nuts and seeds. Right now for our clients, eating whole nuts and seeds slows development. This is because they are difficult to digest and slightly damage the digestive tract. Restoring excellent digestion is crucial for development so that the body can extract many more nutrients from all foods.

Once one develops sufficiently, the digestive tract can handle whole nuts and some seeds. This requires at least 25 years on the program and usually longer. We will let you know when we review your hair mineral test if you need other nuts.


9/10/20. All four of Dr. Wilson’s books are now available to read on this website. is also selling them in hard copy, we believe. Analytical Research Labs also is not selling them at this time. We have plenty of books and are working on setting up our own shopping cart.


9/10/20. Tough meat. Grass-fed beef can be tough because is contains less fat. A solution is to grind the meat in a meat grinder and eat it as hamburger. This is definitely tastier and a little better than buying ground meat.

In our Maverick brand of meat grinder, a little meat remains in the grinder when you are finished and it is not ground up. A way to solve this problem is to put some of the ground meat back into the grinder and grind it again. This will move the unground meat along and make sure all of the meat is ground up.

Nutritional yeast. Do not cook nutritional yeast. Add it to your food after cooking.


9/10/20. A very important situation that is rarely reported in the news is that several months ago the Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, USA reopened with no social distancing and no masks. This was in violation of the California governor’s order to stay closed. The church has about 7000 worshippers every Sunday.

The state government sued them. However, the judge in the case agreed with the church that they have a right under the First Amendment to the United States national and state constitutions to remain open and do not need to use social distancing or masks. The constitutions guarantee the right to worship freely.

The state then sued them again, and have sued them a total of four times! Each of the four times, judges ruled that the church has a right to stay open and conduct all their activities normally.

According to their pastor, none of the worshippers have suffered from the Chinese virus. Obviously, if someone is concerned about it, he or she can remain at home. We wish all churches and synagogues would stand up for their rights instead of caving in to illegal government actions.


9/10/20. The fine matter forces from the earth recently discovered a number of beings imprisoned in space that they call the over-fathers. The souls are very excited about this.

I am told that for each thousand or so souls, there is one supervisory soul that is more advanced and called an over-soul.

The over-souls, in turn, are supervised by another type of fine matter being that the souls call their father. There is supposed to be one father for every 5000 or so oversouls. However, the rogues have imprisoned most of the fathers, so there are few that are doing their job correctly. Most are very weak and ill.

The fathers, in turn, are supervised by another type of fine matter being called an over-father. There is supposed to be one over-father for each 5000 or so fathers. Most over-fathers, however, are still imprisoned in space and very unhealthy. All these levels of souls and creatures are connected to one another by very thin silver wires.

The over-fathers are aware of two higher levels. After that, they are not sure how the supervision system works. The two higher levels translate as grandfather and great grandfather levels.

Readers may know that some Native Americans worship the grandfather. Many people think this means they worship their dead ancestors. However, the real meaning is they look to the grandfather soul level.

We are told that if this system of supervision were working properly, our world would be a much happier and healthier place. We are delighted to learn all this. At this time, the earth forces are busy finding and rehabilitating more fathers and over-fathers.


9/9/20. Yesterday we posted that this newsletter is about love. However, this is only half of the theme of the newsletter. There is a second, complementary theme and that is will. Will is another spiritual principle.

Love and will are the two most basic aspects of life. The most basic love is the love of the Creator for all of existence, including ourselves. The most basic will is the desire of the souls to return and blend with the Creator.

These two facts are often overlooked. Working with them every day in your prayers and in all your activities builds health and contributes a lot to development. The development program that we teach involves a lot of both. If you skip these aspects, you won’t heal and develop nearly as fast.

For more details about love, see the articles in the post from yesterday, 9/8/20. For details about will, read The Soul Quality Of Will and Thy Wil Be Done.


9/8/20. This newsletter is above all about a certain kind of love. It is a spiritual principle. We are not talking about loving your cigarettes or your automobile.

We often listen to Mr. Dennis Prager on the radio. We like much of what he says. However, he repeats often that God is not primarily about love, but is more of a rule setter and that we should primarily fear God rather than love God. This, he says, is the only way human beings will stay honest and righteous.

We think this is quite incorrect and contradicts the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, which Mr. Prager says he reveres. The Bible says “You shall love the Lord, Thy God, with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy might.” - Deuteronomy 6:5.

We do not mention this to be critical, but rather because God is the loving force in the universe and His Love creates and sustains us. Also, to love something attracts one to it. To fear something drives one away from it.

For more details, read Love As Radiance, Kinds of Love According To The 7 System and How To Love Using The 7 System.


9/8/20. I am told that the our solar system is continuing to move to a safer area in space. This is a different movement from the usual orbit of the solar system around a central sun. We believe this change will help to make the earth a safer place. For details about the solar system’s orbit, see the post on 5/23/20.


9/5/20. I am told that the cleanup spoken of in yesterday’s post continues and will likely continue for months or longer. It is going slowly because there is a tremendous amount to clean up. There may be disruptions in some products and services due to the cleanup and we hope none are extensive or very inconvenient.


9/4/20. The cleanup. The fine matter forces of earth (also called fines) have begun cleaning up Washington, DC, capital city of the United States. Fine matter beings include souls, elves, angels and many trillions of others who are here, but cannot be seen because their bodies are of a lower density than ours. There is some literature about them on earth. They are also described in the Bodies article.

Washington, DC is a terrible mess and the cleanup will take some time. However, the following have been discovered:

- The Democratic Party is not simply a political party. They are a group of insurgents who want to completely destroy the American nation. This has been the case for over 100 years.

- The Republican Party is better, but also corrupt.

This post was longer and critical of Mr. Trump. We took that part down because we believe he is not ideal, but much better than the alternative.

The referendum. As a result, the fine matter beings are now conducting a referendum of every man, woman and child in the United States to see what to do about this problem. So far, and it is almost complete, the people overwhelmingly want to restore law and order and the Constitution, and there are more Trump supporters if you include the electoral college, which gives more weight to the smaller American states.

The accounting. Another type of referendum is being taken in the United States. The goal is to find out who really owns the nation’s wealth. This includes the land or real estate. It also includes the factories and companies. It also includes other buildings such as universities, colleges, schools, government buildings and more.

It also includes all of the gold, silver, paper and electronic currency. It also includes other major assets such as ocean-going ships, aircraft, power plants and other installations on earth and in space such as satellites, the space station, and space-based telescopes. It also includes quite a lot of underground facilities and underwater facilities and installations.

The results indicate that a few families have taken over most of these assets. This will come as a shock to some, but not to others who realize that the wealth of the people of America has been largely stolen (not earned and bought fairly). Most of it has been taken by lying, cheating, rape, murder, extortion and other illegal means.

As a result, it needs to be returned to its rightful owners, the people of America. They have suffered long enough. This is a second project of the fine matter beings that has begun.

Rape. The fine matter beings have also become aware that a major weapon used against the human beings of the world is rape. This website is virtually the only one that discusses the problem in any real detail.

To summarize – RAPE DESTROYS BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT OF A PERSON. It is used primarily against women, but also against men where it takes the form of whipping the penis. This is standard in the Arab nations of the world, but the method is used around the world, as well, to produce agents, criminals, homosexuals, and slaves of all kinds.

Crematoriums. The fine matter beings have become aware there is a quiet move in America and around the world to get rid of crematoriums. It began about 50 years ago with a requirement that crematoriums obtain a “license”.

This is completely unnecessary, but it was used to get rid of hundreds of them that “did not meet standards”. This is the oldest trick in the book, as they say, just like the medical license and so many others today.

The real reason for it is that the rogues, the group from space that have been here for at least 100,000 years and probably longer, are bringing in enormous numbers of satans or sats, for short. These are hybrid human-angel-fine matter creature beings who are extremely difficult to kill. We have written about them in the Rogue article and in earlier posts of this newsletter.

These hybrid creatures are all around you. They look and act human, except they rape, torture, and murder without remorse or concern. They are completely psychopathic and under the control of the rogues via radio signals and extremely fine wires that are virtually impossible to see.

If you see someone just lying by the road, it is probably one of them whose wire was disconnected or who was disabled in some other way. Usually, they are not dead and they are all armed and dangerous.

The best way to kill them is to burn them up in a crematorium. Bullets won’t work, amazing as that may sound. Neither will most other methods of causing harm, including cutting off their heads, believe it or not. They are partially bionic and fine matter creatures can be taken apart without killing them.

Toxic metals. The other serious problem on earth is that the rogues have brought literally thousands of tons of extremely poisonous minerals and chemicals to earth to accomplish their purpose of completely taking over the planet.

This newsletter has discussed a few of them such as the recent post about strontium. However, there are at least a dozen more. The chemical analysis machines, (ICP, mass spectrometers and others) are all rigged and are not measuring them accurately so that the filth is kept secret.

We take a lot of risk discussing them openly, just as we take a lot of risk talking openly about the rape problem and the satans. We want everyone to know this because if this newsletter ever stops or changes, we want you to know this is the reason, and not whatever else may be written here by someone who takes over the newsletter.

- The US Constitution and state constitutions. Finally, another project that has begun is to clarify and correct a few problems in the American constitutional and founding documents. This is very important to prevent the same events from occurring in the future.

The constitutions and other founding documents were infiltrated from the start and made hard to understand, vague and even incorrect. So there is a project to explain the documents and make a few corrections to them.


9/2/20. Several clients have reported that the Paramin product from Endomet Labs is not dissolving well. We have brought this to their attention. I hope they will quickly correct the problem.

This is important because a major reason we use Endomet products, and often pay a premium for them, is because they work very well. This is essential for the success of the development program. Unfortunately, not all supplements are of good quality, no matter how much they cost or what they claim.

For now, we suggest splitting the Paramin pill in half before you swallow it. Also, when you submit a retest for review, the guides are checking and we will let you know if we think you are having difficulty with this product.


9/1/20. We are learning that the development program works, in part, through an interesting psychological mechanism that some call psychodrama. This involves putting a person back into a situation that, in some ways, mimics a past trauma. This fact helps explain fears that some people have regarding these procedures.

Examples include placing coffee in the rectum or vagina, or other healing procedures such as red heat lamp sauna therapy. Doing this triggers memories in some people that assist the body to process, retrace and undo old traumas. For more details, read Vaginal Coffee Implants and Psychodrama.


9/1/20. On 8/27/20, we reported on the problem of strontium contamination on earth. New research indicates that the earth is also quite contaminated with the toxic minerals arsenic, boron and barium. We will add the new information to the website articles about these minerals.

The rogues have brought more of these minerals to the earth and dumped them from the air into water supplies, agricultural fields, pastureland, and put them into some household products. This is affecting everyone’s health.

The development program will remove these toxins - and is the only way we know of to remove them deeply. Their removal seems to be a definite stage of a development program that occurs after about 2-3 years of following the program diligently. It takes longer if there is too much stress or if one follows the program poorly or incorrectly.

Development stages. We are calling the removal of boron, specifically, Stage 3. We will update the article about the stages of the program to include it. Stage 1 is called getting started and lasts usually for 6 to 12 months. Stage 2 is cleaning up and lasts another year to three or four years.

After the removal of a lot of boron, which includes removal of some toxic potassium and the “maturing pattern”, there is also a Stage 4 when toxic chemicals begin to be removed more deeply. A Stage 5 also exists called deep cleaning, which is a more complete removal of all types of toxins from the body.

These stages each require several years on the development program. Staying on the program, even while on vacations, and retesting the minerals regularly, is the key to moving through these stages as fast as possible.

A complete development program detoxifies the body using about 24 methods at once. For details, read Toxic Metals. In contrast, methods such as chelation therapy are not nearly as effective and carry serious risks, as well. For details, read Chelation Therapy.


9/1/20. While this newsletter author is skeptical, he has been told that there is progress cleaning up the earth. He has been told that trillions of souls and creatures from electronic “prisons” that were located near the earth in space have been opened and the souls and fine matter creatures they contain have returned to the earth to assist the cleanup effort.

Also, we are told that the entire solar system is moving to a safer area of space. We reported this on a previous post and it turned out not to be true. However, this time there is more evidence for it. For example, some astronomers are reporting that some stars are not where they should be. However, the media is not reporting this.


9/1/20. This week, the American Center For Disease Control quietly announced that of the 161,000 deaths in the United States from the Chinese virus as of august 21, only 6% of them, or about 9700 of them, had no other health condition. The rest had at least one other life-threatening health condition or chronic illness such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes or something else.

This means that only 6% of the deaths can definitely be attributed to the virus. The others died with the virus, but it is not true that they definitely died from the virus. This means that the virus itself is a mild disease. We asserted this in earlier posts and this news just confirms that which we posted earlier.


8/30/20. We now recommend that everyone eat four (4) kinds of onions at every meal, carrots at every meal, and at least one cruciferous vegetable at every meal. Also, cook with water most of the time. This is pressure-cooking, steaming, crock pot or boiling (eggs, for example).

This is easy because onions include shallots, leeks, garlic, pearl onions, and scallions. The recommended cruciferous vegetables are red cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Brocollini and cauliflower.

Think of it like a computer password. When you sign up at a website, they often tell you your new password is weak, moderate, strong or excellent when you put in the right characters and letters. Four kinds of onions, carrots and at least one crucifer is a strong password for health and development. Anything less is a weak password – you might get hacked by diseases.


8/30/20. There has been a breakthrough in the removal of the rogues from earth. It is rather disgusting, and has to do with witchcraft. This is not for the faint of heart.

The forces from the earth discovered that the rogues use a type of rape to liberate something called yin energy or dark energy from the bodies of young women. This is a special energy that should not be liberated in large amounts. The rogues use the energy for witchcraft, to power special weapons, and for other negative purposes.

This is a horror and destroys the lives of many young women. We found this is occurring on a massive scale around the earth.

We are stopping this practice wherever we find it, and when we do, the power of the rogues diminishes. We hope that eventually their power will be diminished to a point where they are no longer in control of our planet. For more details, read Yin Energy.


8/29/20. We have been asked to post a newsletter about a very controversial topic: The fact that there were two branches of early Christian thought and doctrine. This post will offend some people. However, this is not our intent and we hope you understand. We only want to present information for your review.

The branch of Christianity most people are familiar with is the Roman branch or Pauline branch. This was led by Paul, one of the apostles and early followers of Jesus. This church is today known as the Roman Catholic Church.

However, there was a second branch called the Jerusalem group. This is very important because the teachings of this branch of Christianity are somewhat different than the Roman branch. In some ways, they are even closer to the views presented on this website.

A book that presents the historical evidence about the subject is The Brother Of Jesus And The Lost Teachings Of Christianity. The author is Jeffrey J. Butz, Inner Traditions, Rochester, Vermont, USA, 2005.

NOTE: We do not agree with all the information in the book. However, it makes the case very well that Jesus had siblings and that one of them played a prominent role for 30 years after the crucifixion. We have written an article on this subject, The Two Branches Of Christianity.


8/27/20. We urge everyone to write and call your public servants (government representatives). Here are the basic points:

A form of martial law. The United States and many other nations are currently living under partial martial law. This means that the national and state constitutions have been partially suspended.

We know this because the Citizens no longer have the full right to assemble freely, to worship freely, or to earn a living and conduct their business freely. Nowhere in the US national or state constitutions are such “emergency powers” authorized under any circumstances. The same is true of some other nations.

Violation of the oath of office. All elected officials in the United States and some other nations take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States or the state constitutions. Many of these public servants have thus violated this oath. This is sufficient grounds for their immediate removal from office.

Treason. In addition, many government officials are committing the much more serious crime of treason. Treason is the crime of giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the nation. It is clear to many Citizens that the current situation is an attack upon the Western nations and upon Western civilization.

The terrorists. For example, Black Lives Matter and Antifa are clearly enemies of the nation and terrorist organizations. They have openly declared that they favor the destruction of the United States and other nations as they are currently set up.

The leaders of the nations need to declare these groups terrorist organizations and enemies of the nation. Then they must quickly destroy these groups, imprisoning all their members. That this is not occurring is a violation of their oath of office and treasonous.

The Chinese virus. The Chinese or Wuhon virus is a mild disease. It is not a pandemic and never was. It is a relatively mild disease outbreak.

If you want to learn about serious diseases, look up Cholera, Typhoid Fever, Smallpox and the 1918 Spanish Flu. These and other diseases killed up to 20% of the population. The Chinese virus kills perhaps 0.02% to 0.2% - and mainly those who are already very ill due to old age or other reasons. Yet the economies of the nations were never shut down due to the much worse epidemics because that is illegal in the United States and elsewhere!

Inflated statistics and daily fear-mongering. The Citizens are sick and tired of the lying media and the medical establishment inflating the death rate and frightening the people about the Chinese virus. For details, see the newsletter post of 8/23/20.

The lies and fear-mongering by the media and the medical and political leaders are the exact opposite of the way they should act if they cared at all about the Citizen’s welfare. Fear just damages the body more.

We think the leaders know this - and damaging the bodies is their goal (another example of treason). This is also the reason they never speak about the importance of proper nutrition to prevent and treat this and all other diseases.

The upcoming American election. Mail-in balloting is a violation of the US Constitution because the Constitution specifies that one day will be set for the elections. We view mail-in voting as an obvious attempt to corrupt the election process. Voting machines are also extremely subject to computer viruses and other foul play. These must not be allowed in order to have a fair election.

Please keep reminding your government public servants of these facts.

The candidates. In our view, neither of the American presidential candidates is fit to run for office for the reasons given above. We believe this is very important.

However, given the current situation, the Republican Party candidates are much better. It is very important to keep the Democrats out of office.


8/27/20. Toxic metals do much more than wreck the bodies. They also influence the mind. This is why we call copper the “emotional” mineral, aluminum the “soft in the head” mineral, and mercury the “mad hatters” mineral.

Another excellent example is strontium. It predisposes people to authoritarian thinking and helps them hold on to thoughts of hatred.

We were tipped off to this by one of our clients. She told us that during her rape she was forced to drink a glass of strontium-containing liquid. We learned that the rogues spread strontium all over the planet, making it one of the more common elements on earth. It is also found in some brands of toothpaste and elsewhere. For details, read Strontium.


8/25/20. We recently became aware of a fairly newly-coined eating disorder (1997) – orthorexia. It is an obsession or exaggerated focus on eating healthy food.

We don’t necessarily agree that this is always a “disease”. It may simply be common sense and wisdom. In some instances, calling it an eating disorder may just be part of our mixed up world. For details, read Orthorexia.


8/25/20. Education is an extremely important subject. We improved a basic article about theproblems of the public school system. For details, read What Is Wrong With The School System?


8/23/20. Starting with a post on March 4, 2020, this newsletter presented lessons in a Hebrew-like language that we are told is important and spoken throughout the cosmos. We will resume the language lessons at some point and we encourage people to review the earlier language lessons.


8/23/20. This is an admission by a public health official about the truth of the Chinese virus. The article mentions that American hospitals receive money from the government (several thousand dollars!) for every covid-19 case. This is an obvious financial incentive to over-report the cases and deaths:


8/23/20. The post from August 18, 2020 was incorrect. The earth has not moved from its present location. Also, at this time, there are plenty of rogues around. However, they seem to be more delicate and somewhat less aggressive. So that is positive.

We pray daily for help for our planet. We also urge everyone to always stand up for individual liberty, limited government and self-government. We do not recommend giving in to the demands of the rogues. They are bad masters. Also, if you cooperate with them, you are harming others and you will have to suffer later as a result.

I often hear their demands and I immediately ask the Father in heaven if I should go along. Most often, the answer is no.


8/23/20. Here is an excellent article detailing that the shut-downs and stay-at-home orders were and are not needed:


8/21/20. We are learning about the use of percussion massagers for foot reflexology to speed up development.

Warnings: Never do massage on girls except on the feet. Also, do not tickle or rough house with girls. The reason is you condition them to it and then on a date they are off guard and end up raped.

Use any electric massager for only a minute or two on the feet because they are quite intense. However, you can repeat the procedure four or five times daily.

So far, we have experimented with four types of machines.

Renpho Model #2016B. This is a lightweight, cordless massager powered by rechargeable batteries. It costs about $40.00 in the USA. It works well. The tips that come with it are hard plastic, but this is okay if it is used for just a short time, which is best anyway. A charge lasts about 20 minutes and that is enough time for any session.

The other three machines we tried are all made by Thumper. These are more expensive, heavier machines that plug in. You have to be more careful with these machines as you can easily overdo.

Thumper Sport and MiniPro2. These both have two massage heads and they seem to be very similar. However, the Sport model is about $80.00 less than the MiniPro2. The latter is sold as a professional grade machine. The Sport model costs about $130.00 USD in the USA.

These machines work well and seem very rugged. They are heavier so they are a little harder to handle.

Thumper Professional. We also tried this much larger, much heavier and much more costly professional machine. It is cumbersome to use on your feet or hands and not well suited for foot reflexology.

Rigged. Also, the Thumper professional massager we tested was rigged and putting out harmful electromagnetic frequencies. It also contained rogue circuitry that would put a person to sleep.

The machine was used, so we don’t know if it was rigged at the factory or if someone added the rogue circuitry to it. But it was harmful to use this way and very dangerous if it put a person to sleep! This is another reason we suggest to avoid all professional massage offices and only use a machine in the safety of your home.


The hearts. An unusual area of the feet to rub that is very helpful for development is the area of the triple hearts. This is also called the triple warmer in acupuncture.

The reflex for this area on both feet is the upper part of the ball of the foot. This is just behind the big toe and is an area where one puts one’s weight when walking.

This corresponds to a large area in the middle and upper chest, extending to the collarbone and even a little beyond. Women will not be able to use a massager on this area, except maybe between the breasts. However, it is fine to use a massager on the foot reflexes to this area.

Function of the triple hearts. The triple hearts connect the physical body with what are called the upper level bodies. These are not physical bodies, but rather energy fields. They are extremely important for development and they are toxic on everyone.

Rubbing or massaging this reflex area each day will speed up development. Paying attention to this area can also help reverse trauma due to beating of the breasts and chest that is common during rapes. For details, read The Hearts and The Energy Bodies.


8/20/20. We have become aware of a worldwide scam that offers “nutritional balancing” and tells people they are replacing Dr. Wilson. They are all lying!

The imposters are on every continent, have beautiful websites, and they charge very little money for their programs. They often recommend eating some fruit and not too much meat. Some want people drinking celery juice, which is a poison! Some don’t focus much on diet at all.

They tell people that we are too poor to even have a nice website. This is not true at all. Our website is purposely set up as a reference website, not a commercial one, though we may improve the home page. If you know of one of these websites, please let us know so we can stop them.


8/19/20. A fake state of “health emergency” has become the new normal in America and in other nations. Based upon this, the basic machinery of representative government has been replaced by dictatorship.

In the United States, we now have the dictatorship of the state governors. In other nations, it is the dictatorship of the ministers of health or others.

This is a legal outrage. Soon it will be winter and the flu season will begin. Is this the next “emergency”, based upon which we again allow the dictators to suspend the constitution and shut down businesses?

Everyone should be writing and otherwise protesting what is going on. Read your constitutions! Nowhere in the American national or state constitutions is the power given to anyone to suspend the normal operation of the government, no matter how serious the “emergency”. We contend that all such actions are treasonous, meaning violations of the constitution and serious crimes.

(We call the health emergency fake because the Chinese virus is not that serious compared to vaccine injuries, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and the annual flu that affect many more people.)


8/18/20. We are being told that the earth, along with the rest of the solar system, has moved in space to a safer location. It had been moved from its rightful location to one where it was more vulnerable to rogue infiltration. I guess we will see if this proves to be true.

We are also being told that there was a plan for a war with communist China in which they would have taken over every nation on the planet. Parts of it included the installation of the 5G spy system and setting up puppet communist governments in every nation. We believe the plan has been stopped, and we certainly hope so. However, vigilance is required to make sure it does not occur.


8/18/20. We just posted an excellent new article by Madeline McFadden Nunez – Development Program Shortcuts. If you have something to add to the article, let us know.


8/17/20. Tonight there is some discouragement among the fine matter forces protecting the earth. They say the rogues far outnumber us, have much more advanced technology, and appear to be continuing their takeover of the earth.

However, many fine matter beings continue to oppose the rogue tyranny and lawlessness in every way possible. This newsletter will always support the rule of law, self-government, limited government and complete transparency and integrity at all levels of government.

Your newsletter author continues to believe there is a higher power above the rogues and, for some reason, the violation of our laws is being allowed. I continue to care for the body and mind as best I can, and I pray for an intervention or anything that would change the situation. I encourage everyone to do the same.


8/16/20. Kamala Harris was recently chosen to be the Democratic Party candidate for vice-president of the United States. However, we believe she cannot legally serve in that office.

The reason is due to a requirement in Article II of the US Constitution. She was born in the United States, but neither of her parents were US Citizens at the time of her birth. Therefore, she is not a natural-born US Citizen.

This means that if Joe Biden is elected president in November, and if something happens to Joe Biden, (such as dementia, which has already occurred), the next person in line to be president of the United States would be the Speaker of the House of Representatives. At this time, this person is Nancy Pelosi – a well-known socialist/communist lying politician.

For more details about Kamala Harris, read


8/16/20. The word sat is short for satan. This is the name the rogues use for hybrid human-angel creatures whom they “build” and control. The are a frightful technology of the rogues used to control planets. We don’t know if the Biblical assertion that “Satan controls the world” is a reference to them, but the Hebrew word used in the Bible is very similar.

The fine matter creatures of the earth are well aware of the satans, and they are being killed wherever they are found. However, there are thousands of them in politics, important businesses, infrastructure, the media and other leadership positions. We believe this is the only reason the Chinese virus nonsense is going on with the illegal shutdowns, illegal stay-at-home orders, and rather insane mask policies.

Disposing of the sats is critical to take back the earth. The sats are hard to kill because they are protected by force fields, so one cannot just shoot them. In fact, they are bionic and even cutting them in pieces does not kill them unless done properly. One way to kill them is incineration.


8/16/20. Someone is blocking the sales of all four of Dr. Wilson’s books. We have plenty of them, but has not submitted an order in weeks.


8/15/20. An excellent food for the development program is for adults to eat about 8 ounces of plain goat yogurt every week. However, in our area, we can no longer find goat yogurt.

A good substitute is soft goat cheese. It is sometimes called chevrez. Our favorite brand at this time is Primo Taglio found in our Safeway Supermarkets. However, there are several other brands that are quite good, as well.

Some brands contains garlic or other herbs, and that seems to be acceptable. Adults can have about 8 ounces of so of it per week. Children need some, as well.


8/14/20. We don’t report much about happenings in space because the newsletter author cannot confirm the information. However, we are told that fine matter forces around the earth have found about 700 guardians or guards. These are large fine matter creatures whose job is to protect the earth and the solar system.

They were imprisoned in space in electronic force fields that act as prisons. Most say they have been there for about 20,000 years. Fine matter beings live a long time and these creatures apparently cannot be easily killed.

Freeing them and rehabilitating them provides some hope that the Rogue takeover of the earth might be reversed. The guards say they are beginning to destroy millions of rogue bases, ships, personnel and other infrastructure that is used to control the earth.


8/14/20. This is a very disturbing post, but the truth needs to be exposed. One of our clients, age 25, first told us she is a marathon runner. Upon further questioning, she said she is not really a runner. She was trafficked at age 15 by a rogue thug. He raped her several times and then put her on artificial life support. This is a brain implant that keeps one alive when the body is severely damaged.

She was then forced to accompany a group of about 50 rogue thugs who look like athletes and supposedly move about America running marathons. In fact, they are rapists and murderers. She told us they are often ordered to put on Black Lives Matter tee shirts and riot in the streets. After the riot, they simply move on and do the same in another city.

They all carry guns, usually Glocks (a brand of Swiss-made handgun), and practice shooting every day. They don’t mind killing policemen and anyone else that gets in their way. They also carry advanced laser weapons that are much better and cleaner ways to injure and kill people. Lasers just shoot a hole in the heart or brain and leave no bullet that can be traced. Laser weapons are also small and lightweight, and easily concealed on airplanes and elsewhere.

Another of their major activities is to filth up everyone and everything they can. They have many sexually-transmitted and other diseases. Wherever they go, they spit, urinate and in other ways filth up hotel rooms, restaurants, rental cars, airplane seats, and, of course, those whom they rape and beat. A development program can undo their damage, but one must do the program for at least several years.

One must be clear that groups including Antifa and Black Lives Matter are rogue terror groups that just use black people, and they must be destroyed. Leaders of nations who are not doing this are complicit with the terrorists.

All teenage girls are at great risk of being trafficked. It is an important part of the rogue agenda for the earth. Parents need to know that dating, parties, concerts, attending school and college, camping trips, hiking trips, sports teams, music and other lessons, and even just overnight stays at “friends” houses are very unsafe today. Preferably the male parent must accompany the daughter at all of these or don’t allow them.


8/14/20. This is another disturbing post. One of our clients recently told us he runs an online party supply business. Upon deeper questioning, we found out it is a criminal operation.

Everything he sells is poisoned. This includes cups, silverware, napkins, and toothpicks. He also sells bathing suits and towels for beach, pool or boat parties. He also sells numerous poisons to add to food and drinks.

Young women are invited to these parties, which are often lavish. After eating, drinking or just touching items at the party, the women become drowsy and are very easy to undress and rape. A woman may wake up a few hours later and not even know what occurred.


8/14/20. Thousands of Canadian citizens marched yesterday in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in a peaceful protest against the order to wear masks. There need to be many more such protests around the world.

Also, there is a need to continue to write to your government representatives that we are tired of the phony epidemic, the lies, and the illegal shutdowns and violation of rights and freedoms. Please everyone continue to write, email and call your government representatives.


8/14/20. Trafficking is the secret crime of raping, beating and otherwise injuring women until they become sex slaves. The Trafficking article has a new section about the subtle trafficking that is going on in the Western nations and getting no publicity at all.

It is being done with date rapes, party rapes, virtual rapes and other hi-tech methods and affects millions of women. It terrifies, silences, and filths up the women. The women are also told that to avoid more rapes, they must vote liberal or Democratic in America. The goals are to influence elections, wreck marriages, weaken the children, and more. For details, read Trafficking.


8/14/20. We updated the cleaning article with the latest recommendations of products and methods for non-toxic cleaning. For details, read Detergents and Bad Washing Machines.


8/12/20. One of our Helpers suggested using a small sphere made of wood instead of a packing peanut inside the vagina for the purpose of helping women move energy downward through the body.

She purchased 1 1/4” white birch wood balls from Begin using one for just an hour or two and increase the time slowly. Check the wood to make sure it stays clean and does not get moldy. Dip the wooden sphere in peroxide before and after each use. If it becomes dark in color, throw it away. We welcome feedback about this method. For more details, read Faster Development For Women.


8/12/20. We have been using an electric percussion massager to do foot reflexology for about a week, and it is excellent. We are using the Thumper Minipro2 on the middle speed setting.

The Thumper is a fairly heavy-duty massager that costs about $200.00 USD. It seems well-built so hopefully it will last a long time. There are similar units that are less costly. We will experiment with a battery-powered unit and report on it.

Use it on both feet and on the entire foot. This includes all around the toes and the tips of the toes, and all along the arch of the foot. Also, do the top (dorsal part) of the foot and top of the toes. Also be sure to use it all around the ankle bone and even up the legs a little bit if that area is tender.


8/12/20. Slow communism is the correct way to understand what is going on in America and many other nations today.

Slow communism means there has been no bloody communist revolution, such as that which occurred in the Soviet Union, communist China, Vietnam and elsewhere.

However, in the Western nations, over the past 100 years, socialist and communist infiltrators have slowly taken over most important positions in the educational, criminal justice, political, business, media and other areas of life.

The result. The result has been a slow loss of freedom, moral decline, worsening health, and the slow destruction of Western societal values.

This gradualism is very important to understand and to fight back against. It is worse, in some ways, than a simple military takeover because few fight back against it.

For example, very few people or groups are objecting to the loss of liberties, especially economic liberty, as a result of the Chinese virus scam. (Statistically, it is certainly not a pandemic. It is not even an epidemic – the annual flu is worse. It is just another virus. If you are healthy, it is not a threat.)

Even if the Chinese virus were a serious illness, we contend that shutting the economy, issuing stay-at-home orders, and forcing people to wear masks if they leave their homes is unconstitutional and thus thoroughly illegal in the United States and some other nations.

Conditioning. The illegal measures are also not needed, as proven by the nation of Sweden. But they are a way to condition people to giving up their basic freedoms. In fact, these illegal measures make life much worse due to their economic and social consequences. This is also one of the goals of the perpetrators.

Using scary, fake words such as “pandemic”, and creating fake emergencies and then taking away people’s rights in order to “fight them”, are among the oldest tricks of infiltrators.

We will always oppose the rogues. This newsletter and website will always firmly oppose the infiltrators, whom we call the Rogues. If that ever changes, you will know that this author is no longer in charge and not to waste your time reading this newsletter.

How they infiltrate. The infiltration methods are extremely sophisticated and include brain implants, artificial life support, electronic cloaks and shields, widespread use of rape, murder, extortion, bribery, brainwashing, fear and terror, and newer weapons such as lasers, disrupters and frequency weapons.

Our response must be just as sophisticated or it is a waste of time. What we call development science is one such method. There exist fine matter beings that are well aware of the problems, but they need many more human beings to drastically improve their health and mental condition using the Development Program.


8/11/20. This is a variation on the post from yesterday, but please read it in its entirety because it has been changed.

The police. The word police is related to our word polite. It means those who help keep people polite and orderly. In fact, it is a sacred institution that is required in any advanced society. It has to be kept under control because they are allowed to use force and arrest people. However, it is a very important institution that must be held sacred and protected.

Arrest is an interesting word. It means to stop and to detain a person against their will. In a free society, it is the ultimate insult. However, it is needed if a person is not behaving respectfully and legally toward others.

The job of the police is to arrest those who are not behaving correctly and to serve as a warning to everyone that this is a civil society with a hierarchy of just laws.

The civil society. This term means a society with simple rules so that everyone is polite and respectful toward others. It has been exaggerated by some people to say that one must not use certain words because they are offensive. This is not part of civil society, but rather political correctness, a corruption of civil society.

Freedom of speech for individuals is a hallmark of the free society. However, if you work for a company, for example, or if you are a teacher, for example, then you must speak correctly. That is not the same as your speech as a private citizen on your own. Teachers are supposed to teach the truth, not lie to students as they often do today.

If you work for a newspaper that claims to print the news, you must print the news or it is fraud. Contrary to public opinion, a newspaper does not have full freedom of speech. They are a news outlet so they must speak the news, not lies. Freedom of the press is not the freedom to commit fraud and lie. This is why most of our present mass media need to be shut down at once. They are abusing the concept of freedom of speech and freedom of the press!

Defunding the police. Street rioters in America are demanding that cities defund the police. This may sound crazy but there is a reason for it.

As explained above, he police are an important check on crime and violence. They are a sacred institution of free societies. Also, the police are accountable to the people and the higher laws of the nation. In America, at least, all police officers must wear a badge with a number on it and they must take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

The agency police. The communist (really rogue) rioters don’t like politeness and accountability to higher law. They believe, instead, in an illegal system of police that has developed in America over the past 100 or so years called the agency police.

These are government employees who take no oath of loyalty to the Constitution, but more and more of them are given guns to enforce regulations made by the agency they work for. As a result, they are not accountable to the people or, in the USA, they are not accountable to the US Constitution which is the highest law of the land.

Enforcers. The so-called agency police are enforcers, not police. Rather than help us to be polite and orderly, they just punish people for violating various rules and regulations that they make up and that they decide who must comply.

The regulatory state. Enforcers are part of the regulatory state, a modern horror that has replaced the rule of law by the people in America and around the world. For details, read The Regulatory State.

For example, the other day I was stopped at a traffic light next to a US Forest Service vehicle. Painted in large letters on the door was “Law Enforcement”. The driver was likely carrying a gun, but is not accountable. This is an evil trend.

Other “agency police” are employees of the Food and Drug Administration, Health Care systems such as Medicare and Medicaid, and the Internal Revenue Service. They raid people’s homes and businesses with guns drawn and without search warrants to enforce various regulations that they make up.


8/10/20. Some people are very discouraged because the phony covid-19 “emergency” just drags on. In fact, the death rate from the illness has dropped to almost 0, according to an article in the Mercola newsletter. The media continues to lie about the numbers of sick people and other aspects of the condition.

On the positive side, we are told that about 400 “guardians” have been found in space. These are large fine matter creatures - about 40 feet tall and the same length. They are very smart and say their job is to protect the solar system.

They look something like bears and have a brownish color. We mention their appearance because some mythology books may mention them and some people may have visions or dreams about them.

We are also told that 14 unusual people have been found on earth who radiate light into space. They, too, appear to be some sort of protectors or guardians.


8/10/20. In America, the national Constitution says in Article II, Section 1 that to elect the president and vice-president, the Congress shall fix the day of the election and it will be the same throughout the nation. That day was fixed at the first Tuesday in November.

The Constitution does not say that elections can go on for up to two months, as occurs with mail-in ballots. Therefore, mail-in ballots are illegal and extremely unconstitutional. They are very easy to fake, duplicate, throw away, and have other problems as well.

We also think voting machines are unconstitutional because they do not assure privacy or accuracy. In fact, they are extremely easy to rig with computer viruses.

The American president has complained about the mail-in ballot problem, but has done very little to remedy the problem. As a result, the presidential election in America scheduled in less than 90 days will be the most corrupt in history.

The original voting system in the United States was that the Citizens voted for the members of the House of Representatives. The Senators were chosen by the state legislatures. The president and vice president were chosen by electors from each state.

The founders believed correctly that most people are easily swayed by rhetoric and lies, and that most people don’t really care enough to carefully study the records of the presidential candidates.

That system has been violated and changed, and we feel with nothing but bad consequences.


8/9/20. A year or so ago we suggested that people can hold their coffee enema longer than about 20 minutes and that this might be better. New research indicates this is not true.

This has to do with one of the properties of medium or dark-roast coffee – it acts a little like charcoal and absorbs poisons. After about 15-20 minutes, the coffee has absorbed about as much toxin as it can and then some begins to be reabsorbed. So we do not recommend holding the enema longer than about 20 minutes. This will be changed in the Coffee Enema article.

Also, when you expel the coffee, expel what you can and then quickly flush the toilet. This helps get rid of certain souls that may re-enter the body if one sits on the toilet with the coffee present. After flushing, one can then remain sitting on the toilet and massaging the abdomen for a few minutes in order to expel more coffee.


8/9/20. Good brands of brisling sardines are King Oscar and Tiny Tots. The ones we found are slightly-wood-smoked and packed in olive oil. We found them at Walmart in the USA.

The King Oscar company makes both of these. To keep the mercury level as low as possible, we slice them open from top to bottom and remove the spine. This is where most of the mercury accumulates in sardines.

We also sometimes remove the digestive organs. These are close to the head end of the sardine and is a long and narrow dark-colored part of the sardine that extends about half way to the tail. Organ meat is usually higher in toxic metals.


8/9/20. Dress. We believe women today are receiving subliminal messages from the Rogues to “dress down”, rather than cover up and dress modestly. They receive these messages via the mass media, social media, movies, and through subtle Psychotronic means such as their cell phones, even when turned off.

In addition, we finding that most people have tiny implants in the brain called switches that depress brain activity. The presence of the switches somehow makes men and women much more easily influenced by the subliminal messages they receive.

What’s wrong with dressing down or sexy? Here are several problems with it. Easier to undress. It puts women in more danger of rape and beatings because they are already half undressed. This matters to some rapists.

Too sexy. It also puts women in more danger because it is a focus on sex and sends that message to men.

Extremely inconsiderate. Men need to focus on God, and on loving their wives and families. Scantily clad women walking the streets makes this more difficult. It can damage marriages and families, and is terribly inconsiderate of other women who are the partners of men everywhere.

Cold. We have observed many women shivering because they are just wearing a pair of short shorts and a sleeveless blouse in a store that has air conditioning, for example.

Vampirism. Even worse, dressing down can be a form of vampirism. Women get a “charge” out of attracting men’s attention. This may be okay around your husband to help maintain a marriage. However, it is not appropriate for walking around in public.

At a deep level, we think men understand this vampirish scheme and don’t like it. It is spiritually incorrect. Women are supposed to radiate, not absorb, as explained in the post two days ago.

For all these reasons, women need to resist the temptation to dress sexy and always cover up their legs, their midsection, and ideally their arms as well. Also, they should wear shoes they can run and kick with, not flip-flops or flimsy sandals. They are also wise not to wear tight or see-through clothing.

This may sound old-fashioned, but it is not. It is common sense and it makes women a little safer.

Disagreement. Some women will strongly disagree with this position. They believe they should be able to dress exactly as they please. This is one of the subliminal messages they are taught in schools, on social media.

We disagree completely. Women need to realize the danger they are in at all times and dress appropriately. They also need to understand that men are programmed biologically to react to unclad female bodies and this should only be going on inside the home, not in the streets.


8/8/20. Deep breathing is very important for rapid development. We have added to the breathing article a simple way to move energy downward as you breathe. For details, read Breathing Properly For Health.


8/8/20. This author is quite skeptical about the cleanup of the earth. However, he is being told that there is some progress. It consists of bringing in more souls, creatures and minerals to the earth that were imprisoned in space.

It also includes waking up and rehabilitating some large fine matter creatures, who we are told, are defenders of our planet and the others in our solar system. We have also been told that the seven physical energy centers of planet earth are functioning somewhat better.


8/8/20. The marshalls. In the United States, president Trump is using the national police, called the US Marshalls, to protect national property from the rioters. He is doing this because the state governors and mayors in a few cities have failed to allow their local police to protect private property and keep the streets safe.

However, according to the founders of the United States, a national police is illegal. The police are supposed to be local because there is more control over them this way and they know the local people, which makes it more likely they will behave in a civil way.

The correct action for the president would be to send in the army, in full combat gear. Also, they should do much more than protect statues and court houses. They should make the streets safe for people at all hours.

This is the purpose of the government. Mr. Trump’s policemen are not doing this! As some readers know, we find Mr. Trump much better than any Democratic Party politician in the United States, most of whom are communists. However, he is not a good leader. We wish the Republicans would find someone else to run for president, though this seems doubtful.

Closing the streets. Portland, Oregon and Seattle Washington have actually closed off parts of their cities to their people and allow the rioters to be there. This is completely backwards and treasonous. The mayors and governors should be arrested and removed from office at once, but Mr. Trump is not doing this.

Masks. Another highly illegal government action in some areas of the United States (and perhaps illegal in other nations) is to require people to wear masks if they walk in public places. This is a direct violation of the First Amendment of the US Constitution and the state constitutions. These guarantee the people the right to assemble.

The constitutions do not say one must wear a mask if one assembles. More government illegality is that in some places such as Los Angeles, the government is fining people for not wearing a mask in public.

On a related note, yesterday’s headline in our local newspaper was that after studying the disease trends, masks make no difference in the disease statistics. Areas of the county that require masks and those that do not showed no difference in disease rates or mortality. But the mask nonsense goes on.


8/6/20. In order to radiate, you must first receive. If you don’t first receive enough energy, you will “burn out” if you try to radiate. This happens to many people. It is somewhat like money. In order to spend it and give it away, you must receive it.

In other words, the way to give is to give from fullness. This is an important principle. Visualize a cup underneath a faucet that is turned on. To quote the 23rd Psalm Of David: My cup runneth over.

My cup runneth over is a real feeling that you will have if you continue with the development program. You will begin to feel the Creator’s love just spilling over from you onto everyone and everything in the world.

This feeling will make you happier than most any other as you move through life! It will color everything you say and do. It will enable you to bring peace and harmony to the world without even trying.

Once again, in order to give, you must receive. The entire development program is designed to help you receive more of this etheric energy. There are three main ways one receives the energy:

1. Intrinsic etheric: You are born with some of it. However, this supply decreases as you get older. This is the main reason why people age and die.

2. Environmental etheric: Food. You can bring in more by eating high-quality (high-Brix) and the right kind of food. For example, fruit is very low in this energy while properly cooked vegetables contain lots of it!

Water. Some also comes from drinking enough good quality water. This can be tap water if it is clean enough.

Air, sunlight and the red heat lamp. You also get some etheric energy from breathing oxygen-rich air and breathing deeply. Some sunshine every day also helps, as does spending some time every day in front of one or more reddish incandescent heat lamps. These methods are important, but you can’t receive enough of it this way to stop aging or to heal deeply.

3. New etheric: You can bring in much more energy through the top of your head, sending it all the way down to your feet. This is done with the Pulling Down Exercise. Also, any procedure that helps move energy downward will assist.

These include coffee enemas, the genital bath, vaginal coffee implants, the packing peanut in the vagina, the bidet and peroxide implants. For details, see the Procedures Handbook. For even more details, read the separate articles about each of these procedures.

Down Hugging or Down Sex also help a lot. Proper thoughts and emotions also really help move energy downward, such as calming down instead of being up-set or up-tight. For details, read Healthy Lifestyle.

The importance of downward-moving energy is explained in the article, Downward Motion Of Energy and Healing. The Etheric Energy article discusses the methods to receive the energy in more detail.


8/5/20. As physical beings, we need some food, air, water and need to learn ideas and more. However, there is much more to life than absorbing and taking from the environment.

Spiritually, we are here to radiate! We are here to radiate the energy of the Creator that gave us life. You don’t need to believe in God to understand and feel this energy. It is real and tangible – meaning you can feel it. Some call it the energy or Love of the Creator.

We are here to share this energy or Love with the world in a non-personal way. This means one does not direct it to one or another person. We just radiate it – like a light bulb radiates light - and it splashes all over everyone and everything around us.

Your real career. At a spiritual level, radiating, rather than absorbing, is your real job or career. You may “work” at home, in an office, or wherever. However, wherever you are – even stuck in a traffic jam - at all times, at the highest level, radiating is your real and most important activity.

The book, The Real Self, briefly discusses this idea. (If you prefer, this book is also online at The Real Self.) We learned the idea from the Jeshua material that was the basis for this little book.

Women and radiating. Women have a little more difficulty with the idea of just radiating because their bodies are built more to attract than are those of men. This is the case in order to reproduce the species.

As a result, most women need to focus on the idea of radiating a little more than most men. In future posts, we will expand upon the key spiritual idea of radiating, rather than absorbing.


8/4/20. We posted a new article, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. It is a well-known medical condition consisting of chronic infection and inflammation in the pelvic area. The most common cause is sexually-transmitted diseases. The medical approach does not work well to correct it. A development program with the Low Body Procedures is one of the very few ways to correct it. For details, read Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.

Pelvic syndrome. A condition related to pelvic inflammatory disease is what we call pelvic syndrome. This is tightness and adhesions in the pelvic area. It can be due to infection in the area, but may be due to other factors.

Pelvic syndrome may be a cause of hemorrhoids. It can also affect posture and the alignment of the spine, hips, knees, ankles and feet. It corrects slowly with a development program. For details, read Pelvic Syndrome.


8/4/20. A few women report that if they have severe pelvic inflammatory disease, they must begin the hydrogen peroxide implant procedure with a less potent solution of hydrogen peroxide – 1% instead of 5 or 6%.

Also, the proportions of water and peroxide to mix together was not correct in the article and this has been corrected. Use one part 35% peroxide and 6 parts water to make a 5% solution.


8/3/20. We posted a new article about a condition we can usually help correct – agoraphobia. This is a fairly common condition in which a person experiences anxiety and panic attacks by going to certain places.

In some cases, one is afraid to leave one’s home for any reason. For details about causes and healing, read Agoraphobia.


8/3/20. Dr. Mercola’s newsletter has a good article showing that there are no studies showing that masks inhibit viral spread. For details, read


8/3/20. The same newsletter as mentioned in the post above has an excellent article that says that some American states have granted immunity to all doctors and hospitals in their state who treat Covid 19. This is a stupid, terrible and probably illegal idea because it will cause more malpractice and sloppiness. For details, read


8/2/20. Women often complain that men make a mess in the bathroom. This post will help explain this and what to do about it. We will use the analogy of an outdoor faucet designed for freezing weather.

The way these faucets work is that the valve to turn on and off the water is deep inside the wall of the house. This is so that it will not freeze.

When you turn off the water on one of these faucets or hose bibs, some water continues to flow out for about 10-15 seconds because it is water that was in the long pipe and past the valve. So you have to wait a little while for the water to stop coming out after you turn it off.

Men are built the same way. The valve to turn off the flow of urine is deep inside, unlike that of a woman. As a result, when a man stops urinating, some urine will keep flowing out of the penis because it was inside the urethra or tube leading out of the bladder and it was past the valve.

What to do. The best solution is 1) men need to sit down on the toilet rather than stand up. This is cleaner and more relaxing. 2) Men need to use one square of toilet paper after urinating, AND they must hold it against the end of the penis for at least 15 seconds. This will absorb the extra urine that is in the urethra.


8/1/20. Many who follow a development program are doing particularly well at this time. There seems to be extra help available for those willing to follow this program. Some of the extra help is coming from trillions of souls that are being returned to the earth from prisons in space.


7/31/20. One reason people don’t want to follow their higher guidance is that it is unpredictable. What if God wants me to move to a harsh climate, marry a strange person, or do a menial job??? What if God favors a rogue world where we are all slaves to a thug or dictator? What if God wants us all dead so that our souls can go free and move on to their next assignment?

This is a difficult situation, indeed. The body wants to continue living and it wants its creature comforts, its friends, and more. It helps to believe that God wants what is best for each of us, no matter how unusual it is or seems to be.

Another problem is the mind is filled with preconceptions and prejudices about what and who is good and bad. A third problem is that most bodies are tired, even at age 5!

A fourth problem is that most of the brains don’t work too well. The memory is somewhat weak and the brain’s processing speed is too slow. The sensory organs are usually overloaded with stimulants such as sugar and 100 other toxins found in the food and beverages.

The four step method. The Jeshua material suggests that the way out of this problem is to use a four-step method. This is actually the way God accomplishes everything! Here’s the method:

Step 1. Desire. This is one’s initial thought that it would be nice to be free of my preconceptions so that I can embrace all of God and whatever God has in mind for me.

Part of this desire is also to have the physical capability, strength, intelligence, self-discipline and wisdom to carry out His Will.

Another part of this desire is to have the time, money and ability to actually do whatever it takes to carry out God’s will. One may need help in many ways in order to proceed and it can seem hopeless on the surface.

Step 2. Intention. This is a sustained, focused and quite intense effort to pursue and fulfill the earlier desire. This newsletter recommends a development program for this purpose because it strengthens and purifies the body and the brain. It also teaches self-discipline and healthful social interaction. The development program also removes mental, emotional and even spiritual toxins and traumas that get in the way of progress. This helps a person function better at every level and makes this step go much faster.

Most bodies today are so burdened, tired and malnourished that they move slowly, at best. Most people do not realize this truth because they eat like everyone else. Also, their medical and other doctors tell them they are fairly healthy, which is not true. The recent Chinese virus scare is helping some people realize how fearful they are in the area of health.

Step 3. Allowing. Once one’s effort is underway, there is a need to just relax and stay on the path. This can be quite challenging! There will be unusual twists and turns along the way. We call them purification reactions, healing reactions, or the retracing process.

This step can be quite bizarre!. One day one feels great and the next day one can feel as though one is falling uncontrollably. One can be happy and sad at the same time or in the span of one day.

Part of oneself may feel 50 or 60 years old while another part of the self is two and a half years old, just learning to walk, just fell down on concrete, and feels like screaming in pain. One can feel hopeless and overjoyed at the same time. At times, this is retracing and the purification process.

Step 4. Completion. This step is sometimes called surrender, deliverance or salvation. One ends up at the destination without knowing exactly how one got there. It is mysterious because life is mystery at the deepest level. Some authors say that God does the fourth step for us. This is another way of saying that life is mysterious.

Repetition or extension. One then repeats the process over again at a higher level. One now has more maturity and better health. One may have a slightly different motivation based upon more understanding and improved mental ability.


7/30/20. A few clients are telling us that at this time there is shooting in Hong Kong. The media are completely ignoring it! The communist Chinese are attempting to impose their rule over Hong Kong and military forces from several Western nations are opposing them. According to our client, troops are there from Great Britain and perhaps some from the United States.


7/30/20. An extremely powerful healing procedure for women is to implant hydrogen peroxide in the vagina. The purpose is to quickly and thoroughly clean up many infections inside the vagina. We are adding this as an excellent basic procedure for women when they begin a development program.

Most women have some infection inside the vagina, even if you have had no sexual contact at all. This area of the body is just prone to infection because it is warm, moist, and difficult to keep perfectly clean. Also, in many women, the vaginal flora is weak or incorrect and this results in being prone to infections, as well. Baby rapes, swimming and even just wearing unclean underwear can introduce infection into the vagina.

Also, the vagina is a very important and powerful reflex system of the body. This means that all along its length are reflexes that connect to every part of the body. Very important is the back of the vagina, which reflexes to the brain. It is also a place where yeasts, parasites and other pathogens can hide.

In some cases, a one-hour peroxide implant session will end brain fog for a woman permanently! Without this procedure, getting rid of brain fog might take months or longer.

A vaginal peroxide implant is not the same as a peroxide bath, a vaginal coffee implant, a genital bath or douching. These are all used for different purposes.

What is the peroxide implant procedure? Basically, one keeps adding a solution of about 6% hydrogen peroxide to the vagina until it stops bubbling up.

When to use it. It is excellent when starting a development program, for getting rid of infections inside the vagina, and perhaps at other times. For all details, read The Peroxide Implant.


7/29/20. Fine matter forces on earth have brought in literally millions of souls, creatures and a few human beings who were imprisoned in electronic prisons in outer space around the planet. This is very important for our future because these former prisoners are now assisting our efforts to clean up the planet. Also, they are more mature souls that are much needed.

Yaway. The large feminine creature called Yaway (emphasis on the second syllable) is much healthier and this, too, is helping the cleanup effort. We thought she might be an angel. However, as she becomes healthier, we are noticing that her features are less like those of an angel and more like those of a human being. Her feet are narrower, her legs are longer, and her hands look more like those of a human being. She wishes to thank everyone who is praying for her health.

Other administrators. In addition, we have located about one dozen more larger beings of the same type as she who are also assisting us. They all appear to be administrators of our planet whose job it is to keep order on earth.


7/28/20. Recent events have made us want to newsletter about the reality and future of our world. The two main events are the dictatorial (and we believe very illegal) response to the Chinese virus and the illegal government response to the riots by Antifa and Black Lives Matter in parts of America and elsewhere. In about five locations, the city mayors have told their police to stand down and they have encouraged the rioters.

The major question is whether, in fact, we live in a very evil time. It seems like Western civilization, including the rule of law, basic human rights to work and speak freely, and the Hebrew and Christian religions are being undermined.

It further appears that the new reality is a high-tech world full of brain-washed, misinformed and raped people. Truth is no longer taught as much in schools and history is altered.

An important feature of the new reality is that women by the millions and some men are being systematically and professionally trafficked. Trafficking means that women are being taught that they are sex slaves, no matter what other rights, abilities or accomplishments they may achieve. This is being done using high-tech conditioning methods, virtual rapes and other unusual means.

Trafficking for men means beatings and, at times, other tortures so the men understand that they, too, are in fact slaves who will follow orders or be beaten or killed. The whole thing is being done quietly.

Degrading women is a very old trick to destroy a civilization. The women are given sexually-transmitted diseases that weaken their bodies. Then the women spread the diseases to their husbands and to their future children, who are today born sicker and more frightened than ever.

Understanding events. The Hebrew and Christian Bibles are somewhat confusing on this subject. The Bible teaches that “Satan rules this world”. However, it also teaches that God exists and is the ultimate power. Jesus taught people to be “‘in the world, but not of it.” Another phrase from the New Testament is “the love of the world is the enmity of God.” These would seem to imply that this is an evil world.

The Yeshua teaching. Another perspective discussed in certain religious texts and in our little book, Love Is The Answer or The Real Self, is that the evil in the world is not outside of ourselves. It is merely feedback showing us how we are thinking and behaving.

Psychologically, the concept is that if we project (which means to reject and attempt to throw out) our own lying, violent, illicit sexual, or other unacceptable or illegal thoughts, others will pick up our thoughts and act them out around us. This is not really evil, though it looks evil. It is just feedback whose intent is to help us clean up our thoughts and behavior. To be continued ...


7/28/20. One of the main teaching methods of the guides who work with this author is turnaround therapy. The way it works is to emphasize or exaggerate a person’s faults in order to teach the person to change his or her ways. It is a rather harsh method, to be sure, and we want to bring it to your attention. Here are three examples:

Teaching Example #1. The body is the temple of the living God and must be dignified and respected at all times and at all levels. So, for example, if a woman dresses or behaves at all in a sexy way, she is demeaning herself, embarrassing herself, and disrespecting her Creator.

The result is that she may experience rape. This is an exaggeration of sexiness that is extremely demeaning, humiliating, damaging and embarrassing. She might even die from it. The purpose is to teach her to live in a wholesome and non-sexy way.

Teaching Example #2. Do not steal. A person who cheats others or takes advantage of others in any way may experience severe financial loss, severe illness, a severe accident or even loss of life. These are extreme ways that money, friends or even life can be stolen from a person. The intent is to teach the lesson of do not steal.

Teaching Example #3. Observe the golden rule. We could give many examples of this principle. For example, if a man or woman is given an excellent brain and much knowledge, yet does not use it, it may be taken away.

The reason is that the golden rule teaches that you would want someone with wonderful knowledge to share it with you. Therefore, you should share your knowledge with others. The Bible expresses this beautiful principle as “Do not hide your light under a bushel”.

It might mean do not charge too much money for your services, and certainly do not make it difficult for others to obtain wonderful knowledge by withholding key elements of the teaching.

For more details about this teaching method, read Turnaround Therapy.


7/26/20. We suggest avoiding the Medical Medium and the medical medium diet. We believe it is totally bogus and the diet is one of the most deficient, yin and therefore one of the worst diets possible. For details, read The Medical Medium Diet.


7/25/20. Most people overcook meat and eggs, which greatly damages their nutritional quality. The other extreme is that some health authorities recommend eating meat and eggs without cooking them. We find that for rapid development and safety, lightly cook all meat and eggs. The reasons are:

1. Cooking kills bacteria, viruses, parasites and other microorganisms that often infect these foods.

2. Cooking removes subtle energy that belongs to the creature from which the food was derived. This is a little unusual, but it is important for health. Without a little cooking, we observe that these foods will unbalance the body.

3. Cooking adds heat to the food that makes it more yang in macrobiotic terminology. (There is no suitable word for this quality in English). This is a physics quality and very important so that the food does not unbalance body chemistry. For details, read Understanding Yang and Yin and the other articles on this topic on this website.

How to cook meat. In general, we suggest cooking with water. You can use an electric or gas stove. Do not microwave food and we do not recommend induction cooktops. These do more damage to food, especially microwave ovens!

For steak and ground beef, we suggest braising. Cut steak into thin strips - about ½ inch or 1 centimeter in thickness. Just cover the bottom of a pot or frying pan with water and bring the water to a boil. Then place the strips of steak in the water. Cook for no more than 10 seconds. Then turn the strips over and cook on the other side for 10 seconds or perhaps a little less. The steak should be red and juicy on the inside.

For ground beef: Form into a thin patty, no more than ½ inch or 1 centimeter thick. Cook exactly like steak above. Then eat it. It should be red and juicy in the middle. If it is grass fed or organic beef, you won’t get sick from it because good quality beef is not high in bacteria or other microorganisms.

For lamb: Put a cut in any part of a lamb chop or other cut of lamb that is more than about 1 inch thick. This is to cause it to cook faster. Then we suggest pressure-cooking lamb for about 1 minute and 30 seconds. Lamb needs to be cooked through, but should be juicy and not dried out. For ground lamb, follow the instructions for ground beef or ground chicken.

For dark meat chicken and turkey: Put a few cuts in a chicken or turkey thigh or leg to help it cook quickly. Then pressure cook for about 1 minute and 20 seconds. For chicken wings, we do not put any cuts in the meat before cooking for this amount of time. Chicken and turkey meat when cooked needs to be whitish, not pink. However, it should be juicy and not dried out.

Another way to cook chicken that is more work is to put it through a meat grinder or buy ground chicken or ground turkey. Put about ½ inch or 1 centimeter deep water in a pot or frying pan and bring the water to a boil. Put the ground meat in the boiling water and stir until the chicken or turkey are whitish, not pink. Remove immediately with a slotted spoon and eat. Cooking will occur in about 5 seconds or so. This method can also be used with ground beef. We do not suggest drinking the water you used to cook most meat.

For other meats such as wild game, goat or rabbit. Use the same principles as described above. We do not recommend eating duck, goose, bison or buffalo. For some reason that we do not know, these meats are not as good for development. Also, do not eat products of the pig (pork, ham, bacon, or lard). These are inflammatory, often contain parasites even when well-cooked, and are harmful.

For eggs: The yolk needs to be runny. Methods to do this are to soft boil eggs for about 3 minutes, or poach the eggs (drop in boiling water or use an egg poacher) and eat quickly, or fry eggs very lightly so that the yolk remains runny. Other methods such as scrambling, baking and hard boiling overcook the eggs and this ruins the qualities of the egg yolk. The egg yolk should be warm, but still runny and this is very important for development and proper nutrition. Do not eat hard-boiled eggs!

Steaming and crock pots. These will work but they tend to overcook the outside of the meat and eggs in order to cook the inside a little.

High temperature methods (baking, frying, stir-frying, deep frying, roasting, grilling, barbecue or broiling). We do not recommend high temperature cooking methods because they do more damage to the food and they produce AGES. These are toxic chemicals that slow down development.

Cooking with water keeps the temperature lower and prevents formation of AGES. Occasional use of the high-temperature methods is okay, but not ideal. For more details, read Food For Daily Use, Food For Occasional Use, Forbidden Food For Development and Cooking.


7/24/20. We are being told that the entire solar system, including the earth, is moving to a different sector of space. It is moving out of its orbit around the Pleiades and moving “upward” in space. It is moving toward another large star cluster around which it will rotate. This, we are told, will be a restoration of its proper orbit and is already helping conditions on earth or things would be worse (see the next post below).

Astronomers may notice that some stars are not in their proper places. However, cloaks and projections have been put in place around the planet so that most of space still looks normal to them.

One may ask, how is it possible for a solar system to be moved? The answer is that it is possible. Very large fine matter beings are helping. They are the same beings who maintain the spin and orbit of the earth, keeping the climate and other aspects of planetary life stable.


7/23/20. According to a radio report on 7/22/20, the state of Connecticut, USA, recently did two studies to test the accuracy of the tests used to detect covid-19. In the first study, out of 10 positive results, 3 were false. In the second study, out of 140 positive test results, 90 turned out to be false.


7/22/20. Yesterday’s headline in the USA Today newspaper was that a clinic in Detroit, Michigan, USA was raided by the Federal Bureau Of Investigation for using a “fraudulent treatment” for the corona virus - vitamin C. Calling vitamin C fraudulent is an example of the horror and corruption going on in medicine today. We need to do our best to stay clear of it.

This is why every website and all literature that our Helpers publish or hand out must say: Development programs are not for the diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure of any health condition. They are only a method of reducing stress on the body. When this occurs, many health conditions improve on their own.

The newspaper story above went on to say that “vitamin C cannot cure anything, not even the common cold”. The newspaper presented no supporting documentation for this statement at all.

A powerful anti-viral substance. In truth, vitamin C is helpful for the common cold and for all viral diseases. Dr. Linus Pauling, the only two-time winner of the Nobel Prize in medicine, wrote an entire book about it!

In fact, vitamin C is an essential nutrient that is low in the diet of most people because they do not eat enough vegetables. Meat and eggs can provide some vitamin C, but only when prepared properly. Raw dairy products and other foods also provide some vitamin C. Fruit provides some vitamin C, but we cannot use it for other reasons discussed below. Cooking somewhat reduces the vitamin C content of food, but plenty remains if you don’t overcook your food.

Other roles of vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for the integrity of all connective tissues in the body, which includes the arteries, veins, tendons, ligaments, skin, hair and nails. It helps remove toxic metals, and is needed to prevent oxidant damage in the body. This is damage due to singlet oxygen atoms that are called free radicals.

Vitamin C is absolutely required for the heart and cardiovascular system, immune system, reproductive system, nervous system, renal system and other body systems.

Time to clean up the media. The USA Today newspaper should be shut down for fraud (lying) for printing blatant and disgusting lies. “Freedom of the press” is not the freedom to print lies disguised as news. In the past, a newspaper would be required to quickly and prominently print a retraction of their mistake, but this no longer occurs and is a violation of basic criminal law in the United States and in many other nations.

Whole-food vitamin C. All vitamin C is made from corn or other natural sources. There is no such thing as “synthetic vitamin C”, as some claim. We do not agree with the whole-food-vitamin crowd that only whole-food vitamin C is effective. This is a complete lie taught by some large vitamin companies.

These companies should be shut down down for fraud if they do not change their advertising. Once again, the basic criminal laws of society are not being enforced. This newsletter and website will continue to emphasize the importance of basic Biblical legal principles that are the foundation of every advanced civilization and are being ignored today.

Overdosing on vitamin C. It is easy to take too much vitamin C. This will occur if you eat much fruit, eat a lot of salads, drink a lot of juices, or take the wrong vitamin pills.

Yin disease. Vitamin C is a very yin substance in macrobiotic terminology. Taking too much causes Yin Disease in the body. Most people have this serious condition, to some degree. It leads to hundreds of medical conditions. Most medical, holistic, naturopathic, and nutritional programs make this condition much worse! A properly designed development program is one of the few ways to slowly correct it.

Chelation. Vitamin C is also a chelator. This means it grabs onto minerals and removes them from the body through the kidneys.

All chelators remove some essential minerals. This is why we avoid all “chelation therapy”, a common naturopathic and holistic medical healing modality that we consider harmful in the extreme. The Toxic Metals article discusses much better ways to remove toxic metals.

Everyone deficient in the alkaline reserve minerals. EVERYONE today is born low in essential minerals due to deficiencies in ALL mothers today. The deficiencies only get worse after birth thanks to poor quality breast milk, use of vaccines and medical drugs, poor quality diet, weak digestive systems in everyone, improper eating habits, chronic health conditions and stress.

Toxic agriculture. Mineral depletion is also universal on earth today due to toxic and rather insane agricultural methods that produce plentiful, but horribly mineral-deficient food. This includes organically grown food. The latter is somewhat better than standard food, but is still allowed to be grown with toxic superphosphate fertilizers, filthy sewage sludge and other contaminated products. This is why cleaning up the planet is a top priority and a difficult task.

Development. Anything that depletes minerals will halt and prevent the amazing process called Development. This is why we do not recommend a lot of vitamin C, we allow no fruit in the diet, and we must restrict the use of fruit and vegetable juices. We continue to look for other ways to restore the alkaline reserve minerals and hundreds of other nutrients that are low in our food today.


7/21/20. So far, I am told, the foreign troops hidden in the United States are mostly projections and not real. A few are real and are used to “prove” to the leaders that they are all real. The rogues allow these few to be shot or captured.

The purpose of the fake troops appears to be to frighten and blackmail the president and his advisors into doing what the rogues want. We are told the same tactic is being used in many other nations.

This is a great relief. It may seem unusual, but the rogues are very good at faking things and using fear as a weapon. You can observe this with the fear-mongering on the news each day about the Chinese virus, climate change, racism, and other cooked up “crises”. We are told that political leaders in a number of nations are being informed about the fakery and we hope they will stop giving in.


7/21/20. Went to Walmart yesterday. The parking lot was almost empty (not like Walmart). It was soon clear why - they are requiring masks.

I put on a mask, but as soon as I got inside I pulled it down so it did not cover my nose and I could breathe normally. No one said a word about it and I walked around for almost an hour. If someone had complained, I would have said I’m sorry and pulled it up over my nose until they went away.

The comedian, Swami Beyondananda (the yogi from Muskogee) says we’re all mystics today. If you choose to be a pessimistic, you may be correct, but you’ll have a miserable time. If you’re an optimistic, you may be wrong, but you’ll enjoy yourself. The choice is yours.


7/20/20. The American state governors continue to violate the US and state Constitutions by ordering businesses to close and requiring businesses to force customers to wear masks. This is causing widespread unemployment, suicide, drug addiction, murders and more. Some other nations are experiencing the same thing.

We are repeating this again and will continue because we have not heard anyone in the media discuss the matter from a legal standpoint, which is the most important standpoint.

Some will answer that the disease is most important, not the law. We strongly disagree. The law always comes first. The American Revolution and similar revolutions for freedom were not fought over diseases, which are always around.

Secondly, and much less critical, the Chinese virus is mild. All you need to do is go the US CDC website. The death rate from covid-19 is very low. The people are being lied to around the world by basically foreign fighters who want to disturb and destroy the economies and everything else in the Western nations as much as they can. It is all treason and must be punished as such.

We are also hearing there are communist Chinese troops hidden in caves around America armed with advanced electronic weapons from the rogues. They were forced to come to America and are waiting for the order to attack this nation. These troops are being neutralized at this time, though we have no grudge against the Chinese people. We want this written because no one else we are aware of is telling the people about this, either.


7/20/20. Certain extra procedures and methods are excellent to speed up development. They are not part of the standard development program only because we don’t want to overburden people with procedures. However, the accelerators are effective and some are quite simple. We have greatly expanded the article about them. For details, read The Accelerators.

Some day, we want to have many retreat centers and clinics where the accelerators will be available to help heal and develop people faster.


7/20/20. Capitalism is the fairest and most effective economic system, and the only one that respects the basic rights of the people. The alternative is stealing. This is where the poor people do the work and the rulers steal the products others make. That is how things work in many nations of the world.

Only the free enterprise economic system allows those who produce things keep the money earned from their work. It also allows people to come and go from jobs as they please. It is also the only system that allows people to start and operate businesses without fear that the government will shut them down or steal their business.

Unfortunately, there is more and more interference with this economic system, even in more capitalist nations such as the United States. These truths are not taught enough in schools. In universities, the opposite is taught!

Rape is a good analogy. If a man wants sex, he needs to get married by mutual consent – like two buyers in the marketplace. Rape is just stealing sex and nothing more! It is a problem around the world, just as is economic stealing - called socialism, communism and dictatorship.


7/19/20. The post from yesterday that we removed introduced an 11-year-old girl whose home is between Rio de Janeiro and Florianopolis on the east coast of Brazil. We believe this was correct.

Her first name is Yala (emphasis on the first syllable). Her family, including two parents and two sisters, lives a very simple life, with barely enough food to survive. Her house is made of adobe – dried mud bricks - with a dirt floor and a roof of tree branches and leaves. She is helping us understand the changes that are taking place on earth. From time to time, she will assist with this newsletter.

She seems to tune in well to some helper beings. They told her that our solar system was moved into a dangerous location at least 20,000 years ago by the ones we call the Rogues or otros. This is the cause of many problems on the planet. Tonight, fine matter beings, mostly from the earth, were able to untether the solar system and it is now moving “upward” in space to a better location.

Outer space, Yala explains, has “up” and “down” directions because it is a living being. “Up” is the direction toward the being’s head, while “down” is the direction toward its feet. She believes that this journey will continue for at least a few days and perhaps much longer. We hope the change will improve conditions on earth.


7/18/20. The post from yesterday that was removed also included a language lesson. We are told that we need to learn an ancient language spoken throughout the universe. The lesson is that words containing or beginning with the letter Y in the ancient Ebre language have to do with protective love.

Examples of women’s names in this newsletter are Yaway (emphasis on the second syllable). Her name in the Ebre language means “Love is the way”. Readers of this newsletter may recall that Yaway is a large angel-like being who lives near the earth. We thought she was killed, but in fact, she is very much alive.

Another woman’s name is Yala, mentioned in the paragraph above. It means “Love is all”.

Examples of men’s names are Yayho, which is the name of the twin or husband of Yaway. In the Ebre language, Yayho means “Love lives here”.

We know the names of this couple resemble holy names of God in the Hebrew Bible - Yaweh and Yehovah. We are not sure if they are the same beings. We are being told they are administrators of the planet earth.

Another example of a man’s name is Yeshua (emphasis on the first syllable). This was the name of Jesus in his native language. In the Ebre language, Yeshua means “Love is everything”.

Note that the women’s names contain the ah sound, which is generative or creative. The men’s names contain the ay sound, which is more mentally and spiritually focused.

Another word in English that is similar in Ebre is Yes. In the Ebre language, it means “Love is affirmative”. Other earth languages use variants of this as their word of affirmation such as ya or ja. The meaning is the same.


7/18/20. We posted an update earlier today. However, right now we are unsure about the information, so for now, at least, we have removed the post.

However, another update is that many of our clients are doing very well on their development program. We believe that the energy of the earth is changing and this is helping those who follow the program to do well.


7/16/20. In the earlier stages of development, women usually develop more slowly than men. However, we just spoke with two of our female clients who are developing faster than most men! This is very exciting. This is occurring even though both women experienced serious rapes. Such traumas often slow down one’s development.

Their secrets. Both women are following a complete development program very faithfully, including the diet, nutritional supplements and healing procedures. For example, they both eat a variety of the preferred cooked vegetables with each meal.

Healthy attitudes. Both women told us they are willing to forgive and move on in their lives. They are in their 40s and 50s and do not want to hold grudges, hatred or any negative emotions about anything in their past. Both ask God for help in this area and when negative feelings come up. They allow themselves to feel the feelings without judging themselves, and the feelings soon pass. Doing the procedures below help this to occur more easily.

The VCI. In addition to the basic program, both women do a few extra procedures. Both do vaginal coffee implants every day. Both women told us this procedure is most helpful for rapid development. They say it needs to be continued for at least one year and perhaps much longer.

Vaginal coffee implants help move energy downward. They also slowly clear all traumas in the pelvic area, clean up the lymphatic system of the body, clear infections, cysts and tumors and in the vagina, cervix, uterus, tubes and ovaries – and more. For details, read Vaginal Coffee Implants.

Acupressure. A surprise for us was to learn that both women are also doing acupressure or shiatsu massage every day, at least on their legs, for at least 15 minutes every day. This involves pressing on the major energy channels or meridians of the body.

The women either do it themselves, perhaps while doing a coffee enema or vaginal coffee implant, or their husbands do it for them. For details, read Acupressure Or Shiatsu – An Introduction.

Keeping An Object In The Vagina. In addition to the above, the woman who is developing the fastest keeps a small object such as a packing peanut inside her vagina at all times. We know this may sound very unusual! However, it is an ancient and very effective method to help any woman focus her attention properly and move subtle energy downward through the body. Let us explain why:

Men have their sexual organ hanging between their legs rubbing against their legs all day to remind them to move their attention downward. Women have an opposite situation. They do not have an organ dangling between their legs. They also have the breasts up above that are very sensitive and tend to move a woman’s attention upward.

Moving subtle energy and attention upward is not the correct direction of energy flow and stops development! Placing a small object inside the vagina causes a slight tickle all day and helps a woman keep her attention moving downward, not upward.

Placing an object inside the vagina requires a special conditioning process. It is not difficult, but it takes about a month of slowly increasing the time the object is inside the vagina. We are told it is actually an ancient sort of initiation rite or rite of passage for a women to greatly assist her development.

Placing a small object inside the vagina has a number of other benefits. It will help any woman to feel happier, more confident, and more in control of her body. For details, read Faster Development For Women.

The procedures above take a little more time, but if you can find the time, they greatly speed up development. We call these and some other methods The Accelerators. We do not speak of them as much because they require more time, but perhaps we should recommend them more often.


7/14/20. In order to develop rapidly, one must eat at least 6 and preferably 9 cups of cooked vegetables every single day. Properly cooked vegetables have a special energy that enables the minerals we need to be absorbed.

We have not found a substitute for eating cooked vegetables such as a pill, a smoothie, or anything else. Those who do not eat enough vegetables do not develop quickly and are not as healthy. They also have many more symptoms when they do the supplements and the healing procedures.

Why the preferred vegetables? They contain certain forms of minerals needed for development. Many are selenium and zinc compounds. Other vegetables and other foods just do not contain enough of these chemicals.

So most of the time, please just eat the preferred vegetables. These are all types of onions, including leeks, scallions, green onions, shallots, pearl onions and ALL the regular onions. Have 3 kinds of onions with every meal.

The preferred vegetables also include orange carrots, green beans, cauliflower (leaves and flowers), daikon or white radish, Brussels sprouts, rutabaga, red cabbage, Savoy cabbage, broccolini, and a little celery, ginger, garlic, and horseradish root.

Cooking. Cooking the vegetables properly is very important! They should retain some color, but they should also be soft and not crunchy. If they are crunchy, the body cannot absorb the minerals and other nutrients from them nearly as well.

If vegetables are overcooked, they tend to fall apart and the minerals are also not well absorbed. This is the problem with eating soups, for example, unless they are cooked just right. Soups should also not be watery because having too much water with a meal dilutes the stomach acid and impairs digestion.

Cooking at each meal is more work, but it is best. Next best is to cook twice daily. Next best after that is to cook just once a day. Less desirable is to cook once every two days and eat a lot of leftovers.

Cooking less than once every two days will not work. If you won’t cook, you might find a Chinese or other restaurant that will sell you cooked vegetables. However, usually they will not be the right ones, so this is usually not a good option.


7/13/20. Infiltration by communist and socialist forces in all Western nations is an extremely serious problem. In truth, communist, Marxist or socialist infiltration is an extremely well-organized and well-executed war against the values, culture, norms, and operation of every Western democratic republic in the world. It must be recognized for what it is and appropriate action taken at once to stop it.

The intelligence and law enforcement agencies. One of the first areas to be infiltrated in all nations are the government departments and agencies set up to inform the leaders of infiltration problems. These are the government intelligence agencies.

Another critical area of infiltration are the government agencies set up to prosecute treason, spying and related crimes. These are the departments of justice, offices of the attorneys general and high level cabinet positions in all governments.

However, today most American government agencies are completely infiltrated. This is giving us the illegal 5G spy system using supposedly banned Chinese technology.

Infiltration is also wrecking the schools and universities, which now teach mainly left-wing and communist doctrines. It is destroying the American other important military organizations, stealing of billions of dollars in welfare fraud and Medicare fraud, and much, much more.

This well-coordinated effort to destroy liberty and constitutional rule now affects all areas of society from entertainment and the financial industry to every branch and all level of government. It reaches to the highest courts and highest level of most Western governments. It includes corruption of the prime ministers and presidents of almost all Western nations.

It is far worse than what is called the “the deep state”, “special interests” or “politicizing”. These are nothing but deceptive euphemisms. It is an all-out war and has been waged successfully for over 100 years.

The history of infiltration. Actually, totalitarian infiltration started as soon as the Western republics began. Few people know, for example, that part of the peace treaty with Great Britain at the end of the American revolution was a requirement that Great Britain would continue to control the American banking industry. The new branch of the Bank of England was to be called The Bank of the United States.

About 60 years later, abolition of this bank in 1836 led directly to the next big war in that nation – the American Civil War. This war was an effort to tear the nation apart, supposedly over the issue of slavery. In fact, it was about control of banking, a critical issue in any society.

The same issue led directly to World War I, but this truth is hidden from the people. An excellent reference book about this subject is The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin. The part of the book about the history of money and banking is must reading. The infiltrators and destroyers never rest and never stop.

Election fraud. Another extremely serious concern is that the electoral system in many nations is broken, and has been for years. Cheating is the norm. Allowing mail-in ballots and rigged voting machines, and not requiring photo ID has made the problem much, much worse. In America, constitutional safeguards on the election process have been totally obliterated.

A completely new voting system with appropriate safeguards is desperately needed right now - before the next election cycle. The American president spoke about it recently in an interview, but has done almost nothing about it. In our view, this is an example of the crime called treason.


7/13/20. A critical step to eliminating enemy infiltration in the Western nations is to revive the very serious crime of treason. Treason is any action that aids or comforts the enemies of the nation, anywhere in the world.

Lying about treason. The problem is that attorneys and the public are now taught the horrendous lie that treason only applies during wartime. This is totally untrue and is a major trick of the infiltrators.

For example, treason is discussed in the American national Constitution, in every American state constitution, and in the US Code of laws or statutes. Nowhere in the US Constitution (Article 3, Section III), the state constitutions, or in 18 US Code, section 2831 does the law say that the crime of treason is limited to wartime!!!

In fact, treason can occur anywhere at any time – and is rampant right now. It includes spying on Citizens, teaching students anti-capitalist propaganda, spreading Marxist ideology, shutting down the economy during the mild Chinese virus pandemic, forcing people to wear masks to go outside, opposing building a border wall, and so much more.

All poisoning of the food, air, water and the use of poisons in medical drugs, vaccines, drugs such as marijuana and CBD, homeopathy and spreading other toxins is a form of treason. Poisoning the enemy is a very old method of destroying a nation or an entire civilization. Today, we also have electronic poisoning due to harmful electromagnetic frequencies from cell phones, cell phone towers, and radionic machines. For details, read Psychotronic Warfare.

In fact, most of our political leaders, and many teachers, professors, doctors, and government workers and others are guilty of treason today!

Speech. Another trick of the infiltrators in to say that speech is legally protected and therefore cannot be treasonous. This must be clarified.

Treasonous speech is speech that is designed to influence or impact others. This is different from simply holding a personal opinion. For example, speech becomes treason when it is part of one’s job, such as speech by a school teacher, professor, political leader or anyone else. Recently, an American Congresswoman said we must end to the “racist, sexist, homophobic American nation”. This is definitely an example of treasonous speech.

It also includes speech if one represents an organization such as Black Lives Matter or hundreds of others. These kinds of speech are not protected by the constitutional safeguards guaranteeing “freedom of speech” because they are not merely personal opinions. They are part of an organized propaganda campaign designed to influence and brainwash people. The courts must recognize this distinction immediately and act upon it forcefully.

The mass media. This is perhaps the most influential area of socialist and Marxist infiltration. Most of the mass media – print, television, radio and internet – all over the world needs to be shut down at once. Those responsible for the constant lying and manipulation of the news need to be put to death or imprisoned without hope of parole.

The mass media in many nations are protected by “freedom of the press” laws. However, this freedom must not apply to treasonous acts, meaning deliberate attempts to give support and comfort to the enemies of the nation. The destroyers have clearly taken advantage of these laws and no longer deserve this protection.

Hate speech”. Infiltrating our language is another huge area of communist infiltration. For example, treasonous speech is completely different from so-called “hate speech”. The latter is a fake term used by the infiltrators to limit the speech of others by labeling whatever they don’t like as hateful. This term needs to be abandoned at once.

Other fake terms that are just code words for Marxist propaganda are “systemic racism”, “white privilege”, “woke”, “social justice”, “environmental justice”, and labeling people as racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic and slurs designed to discredit those whom they do not approve of.

The internet. Infiltrators now control large segments of the internet. For example, many social media sites are infiltrated and are no longer neutral media platforms. This must also stop. They have become treasonous websites.

Monopolies must be broken up, including Google, Twitter, Facebook, and others. In the past few years, they have begun to censor content and close the accounts of those with whom they disagree. They are quickly changing from free-speech zones to propaganda outlets. This means they have turned treasonous and need to be put out of business at once and their leaders and executives put in jail. Some of these websites are American-owned and once again, the American president has spoken about it, but done little to stop it – another example of treason.

Punishment for treason. In human history, the punishment for treason has always been extremely harsh, and must be so. For example, in Europe, those convicted of treason were formerly hanged and then drawn and quartered – a horrible death designed to powerfully discourage treason.

Harsh punishment is needed because those who commit treason are, in fact, high-level enemy combatants in a vicious war. Their crimes are just as serious as those of foot soldiers in a military campaign. The only way to stop them is to be equally serious and brutal about punishing them.


7/13/20. Another solution to infiltration is to drastically reduce the size and scope of government. This was the original plan for America, but it has been slowly abandoned. A large, complex governmental structure is just easier to infiltrate than one that is strictly limited and smaller in size.


7/12/20. This question is arising in some areas of America and elsewhere. The answer is that these days I always carry a mask in my car, in case it is needed. I can think of three possible scenarios to consider.

Police encounters. Before discussing the scenarios, it is very important to point out that police are all very scared that anyone they approach will pull out a gun and shoot them dead. So it is ALWAYS very important to be extremely polite to police officers and assure them you are a law-abiding citizen.

This is the problem with claiming police brutality without knowing all the facts. Usually, as in the recent case of George Floyd in the United States, the person resisted the police. When that happens, police have to defend themselves and this means they can get rough very fast. They must do this to protect themselves. You must understand this very well about the police and remain polite at all times with the police.

Scenario #1. (Assumes that the police are decent and law-abiding) In this case, I would not wear a mask. When stopped by a police officer, I would ask what are my rights in this matter, since I am a law-abiding citizen.

I would say I believe I have a constitutional right to assemble (meaning to walk around freely). I would say the US and state constitutions in America do not say that in order to assemble I must wear a mask. I would also say that, to my knowledge, the constitutions are still in force and are the highest law of the land. I would ask the officer if that is correct, or have I misread the constitutions?

The officer might say that while true, in the current health emergency the police powers doctrine and perhaps other emergency power acts give the governor the authority to require masks. I would answer that all laws in the United States must conform to the constitutions or they are null and void.

I might also say that the officer swore an oath with his hand on a Bible to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. The Bible is the basis for the entire American and British system of laws. Swearing the oath means the officer acknowledges and agrees to abide by this code of law and no other. (The police powers doctrine is a different code of law better known as dictatorship.)

The worst that would happen is the officer might fine me or could even arrest me if I declined to put on a mask. I might back down and put on a mask (at least until the officer leaves) so as not to waste money and time.  However, in similar matters, the police do nothing if you don’t obey the governor’sorder” because they know that the “order” has no legal authority or standing.

In legal language, this situation is called “the color of law”. This means the executive order is not really a valid law because it does not conform to the constitutions and was not duly passed by the legislature. The executive order is really just a suggestion. However, the governor lies to the people by presenting the suggestion as though it is a valid law.

A similar situation occurs commonly with vaccination. A school nurse lies to a parent by saying that her child must be vaccinated to go to school. The truth is the school suggests vaccination, but cannot legally force it upon a child. One can obtain an exemption from the requirement. Often, the school nurse has the exemption form right in the office, but won’t tell that to the parent, either.

Scenario #2. (If the police are no longer abiding by their oath and instead just wanting obedience.) I might still not wear a mask. If stopped by the police, I would quickly say, “I am sorry, I’m putting on my mask and it won’t happen again.” This response could save my life or avoid a rape or beating.

Scenario #3. If I sensed that dictatorship had completely set in, I would just wear the mask. I hope scenarios #2 and #3 never occur, but they are possible.

Masks at businesses. A private business is a different story.  A private business has a right to require employees and/or patrons to wear a mask.  If you don’t like it, you must go elsewhere. I recently visited a health food store and was told I had to wear a mask to enter. The clerk offered to get me the item I wanted while I waited outside, so that is how we handled the matter. If I had needed to go inside, I would have put on a mask.


7/11/20. Coffee enemas are extremely helpful to reduce liver toxicity – a universal problem. We have not found a substitute that works anywhere near as well. They help remove hundreds of toxic chemicals and metals found in our food, air, water and on most surfaces we touch.

Technique. Coffee enemas require a bit of practice to do them cleanly - then they are easy and painless. So don’t give up on them. With some practice, you can even learn to do them in bed, spreading an old shower curtain, a towel and then a paper towel on the bed first.

For How long? We find that most people need coffee enemas for at least 20 years. More are needed if one was exposed to pesticides, medical drugs such as vaccines and antibiotics, venoms used by the rogues to poison our food, and toxic metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel, arsenic, aluminum and others.

The enhancements1. spinal twists. To make a coffee enema a lot more effective, once the coffee is inside you, lift one leg and swing it over and across the other leg until it hits the floor. Do this with both legs to align and relax your spine.

2. Pop the toes. Then grab your toes on one foot and pull them downward. They will often pop, which opens the joints of the toes. Do this on both feet. The toes are the reflex areas to the neck and the brain.

Then, while still holding the enema, press hard for 20 to 30 seconds on two reflex areas of the feet:

3. Press on the liver reflex area. This area is on the right foot behind the third, fourth and fifth toes. The area is not right behind the toes. It runs from about 1/3 to 2/3 of the way from the toes as you move toward the heel. It is quite a large area because the liver is a large organ. Look at a Foot Chart to get a better idea where the liver area is. At times, one part of the liver is more toxic than the rest and you will feel this as you move around, pressing on this area.

4. Press on the liver meridian area. This meridian begins on the top of the foot in the webbing between the big toe and the second toe. It continues between the bone leading to the big toe and the bone leading to the second toe (metatarsal bones). It goes all the way up the top (or dorsum) of the foot toward the heel. Press on this area on both feet.

You have to press along the bones that go to the big toe and the second toe. If you do this correctly, you will find painful spots. The pain lessens as you press into the area because you are releasing blockages in the flow of subtle energy through the meridian.

The deep peroneal nerve goes through there, as well. With practice you will learn if you have pressed on a nerve because the pain is different – much sharper and more acute. Don’t press on the nerve.

Overdoing reflexology. Don’t be afraid to jam your fingernails into these areas to help break up sore and painful areas that reflect stagnant energy and toxicity. However, it is possible to overdo reflexology. Press hard for only about 20 to 30 seconds in one area and then move on.

During one coffee enema you can repeat pressing on the liver and liver meridian areas three times for 30 seconds on each area. More than this may be too much. For more details, see Coffee Enemas.


7/10/20. A new project of the fine matter beings on earth is to clean up the planet Venus. The following will sound outrageous to some people, but we want to share it anyway.

The fine matter beings on earth have discovered that some products labeled “Made in China” or “Made in Vietnam” are actually being made on the planet Venus. The rogues bring the goods in on their space ships, which are extremely advanced and can make the trip from Venus in a few hours or less.

This is important because these goods, which include mostly household items, are tainted in all cases. Many are slightly poisoned and have electronic devices implanted in them such as spy equipment. Many also have electronic weaponry in them such as tiny transmitters that sicken people. No item is exempt, from toilet seats and shoes to Kleenex.

Fine matter beings from the earth are destroying the factories on Venus and intercepting the arriving ships that contain the goods. We are hoping this will help the health of the people of earth.

There may be a few shortages until earth-based factories can be built or converted to produce these goods. In fact, some current shortages in the supermarkets, such as facial tissues, are due to this effort.


7/10/20. We completely rewrote the website article about the virus to update it with a much more complete understanding of what we see going on. For details, go to The Corona Virus.


7/8/20. We have been made aware of a website that claims to be the best for copper toxicity. It is not! Please stay away from


7/8/20. A few days ago we mentioned the benefits of eating some sirloin steak. We also found that eating flank steak is very good for development. We are not sure what it is in these cuts of beef that are so helpful and we would like feedback on this subject.

Remember, don’t overcook meat. The best way is to cut it into think slices and braise it. This means put it in a little boiling water for about 10 seconds on one side and then turn it over and do the same on the other side and it will be rare in the middle. That is okay if it is good quality meat, which means very low in bacteria.

Defrosting frozen meat. Our meat these days is local, but only comes frozen. We don’t eat that much so we don’t like defrosting a large piece of meat and we don’t want to refreeze meat. So this is what we do:

First, we cut off the amount of frozen meat we will eat with a hacksaw. Then we place the frozen meat on a ceramic plate and put the plate between two red heat lamps – one on each side – and each lamp is about 5 inches away from the meat.

Within about 5 minutes, the meat is quite a bit softer and ready to cook. We may need to turn the meat around so that more of it is exposed to the heat lamp. Warning - do not to leave meat exposed to the red lamp for much longer – it will begin to cook.

To defrost a hamburger patty with this method, we prop up the hamburger patty using tongs or a toast puller. You will probably need to find a way to stabilize the tongs so the meat does not fall over. We have one that has a hole in it and we put two small knives through the hole to stabilize the tongs.


7/6/20. This short new article uses the 7 system to explain the development program. All seven aspects of the program are important to develop rapidly. For details, go the The Sevenfold Path Of Development.


7/5/20. This website is working better with a new web host. However, the site is hacked regularly from our computer and we don’t have an answer for this problem. A recent check showed 1700 broken links inside articles. We know this hurts our search engine rating and we’re working to fix the links.

If you have trouble finding articles on the website using search engines, another way to find articles is to go to the READ ARTICLES page and use your browser to search. The READ ARTICLES page is working quite well last time we checked.


7/5/20. Universalism is the important religious or theological belief that all souls are capable of being saved. Some religions have this belief, while others do not.

Development science is universalist in that we believe all souls and human beings can theoretically be helped to recover their health and become closer to God. For details, read Universalism.


7/5/20. Earlier newsletter posts have warned against using any detergents at all in your home. They are all toxic for the liver, without exception. This includes those labeled “natural” or “organic” and sold in health food stores.

Soap nuts. We have been experimenting with soap nuts as an alternative to detergents and we recommend them. The nuts are a little difficult to use, so we like a concentrate of them called Extreme 18X made by NaturOli in the USA. We are using it for laundry. We don’t know if you can obtain this product in other nations, but hopefully they ship it around the world.

Other recommended soaps are Bon Ami, a scouring powder that is quite non-toxic and effective for dishes and cleaning surfaces.

Others are Grandpas Pine Tar Soap and Alaffia brand black African soap. These are recommended because they contain the greatest number of special souls who help with the cleaning process. This is in addition to the chemical effects of the soap. You have to leave them on the body or a surface for 5 minutes to get the best cleaning effect.


7/5/20. Some people are hoping for a vaccine to end the Chinese virus. One company involved in this effort is Moderna. For their recent trials, they only used exceptionally healthy volunteers.

However, according to a post by Dr. Mercola, twenty percent of Moderna’s phase 1 volunteers suffered severe systemic side effects from trials of their vaccine. At that rate, vaccinating the global population would gravely injure at least 1.5 billion individuals, and likely many more since most people are not very healthy.

However, that is not the worst of it. The most hazardous hurdle for Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine lies ahead. In the past, attempts at creating coronavirus vaccines have failed for another reason. In past attempts, both animals and human beings developed antibody responses when given vaccines. However, they became gravely ill when exposed to the real virus, (also called the wild virus). In some animal studies, all the animals died upon exposure to the wild virus!

Besides all this, we strongly oppose all vaccination because they are all preserved with toxic metals and they are routinely used today to place implants inside people’s bodies. Most, such as flus shots, are also not more than 40% effective and they do not confer permanent immunity.

One does obtain permanent immunity in many instances if you get the disease and recover from it. This is the proper way to handle viral diseases such as the Chinese virus. So far, the recommendations of our esteemed medical authorities are the opposite – trying to stop its spread instead of allowing everyone to get the disease and get over it easily with excellent nutrition.


7/4/20. Today is the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration Of Independence which was the birth of the United States of America 244 years ago. Men such as George Mason, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and others - and their wives - studied every government in history and tried to take the best ideas from them all for the new nation. Among them were the following:

All power and sovereignty belongs to the Citizens, not to the government. This was and still is a very radical idea. Today in almost all nations, a king, queen, dictator, ruling party or government is sovereign (meaning ruling above all), not the people.

In America, however, the arrangement was to be that all power belongs to the Citizens. They then delegate a little of it to their government using a special contract called a constitution. The US national and state constitutions specifically state which powers and responsibilities are delegated to the government and which are retained by the Citizens.

Sadly, this beautiful arrangement has been terribly violated in the past 100 years in America. As a direct result, the nation’s health and prosperity has declined severely until today America is one of the most debt-ridden and unhealthy nations on earth. For example, many people don’t know that the United States ranks about 30th in the world in areas such as infant mortality, heart disease and cancer statistics, and other measures of health.

Self-government. Another radical idea of the American founders was that the Citizens would govern themselves. There would be no king, queen or other “strongman”. Indeed, there would be no royalty or privileged oligarchy at all.

This idea was working out fairly well, but has been totally abandoned in America since the coming of the very mild Chinese virus. Today in America the state governors rule without consulting anyone! They open and shut businesses, order everyone around, tell people to stay home, etc.

Declaring an emergency and then using it to suspend the government and replace it with a dictatorship is one of the oldest tricks in the dictator’s book! It has been done hundreds of times in the history of the earth.

Limited government. America was founded upon the idea that the power of the government, even self-government, must be severely limited. The founders knew that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This beautiful principle has also been more or less completely ignored in the last 100 years in America. For example, the American national government is not allowed to be involved at all in health care, education, welfare, housing, transportation, communication, food safety, drug safety and many other areas of life. These are supposed to be handled by local governments and the free market. This is clearly spelled out in Article I, Section VIII of the US Constitution.

However, starting around 1900, bad Supreme Court decisions violated this principle. As a result, during the 20th century, the American government began to grow larger (and more corrupt) with every passing year as they took over more and more areas of life and gained more and more power. Today there is hardly any area of life that is not regulated by one of the 47 (illegal) government agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission, the Food And Drug Administration, etc.

Natural rights. This American founding idea states that basic human rights come from the Creator, not from any earthly source or government. These are rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. No government may take them away!

The pursuit of happiness means the ability to start and operate businesses freely. It also includes the right to basically live your life without government interference, providing you respect the rights and sovereignty of the other Citizens.

Sadly, today this idea has been largely abandoned. One rarely hears about natural rights. Attorneys and the corrupt media only discuss civil rights (those bestowed by the government) and constitutional rights (those bestowed by a constitution). For the founders of America, these were of minor importance compared to natural rights.

One positive leftover from this concept is that many in the world talk about “human rights”. This is really the same idea as natural rights. For example, communist nations regularly violate human rights by randomly killing, torturing, locking up and stealing the wealth of their citizens. So the idea of natural rights lives on, although it is vague and not codified in any law book.

One set of laws for everyone. Another new idea of the American founders was that everyone, with no exceptions, would be under one set of laws. Two hundred years ago Great Britain and most other nations had one set of laws for the royalty, another set of laws for the commoners (the common law) and another set of laws for the church (the cannon law).

America adopted the British common law for everyone! This is an important fact that is not recognized by most attorneys and courts in America today. The British common law was a proud tradition of legal cases dating back 400 years.

The British common law tradition is firmly based upon the Ten Commandments of Moses and other Biblical laws and principles. For example, abortion and homosexuality are specifically prohibited in the Hebrew Bible, and they were illegal under the common law of England. They should be illegal in America unless altered by a new law or statute, but that is not what occurred in America. Instead, judges made up new laws about abortion, which violates another principle discussed below – the separation of powers.

Voting. Another new idea in America was that the people would vote for their leaders. This is common today in many nations, but it was a new idea 244 years ago.

Sadly, it is not working out well because of voter fraud. This has now reached such a point in the United States that we do not believe there are any national or state elections that are uncorrupted.

Mail-in voting is particularly prone to cheating since these votes can easily be thrown away or more added to the pile. Mail-in voting also allows a horrible practice called vote harvesting.

At the present time, the Democratic Party in America is calling for mandatory mail-in voting for the whole nation. This political party does most of the cheating and they know that mail-in voting makes it easy.

Electronic voting machines are also a terrible idea! It is very simple to put a computer virus inside of them and completely corrupt them without anyone’s knowledge.

The purpose of the government is only to protect the people’s rights. This is another key idea of the founders of America. In other nations, the government is a “provider” of services and goods. For example, in Europe, the kings or queens owned most of the land and factories and doled out “benefits” to the people. The governments continue to do this in most nations.

In America, the purpose of the government was only to be to protect the natural rights of the Citizens. The Citizens were to handle owning the land, growing the food, building and operating the factories, educating the children, providing health care, welfare, retirement benefits, and everything else.

This idea has been seriously weakened in America. Today the American government illegally provides welfare, retirement benefits, funds colleges, sponsors medical research, and much more. In the past 30 years or so, socialist forces (the opposite situation) want the government to take over the entire health care system!

In fact, the national and state governments have already taken over about 60% of health care with illegal programs such as Medicare (for old people), Medicaid (for poor people), The Indian Health Service (for Native Americans) and the Veterans Health Administration (for war veterans). All of this is absolutely illegal under the national Constitution!!!

Separation of powers. The founders of America knew that any concentration of political power brings corruption. So they built in many checks and balances to limit even the limited powers given to the government at all levels.

One of the most important was to separate the government into three co-equal branches: a legislative branch to make the laws, an executive branch to carry out and enforce the laws, and a judicial branch to judge the constitutionality of the laws. This is based upon the book of Isaiah in the Bible, where it says that God sets up the laws, carries them out and judges the laws, as well.

The idea of separation of powers has without question sustained America. In the past 70 years, however, it is under serious attack. Today, judges often make laws. This common practice is called legislating from the bench. For example, judges invented a “right to abortion”. Meanwhile, the people’s representatives in the legislatures have become rather impotent.

We could go on. The above is a brief and incomplete summary of why America was and still is a very unique and extraordinary nation. Anyone who denies this or tries to minimize it by saying America is just a racist nation based upon slavery is a liar and a destroyer of human freedom worldwide. Such people are also very ignorant of history.

Very sadly, at this time, America appears to be completely infiltrated by the rogues who control the media, the education system, and the political leaders at all levels. The rogues and their agents are poised to end the American nation, and indeed to end Western civilization as we know it. They want to return our world to one of poverty and oppression.

We sincerely hope this newsletter post is not an epitaph for America, but it may be. People around the world must stand up for their freedom and do their best to resist the rogue takeover. We ask for help and guidance in this effort.


7/3/20. Here are some new or recent food recommendations for the development diet. Creamy goat cheese such as chevre is a substitute for goat yogurt. Some people cannot find goat yogurt.

Nutritional yeast is a recent recommendation for all adults and children over the age of about 3. We are finding it very helpful for development. Have one teaspoon daily for adults and less for children.

Organic beef or 100% grass fed is an excellent food. Although one can have any cut of beef, sirloin and flank steak appear to be especially helpful for development. It can be eaten as a steak or ground into hamburger meat. Be sure to braise the meat, which means to cook it only very briefly so it is rare or raw on the inside.

Sardines. To avoid the most mercury when eating sardines, slice them from top to bottom and remove the spine. If you can, also remove the organs, which are a long slender piece of tissue near the head end of the sardine. At times, it has been removed already. Organ meats tend to accumulate toxic metals.


The “planned” protests are continuing in the United States, but there are fewer. One reason is that Mr. Trump sent in some national troops and is putting people in jail who deface or damage monuments. It is a few weeks too late, but better than doing nothing at al. Funny thing how enforcing the law stops lawless acts.

The Democratic Party governors and mayors are not enforcing the laws and the constitution they swore to protect. They need to be removed from office at once for this crime. Mr. Trump should have done this when the trouble started.


7/3/20. News reporting on the Chinese virus in the United States, at least, continues to be pure fear-mongering. Commentators talk about more cases that were discovered though testing, but not about more deaths because there are very few. More cases mean nothing because it is a virus that spreads easily, so most people or all people will eventually contract it.

Meanwhile, we have not heard one word about the critical importance of nutrition to prevent and heal the virus. The conservative talk radio shows are no better in this regard and a great disappointment to this writer.

Also, no news broadcast we have seen, read or heard mentions that forcing people to wear masks or ordering businesses to close is completely illegal and unconstitutional in America. One state governor, Christi Nome of South Dakota, stands alone in discussing the illegality of the shutdowns. Her state is doing much better than average without illegal shutdowns.

Also very rare in the news is any mention of the damage done by shutting down businesses. This includes great financial loss and many more suicides, drug addiction, alcohol addiction and other social problems. In other words, there is no balance in the reporting or in the government policies.

Children have about a 0% chance of getting the virus, but the schools remain illegally shut down in America. This means that many parents cannot go back to work even if the government “allows” it.

The worst cities in America are those with Democratic Party governors such as California, Michigan, Illinois and New York. These governors seem to revel in the idea of shutting everything and everyone down for as long as possible. Maybe they think it will help their chances of re-election, although we doubt it.

Some of these states are mandating that people wear masks, although a standard mask will not stop a virus because a virus easily passes through these masks. A valid analogy is to believe you can stop flies from coming in by putting up a chain link fence.

The author finds it sad that most people on the street cower in fear about an illness that can only be described as extremely mild. For example, our county has a population of 225,000. A total of 11 people have died from the Chinese virus. That is a death rate of about 0.005%. For this, the governor of our state recently again illegally shut down some businesses.

Meanwhile, the negative consequences of the shutdowns and social isolation are deadly. Here is a recent article detailing this:

This newsletter and website love the US Constitution and hope that it is copied in other nations. The fact that many Americans are willing to put up with stupid, deadly and unconstitutional and therefore illegal policies is a sad commentary on the American people.


7/3/20. Female genital mutilation, also called cutting, is the removal of part or all of the external genitalia (clitoris) of a woman or girl. It is a common practice in the Arab nations of the Middle East and in parts of Africa and Asia. It affects at least 200 million women and it ruins their societies.

Everyone needs to understand this horrendous practice because the media, owned by the Rogues, rarely even mentions it. It needs to stop! It is a feature of the Islamic religion and one reason this religion must go. Other problems with Islam are that Rape is legal and murder is legal.

Female genital mutilation, rape and Vaccination are among the worst problems on the planet. To evaluate world leaders, watch what they do about these problems. For more details, read Female Genital Mutilation.


7/2/20. One of the shortest articles on this website presents, in the simplest terms, how to develop yourself. The article does not describe what development is, although that may be added.

The article is How To Love Using The 7 System. Please look at it and study it.


7/2/20. The same article referenced above – How To Love Using the 7 System - also teaches the 7 system. This is one of the most important teachings on the website.

The seven system is an excellent way to organize all knowledge and all activities. It is based upon the organization of every living creature, so it is nature’s own organization system – very natural and organic! It is basic physics.

You will find the 7 system a joy to use. It will improve everything you do - from planning your day and helping your friends and family, to designing and building websites and performing all other tasks. The days of the week are based upon it, as are the months of the year and much, much more.


7/2/20. You might answer the above post by saying that our months are not based on a 7 system. That is true – the calendar has been quite altered!

The most common calendar in the world today is the Gregorian calendar. It was presented by Pope Gregory the 13th in October, 1582. It sets a year (which is one rotation around the sun) at 365.2425 days. This is fairly close to the current orbit of the earth, which is 365.2422 days. (I am told that the rogues altered the orbit of the earth and it is not correct.) The Gregorian calendar is off by only 26 seconds every year.

The Gregorian calendar was an improvement over the older Julian calendar. That one was set up by the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar in 46 BC. His calendar was off by 11 minutes every year! This slowly wrecked the timing of all the Catholic holidays, so they had to fix it in 1581.

Some people know that the Hebrew calendar has 14 months, not twelve. That is because it is much older and has been ruined less than more modern calendars. It has problems, too, however, because the length of the earth’s orbit has been altered. Otherwise, it would be the best one.

This might all sound stupid to talk about, but in reality the 7 system should permeate all of our life, including our daily, weekly and monthly activities. I hope the calendar will be fixed in the future.

Some day, even the computer operating systems will be based upon it and they will be much more intuitive and simple to use.

We didn’t make up the 7 system. Someone a lot smarter - who designed all the bodies in creation - figured it out. Some day it will be taught to every young child. That is how basic and essential it is to your thinking.


7/1/20. There is much activity of the fine matter creatures of earth. We are still bringing back to the earth many ‘refugees’ who were imprisoned in space.

Some of the fine matter beings believe that space is now brighter and that they can see further. We view this as a positive change.

Large beings. We are also rehabilitating two large beings in space. One was mentioned early in this newsletter and calls herself Yaway. We thought she was killed. However, this was not true and she says she cannot be killed because she is integral to the structure of space in some way.

The other is a large male being who is similar to the female in size and type. In earlier newsletters, we called them angels, but at this time we do not think they are beings of this type.


6/29/20. Today’s message is the critical importance of gratitude. Gratitude is NOT just a feeling. It is a process of mental conversion!

FIRST - The decision. Gratitude begins with a decision. You must become thankful for what you have and what you are. This is a mental attitude and a choice. It is the first step in the conversion of your mind to one of gratitude, rather than selfishness, depression, guilt, fear, horror or anger.

NEXT STEP – the list. Next, you must make a list called the grateful list. Make it long and keep adding to it. Every day think of more and more things for which to be grateful. Please do this. It is required and there will be inspections!

You will be surprised when you do this. There is much for which to give thanks. This is true even if you believe you are ill, deprived, lonely, poor, alienated and living in the inferno!

THE FINAL STEP – living a life filled with grace. When you make the list and follow all instructions, you will soon be so overwhelmed with thanks and appreciation for what you have that you will want to help others. This is an important step – to spread the message of gratitude. It is to be as Christ was on earth.

If you don’t come to this view of just wanting to be of service, then you have not followed the gratitude instructions properly. Work harder at it! It is worth it for your own safety, and for a planet that needs it badly.

The planet needs much healthier, more honest, more loving, happier, more competent, and more generous people. This is our message for today. For details, read Gratitude.


6/29/20. This post is related to the one above. We were positively influenced by a set of recordings sold by the Shanti Christo Foundation. They are not perfect, but we highly recommend them. They made such an impression that we wrote a short book, The Real Self, summarizing the material they contain.

On one of the recordings, someone asks Jeshua a question. (Jeshua is the wrong spelling of the name in Aramaic of the one known as Jesus. The name should begin with Y.) The questioner asks why does he bother with humanity and with this sick planet. His answer is excellent. He says:

What has come to motivate me must come to motivate you. I work continuously because I am grateful for the grace that has changed my mind. This is the message for today and forever.


6/28/20. We are bringing in many more refugees to the earth who were imprisoned in outer space. Also, the seven physical energy centers of the earth are functioning somewhat better. Both of these activities are critical to clean up the earth and give us hope that things will improve here.


6/28/20. There are still problems with the website that the hosting company seems unable to resolve. We will move the website to a different host next week to hopefully solve the problem. The site does work unsecured, as explained in the post on 6/26/20. Type


6/28/20. Yesterday we posted about the danger of some supermarket food in the Southwest USA and perhaps elsewhere. Today we visited a farmers market and were able to find broccolini and cauliflower that are safe to eat. So this is a way around the problem of possibly contaminated food.


6/27/20. A new breakthrough on earth today is the discovery of some unusual implants that are inside most people’s heads. These emit electromagnetic frequencies that are harmful, and cause a person to feel weaker.

A group of fine matter creatures are starting to remove these implants from people. Developing yourself helps the creatures to see them, so stay with the program. Removing the implants is improving health. For more information about implants, read Implants.


6/27/20. At least in our area (Southwest USA), lamb, cauliflower and broccolini sold in the supermarkets seem to be contaminated and we are not eating them. The other preferred vegetables and organic meats seem to be fine.

If you can find a farmer’s market that has good quality vegetables and meats, this is probably the best food available. Commercial organic food, we find, is often not as nutritious or clean. Better food means faster development. For details, read Organic Food.


6/26/20. This website has been hacked. We are working on solutions. If the website does not work, try opening it as an unsecured site. This means do not use https at the beginning of the URL. Instead, try typing or clicking This is often working. We are working on the problem.

Also, some people are reporting that certain browsers work better than others.


6/26/20. Meanwhile, we are told that some things are improving on earth, although you would not know it by listening or watching the news. Many more good souls are being returned to the earth, and are going all over the planet to help with problems.

More cleanup is also occurring, we are told, though there is much to be done and it will take years to restore the earth to its full potential. Things will be a bit scary for a while, but we are told that the power of the rogues is lessening.


6/25/20. Today’s posts are all about lies. We will begin with the planned and lying “race” riots going on particularly in the United States and elsewhere around the world. They are not about race!

These riots are being organized by communist insurgents and terrorists. Earlier posts have discussed this fact about groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter. These are violent communist terrorist groups, somewhat similar to ISIS, that need to be stopped.

In truth, the United States is not a racist nation built upon slavery. It is one of the most tolerant nations in the world that fought a bloody war to end the slavery system that the nation inherited from the British.

The communist insurgents and terrorists who vandalize and loot should be imprisoned for a long time for the crime of treason – seeking to overthrow the legitimate government of a nation. However, the political leaders have not done this, so they are guilty of violating their oath of office and are accomplices in treason.


6/25/20. In truth, the Chinese or Wuhan virus is mild. 98% of the people recover, and most never have any symptoms at all. The virus spreads easily, so most people have it or will contract it.

The current tests for it give some false positives, so this falsely inflates the numbers of positive tests. In addition, in America, at least, the hospitals report people who die WITH the virus as having died FROM the virus. This lie also inflates the death toll from the virus and probably doubles the numbers.

Then the political leaders of America lie to the people that they have the legal authority to shut down the economy and force people to wear masks. In summary, the hysteria is a big lie designed to scare people and ruin the economies of the nations.


6/25/20. Sadly, lies have permeated even all the major religions of the world. Here is a recent example involving the catholic church, but this message applies to all the religions.

Two days ago, a catholic chaplain at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, lost his job for telling the truth about George Floyd. Mr Floyd is the man who died during a police encounter in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. This is blamed for starting the current riots around the world.

The chaplain spoke the truth that George Floyd had committed many crimes, including armed robbery. Also, he was high on drugs at the time of his death. Telling the truth caused some students to complain about the chaplain.

The Catholic archdiocese and archbishop of Boston, which hires and fires chaplains, then bowed to pressure and removed the chaplain from his job. In other words, the Catholic church did not stand behind the chaplain who followed the Biblical Commandment to tell the truth. Instead, the catholic hierarchy followed the lie.


6/25/20. We know this is offensive to some people, but Jesus did not set up the catholic church. The catholic branch of Christianity was set up by the Roman Emperor Constantine in 325 AD at the Council of Nicea (see Wikipedia for details) or read Saint Nickolaos And The Legend Of Santa Claus. (Nickolaos attended the Council Of Nicea.)

Emperor Constantine also decided which writings would form the gospels or New Testament of the Bible, and which writings would be left out.

The Roman catholic church incorporated the story and ideas of Jesus, mixed with some Roman and pagan religious ideas. The catholic church has done much good. However, it is important to set the record straight.


6/25/20. On a related subject, a huge lie is that George Floyd was “killed by the police”. In truth, that possibility can only be determined by a jury during a trial, and such a trial has not yet taken place. All we really know at this time is that a man died during a police encounter.

The media should all be forced to print and speak a retraction of the statement that “the police killed George Floyd”, which they repeat almost daily. Otherwise, they should be shut down for fraud. Freedom of the press is not the freedom to lie (called fraud in the law).

The American president and all presidents before him have not done their job as chief executive officers of the law to hold the media accountable to the truth. As a result, they are all guilty of violating their oath of office, and possibly guilty of treason - so they need to be removed from office.


6/25/20. Your newsletter author’s belief is that the group we call the Rogues are behind much of the current chaos and lying on earth. We believe the rogues lie because human beings on earth lie. The rogues are a sort of balancing force in the universe.

What occurs is that when one lies, one usually projects the lie outside of oneself so that one will still feel like a “good” person. The group we call the rogues picks up the projections of the people and acts them out. In some mysterious way, this is needed and balances the universe.

The same occurs with rape. Both men and women sometimes think thoughts of rape. Then they project these illegal thoughts so that they will feel good about themselves. The group we call the rogues picks up these thoughts and acts them out.

The moral of the story is if you don’t like what is going on in the world, then stop lying in your own life.


6/25/20. This occurs rarely, but it is okay to lie when you or someone else’s life is put in danger by telling the truth. There is a higher integrity about preserving life. For more details, read Lying.


6/24/20. Yesterday we switched this website to a Windows server, as part of fixing problems on the site. However, I apologize for not announcing it in advance because there were problems and the site was down yesterday. I believe the problems are fixed now.


6/24/20. Today we learned about an unusual fine matter parasitic infection that the rogues have spread all over the earth. It can cause some people to gain weight, among other effects. We are learning how to overcome this problem and this should assist the healing of the earth. Future posts will discuss more details.


6/22/20. As we posted earlier, Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a communist front organization that is using African Americans to further the cause of world communism or Marxism. Here is a video clip by a co-founder of that group admitting she is a trained Marxist:

Communism remains the main threat to Western civilization throughout the world. BLM should be declared a terrorist organization at once! The president of the United States should then order their complete destruction at once. However, so far he is doing nothing. He also is not arresting the violent protestors.

This makes him an accomplice in what is a communist revolution in America. That is why we call for a different Republican presidential candidate.

Tearing down statues of George Washington and others is just the beginning of the communist revolutionary activity. After that, they will come for you, as well. They look like rabble, but that is a lie. The radicals are extremely sophisticated and well-organized. We are sorry if this is scary, but truth has power and we feel we must discuss it.


6/22/20. Today there was an earlier post about the planet leaving retrograde. We now believe that is not necessarily true, so I removed the post. I only remove posts if they are very recent and we get new information. Getting true information is often not easy.

What we notice today is that space, in general, is somewhat brighter and our forces can see more rogue bases to remove them. Our forces can also see more of the “bubbles” or prisons in space that contain human refugees, souls, and creatures and these are being brought back to the earth. Some of the prisons contain beings that belong on other planets in our solar system.


6/21/20. The word measly means not very important. Dr. Fauci and many state health authorities are once again scaring people about the Chinese virus. The testing shows more cases, they say. However, they often do not tell you that over 90% of the people had and have absolutely no symptoms!

In our city, the news announced yesterday that there were only three cases of the virus in the local hospital. That is why we are calling it measly. So far, no one following the development program has tested positive.

In truth, the virus is mild unless you are very ill, and it spreads easily. So, of course, many people will test positive for it, but the great majority are not ill at all. Some people also test positive because the test is not very accurate. Some of the positive results are simply errors.

Also, the legal issues remain the same. In America, and in some other nations, shutting businesses and forcing people to stay at home are completely illegal and unconstitutional. So is forcing people to wear masks. The government can encourage and advise, but not force.


6/21/20. Today the forces cleaning up the earth found what are called the earth masters. These are highly developed men and women who are essential for the planet’s rehabilitation. They were imprisoned near the earth and have been freed. They will now be able to assist with the cleanup of the earth. We believe this will be a great help.


6/20/20. The guides tell us that while the television news may not sound good, it could be much worse. We discovered more weapons in space that were going to be used against the people of earth - and this plan has been stopped. The rogues also wanted the economic shutdowns to continue for at least a year, which has not occurred.

Also, everyone needs to know that as you develop, your prayers automatically have more influence in the world. So if you are upset with current events, keep praying, continue the development program, and follow it more closely to have the most impact on the world.


6/18/20. The number of human refugees who have arrived on earth from space has reached at least 50,000. Most are living in tents in various locations within the United States. This nation has been the most receptive to allowing them to settle here.

We are working on their legal immigration status, and this will take a few years. In the meantime, they are being allowed to remain. They cannot vote or receive any government assistance. A few are in other nations, where they have blended into the local population. For the most part, they are light-skinned people who look like Europeans or Americans.


6/16/20. Regular beef in the supermarket is full of bacteria and possibly parasites such as beef tapeworm. As a result, it must be cooked thoroughly. Even then, you can become infected with parasites from it. Please do not eat it! The worst is at the fast food restaurants and some other low-price chain restaurants. It is disgusting and should be banned.

To cook beef properly, you must start out with high quality beef. In the markets of America and Europe, it must say “grass fed” or “organic”. Or it must come from a farm that you trust. The labels are not a complete guarantee, but they are usually okay. (Grass fed, at least in America, really means 75% grass fed, not 100%. This is a typical government lie.)

Smaller ranchers cannot afford the fees required for government certification, so they are not allowed to call their meat grass fed or organic, even though it is often better than the best so-called “organic” meat in the markets. This is just a ploy to drive the best food producers out of business.

Good quality beef has many fewer bacteria in it and is usually free of parasites. This is one of its secrets!

Braising. The correct way to cook high quality beef is braising. The simplest method is just to put a little water in the bottom of a pot – perhaps half an inch or 1 centimeter of water. Bring the water to a boil. Then place the meat in the water. Cook it for about 10 seconds. Then then turn it over and cook it on the other side for another 10 seconds or so. Now it is ready to eat.

The meat may look raw in the middle. To avoid this, slice the beef into thin slices and then it will cook through. If it is red in the middle, it is okay, however. If it is high quality meat, you will not get sick from it.

Do not eat raw beef, also called steak tartare. It is not healthy. Braise your beef and eat it this way. It is much safer than raw meat and better than overcooked meat.

Small vegetable farmers have the same problem as small ranchers. They cannot afford the fees for organic certification, even though their vegetables are often better quality than the so-called “organic” vegetables in the supermarket. This is just a ploy to drive the small farmers out of business.


6/15/20. A rather humorous fact about modern genetic science is that doctors officially call about 98% of our genetic material “junk”. This very derogatory word really means that the scientists do not know for what purpose almost all of our genes exist.

Modern medicine has many spooky-sounding words like this. Common examples are “essential” hypertension, “idiopathic” thrombocytopenic purpura, and “intrinsic” asthma. I hope they impress you.

Stated differently, ALL of genetic knowledge today involves only about 2% of our genetic material.

We are told that the other 98% our our genetic material has to do with development. This is the science that we teach on this website. Scientists do not understand it because they do not study developed people. Therefore, they dismiss most of our DNA as “junk”. But it is not junk. It is very important. For details read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.


6/14/20. The communist takeover of seven city blocks in the city of Seattle continues with no action by the president or any other government authority to restore order. We believe the involved government authorities are, in fact, enemy agents or they would not behave this way.

We now believe that Mr. Trump, and perhaps other leaders, have been replaced with look-alike rogue infiltrators. This is not as difficult as you might imagine.

We call upon the military of the United States to stop the illegal riots, arrest everyone involved, and arrest all government leaders who have gone along with the uprising. This includes the governor of the state of Washington, the mayor of Seattle, the Seattle city council, and the president of the United States.

We believe they also need to arrest and prosecute all senators and congressman at the state and national levels, as well as other leaders, who have not called for an immediate end to the takeover. We ask this in God’s name.


6/14/20. One of our Helpers called yesterday. After being on the development program for several years, he had supper at a McDonalds restaurant two days ago. A few hours later he became violently ill with diarrhea and vomiting. He panicked and went to a hospital emergency room.

The good doctors ran tests, but could not figure out what was wrong. (This is truly sad, but the doctors are used to seeing sick and dying people who live on this kind of food.) The doctors sent him home with some drugs in case it happened again. Two other clients have reported the exact same story. I’m glad he called because we are investigating poisons in fast food.

Stay away from fast food. It is not fit to eat! And always use your tools if you don’t feel well – coffee enemas, foot reflexology, twisting the spine, deep breathing and more.


6/14/20. There are strange rumors floating around that this website is going down. No – what occurred is we moved the site and the new server was the wrong type, so it does not work perfectly. However, that will soon change. Before moving it, I am updating a number of older articles, and finding many that were not even listed, so the website will be better than ever.


6/12/20. As many readers know, this website supported the election of Mr. Trump in 2016. We also praised many of his policies. However, one of the main jobs of the president of the United States is to defend the nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Mr. Trump is not doing this. He has allowed a small band of communist insurgents to completely take over part of the city of Seattle, Washington. He has also allowed illegal rioting and looting in other cities.

One may answer that the problem is with local mayors and state governors. We do not agree. The president of the nation also has the authority and responsibility to defend the nation - and he has done nothing! He has threatened to act, but so far it is just empty words.

We point this out because the conservative talk show hosts and conservative organizations seem completely unwilling to criticize the president. They also failed to criticize him for allowing the recent illegal economic shutdowns and illegal stay-at-home orders.

We believe these so-called “conservatives” are covertly attempting to get the president re-elected. In reality, the president should be tried for treason, along with the local mayors and governors who are allowing the illegal street riots. The Republican political party in America can find a better presidential candidate!


6/12/20. Coffee enemas are one of the most amazing healing and development procedures. Their many benefits are discussed at Coffee Enemas.

To get the most out of coffee enemas, while you do them, also at least do deep breathing and the neck pull. Here is the procedure:

Deep breathing. Inhale in three steps. First inhale into your abdomen while you count to 3 or 4. You are doing it correctly when the area of your belly button rises up from the bed or floor where you are.

With your belly button area expanded, continue the inhale by counting to 3 or 4 while expanding your ribs to the right and to the left. You are doing it correctly when your chest widens a little.

With your belly button area risen and chest widened, continue the inhale by breathing into your upper chest while you count to 3 or 4. You are doing it correctly when your upper chest moves upward a little, away from the floor or mat. This is often the most challenging part of the breath.

The neck pull. While holding the full breath, extend your neck. This requires that you do not use a pillow under your head. Keep your head straight on your shoulders and look straight upward. Try to make your neck longer and have it touch the floor or mat you are resting on.

Then, still holding the breath and with your neck extended, suddenly move your shoulders and hands away from your head, toward your feet. With a little practice, this will cause a slight “pop” in your neck and perhaps in your upper back.

This is not harmful, and moves a lot of subtle energy downward from the head to the feet. It is a powerful way to do the pulling down exercise, which is essential for development.

To help with the neck pull, imagine you are wearing a tight pair of boots that you want to remove. Imagine two friends are at the foot of your mat or bed, facing you. Each friend is trying to pull off one boot. As you move your hands and shoulders away from your head, they both pull on your boots at the same time.

There is more you can do while doing a coffee enema such as the spinal twist, foot reflexology and shining a red heat lamp on your abdomen. This is how to develop the fastest and use the time most efficiently.


6/12/20. This is the title of an article on this website. We believe it is an important article for handling the events occurring on earth at this time. For details, read Saving The Righteous.


6/11/20. Cleanup of the earth is continuing, but there is still a lot of rogue activity. Our forces just discovered one way the rogues are controlling our politicians and others. They put very small implants all around the seventh energy center, which is at the crown of the head. The seventh energy center connects a person with proper guidance. Without it, the person is rather easy to influence.

The large orbit. Also, we think we discovered the proper orbit of our solar system around a large central star. It is a very large orbit that takes thousands of years for one rotation. This orbit has been adjusted and the change is helping the safety of the earth.

The large orbit is NOT THE SAME as the orbit of the earth around the sun, which cannot vary or the climate would be a mess.

A diseased area of space. We now believe that the earth is passing through a very diseased part of space and this is the cause of the problems on earth. This has to do with the biological concept of spacemeaning that there are very large, living beings in outer space.

We believe that we are moving away from this sick area at this time and that this will eventually improve the situation on the planet.

Minerals. We also discovered piles of minerals in space that belong on earth. Our forces are bringing the minerals back to the earth and spreading the minerals on the ground.

These minerals are essential to produce healthy food. If the earth had these minerals, we would not need to eat so many cooked vegetables. We believe the minerals, along with trillions of souls, were removed from the earth thousands of years ago in an effort to weaken the planet and her people.

The other planets. We also now believe that earth is in the best condition of all the planets in our solar system. We also believe that some of the souls and human beings on earth are actually from other planets in our solar system and need to be returned there. They came to the earth thousands of years ago when their planets were damaged.

Rehabilitation of the other planets is starting and we expect some souls and humans will leave the earth in special spacecraft and go home. As a result, the population of the earth may diminish somewhat.


6/11/20. Excellent websites are Blue Lives Matter in was formed in 2014 in response to the formation of Black Lives Matter – an evil group. Black Lives Matter is communist. We think they are not about race.

Just read their website. It talks about “comrades” and “liberation”. These are code words for communist organizations. Black Lives Matter opposes the police because the police keep order in society and the group wants to overthrow Western societies.

We strongly suggest that everyone call their local police departments and tell them you support the police. This is important because we need good police officers and some are quitting because of the completely unfounded attacks upon them. presents data to help people get over irrational fear of the Chinese virus.

An interesting website that says some of the same things we say, but in different terms, is


6/10/20. Is the whole world systemically racist? We say no. The world is not perfect, but there is more racial tolerance in the world than every before.

Then why all the lies and the fuss? Because it is a way to divide the people of earth and further the communist cause. This makes the people and the nations much easier to control.

And why attack the police, who overall do an excellent, excellent job. Because that breaks down law and order and makes the people easier to control.

The media does not tell you that in America, for example, most African-American people are killed by other African-American people. That is the truth. The police shoot relatively few.

However, as a race, African-Americans commit more crime than other races. The most likely reason for this is because many more of them are born out of wedlock to single mothers. Anyone who reads enough knows that single parent homes breed more criminals.

Statistics: The latest statistics of children born into single parent homes are: African-American - 65%, Native American – 54%, Hispanic – 41%, White – 24% and Asian/Pacific - 15%. Source:,871,870,573,869,36,868,867,133,38/10,11,9,12,1,185,13/432,431


6/9/20. We recommend having variety in your proteins and vegetables. The same is true of fats. Fats and oils that are daily foods for development are chicken, organic beef and lamb fat, and the oil inside sardines (Also, a little of the oil in which sardines are packed is okay. However, it is not the best quality oil and it is cooked olive oil, which is not very healthful. So don’t eat a lot of this oil).

Other daily fats and oils are 8 ounces of goat milk yogurt weekly or some goat milk cheese if you cannot find goat yogurt, a little olive oil but don’t heat it, almond butter (2 tablespoons daily), and roasted sesame tahini (2 tablespoons daily) OR hummus (4 tablespoons daily).

Among fats and oils that are for occasional use only are a little of the other vegetable oils and a little of other nut butters. A good one if you can find it is pumpkin seed butter.


6/9/20. In the past, we recommended using Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap. About a year ago, we discovered it had been weakened and we stopped recommending it. Recently, we checked and it is better. So we can recommend it once again. It has disinfectant qualities that are very helpful.


6/8/20. Hundreds of prisons that were in space have been brought back to earth. This has added trillions of fine matter creatures, plants, souls and about 15,000 human beings to the planet. Vital water and minerals have also been returned to the planet.

This is very exciting because the minerals are much needed for our food. They were deliberately stolen from the planet to wreck the food. Also, the returning souls are generally quite advanced and mature. This will help stop the rogue attacks on the planet. Among these are the mild Chinese virus scare and the “well-planned” demonstrations and riots that really have nothing to do with race. That is just the excuse they use to frighten people and destroy property.


6/8/20. Earth forces continue to destroy the underground agartha network of “spiritual” cities, which are not really spiritual at all. They contain equipment that is extremely harmful for the planet.

This is a slow process and the rogues are trying to stop it as best they can. We are saving some items from the cities to use with the human refugees from space (see above) such as clothing, kitchen items, etc.


The rogues are able to tether our sun to large ships and bases in order to slow down the orbit of the earth around her central sun. This is quite harmful for the planet. Earth forces are breaking these ties when we find them, which helps restore the planet’s proper orbit around the central sun. For details about this important orbit, read the post on 5/23/20.


The environmental cleanup of the earth is also moving forward. You may not notice it yet, but the plan is to reduce the mercury and toxic metal content of the fish of the earth. They will become safer to eat. Millions of people depend upon this source of protein.

Farmers and ranchers are also learning how to stop using agricultural chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs in order to clean up all farming and animal husbandry on earth. The new normal on earth will be ‘organically grown’ - not dirty face masks some states and nations are requiring.

(We believe the mask requirement is completely illegal in the United States. In this nation and probably others, people have a constitutional right to assemble, to worship freely and to speak freely, among other rights. The state and national constitutions say nothing about the need to wear a face mask to engage in these activities.)


A travesty of justice is occurring in the United States in regard to the incident in which a policeman allegedly killed a black man, which supposedly set off worldwide race riots. The constitutional way to handle the incident is that the policeman goes on trial for a possible crime. Then a jury of his peers would listen to all the evidence, figures out what really occurred, and decides the punishment.

Instead of doing it correctly, the newer unconstitutional procedure in the USA and in some other nations is to force the prosecuting attorney to list the charges BEFORE the trial. Of course, the prosecutor cannot do this correctly because he or she does not have all of the evidence! The evidence only comes out during the trial itself!!!

By mixing things up this way, the Rogues have wrecked the American justice system! The rogues love the mixup because if the charges are found to be incorrect, which often occurs, the criminals go free - and the criminals are usually rogue agents. This horrible injustice needs to be corrected at once!


6/7/20. A very important project for planet earth is stop the use of toxic agricultural chemicals. These are polluting every continent and all water supplies on the planet. They even include massive amounts of antibiotics fed to our farm animals.

To do this, we need to vastly improve the health and fertility of the soils of the earth. To achieve this, we are told that the same principles of development programs can be used to heal the soils of the entire earth. We don’t have experience with it and we welcome feedback about it. For details, read Regeneration Of The Soil With The Development Method.


6/7/20. To stay safe, continue your development program and do it well. It changes your energy in subtle ways and is definitely protective.

Also, to clarify previous posts, we would never advocate or condone police violence against peaceful protestors. However, when protests turn violent, the police need to step in and stop it.


6/6/20. 1. Write and call your mayor, governor, president or prime minister. Tell them that holding back the police is the crime of treason. Tell them you support the police, who must use as much force as needed to stop the riots and enforce the law.

If some rioters die, it is their own fault. They must not be allowed to destroy property. Defunding the police is also obviously an act of treason.

If possible, also write the judges who are releasing the rioters. Tell them they must imprison and charge the rioters. Otherwise, the judges are committing treason. They will be out of a job and they will be held accountable.

2. Remember, most people think as you do and they are right. The riots are not about race relations, which are actually quite good in most of the world. You are witnessing a carefully executed worldwide communist insurrection. The governments have been infiltrated, so they do little to stop it and they are all guilty of treason.

The author was a college student during the anti-Vietnam war protests of the 1970s in America. A friend told him it was all phony and planned, but the author did not believe it. So the friend said “I’ll show you.”

We went to the headquarters of the protest march, which was somewhat hidden. It was full of communist literature - Rosa Luxemburg, Students For A Democratic Society, Communist Party USA, and more.

If you know history, you know that as soon as America pulled out of Vietnam, (in part due to the protests), the communists quickly took over Vietnam and slaughtered thousands of people. So help defend your cities and nations.

3. Responsible adults can buy a gun, if it is legal in your area. Also, you will need ammunition and some lessons on how to use and store the weapon safely. You will feel safer with it.

A handgun is okay. Get at least a 32 caliber or larger. It need not be new, but it needs to be in good condition. Otherwise, they are dangerous. A shotgun is a much more powerful weapon and you don’t have to aim it, which is an advantage. They are much heavier, however, and you can’t carry it around easily.

The small “midnight special” weapons that women carry in their purse are not as good because they are designed for short range. They are not accurate at longer distances. They are designed mainly to handle a bad date where the attacker is close by.


6/4/20. This post sounds negative, but I am told not to worry about the uprisings in the streets of America and other nations. However, know that they are not spontaneous protests. They are well-organized terrorist attacks. Their intent is not justice, as they claim, but instead to scare people and damage the Western nations. They would like us to get rid of our freedoms in order to combat the “riot threat”, just like they want us to abandon our freedoms to combat the phony “disease threat”.

Our information is that they are organized by a very small group based in Europe and they are rogues – meaning not from this planet. They move from city to city and they depend upon corrupt mayors, governors and judges to get their protesters out of jail quickly so they can riot some more.

Also, most of the mass media is corrupt and are exaggerating the numbers of protesters. There are not that many rioters.

Project Veritas in America infiltrates groups like this and has infiltrated Antifa, as well. In an interview today, the founder of Project Veritas said that Antifa is extremely well-funded and completely sophisticated. For example, they have the most advanced electronic means to avoid detection and infiltration.

This week, the American president declared them to be a terrorist organization. However, so far the American and other governments have not gone after them to utterly destroy them. This is a major failure and goes right to the top of most Western governments.

If you know more about these terrorist groups, pass it on to Project Veritas. And remember, if you can, do not to worry about this because this sort of thing is being cleared from planet earth at this time.


6/3/20. We have had one or two complaints that the topic of this post scares people away from the wonderful development program. Some also say that this post is reckless and will lead to more killing of innocent people.

We answer that we believe the truth is most important, and this post is the truth. We also believe the Biblical saying, “Know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” We also need to help our police who are at a disadvantage if they do not understand these creatures.

The rogues have brought to the earth human-angel hybrid creatures that they call satans or sats, for short. They appear perfectly human and speak many languages, but they are twice as strong as human beings and very difficult to kill. They are also completely psychopathic. They kill, rape, beat, lie, cheat and steal. The rogues have put them in our governments, companies, schools and other important jobs to disrupt and control our world.

Some sats are being used in the current riots. To help the police (NOT JUST ANYONE), here are tips about how to subdue and kill them. First, tie up their feet or they run away. Then, tie their hands. They all carry about 50 weapons or more and they are good shots. Their weapons are small, but powerful laser weapons. They often even keep one in their mouths, so be careful to check there and tie them well.

They can break out of some handcuffs and you must tie them with wire or chain because they may break out of rope unless it is very heavy.

To kill them, one needs a 50 caliber or larger bullet, shot at close range, aimed at the pituitary gland. Shoot through one ear. Another method is to beat the head with a club or bat enough to crack the skull. Shooting the heart does not work because their organs can be in unusual positions. Another method that seems horrible but works is to spray them with gasoline, especially in the mouth, and light it.

We apologize for this post. However, it is necessary at this time and we will take it down when it is no longer needed. The sats are being cleared from the earth and most are already gone, so do not worry about them.


6/3/20. I recently read a column by Mr. Dennis Prager in which he called the American government response to the Chinese virus “a police state”. We agree with this. It means dictatorial rule. However, he was careful to add that it is not a totalitarian state because the Citizens still have some rights and freedoms.

However, we think this is not correct. We believe we are living in a new type of totalitarian state. Let us explain:

The old style totalitarianism that Mr. Prager is talking about. These were places such as Nazi Germany (1933 to 1945) and the USSR or Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (1917 to 1989). In these nations, every third or fourth person walking the street was a secret police agent.

These agents followed and watched every citizen. They knew where each person went, whom they met, what they said, what they bought in the stores, and more. If the government decided they did not like your views or something else, you would be found dead, you would experience a fatal car accident, or people just disappeared.

Today, life seems better. However, some of this is illusory. Today there is no need for all those secret police agents. Instead, your computer watches and listens to you all day, your cell phone listens to you all day, your newer car listens in and probably watches you when you drive, and your “smart” new appliances – refrigerators, stoves and washing machines, for example – watch and listen to you.

They do more than that. They can influence your thoughts. This is NOT such difficult technology. They can tell you what to buy, where to go, what to think, who to vote for, and even who to have sex with and whom to marry. It is true – it is the science of Psychotronics.

Furthermore, if you don’t go along with the government agendas, the same devices can easily give you a headache. (This author experiences this often). If they really don’t like you, the same devices can promote a heart attack, a stroke or give you cancer. This is a major reason I stick closely to our healing program!

Implants. Actually, things are much worse than this. We know that everyone has electronic devices implanted in their brain and elsewhere. Some are put in in the hospitals at birth, and the flu shots and vaccines may contain them, as well. Other methods can also be used to place implants, such as rapes.

The implants listen to your thoughts and words, can observe you and send you messages all day long. They can also inflict pain or give you tingles of pleasure if you do what you are subliminally told.

The rectangular antennas. In our town, unusual-looking rectangular antennas have sprouted all over the city. We are told that these are psychotronic transmitters that connect directly to the brain. (You will not be told the truth if you ask about them.) They don’t require that you have a cell phone, computer or other device or appliance that is rigged for spying and mental influencing. This is modern witchcraft and ...this is the new totalitarianism. It is the book, 1984, on Steroids!

What to do about it. The first thing is to know about it. Then we can get to work changing the laws and getting rid of the rogues who are behind it all. Also, we do not suggest using a cell phone and we suggest following a development program because these lifestyle changes make you much harder to control.


6/3/20. Today, we realized that many of the problems of the earth are due to the existence of about 70+ underground cities. These, we were told, are “spiritual” centers that have been there for thousands of years. We were told to leave them alone and that they are not rogue creations.

A horror. The opposite is true! Quite by accident, we realized that the cities are terrible rogue creations that are crippling the earth. So we have begun removing them.

This is huge job. They are enormous metal spheres inside large mountains or just below the surface of the earth. Large hollow tubes connect them, through which air-powered vehicles can pass to move people and goods between the cities.

The tube system is similar to the way drive-in banks move paperwork from your car to the inside of the bank. The bank teller instructs you to put your checks or cash in a small plastic canister. You then place the canister in a holder. Then you push a button that sends a jet of air that moves the canister along a plastic tube that runs to the inside of the bank. They return your receipt by the same method.

Books. A number of books and articles discuss these cities as being beautiful structures where spiritual people live in luxury and peace. We found out this is a lie. Here is an example of a post about the cities:


6/1/20. We recently learned that several thousand years ago the rogues slowed down the orbit of the earth around her central sun. This has caused many problems on earth.

In the past few weeks, the orbit has been corrected by large fine matter beings. This will help stabilize the climate on earth. Also, some people notice they feel better. We have also seen better results on some hair mineral tests.

For details about the earth’s orbit around our central sun, read the post on 5/23/20.

More beings. The number of total inhabitants of the earth – fine matter beings and coarse matter beings combined - has grown much larger since our last update. The reason is that we found literally trillions of souls and other beings who were imprisoned in space around the earth.

These have been freed and brought back to the earth. This is very helpful for the planet because most of the imprisoned souls are more mature ones. To understand fine matter beings, read the posts: FINE AND COARSE MATTER and MORE ON FINE MATTER BEINGS. Much more detail is in the article, Bodies In Space.


6/1/20. In an earlier post, we discussed the five major cleanup projects on earth. These are:

1) Cleaning up all the toxic metals and toxic chemicals on the planet, especially in the oceans.

2) Restoring the fertility of the earth’s soils.

3) Stopping rape all over the earth.

4) Getting rid of the Chinese 5G cell phone and weapons system.

5) Changing the world’s health care systems. The current system is mainly based upon the use of toxic drugs and surgery. This system shortens lives, is too costly, and harms people and society in many ways. The correct system is based upon improved nutrition and development science.

These projects are all moving ahead and need your assistance. The ocean cleanup is one of the most important. Billions of human beings and trillions of other creatures depend upon fish as their main protein food. It is all quite contaminated with toxic metals. This is the reason the development diet restricts fish intake to only 3-4 cans of sardines per week.

Rebuilding the soils of earth is at an early stage with the growth of the organic food movement.

To help reduce rape, earth forces are removing the worst rogue beings from the planet, and this will continue. Rape laws need to be much more strict, as they are in the nation of Israel, and the laws need to be better enforced. For many more details, read Rape.

The 5G phone system will be taken down. The worst installations are underground and not visible. This project is not needed, harms people’s health, and destroys any vestige of personal privacy. Also,cheaper and cleaner automotive and power generation technology is available right now and will be implemented soon. For details, read Nuclear Power And Alternatives.

Changing the health care systems of the world is difficult due to quite complete rogue control over these systems. However, their influence is waning. The wildly inaccurate predictions about the death toll from the Chinese virus is causing many people to question the intelligence and integrity of the medical profession. For more details, read Health Care For The New Millenium.

For many more details about the vital environmental cleanup on earth, read Healing The Earth.


5/31/20. I was just told that on the day of Pentecost, there were, in fact, several hundred followers of Jesus who experienced the ability to speak in different languages.

About half of this large group of followers were women. This is very important for women to know. Some of the women were married, and there was also a group of unmarried women. They stayed together for safety, and were an important part of the group.

There was also a core group of about ten followers, but they were mainly organizers of the larger group. They were not more learned or more holy than anyone else.

There were a few women in this core group, as well. This was absolutely necessary to deal with all the issues and problems that every large group has to handle.

The men and the women were told to work in teams because the world, at that time, was not a safe place. There were no nations, as we have today, and travel was very hazardous. Territories were under the control of various warlords. There were many bandits and thieves who would assault people and take their valuables.


5/31/20. I was told that the description below, and the spelling of Pentecost, were not quite correct. Pentecost was was the beginning of the teaching ministry of Jesus to bring the Hebrew Bible to the non-Hebrew people of the world.

The followers of Jesus suddenly found they could speak many different languages. This was needed because the ministry would require them to communicate with people in their own languages all over the world. There may be other corrections, as well.


5/31/20. Please beware of all conservative websites. We have been reviewing a number of them and most are rogue-controlled. They can sound quite good, but then they mix lies with truth. Please beware.

Right now, any website that favors Donald Trump for president is suspect. We are sad to say this, but we have lost confidence in him, Attorney General Barr, and the rest of his team. This does not mean we support any DemocratIc Party candidate in America. It means we would like to see someone else nominated by the Republicans.


5/31/20. Shavuot. On May 28 to 30, 2020, Hebrew people around the world celebrated the anniversary of the giving of the Ten Commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai. This took place about 3500 years ago.

While the exact date is not important, the event marked the beginning of Western civilization. Shavuot is not a “harvest festival”, as some lying websites assert.

Shavuot is a major holiday in the Hebrew religion. In the nation of Israel, schools and most businesses close for this holiday. Some day, we hope this will occur all around the world.

The beginning of Western civilization. The Ten Commandments are still the bedrock of our civilization, though some will deny it. This is the reason we emphasize it often on this website.

If these commandments are ever forgotten, civilization will very quickly fall into chaos, tyranny and horror. In the past three months, we have witnessed the result of the violation of at least one of the Ten Commandments - “Thou shalt not bear false witness” (which means do not lie).

The Ten Commandments should be posted in every home, every business, and certainly in every government office. This was the custom in Great Britain, particularly, until the 19th century when secularism began to arise in this nation. America adopted the British tradition for a time, but it has died out there as well.

Pentecost. Today, May 31, 2020, is also an important holiday for many Christians – the holiday of Pentecost. This holiday celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the early followers of Jesus. They were gathered in Jerusalem at the time to celebrate the holiday of Shavuot.

For some unknown reason, this holiday is described only in the Book of Acts. However, many Christians believe that the story is historically accurate. Many Christians believe that this holiday celebrates the true beginning of the Christian church. Until that time, the followers of Jesus were only loosely organized. For details, read


5/20/20. I am told not to worry about America. It is true that there is an effort by the rogues to destabilize America in order to end the republic. I am told the plot will not be successful. In part, this is because of the efforts of the readers of this newsletter!

So keep writing and calling your representatives in America and in other nations. Gently remind them of their duty to follow the Constitution and other laws. This is the message of this day.

Those who inspire this newsletter want to teach about rogue methods. Therefore, the following messages about gradualism, the riots, and the apparent paralysis of the government are somewhat negative. However, we don’t want to miss this wonderful teaching moment.


5/30/20. An important rogue tactic is called gradualism. Slowly erode the people’s rights and freedoms until they are ripe for martial law. This effort has been going on in America for at least 150 years.

Another vital tactic is divide and conquer. So we have black skin against white skin, conservatives against liberals, homosexuals against heterosexuals, women against men, and it goes on. These are nothing more than attempts to divide the people to weaken the nations.


5/30/20. We have checked carefully and we assert that the recent riots are completely phony. They began with a hired thug (he is not a real police officer) killing a man intentionally on camera.

Then the rogues brought in hired protesters – another group of thugs. Then other rogue operatives - the city mayors or governors – told the police to stay away because we are supposed to feel sorry for the black slaves of long ago. So the thugs burned down the police station in Minneapolis and committed other crimes.

More riots are planned in over 100 American cities. All are fake, meaning they are not an uprising of the people of the United States. They are orchestrated by imposters posing as Citizens. In truth, the people of color in America are doing well, and most are quite happy.

The rogue-controlled media feeds it all, inflaming the emotions and lying on a daily basis. The Trump administration Department of Justice, and those of past administrations, have refused to shut down the media for fraud. The First Amendment to the US Constitution, which guarantees freedom of the press, does not allow fraud!!!


5/3020. During the present chaos, the national government of the United States and some state legislatures seem paralyzed:

The Congress. Not one American senator or congressman that we know of has stood up for the US Constitution. In our view, they all need to be removed for this offense.

The executive branch of government. Mr. Trump’s Department of Justice has done nothing about the shutdowns! Indeed, it has done almost nothing about many injustices and scandals, as explained in previous posts.

We are sad to say the president is part of the problem. He tweets a lot, but he lets it all happen. He intervenes only when he believes that he might lose the support of his political base.

He did, indeed, do some positive things for America. We now believe he is a good con artist who has to establish confidence before he cheats you badly. We think he and Nancy Pelosi are playing a high-stakes game of good cop-bad cop with the American people, and little else. He fooled us!

As one constitutional scholar wrote, the conservatives in America have substituted faith in Republican Party leaders for faith in God and in the US Constitution.

The judiciary. The judicial branch of the American government could have easily stopped the illegal shutdowns and stay-at-home orders with a simple injunction. Except for a very few minor exceptions, all American judges are guilty of treason and violation of their oath of office, and need to be removed.

The supposedly conservative Supreme Court justices Neil Gorsuch, Brent Cavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, John Roberts and Samual Alito are major disappointments. We believe the rogues murdered Antonin Scalia a few years ago as part of this plan. He might have stopped the whole thing. For details, read The Death Of Antonin Scalia And The Future Of The Supreme Court.

We do not mean to sound negative, but one must have the big picture. Then things makes sense. Once again, don’t worry – just keep thanking God for showing us the truth.


5/29/20. Few people know that in America, the county Sheriffs are the highest level of law enforcement. The sheriffs answer only to the Citizens and to the constitution.

Sheriffs do not have to obey the president, the Congress, state governors, or any local leaders such as city majors or city councils. This is of vital mportance. For details, watch a wonderful Video Interview With Sheriff Richard Mack. It is at an excellent website – What we call the rogues do not like this system, of course, so few people know about it. Another very good website is


5/27/20. We just posted an important new article about the contamination of many of the world’s water supplies with medical drugs. For details, see Medical Drugs In The Water Supplies.


5/27/20. One of the most important tasks occurring on earth at this time is to defuse and destroy thousands of bombs that the rogues have placed in strategic locations throughout the planet. The bombs is one of the major methods they use to maintain control of the earth.

The forces helping the earth have removed thousands of these bombs. There are still at least several thousand more to remove. The bombs are in population centers, especially in the United States. They are also on high-tension power lines, dams, highways, computer data centers, cell phone towers and switching installations, nuclear power plants, conventional power plants, subway systems and elsewhere.

The rogues show the bombs to political leaders and tell them that if the leaders do not go along with rogue agendas such as keeping the American states locked down and other harmful policies, the rogues will explode the bombs, killing thousands of people.

The bombs are of a special type called plasma bombs. They are similar to atomic bombs, but more powerful so that they need not be very large. A bomb the size of a suitcase can easily destroy half of a large city, for example.

They tell political leaders that the attack would be called a terrorist attack, when really it is just due to these bombs. Usually, they demonstrate the bombs on a harmless target that they set up in a desert somewhere away from easy detection.

This is a major way of controlling a planet, and a method the rogues perfected long ago.


5/27/20. A recent article clearly shows face masks carry risks and there are no studies showing that they help prevent the spread of covid-19. Here is the article:


5/27/20. We are happy to learn (and the regular news is not reporting) that there is some resistance to the shut-downs and stay-at-home orders throughout the USA. Here is an article about it:


5/26/20. In addition to the loss of our liberties that has occurred with the government response to the Chinese virus, an even worse problem is the ease with which the American and other government officials have violated the law.

The rule of law is the mark of modern civilization. Its basic concept is that the leaders must follow what is called due process of law. This means that the leaders must follow specified procedures to enact laws, to enforce the laws, and to judge the constitutionality and fairness of laws. Also, everyone must obey the law, including the leaders.

The alternative to the rule of law is called the divine right of kings. It was the system on earth for thousands of years. Under this system, the rulers or leaders mostly do as they please. It is rule by edict or decree. Also, the leaders do not need to abide by the decrees they issue to everyone else.

In their response to the Chinese virus, our leaders have ignored the constitutions and due process of law. This is a great step backward for Western nations and for the noble tradition of self-government and limited government power. This is the reason the leaders need to be punished for their illegal actions shutting down economies, ruining businesses, and insisting people stay at home. In America, at least, we believe they all need to resign and be put on trial for violation of their oath of office and for the crime of treason.

The authoritarians will answer that the police powers doctrine in America, and similar emergency power doctrines in some other nations, give the leaders the power to act as they have in this “emergency”. However, this is a false argument.

In America, and some other nations, the national and state constitutions are the highest law. All other laws need to conform to it. The constitutions can never he suspended, as has been done in this situation. Everyone wants to avoid illness, but a virus, or a natural disaster such as a tornado, may not override the constitution and the rule of law. Our leaders either do not understand this or they don’t care.


5/27/20. A number of people are sending me websites about the lockdowns. Here are a few that so far look excellent: This website has an excellent interview with retired Sheriff Richard Mack. The interview is at


5/27/20. Moving away from the rule of law, as has occurred with the Chinese virus response, takes Western civilization back to a very dark time when kings and other tyrants just lorded it over an enslaved population. This governmental system is called The divine right of kings.

It was the norm on earth for thousands of years. It did not change much until the giving of the Ten Commandments Of Moses. This was a higher set of absolute laws that everyone, even the kings and other rulers, are required to follow.


5/26/20. One of our Helpers has reported a serious problem with an Instant Pot ® pressure cooker. The cooker had to be set to 0 minutes in order not to overcook her vegetables.

In other words, as soon as the cooker reached its operating pressure, she had to turn it off and quickly depressurize it or it overcooked the food. This is a serious defect that means that the pot is operating at too high a pressure and probably ruining her food.

Unfortunately, one company, Intex, makes at least a dozen brands of electronic pressure cookers – perhaps all of them. They all have the identical design. Therefore, other brands of electronic pressure cookers may be no better. We have had no reports of problems with the old-fashioned stove top pressure cookers such as Presto and others.


5/26/20. In the past, we have suggested discarding the water in which you cook meat in a pressure cooker. However, we recently found that using quality water, and using the same water to cook vegetables and drinking the water seems to improve the vegetables and certainly adds flavor to vegetables.


5/26/20. No one following a development program has so far tested positive for the Chinese virus, let alone be sickened by it. Several clients went to emergency rooms around the world because they feared they had the virus. So far, all that we are aware of tested negative. All were having bronchial purification reactions, and nothing more.

The real sickness, as we have repeated in this newsletter, is the serious loss of constitutional rights that has occurred due to the response to the rather mild Chinese virus. Readers have no idea the level of disappointment and sadness that this newsletter author feels regarding the violation of basic liberties and lack of outrage and protest about it from individuals and groups who claim to love the concept of political liberty.

We have checked the websites of Liberty International, Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, Pacific Legal Foundation, Institute For Justice, Future of Freedom Foundation, Breitbart, Town Hall, Washington Examiner, websites of Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, Dennis Prager, and other conservative talk show hosts, and the websites of Hillsdale College, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and the Foundation For Economic Education.

Our disappointment with these groups is profound! Better websites are and I am sure there are many other freedom organizations around the world, but I don’t know their names or websites.

Dershowitz. Among the most despicable, disgusting lies spoken recently were by well-known attorney, Allan Dershowitz, of Harvard University. In an interview reported by the Washington Examiner, he said:

"Let me put it very clearly, you have no constitutional right to endanger the public and spread disease, even if you disagree," he said. "You have no right not to be vaccinated, you have no right not to wear a mask, you have no right to open up your business....if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor's office and plunge a needle into your arm."

The truth is that every time anyone comes close or touches anything that another will touch, he or she can and often does infect others with hundreds of diseases. Even using the toilet spreads literally hundreds of parasitic and other diseases. Mr. Dershowitz, this is why we have an immune system. (Thank God for constipation – less contamination!)

On a more serious note, in our view, this man needs to be put to death for the crime of treason - a traitor to everything America stands for.


5/26/20. The above leads us to ask, did the founders of America and many other brilliant thinkers before them intend that the rights of the people can be suspended if it is flu season, or perhaps if there is a hurricane or some other emergency? If so, why didn’t they say so? Were they so stupid they forgot?

The answer is no. They were well aware of disease epidemics, which were much worse in past times than they are today. However, they realized that a free society requires absolute limits on government power. Otherwise, tyrants always find an excuse to take away the people’s rights.


5/26/20. Beware of the website www. Someone sent me a recent article from this website praising president Trump because he is not planning to impose forced vaccination upon the American people. The article also said he deserves praise because he is not planning to impose a second lockdown if viral cases increases. Also, the president was willing to tell everyone that he is taking zinc, a nutritional supplement.

This is all nice, but completely misses the point. Under the US Constitution, the American government may not shut down businesses or issue stay-at-home orders. Under the Constitution, neither the nation or state governments may invade your private property – your body - and force vaccines or any medical treatment upon the people. This is how the president needs to speak, and he is not doing so.


5/25. At this time, is once again selling our books, so they can be purchased there, as well as from Analytical Research Labs.


5/24/20. The author voted for Mr. Trump and will vote for him again to prevent a socialist, communist, Democrat from becoming president. He has also done many wonderful things for the American nation such as lowering the capital gains tax, appointing better Supreme Court judges, renegotiated trade deals, and much, much more.

However, Mr. Trump must accept some blame for the wholly illegal Chinese virus response in America and elsewhere because America is an influential nation.

The president said on television that he would not order a national shutdown due to the virus because he “cherishes the constitution”. However, if the president cherished the constitution, he would have said, “There will be no shutdowns, no stay-at-home orders and no mask orders because the United States Constitution forbids it. The government can advise and suggest, but it may not abridge the right to assemble, the right to worship freely, the rights to speak freely and to contract, which means to keep your businesses open.”

If the president cherished the Constitution, when the American state governors violated the Constitution, which most did, the president would have ordered his justice department to have them arrested at once for treason. He would also have had his justice department arrest all judges and Supreme Court justices for treason who did not issue injunctions stopping the shut down orders.

We think the president should also speak up about the horror of vaccination in America. He set up a commission to study the problems with vaccines and they reported the true horror of this disgusting medical practice.

The president has done nothing with the excellent report by Robert Kennedy, Jr – son of the slain former attorney general of the United States and nephew of the former president of the United States. We consider vaccinations a form of treason and therefore the president has the authority to stop it.

Now the president is bragging that America will soon produce 300 million doses of a Chinese virus vaccine. It is not needed and probably won’t work, except as a way to further poison the population.

We believe that if the president truly cherished the Constitution, he would have immediately upon taking office stopped the illegal sanctuary city movement. This horror in some American cities protects from deportation those who enter the United States illegally, including murderers and rapists.

If the president cherished the constitution, upon taking office he would have immediately arrested Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama for their multiple crimes – of which he is aware. He would also have long ago shut down ALL the marijuana and CBD production and sale because marijuana is illegal in the United States. And he would have pushed much harder to repeal the totally unconstitutional Affordable Care Act of 2010, or Obamacare. He has done none of this.

Also, immediately upon taking office he would have ordered his justice department to shut down the lying media. They commit fraud and treason on a daily basis and have done so for years. We do not think the First Amendment, which protects the right to speak freely, protects the right of the media to lie.

We don’t think this is harsh criticism. It is simply the truth. We are extremely grateful for many of the president’s actions - and we certainly do not want a Democrat-socialist president instead. But we are sickened by the way many people overlook the illegal and very harmful Chinese virus response that he supported.


5/24/20. I am told this is a testing time to see if the people of earth deserve the their freedom as specified in their constitutions, or if earth is to become a slave planet, as are most other planets.

I am further told that the current leaders, especially in America where the rights are clearly spelled out, are not passing the test. For example, the state and national constitutions clearly say the Citizens have the right to assemble and to worship freely. The constitutions do not say, “but you must wear a mask, you must stand 6 feet apart”, or any such thing. It is a legal issue, and this must take precedence over the health issue or the law means nothing.

Legally, the governments of America and some other Western nations can only recommend or advise the people. They do not have the legal authority for force people to stay at home, to close churches and businesses, to wear masks, or to stand six feet apart.

Your newsletter author is particularly disappointed and upset with so-called conservative and constitutional judges, attorneys, think tanks, policy institutes, and television and talk radio hosts. None of them are teaching the truth stated in the paragraph above.

For example, one of the most outspoken critics of the stay-at-home policies is Mr. Dennis Prager on the radio. He calls the shutdowns “the worst mistake in the history of mankind”. At least he is not just going along. However, we strongly disagree with him.

The government actions are not just a mistake. They are blatantly illegal – and if the leaders, including the president of the United States, are not severely punished, it signals the end of the rule of law and a reversion to autocratic and dictatorial rule.

Those who understand this fact need to keep writing letters and emails every day, leave phone messages for the leaders every day, organize protest marches, sue the leaders for damages, organize recall elections, and impeach (attempt to remove) all judges and others who have failed to defend the highest law of the land.

We also recommend civil disobedience. This means that if the government fines you for opening your church or business, or not wearing a mask, you say - “I will not pay. Instead, I will challenge you in court based upon my First Amendment rights”. Note that a private business can require you to wear a mask to enter their private property. This is not the same as being forced to wear a mask or stand apart from others in a public place such as a street or park.


5/23/20. One should feel good most of the time while on a development program. If one is not feeling well, in some instances the problem is that one’s drinking water is not hydrating the body well enough. The ability to hydrate the body is a complex property of water that we do not understand well.

Symptoms. If the body becomes partially dehydrated it can cause many symptoms. Among the most common are fatigue, an inability to take many supplements, headaches, dry mouth and back pain in the area of the kidneys. Drinking more water does not help much.

A simple solution is to try drinking carbon-filtered tap water. It may not be the purest water, but it usually hydrates the body. We don’t know why it works. We believe it is a secret project on earth to help save the people.

Another solution is to find a different brand of spring water, but this can be hit and miss. If you cannot figure it out, then contact your Helper and ask that the guides review your entire program.

Once you start drinking water that hydrates the body, it can take up to two weeks to restore full hydration, so symptoms may not go away immediately.


5/23/20. Modern people such as ourselves know a lot about operating cars and cell phones, but not much about the universe. We think we are so smart, but we are really quite ignorant! This newsletter will hopefully correct this problem with a series of posts about the universe.

We are still checking a few items in this post. Most of the information is well-known and found on websites such as Wikipedia. However, the schools and the media don’t teach it enough.

Let us begin with the rotations and orbits of the earth.

The main movements of the earth are: 1) spinning on its axis every 24 hours and 2) rotating around the sun very 365.25 days. The sun is an average of 92,955,807 miles or 149,597,870 kilometers from the earth.

In addition, however, the earth and the entire solar system move in roughly a circular orbit around what is called our central sun.


The central sun is a point in space about 422 light years from the earth. One light year is the distance that light travels in one year. It is equal to about 5,878,625,400,000 miles or 9,460,730,500,000 kilometers. If you multiply this number by 422, you will know exactly how far away we are from our central sun.

Australian aborigines, the Maori in New Zealand, some native Americans and hundreds of other ancient cultures on earth know all about this!

For example, in the Japanese language, this area of space is called subaru. An automobile is named after it and the car’s logo is a cluster of stars.

This area in space is called The Pleiades. The Old Testament of the Bible mentions the Pleiades three times because it is a very important area of space.

Rotation. The earth and our entire solar system rotates around the central sun every 25,450 years. Ancient astronomers divided this cycle into 12 parts, which are called the ages. Each age on the earth is a little more than 2000 years long. The ages are related to what are called the signs of the zodiac – a Greek invention. These are star clusters that appear in each phase of the cycle.

Our rotation through the ages around the seven sisters is a major cycle on earth. Right now we are told that the earth is moving out of what is called the Piscean Age and moving into what is called the Aquarian Age. Scholars say this will be an age of reason, as compared with the previous age, which was dominated by superstition.

We believe there are also two even longer cycles in the universe that we will discuss in future posts. However, now we will pause and discuss the languages spoken in the universe.


5/23/20. We will keep this post short, but there are at least three languages that are spoken throughout the universe. Here are the languages:

Ebre. This is a major language spoken by trillions of beings in the universe. The word Ebre is similar to our word Hebrew o