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Welcome. This newsletter is unusual. In 2012, a group formed that consists of millions of beings who live on and around planet earth. We were told that we could help the planet and would receive protection if we follow certain rules.

The group has observed that if we follow the rules, we remain fairly safe from a certain group of souls called the troph, the otros or the rogues who cause most problems on earth. In the Bible, they are called Satan. For more details, read the Rogues.

The rules we were told to follow are: the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai, the Golden Rule (behave toward others as you would have them behave toward you), and work together with others.

Also, all animals and plants are loved equally by the Creator, all are needed, and all are to be respected equally. This does not mean never eat meat or never kill a bug, for example. However, realize that all are equal in the eyes of the Creator. Some live as food creatures and eating their flesh in no way damages or harms their souls.

We are also to seek and speak the truth. This is not always easy. The only exceptions are rare situations when speaking truthfully endangers our lives or that of another.

Also, everyone must develop themselves - for safety and for purposes of becoming a leader. We are being told that the earth is a special planet that requires developed souls and developed bodies.

Development is a precise process that requires a particular diet, particular nutritional supplements, specific detoxification procedures and a healthful lifestyle. Following this program only, and no other health program, grows the size and brightness of the energy field of the body and builds excellent health and longevity of the body.

Other healing methods - medical, holistic, naturopathic and others - may alleviate diseases and reduce symptoms. However, they do not cause development to nearly the same degree. For this reason, we recommend them only rarely. Otherwise, they are best avoided altogether. For details about development, read Introduction To Development. For Details about the development program, read Introduction To The Development Program.

The rules above are together called the COVENANT. It is an agreement that applies to all the inhabitants of the earth. The COVENANT is not a religion. It is a set of rules. The more closely one follows them, the safer, more successful and happier one will be. For more details about the covenant, read the post dated 2/16/20.

Those in charge of this newsletter, we are told, are a group of souls who have lived on earth a long time. For the past 50 thousand or so years, the earth has been in a dark age controlled by the rogues, as we call them. These souls are now able to make themselves known more directly through this website and newsletter.

The author does his best to relay information from them to the public through this website because, at this time, they are not in charge of the mass media or many websites. In fact, this site is one of very few that they control. We hope this will soon change, but we don’t know when that will occur.

Disclaimer. All information on this newsletter is solely the opinion of the author and is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure for any health condition.


3/2/21. Our guidance is that the forces defending the earth are slowly increasing in numbers and in their health. As a result, there is some progress freeing the earth from the influence of the Rogues. Others call this group or force satan. They call themselves trof. These are interesting names.

Satan. This is a word in Hebrew or Ebre language that most people define as a fallen angel or fallen pious being who rebelled against God and was cast out of Heaven. He now tempts mankind and punishes people for wrongdoing.

Some also say the word satan means the secret ones. Oddly, others say it means the helpers. The definition of trof below can help explain this. The book of Job in the Bible can also help one understand this perspective about satan.

Sats. This is short for satans. It is what the rogues call their hybrid human-fine matter beings. These are bionic hybrids that number in the millions on earth. They are very strong, psychopathic, somewhat robotic and hard to kill.

They currently occupy many positions of power on earth. They have particularly infiltrated the political and government arena, medical profession including naturopaths, education profession, entertainment industry and the mass media and social media. They also have stolen and now control most large corporations. For details, read The Sats.

Trof. The word trof roughly translates as scavengers. English has some similar words. Trophology is the science of feeding. Trophoblast is the name of a tissue in every living being that feeds on old life to nourish new life. For details, read Trophology and The Trophoblast. Then you will understand cancer – the disease that occurs when the trophoblast becomes active in the wrong place and time.

Our understanding is that if one is not developing or moving on in life, one is slowly dying and decaying. The group known as satan, trof or rogues sense this and feed on decaying or sick bodies. In essence, this is what is occurring on earth. It may look like a war with China or a culture war, but in its essence it is a war with scavengers.

To stop this force, more people need to develop. That which we call the Development Program is just a speedy way to do this.


3/1/21. Without some temptation, there can be no virtue. Without some danger, there can be no courage. These are keys to a happy and long life. For many more details, read Courage, Letting Go, and Fear.


2/28/21. A few of our clients prefer not to take fish oil for omega-3 fatty acids because there can be some gastric reflux and it smells fishy. They ask if it is okay instead to use evening primrose oil, borage oil, flaxseed oil, hempseed oil or krill oil.

It is true these other oils can supply omega-3 fatty acids. Two reasons we like fish oil better are

1. Yin. Fish oil, an animal product, is much more yang in macrobiotic terminology than the plant oils. Yang and yin is a very basic and extremely important physics concept. It has to do with the speed of atomic particles and basic forces in the universe. At a deep level, diet, health and healing are all about physics.

The English language does not have equivalent words. Yang and yin are ancient Hebrew (Ebre) words and also found in modern Japanese and some other Oriental languages.

Eating more yang food is very important for development. All bodies today are already too yin and eating more yin products makes this problem much worse and contributes to many illnesses. For details, read Yin And Yang Healing and Yin Disease.

2. Toxicity. Fish oil is less toxic than krill oil. Krill is a member of the shrimp family and all shellfish are somewhat toxic. We recommend avoiding all shellfish for this reason. The recommendation to avoid shellfish is also in the Bible. For details, read The Biblical Food Laws.

To avoid the reflux problem, try taking the fish oil capsules before your meal and not afterwards. This will often solve the problem.

What about sardines? Instead of any of the oils discussed above, eating 3-4 cans of sardines each week is the best solution. They provide many nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, plenty of vitamin D, calcium, selenium, and dozens of other nutrients! Sardines are also the least expensive way to obtain omega-3 fatty acids and many other nutrients.

You can eat sardines right out of the can. If you prefer, you can mash them with a fork and put them in bean dip, cream, or other things to hide the taste.

We don’t recommend canned food if you can obtain food fresh. However, sardines are very delicate, difficult to cook properly, and spoil very easily. For this reason, canning them works well to preserve them and cook them properly.

We most prefer the smaller brisling sardines, but any will work. To minimize the mercury found in all food from the sea, you can slice them open longitudinally and remove the spine. This is where most of the mercury is in a sardine. If you wish, you can also remove the digestive organs, which are at the larger end of the sardine. Organ meat is also more toxic.

Occasionally, you can have herring, anchovies or smelt for variety. They are good, but not quite as good as sardines. For more details, read Sardines.


2/27/21. An expression in the English language when one has eaten enough of a food is “I am up to my ears” in the food. There is truth to this statement.

A method to decide how much to eat that works if one is somewhat developed or sensitive is that when you have had enough of a particular food you will feel a feeling in your ear lobes. Please try this and practice it.

Relaxing and pulling energy downward at the same time can help to feel it. It will take some time to learn the method and the more you do the pulling down exercise, the easier it will become.


2/26/21. We are stopping making the list of emails for this newsletter right now. So please do not send emails for this list at this time.


2/26/21. Endomet has stopped shipping supplements to the United Kingdom. I am not in control of the Endomet company, but I will do my best to help correct the situation. Our guides say they are working on the problem. Here are some substitutes until the problem can be fixed:

For Megapan, a B-complex vitamin pill is a fair substitute if the dosage is similar.  For Limcomin, a fair substitute is a combination of zinc, copper and manganese in the same proportions as are found in Limcomin.  

For SBF, a fair substitute is magnesium and copper in the same proportions as in SBF.  For Stress Pack, there are multivitamins that are similar - low in B vitamins and higher in calcium, magnesium, zinc and copper.  

Other products are easier to substitute, such as zinc, Paramin, kelp, and others.


2/26/21. The article below summarizes scientific research on wearing a mask. The entire article is about preventing the spread of the virus.

The really big picture. It is a good article. However, it misses other aspects of wearing a mask. Of these, the biggest one is that we believe the deepest purpose of the entire Chinese virus-mask mandate business is to help people develop. For details, read Introduction To Development.

We know that may sounds supremely arrogant, but I don’t think it is. The concept is that human beings are not supposed to live as most live today. Human beings are supposed to live a spiritual life and to have many more abilities, much better health, and much happier, longer lives.

To do that, they need to develop – a genetic change. We believe all the current events are trying to wake up the Citizens and help them think and behave differently.

(To develop, one does not have to follow the entire development program on this website. However, it helps a lot. At minimum, the diet, plenty of rest, the pulling down exercise, and holding on to sexual fluid are required or one will hardly develop at all. The rest of the program speeds it up.)

Here is the article about masks:


2/26/21. The following is an excellent article on the twisted web of connections between the big tech companies, government, and others trying to manipulate public opinion in favor of mass vaccination, phony covid-19 lies, and much more.

The article also talks about how to fight them. This is important so you don’t feel isolated and defeated. We would add to that to follow the development program to improve and maintain your physical and mental health:


2/26/21. We now have the help of a group of fine matter creatures who are defenders of the earth. They are not yet as strong as they need to be, but I am told they are helping. Don’t expect to hear about it on the news, however. There is much to clean up!


2/25/21. We recently noticed an interesting pattern - low self-esteem pattern - on the hair test of one of our clients. This pattern requires a lot of zinc to correct. It makes on think that zinc may play an important role in maintaining self-esteem. For details, read Low Self-Esteem Pattern.


2/25/21. A very important topic for everyone is the difficulty interpreting medical tests when one follows the development program. For details, read Interpreting Medical Tests When Following The Development Program.


2/25/21. We have learned that ex-president Trump and his legal team are continuing to file cases regarding election fraud before the US Supreme Court. This means there is still a chance to overturn the election. This newsletter believes Mr. Trump won the election easily and would win again in an honest repeat election.


2/25/21. We continue to receive wonderful reports of healing due to the vaginal hydrogen peroxide implant procedure. We encourage all women to do this procedure. For details, read Vaginal Peroxide Implants and for men, read Peroxide Implants For Men.


2/25/21. I am being told that Martyn Chilvers and others are selling a line of supplements and telling people they are just as good as Endomet products. However, our guidance is they are not as good as the Endomet products.

The worst of them is the kidney supplement - the equivalent of Renamide from Endomet. It may contain a subtle poison that slowly builds up in the body. Please stay away!

If anyone knows about this, please tell me. I am also being told there are efforts underway to make the Endomet supplements more available and less expensive.


2/24/21. An unusual healing that some women report during the development program is they suddenly realize they have lived an improper and sexy lifestyle. They are usually somewhat ashamed, but become much happier afterwards.

This healing reaction can be due to eliminating zirconium from the body. Zirconium has a curious effect mainly upon women and girls. They become oriented more sexually and more sensually.

The Rogues drop zirconium on the agricultural areas of the earth and in some water supplies. As a result, it is in our food and in some water supplies. Very few laboratories test for zirconium. Even if one tests for it, it may not show up in the hair or blood, so few are aware of it. For details, read Zirconium.


2/23/21. On February 22, 2021, in a 6 to 3 decision, the Supreme Court Of The United States refused to hear a number of excellent cases concerning election fraud in the 2020 US election. The court did not judge that the cases were wrong. They refused to even consider them!

We view this as treasonous because in a democracy, nothing is more important than fair elections. The word democracy means rule of the people. If the elections are fraudulent, then there is no democracy and there is no republic. The word republic means the rule of law.

It is also treasonous that the court waited nearly three months to even decide whether or not to hear the cases, allowing the Biden administration to come into power. We believe this was a decision of Chief Justice John Roberts.

The three members of the Supreme Court who voted to hear the election cases were Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch. The others need to be impeached, removed and tried for treason.

I accept responsibility for the horror because I believe it is best to take responsibility for whatever is going on in one’s life. I could have done more to stop the election fraud. George Washington, first president of the United States, said that a republic requires virtuous people. Perhaps the people of the United States and elsewhere are not virtuous enough.

There are about 60 legal challenges to the 2020 American election! Most have now been thrown out by the highest court. Unless the American people rise up and protest, or we have a divine intervention, we believe there has been a successful coup d’etat or takeover of the government of the United States. I hope I am wrong and that things will turn around.


2/23/21. Several clients report that at least two former Helpers are telling people that I am dead. As Mark Twain once wrote, such reports are greatly exaggerated.

Also, the former Helpers say they are taking over the nutrition program, the website and this newsletter. Not true.

They are also telling people to stop coffee enemas and kelp, and that salads and fruit are fine. Not true. Kelp and coffee enemas are wonderful. Eating salad and fruit will slow or stop development! Please beware.


2/23/21. Today, a client asked what to do about intermittent blood in his urine. He said he consulted a physician who did at least $5000.00 worth of x-rays, scans and blood tests.

The tests showed nothing. However, his entire abdomen was irradiated, which is not good. Now, he said, the physician wants to do another round of tests, so he wanted our opinion.

Our approach is a bit different - I asked about his diet. He is East Indian and loves a traditional spinach dish, which he eats every day. Spinach is high in oxalates.

In excess, these chemicals can form sharp crystals in the kidneys. As they pass from the kidneys, to the bladder, and out of the body they can easily tear the lining of the bladder or tubing, causing some bleeding.

He also eats red beets several times a week. He does not like drinking water and eats beets to combat constipation. He said he noticed that each time he eats beets his urine turns a little red. Based on this information, I suggested stopping the beets and spinach and see if the problem disappears.

Medical tests and scans definitely have their place. However, they are often used first when they should be a last resort. Also, physicians need to listen to their clients, not just run tests.


2/23/21. The so-called vaccines against covid-19 apparently are not vaccines at all. Vaccines involve antigens and antibodies and are designed to prevent diseases by building up one’s immunity to them.

The two covid-19 vaccines do not do this. They are experimental gene therapy that may reduce the symptoms of covid-19 if you get it. They are a form of chemotherapy with plenty of adverse effects, and that is all. For details, read Covid-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines.


2/22/21. According to our guidance, all bodies are too yin today due to radiation poisoning, mineral-depleted food, toxic food, and the presence of toxic metals and toxic chemicals in the environment. At times, other factors also make the bodies more yin such as traumas, eating junk food, bad attitudes, surgeries, and the use of medical drugs, herbs, supplements, and homeopathy. Occasionally, other factors may play a role as well.

Correcting the yin problem is essential for healing and development. This occurs automatically if one follows the development program.

However, the correction is not always comfortable or pleasant. For example, some years ago, when I was in poor health, eating meat (a more yang food) would feel heavy in the stomach, but the next day I would feel better. In contrast, eating a piece of fruit (a more yin food) would feel good when I ate it, but the next day I would feel more tired.

The reason this occurs is that as the body becomes more yang, toxins are forced out of the body and this can cause temporary symptoms.

Also, as the body becomes more yang, one becomes more aware and this can be upsetting. However, it is really very good because it is more real or accurate. I have learned to just pray and wish everyone well when I become aware of all the problems around us. Writing and talking about it also helps. For more details, read Yin Disease and other articles .


2/21/21. An extremely important concept in biochemistry is our body’s need for alkaline reserve minerals. These are minerals that cause an alkaline reaction in the body.

They include calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. They also include some trace minerals such as zinc, copper, manganese, chromium and selenium. Most bodies today are very deficient in these vital minerals. This is the cause of hundreds of health conditions and the reason that Development is almost unheard of on earth!

Health practitioners give many drugs, herbs and other remedies to counteract symptoms. However, a much better solution is to replace the alkaline reserve minerals. Then the health conditions disappear on their own. This is sometimes called correcting the terrain of the body.

How to obtain alkaline reserve minerals? The development program uses at least half a dozen methods to increase one’s intake of the alkaline reserve minerals. The main one is properly cooked vegetables. We know of no substitute for these today.

Anyone who does not eat a lot of cooked vegetables will not be in good health, no matter what else they do or eat. I don’t know all the reasons for this, but it is our observation.

What about raw vegetables? Raw vegetables will not work because human beings cannot extract enough minerals from raw vegetables. Most minerals are tightly bound up in the tough vegetable fibers. We would need to chew for hours to obtain all the minerals from raw salads. This is what cows and other ruminating animals do. For details, read Cooked Versus Raw Food.

What about eating fruit? Fruit will not work to supply enough minerals because their mineral content is too low. Most fruit is mainly water. Fruit also tends to ruin teeth due to a combination of acids and sugar it contains.

In addition, the forms or compounds of the minerals are not correct in fruit. Also fruit today is somewhat toxic thanks to the widespread use of chemical growth stimulants, falsely called superphosphate fertilizers. Of all foods, fruit picks up the most of these chemicals from the soil, and they are quite harmful for health!

Toxic potassium. One of the worst agricultural chemicals are toxic forms of potassium. It is found in all the chemical fertilizers today.

A death mineral. Potassium is required for health, but only in the correct forms. Otherwise, potassium is a death mineral. The old word for potassium is kallium, named after Kali, a Hindu goddess. That is why the symbol for potassium on the Periodic Table Of The Elements is K.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Kali in the Hindu language means “she who is death”. She is the goddess of time, death and doomsday. Fruit is the end of life or of a life cycle of a plant, so it contains a lot of potassium and most of it is the wrong compounds.

Gunpowder. Toxic potassium actually explodes your cells. If you look up ‘How To Make Gunpowder’ you will find it is full of potassium!

Death patterns. On all the death hair test death patterns, the potassium rises, either absolutely or relative to sodium or other minerals. The worst hair analysis pattern a person can have is called Step Up Pattern or Stepping Out Of Life. It is quick death. If we see it, we call you the same day so you can change it quickly - unless it is just retracing, in which case it is not a problem.

We feel sorry for people who are not on the development program because they won’t know if they have a death pattern. Many wonderful people die suddenly from a heart attack or stroke.

Another pattern with relatively high potassium is a low sodium/potassium ratio. Dr. Eck called this ratio the life-death ratio until he realized he was scaring everyone, so he changed the name to the vitality ratio. Another is the slow death pattern - double low ratio.

Another is Beam Me Up, Scottie pattern. This is named after the Star Trek television series. Whenever the space travelers were in trouble, they called for help and said “Beam me up, Scottie” – meaning, get me out of here!

Another is a four highs pattern with a very high potassium.

Women live longer than men, in part, because they give lots of toxic potassium away to their babies during pregnancy and this helps extend a woman’s life. The development program is the only nutrition program we know of that systematically removes toxic potassium from the body.

Always look for an elimination of toxic potassium on your hair tests because this is one of the joy patterns. These are very specific shifts a person goes as one heals and develops on the development program. For details, read Toxic Potassium and Fruit-Eating.

Why not just take lots of mineral pills? We use kelp capsules and supplements of calcium, magnesium, zinc and usually selenium. These are very good. However, fresh-cooked vegetables contain forms of the minerals that seem to be absolutely needed for rapid development and that are not found in prepared food supplements.

Why not just drink vegetable juices all day? We recommend up to 12 ounces of carrot juice daily for most adults and less for children. However, we find that more juices make the body cold or yin in macrobiotic terminology. This is quite harmful today, despite the nutritional benefits of juices. Also, if combined with solid food they are a poor food combination that impairs digestion. For details, read Smoothies, Soups, Purees And Juices.

Other sources. Other good sources of minerals are natural sea salt, bone broth, and the minerals found in certain foods such as almond butter, tahini, quality fresh meats, eggs, goat dairy, and blue corn. For more details, read Remineralizing The Body.


2/20/21. Placing a small object in the vagina helps women develop much faster. It works because it helps women remember to move subtle energy downward from the head to the feet all day long. This is an ancient method used at some convents that teach development.

The article about this topic has a new section at the end about using a somewhat larger object. It is unusual, but some of our clients say it works better this way. It can also help undo some types of trauma. For details, read Faster Development For Women.


2/19/21. We just posted a new article about a method that we are finding helpful for certain brain problems that most people have, including copper toxicity and rogue equipment in the brain. For details, read Brain Therapy.


2/19/21. The donkey or burro is a very important animal throughout the world. To learn about them and about their care, read Donkeys.


2/17/21. Please send emails to the legislators in Arizona about several votes that are coming up. Here is the link:

The group sponsoring the message, StandUp, Arizona, is very worth joining. On their website at the link above are links to similar groups in other states.

We need similar groups in every American state to turn things around. We need similar groups in every state and nation to do the same. Please get busy and start them wherever you are. No need for them to be fancy.


2/17/21. This is a very important article. We hope to make it into a printed booklet. For details, read The Young Person’s Manual.


2/17/21. With new research, we are changing the name of the post on 2/15/21. Working on oneself is part of the law of cause and effect. The word that was there is not the correct word so the post has been slightly changed, as has the title and content of a recent article, The Law Of Cause And Effect II.


2/16/21. Several of the most serious problems on earth are due to modern agricultural practices. They include:

- Nutritionally-depleted and toxic food.

- Horrible pollution everywhere from agricultural chemical residues.

- Loss of vital topsoil around the world due to damage to the soil structure from agricultural chemicals.

Everyone needs to understand this situation. It is much more important than Climate Change, for example. We updated and reorganized the Organic Agriculture article. It is one of the most important articles on the website! For details, read Organic Agriculture.


2/16/21. A way to understand and organize many types of information is to use the 7 system. It is based upon the seven physical energy centers found on every living being in the universe. These energy centers actually give rise to and sustain the life of every person, animal and plant.

For details, read the articles at The 7 System. For details about the energy centers, read Introduction To The Energy Centers and Raising Girls.


2/16/21. We have changed the name of this page to the New Earth Newsletter.


2/15/21. We are learning that everyone has work to do on themselves. Problems that occur are about universal justice, not punishment. It is the way the universe work. Some basic rules are:

1. Having work to do on yourself is always bad. Therefore, the more you correct, the safer and happier you will be. This is the same as the Biblical Law Of Cause And Effect.

2. That which affects others is often the most important. That which affects only yourself tends to be a little less important. However, very little affects only yourself.

3. Behavior is often the main thing that needs work in most people. However, your thoughts matter plenty, as well.

4. Everyone has work to do on themselves. In fact, just being alive causes a need for work because we have to take food, air and water away from others just to exist. Also, wearing clothing, driving a car and other simple activities create work because they use up resources. It is all about justice and giving back more than you take or use.

5. #4 above means that this is a continuous and dynamic process that goes on every minute of your life. It also means that no one escapes the process.

6. Since no one escapes, the best you can do is to help others and help the world. For details, read A Life Of Service.

7. This means that to be happy and safe, desire to be helpful rather than desiring to be rich, beautiful, famous, successful, or something else. Use your time, your skills and your money to help others. Work on letting go of jobs, relationships and other activities that are not really helpful to others.

8. For most people, three areas of behavior are most important work on. They are 1) avoid wasting anything, 2) stop lying and 3) maintain sexual purity.

9. Wasting things. Most people waste water, food, time, money, their bodies, and more. Extra space in a house is waste, extra clothing or other objects is a waste, even extra friends who you don’t really care about can be a waste unless you are kind and giving to them all. This is a huge area that most, if not all of us need to work on continuously. An article that touches on this subject is Letting Go.

10. Lying includes lies of omission, exaggerating, and little white lies that most people tell. All of these need to stop. Also, stop lying to yourself, although lying to others is worse than lying to yourself. For details, read Lying.

11. Sexual purity means no sex without marriage. Within a marriage, sexual activity needs to be mutually agreed upon always, gentle and not excessive.

Sexual thoughts need to be controlled and wholesome and not with strangers, children or animals, for example. Marriage and sexual relations are supposed to be a way to heal the body and mind, build a family, and help the world.

They are not supposed to be for distraction or pleasure. The latter is an abuse, in all cases. Also, down sex and down hugging are much better than ordinary sex with fluid loss. For more details, read Down Sex And Down Hugging and What Is Wrong with A Focus On Sex?

12. The development program is an excellent way to work on yourself. For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.

These are some basic rules about working on yourself. We will elaborate on them and present others in the future. Applying the rules is not always simple.


2/14/21. Kidney toxicity. This is fairly universal today due to all the toxins in the food, air and water of planet earth. It produces very few if any symptoms in its early stages, so it goes unnoticed.

Kidney disease is also the real cause of death of many people. If you want to stay alive and well, care for your kidneys with the development program!

Doctors often blame death on heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or infections. However, the underlying cause is often toxic kidneys.

This year, most deaths are recorded as due to the Chinese virus, no matter what the real cause. However, according to the US Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, only 6% of those who died with the Chinese virus in America died from the virus. The rest really died of other causes. Such are the errors and deceptions being repeated daily by the lying media.

Toxic metals. Toxic metals are one of the main toxins that build up in the kidneys. They include mercury, cadmium, nickel, iron, copper, aluminum, lead and others. This can usually be reversed, even when advanced, if a person follows a development program. For details, read Kidney Disease.

Chronic yeast infection. Today most everyone has some chronic yeast overgrowth in the intestines, vagina and often all over the body. The body is literally moldy. At times, one can smell it.

Sweets and starches. Yeast problems occur even if one does not eat much sweets or starches. Both of these foods are called carbohydrates because they contain carbon and hydrogen. Both break down to sugars inside the body, which feed yeasts.

Cravings. The presence of chronic yeast often causes cravings for sweets or starches such as bread. One may also crave milk, which has a lot of sugar in it. Some crave chocolate or other foods.

Slightly inebriated. Yeasts such as candida albicans, the most common yeast in most people, produce alcohol inside the body. This causes many people to be a little drunk all the time.

This is a common cause of brain fog and poor quality thinking. I believe this is a major reason that people worldwide are tolerating the loss of their constitutional and civil rights at this time and believing the conflicting and often illegal and nonsensical decrees of their government authorities in relation to the Chinese virus and other matters.

Chronic yeast infection can also cause over a hundred other symptoms and diseases from anxiety and depression to attention deficit, vitamin deficiencies and even cancer.

Addicted. Many people have come to enjoy feeling a little inebriated all the time. They feel bad if they stop eating these foods, so they become addicted to sugars and starches. Really, they are addicted to the blissful feeling they get from the alcohol the yeasts inside them produce.

The addiction makes it difficult to reduce sugars and carbohydrates in the diet. The carbohydrates in vegetables do not seem to work as well to produce alcohol. As a result, vegetables are not too appealing, except perhaps very sweet or starchy ones such as sweet potatoes, tomatoes, sweet peppers and regular potatoes. Fruit is appealing because most fruit contains quite a lot of sugar. This just makes the problem worse!

Correction. Correcting chronic yeast in the body takes much more than a change of diet. For example, many people follow a paleolithic, Atkins or ketogenic diet. They feel better because these diets are low in carbohydrates. However, these diets are also very deficient because they do not allow many vegetables. As a result, they do not rebuild the body and really solve the problem.

Full correction is possible, but requires renourishing, detoxifying and balancing the body – a longer and more involved process that we find requires the development program. For details, read Chronic Yeast Infections and Slightly Inebriated.

High blood sugar or diabetes. This condition is not quite as universal, but it is becoming more and more common. For example, when someone says they have burning or tingling in the feet, it is often an early sign of elevated blood sugar. In some people, tingling is due to other causes such as a pinched nerve in the lower back.

Coffee and diabetes. A common cause of high blood sugar is drinking coffee. We call it coffee diabetes. I have not seen it discussed in medical books, but we find it to be true and common. Drinking coffee, instead of water, dehydrates the body. The body then elevates the blood sugar to help keep enough water in the blood.

Elevated blood sugar can go unnoticed for a while. The answer is not drugs, in our experience. It is to improve the diet, replenish minerals and balance body chemistry. Then the blood sugar corrects on its own. For details, read Diabetes.


2/13/21. The current conflict with the Rogues is not so much about politics or culture. At a deeper level, it is about souls. We are learning that the rogues have stolen many advanced souls from the earth and put them in prisons in space.

By taking away advanced souls, the people and even the creatures and plants of the earth are left much less intelligent, less aware, and less healthy. This weakens everyone.

The rogues have been stealing souls for hundreds, if not thousands of years as part of a slow process of taking control of our planet. The forces defending the earth just found some of these prisons and I am told they are returning some of the advanced souls to the earth.


2/13/21. One of the goals of the covid-19 outbreak (it was never a pandemic) is to get rid of older people, particular in Western societies. This is helpful to alter society because older people remember how things used to be and they talk about it with their children and grandchildren.

With fewer old people around, it is much easier for rogue infiltrators to rewrite the history books and schoolbooks any way they wish.

This is most important to understand. It is the reason why the governor of the state of New York ordered people who were infected with the Chinese virus to be put into nursing homes – quite insane. Several thousand died needlessly for this reason. I hope the governor is held accountable for his actions.


2/12/21. The US Constitution is quite clear that one cannot impeach a president who is no longer in office. Read it. But that is not stopping the Democrats, who are thoroughly treasonous and need to be on trial for treason.

Also, president Trump did not incite insurrection and there was no insurrection. President Trump told people to protest peacefully, and almost all did. A few people, who were probably plants, broke down a door and knocked over some tables in the Capitol building and that is all.

In contrast, last summer Democrat and socialist supporters with Black Lives Matter and Antifa friends rioted in dozens of American cities for months, setting police cars on fire, looting, killing police and more! But according to the Democrat-led US Congress, that doesn’t deserve any punishment.


So far, the new illegitimate US President, Mr. Biden, refuses to talk with the Prime Minister of Israel. However, he spent two hours on the telephone with the dictator of communist China.

Also, today, February 12, at a press conference, the Biden spokesperson refused to say that Israel is an ally of the United States. All this is an obvious slap in the face and clear indicator of where this administration stands in relation to Israel.

Also, the Biden administration has announced that the Southern border of the United States is now wide open. They want lots of illegal people streaming in and they don’t care who they are or if they have the Chinese virus or any other disease. Please read the next post over and over if you care about the nation.


2/12/21. It is time for action and to be determined. We have spoken of this before and we will never stop. Please take action to save your nation, your state and your local government.

Everywhere in the world everyone should be organizing protests in the streets in every town, state and national capitol protesting fraudulent elections, illegal business shutdowns, illegal actions stopping church worship, and much more.

There need to be new elections with no voting machines and no mail-in or absentee ballots (invitations to fraud), along with other safeguards such as receipts and ballots in triplicate locked away and plenty of voter identification.

The rogue horror must stop – the rapes, beatings, poisoning, corrupting governments and businesses, and damaging products and services - it must stop. It does not matter if it is all done in the name of covid-19 or another fake excuse they use - it must stop.

Your attitude must be if you lose you job because you speak out and take action, you will find another job. If you lose friends, you will find new friends. If family members don’t like it, too bad. Unless you take that attitude you are defeated before you begin.

Yes, you must do your nutrition program and take care of your health to be effective, but you must take action.

Use your time and money for good purposes, not selfish ones. Selfishness will not work in the future. I am told your money will be taken away if not used to assist others and good causes.

Do not make excuses that you are too sick, too tired, too busy, or don’t know what to do. As you act, you will be given strength and you will figure out what to do, but you must take action now. This is an important part of The Law Of Cause And Effect, one of the most important articles, if not the most important, on this website.

IT IS TIME TO DO THE RIGHT THING. Stop worrying mainly about yourself and your family and friends. That is selfish and selfish won’t work – it is the cause of multitudes of problems we now have on earth.

The Biblical injunction to “Love God And Love Others” is not just a mental stance. It means take action.

It is time to speak up. Speak up to family members who are living or behaving badly. Speak up to friends and to strangers about what is going on and what you know. Always do it with the desire to help, not to criticize. Practice and you will get good at it. Don’t stop. It is needed.

Your whole being is like a muscle. The more you use it, the better it gets. This means that as you act, you will be given more abilities and powers. That is how life works.

R. Buckminster Fuller, one of my heroes, when asked what do with one’s life, said Look around, see what needs to be done, and do it.” He also loved to say God will respond to your initiative.”

Another who inspired me said You take one step toward God and God will take 10 steps toward you.” That is identical to the statements by Buckminster Fuller. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and how bad you feel and what a mess the world is. That’s all just veiled selfishness. Get to work.

A deep truth is that as you help others, you help yourself. Too many just sit around or drive around for hours. Or even worse, they watch the stupidity and lies on television or listen or read the fake “news” on the internet or on NPR and other communist news outlets that sound good but poison the mind with lies.

What a disappointment are the conservative talk show hosts, conservative news outlets, and conservative organizations such as the National Rifle Association and so many others. They are all either afraid to speak out on the election or they are lazy, or both. It must end or things will just get worse!

NRA is disappointing because the new weapons are the lasers. Laser weapons are not permitted to the Citizens of America and NRA doesn’t say a word about it. Nor do they say a word about the illegal election that just took place that brought in a thoroughly anti-gun administration.

Please read this message many times. We will also repeat it often. Please take action!


2/12/21. The Biblical Food Laws article is one of the most important articles on this website. We corrected and improved it quite a lot.

These rules are vital for health, for development and for a safe and healthful food supply. They are for everyone of all religions everywhere in the world. For details, read The Biblical Food Laws.


2/11/21. More and more deaths and side effects are being reported from the covid-19 vaccines. Here is an update:


2/11/21. All detergents continue to be somewhat toxic. We would not use any detergents in your home, especially on anything that you touch such as dishes, counter tops, clothing or even floors. For details and substitutes, read Detergents.


2/10/21. About six weeks ago, we discovered that some of our clients are high-level criminals. We decided to do the only honest thing we can do – which is not to work with those clients. This is necessary for safety and integrity.

When we announced this, suddenly several of our Helpers resigned and asked to be removed from the Find A Helper page of the website. One of them told me he wants to work with criminals.

A few of these former Helpers have told their clients that that they are no longer working with us. Others are not telling their clients the truth, so we will help out. These people may be setting up programs themselves, but implying on their websites that they work with Dr. Wilson.

The following have informed me they are not working with us any more: Susan Cachay, Guy Crookston, James Davies, Kim Greenlee, Kairi Kuha, Tina Mataya, Luke Pryor and Lewis Rowlands. Surprisingly, Susan Cachay threatened me with legal action if I even mention her name! We do not recommend working with any of these people because we question their integrity.

Several other Helpers have also been removed from the Helper page, and we think this will be temporary. If you are not sure whether Dr. Wilson actually set up your recent development program, send us an Email and we will tell you if Dr. Wilson recently reviewed your mineral test.


2/10/21. In the early days of America, Bibles had up to 100 extra blank pages at the back of the Bible. Here people recorded births, deaths, marriages and other important information such as the purchase of land. The plan for America (I’m not sure about other nations) was that this information is private and not to be recorded by the government – as occurs today.

The problem with government recording of births, marriages and more, is that there is spying on people and no privacy. In America, births are recorded by the Department Of Commerce. This would imply that Citizens are just products, like cars or furniture.

If we are ever to regain a measure of privacy, we need to return to the old system of recording events in the family Bible and take that power away from the government.


2/10/21. Do not use a plug-in electric pressure cooker for anything, not even for slow cooking. There is something wrong with most of them and they damage the food.

Also, the time required for pressure cooking vegetables will vary depending on the cooker that you have. The reason is the pressure varies. Usually, the time is 1 to 2.5 minutes for cooking vegetables.

Cooked vegetables should not be crunchy because this means they are undercooked. However, if vegetables lose their color or are mushy it means they are overcooked.


2/9/21. One of our clients reported that drinking a little snow water energized him and actually started a retracing process. If you are concerned with the cleanliness of rainwater or snow water, add a little 3% hydrogen peroxide to it to purify it. It does not harm the rainwater.


2/8/21. A great immune booster. A powerful way to enhance the immune response is to heat up the body even one or two degrees. This is a major way our bodies fight many infections. It will help prevent or correct covid-19 and hundreds of other infections.

Cold bodies. Today, most bodies are too cold. As a result - like a cold car engine - the bodies do not function properly. Warming up the body for even half an hour a day in a sauna is similar to warming up the engine of the car.

When done repeatedly, the body will begin to function better in many ways. This is one of a dozen mechanisms at work when one uses a red heat lamp sauna on a daily basis.

Which sauna? The only type of sauna we recommend is a red heat lamp sauna. It combines the healthy rays of the red heat lamps with the heat of the sauna.

A traditional hot rocks sauna is okay, but not as good. Far infrared saunas all put out harmful electromagnetic fields, so we don’t recommend them at all. At times, these saunas can be converted to a red lamp sauna by adding lamps. For details, read Sauna Therapy and Single Lamp Therapy.


2/8/21. Ammonia is a toxic, irritating gas and a common poison in some people’s bodies. You can often smell it on a person. During a development program some clients smell it as they eliminate it while in the sauna. For details, read a new article about it, Ammonia.


2/7/21. We updated the part of the coffee enema article that discusses what one can do while doing a coffee enema. For details, read Coffee Enemas.


2/6/21. You can enhance your coffee enemas by rubbing and pounding on your feet at the same time that you are holding coffee inside. This can definitely cause more detoxification and development. In particular, press hard on two areas:

1. The liver energy channel or meridian, on both feet. This is located in between the big toe and the second toe on the top of the foot, in the webbing. It also extends back, toward the ankle, all the way to the ankle bones on the top of the foot. Just press hard between the first and second metatarsal bones all the way back to the ankle.

2. The liver and spleen organ areas of the feet. These are on the bottom of the feet, below the second, third, fourth and fifth toes and extending almost halfway down the foot toward the heel. The liver area is on the right foot, while the spleen area is on the left foot. Check the Foot Chart for details.

First press on the liver and spleen organ areas. Then close your fist and pound on the liver and spleen areas with the flat part of the middle part of your curled up fingers. This is a completely different reflexology technique that is also very helpful. It is a kind of hard slapping motion that helps the organ areas of the feet and hands. You can pound fairly hard. It does not hurt much. For more details, read Reflexology and Coffee Enemas.


2/6/21. Here is a report on the Chinese virus vaccine:


2/5/21/. The above is a statement from the compact disc programs that come supposedly from the master Jesus or Yeshua. It is a theme of these recordings and the written version, called The Way Of Mastery published by the Shanti Christo Foundation.

We highly recommend this material. It may not be perfect, but it offers the only way out of fear, which is to make a decision to move the mind away from a place of fear and toward a place of Love and Faith.

Another much smaller book we recommend is The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis. On one page of this book, the characters discuss this same theme in a somewhat humorous way. But the point is made – one can choose to be in Fear or one can choose to be in Love.

Learning to overcome fear is one of the main lessons the people of earth and the fine matter beings are facing right now. At some point, people must substitute faith in God for fear. We anxiously await this day! For more about fear, read Fear and The Real Self.


2/4/21. To help our solar system, everyone needs to do not just the nutritional part of the development program, but also the mental and spiritual part. This is following the Seven Laws For The Descendants Of Noah, the Ten Commandments given to Moses and the Golden Rule.


2/4/21. During a development program, some clients develop symptoms. There are usually two possible causes: 1) body chemistry has shifted and the program needs updating or 2) one is having a healing reaction, also called a purification reaction.

What to do. If you are experiencing symptoms, we suggest stopping the metabolic pack, glandular product, and zinc or Limcomin. The reason is that if the program needs updating, one or more of these supplements need to change. At times, stopping these supplements will cause symptoms to improve.

If stopping these supplements makes no difference, then usually the program is okay. However, clients can submit a question to their Helper to have Dr. Wilson review their program and update it if needed.

We usually do not suggest stopping the diet and the healing procedures, except if a healing procedure aggravates symptoms. During healing reactions, some procedures usually help with symptoms. Coffee enemas are one of these. Other healing and detoxification procedures occasionally aggravate symptoms by moving one along faster.

Pushing through. If symptoms are due to a healing reaction, one often needs to push through or just keep going with the diet and procedures, at least, even if it seems like you are not making progress. If symptoms are due to a healing reaction, one must move through the healing process and, at times, this may be temporarily unpleasant.

An example. Copper toxicity is an extremely common imbalance associated with at least 100 health conditions. As copper is eliminated from the body on the development program, one may experience headaches, rashes, fatigue, inability to sleep, anxiety, fear, anger, changes in temperature of the body, tremors, digestive upset, and more.

At these times, one needs more rest. Extra coffee enemas or other procedures may help, and the reaction will pass. An article that discusses specific actions that can be taken when healing reactions arise is Retracing. For more details about copper, read Copper Toxicity Syndromes and other articles on this website about copper.


2/3/21. The rogues or satan. We are learning more about the harmful alien group that we call the Rogues. We are being told they have been in control of many aspects of earth life for at least 25,500 years.

The Hebrew and Christian Bibles mention them, calling them satan. This is an old Hebrew word that means the secret ones. The rogues also use this word to describe some of their high level operatives, who are hybrid human/fine matter creatures. For details, read The Sats.

The central sun. 25,500 years is the length of one ‘year’ or one rotation of our entire solar system around its central sun. This sun is one of the stars in the evening sky located in the constellation called the Seven Sisters or The Pleiades. You can read about this constellation in books about Greek Mythology or just type Pleiades into a search engine. It is well known in astronomy.

The rogue attack. About 25,500 years ago, our solar system moved very close to an area of space controlled by the rogues. They were apparently able to penetrate certain shields that protect solar systems from harmful outside influences.

Development. The penetration occurred because the human beings and the fine matter beings of the earth and the other planets were not sufficiently developed. See the post below to learn more about development.

Fine matter beings include souls, elves, angels and thousands of other species of living creatures and plants. Most people cannot see them, but are very real and inhabit the planet and its surrounds.

Doing your part. If the fine matter beings and the human beings on earth develop, we are told the rogues will have less influence here. Those who take the trouble to follow the development program found on this website are thus helping to free the planet, a very worthwhile endeavor.


2/3/21. A ‘side effect’ of development is that as one develops, one’s influence in the world increases. This is vital to know if you want to be of help in your nation, your friends, your neighbors and to the entire world. Additionally, you do not have to leave your home to have influence. It occurs automatically regardless of where you live and how you spend your time.

The reason it occurs is that your energy field grows larger as you develop, touching more of the earth and more people on the earth. As a result, your thoughts will influence others more. This is one of the most important reasons to pursue development. For more details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.

Development is the goal of the healing programs we offer. It may seem similar to the programs offered by others. However, it is very different from other medical, naturopathic and holistic programs. Development is a much deeper, more permanent and therefore better method of healing.


2/3/21. Ground sesame seeds are one of the essential foods for rapid development. They are technically a fruit and are a vital source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium and many other nutrients. They are the fruit part of the development diet. Without them, you will not develop nearly as rapidly.

We all need to eat some foods from the seven food groups described in the Trophology article. However, fleshy fruits, which includes most all foods we call fruits, are too yin and will slow down development or stop it altogether.

Grinding. Sesame seeds need to be ground up to become food. Otherwise, they pass right through our digestive tract undigested. Birds have a built-in nut and seed grinder in their throat called the gizzard. Humans lack this organ, so we need to use a grinder to make sesame seeds digestible.

Rancidity. A problem with buying tahini or hummus is that it is all somewhat rancid. This begins to occur within minutes of grinding sesame seeds. A simple and excellent alternative is to make your own sesame powder by grinding up sesame seeds in an electric coffee grinder, also called a nut and seed grinder.

Recipe. For each adult, place two tablespoons of white sesame seeds in the grinder. Children need less, depending on their size. Turn on the grinder just for about five seconds. I tilt the grinder while it is on to make sure all the seeds are ground up.

This produces a tasty powder that you can then eat alone or put over vegetables or other food. Eat the sesame powder as soon as possible after grinding the seeds. Also, ideally, do not add water to the powder. Organically grown sesame seeds are best, but not necessary.


2/3/21. The use of coffee for healing is one of the most amazing techniques we have. We are told the reason it works is a combination of the chemistry of coffee and the presence of special souls that live in coffee who want to help human beings at this time.

How to use coffee. Drinking coffee is unfortunately not too helpful. The coffee souls cannot do much when coffee is used this way. Coffee is also somewhat irritating to the stomach.

Much better are the Coffee Retention Enema, Vaginal Coffee Implants, and the Oral Coffee Hold. We know coffee enemas are a bit messy, especially at first. However, with practice they become easier and are one of the only ways we know to rejuvenate our toxic livers and other organs. Also, coffee enemas become cleaner and easier as one develops. Most people need them for years thanks to all the toxins in our food, air, water and objects we touch. I call coffee my old friend.


2/2/21. Inhaling a dilute solution of hydrogen peroxide is a very simple, safe and often very effective procedure for many respiratory conditions, including the Chinese virus (covid-19). You can repeat the procedure up to 6 or 7 times daily.

Warning #1: The peroxide must be very dilute or it could burn your mouth and throat. Peroxide burns are usually short-lived, but they can be very uncomfortable.

If you get a peroxide burn, immediately drink some pure water and if the burn is in your bronchials, inhale a little pure water (see below for how to inhale peroxide or anything).

Warning #2: It is easy to confuse a glass of water with a glass of hydrogen peroxide, so use caution.

To mix up a safe peroxide solution: Buy 3% peroxide at the drugs store or market. Then dilute it at least 10 parts water to one part peroxide. This is usually about right. However, recently some drug store peroxide is stronger, so test the peroxide by inhaling just a little before inhaling a lot of it. It should not burn your mouth or throat. If it burns, add a little more water to the solution and try it again. Do this until it does not burn.

To inhale peroxide: Pour the diluted peroxide solution in a spray bottle or nebulizer. Any spray bottle will work. Then hold the sprayer in front of your mouth and open your mouth wide. Exhale deeply. Then, as you inhale, spray the peroxide into your mouth.

Will this work when one is retracing a sore throat, or a bronchial or lung infection during a development program? It may help. However, at times this remedy is not helpful. One must just move through the old infection by resting and eating lightly until the retracing is over. Occasionally, vitamin A or colloidal silver are helpful for retracing. In our experience, vitamin A is helpful for covid-19.

Other articles about peroxide: These include Oxygen Therapies, The Vaginal Peroxide Implant, Peroxide Baths, and the Cat and Dog articles.


2/1/21. Tourette’s syndrome is a fairly common health condition. According to standard medical opinion, it is not curable.

However, we just heard from one of our clients, a 40-year-old man, in North Carolina. He reported his Tourette’s syndrome has reduced by half over the past few weeks.

His tissue mineral test revealed a four low pattern. This is when the calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium levels are all below the ideal levels. He has had the pattern since he began the program about 3 years ago. The pattern is now less severe, but has not yet gone away.

A four low macromineral pattern is associated with copper overload in the body, and we believe that Tourette’s syndrome is due to a copper imbalance. For details, read Copper Toxicity Syndromes.

Another interesting medical article is Lingual Dyskinesia And Tics: A Novel Presentation Of A Copper Metabolism Disorder by Drs. Goez, Jacob and Yager, MD. We truly wish we had the time and funds to research as these authors did. They probably spent at least $15,000 figuring out what was wrong with this patient. Our case indicates one does not always need so many medical tests to assess copper toxicity.


1/31/21. The oral coffee hold is a helpful procedure for any health condition affecting the head and neck areas of the body. These include problems with teeth, gums, sinuses and ears.

The procedure is quite simple, inexpensive, safe and can be very effective. For details, read The Oral Coffee Hold.


1/30/21. This post is a suggestion to enhance nutrition and development whenever it rains or snows. When fresh, rain or snow water contains trillions of very special souls that will energize and nourish you in unusual ways.

The food souls. Fresh rain or snow water contains food souls that replace souls that are missing or have been lost from the bodies of plants, animals and human beings. This has an energizing and very healing effect. It occurs quickly, at times in surprising ways.

Pets. Dogs and cats enjoy rain water very much, as do many wild animals. Be sure to give pets a choice of drinking waters so they can decide how much rain water to drink.

Caution: Consider drinking fresh rain water only if you live in a fairly rural area. Rain water in a large city often contains too much toxic metals and toxic chemicals, even when very fresh. It picks these up as it falls to earth, along with some minerals.

Safety. Rain water is only safe to drink if it is fresh and captured correctly. Ideally, run it through a carbon filter such as a Britta filter to remove impurities.

Capturing fresh rain water. Place a glass jar outside just before a rain or snow storm and bring the jar inside when the rain or snow stops. Close the lid of the jar as soon as you bring it inside the house. You can use a plastic container, or even a plastic bucket that has a lid. However, glass is a little better. Use the water within one week and throw the rest into your garden.

Clean snow can be gathered from the ground after a snow fall with a glass jar or other container. This is not quite as clean as capturing it as it falls, but we believe it is safe if you live in a rural area. As you develop yourself, drinking a little very fresh rain water is safer.

How much? Human beings do not need much fresh rain water, as do plants. For adult human beings, a few tablespoons daily is enough. Children need less. Pets can judge how much to drink if you give them a choice of drinking waters.

Example. I spent the past three days shoveling snow several hours a day after a record-breaking blizzard. The first two days, I became tired after about an hour. On the third day, I drank about a cup of fresh snow water and noticed that my energy and stamina were definitely better.

I also placed a large bucket of rain water right next to where I cook meals. I immediately noticed that the pressure-cooked vegetables tasted better than ever! They seemed to be bursting with life.

Purifying rain water. You can add a little 3% hydrogen peroxide to rain water to kill bacteria and other contaminants. Adding a teaspoon of peroxide to a glass of water does not damage the water.


1/30/21. The newsletter post of 1/26/21 discussed the new Trophology article, an excellent way to understand feeding yourself in terms of the seven traditional food groups. One of the main principles is to eat something from each food group every day.

Some people do not like sardines. Rather than skip the entire fish food group, it is much better is to eat some kind of fish. Taking fish oil, as we recommend, is okay, but not as good as eating whole fish.

Herring, anchovies or smelt can be used as substitutes for sardines. They are very small fish that are not quite as good as sardines on a daily basis. However, they are nourishing and low in mercury because they are very small. They are also an excellent way to add variety to your diet, which we recommend.

They come in cans or jars, which some people do not like. However, they are packed and cooked very fresh, at times on large fishing boats designed to process the fish before they even arrive on shore. As a result, they are much fresher in the can than if you were to buy them in a store. The cans have a coating on the inside so the fish are not touching bare metal. We do not notice toxicity from the coating.

A brand of herring we like is Pampa Natural Smoke Flavor Herring Fillets. We found them in a six-ounce can at Walmart stores. They taste less fishy than sardines and are easy to eat. We remove the spines before eating them because in small fish mercury concentrates in the spinal cord. Removing the spine is very easy by slicing the fish along the midline. Tasty! For more details, read Fish-Eating.


1/29/21. Some Helpers who were taken off the Helper page of the website will be back on the Helper list when we clean them up. We are working hard to do this. An unpleasant part of my job is to protect the program from any efforts to undermine it. So we need to take some precautions at this time.

Our policy at this time is if you are an existing client, you can continue to work with your present Helper for the time being. When this changes, we will announce it on this newsletter. However, we want new clients to work only with those on the list. We have also heard that some are lying and telling people they are working with me when it is not true.

Even worse, we have heard that some Helpers who are off the list are changing the diet and supplement programs so that the programs are less effective. This could include Lewis Rowlands, Luke Pryor and others. We are not accusing anyone of anything. We are saying beware. You can send us an email if you are not sure about the status of your Helper.


1/29/21. We just discovered that all newer computers have been rigged to be spy devices. This is extremely disturbing, thoroughly illegal and a huge invasion of privacy. We knew this was the case with cell phones, but not computers.

Is it time for drastic action? Some people are going to say that the above means our civilization is over because computers are central to it. Some will say it is time to pack up and leave – head for the hills of Brazil or some other far away place.

However, we are not sure that the situation today is the same as with the Nazis, for example, or the communists in Russia or Eastern Europe. In those situations, fleeing was good and it worked. Many saved themselves and their families and friends.

However, the rogues are much more thorough. As we have discussed on this newsletter, the cars are rigged, the appliances are rigged, and the entire population has brain implants put there soon after birth that track your every movement.

In short, we don’t think you can escape by leaving America or Europe and living in a faraway place. We think they have hidden airships and can easily scan everyone, even those living underground, which they are experts at. They can read your aura and know a tremendous amount about you and decide what to do with you no matter where you live.

At this time, we think the answer to stay and fight. We may change our mind at any time depending upon our information, but this is our suggestion at this time.

We also know that some websites that advocate leaving are run by the Rogues. Their intention is to get rid of the “troublemakers” and make their takeover of the major nations easier. So beware of any website that advocates that people pack up and leave.


We know this is very scary. We will write more about what to do. Right now we will summarize. We believe the only real safety is living a life of very high integrity in which you think, speak and do the right thing at all times.

Everyone must come to understand The Law Of Cause And Effect. Also realize that acts of kindness undo past unkindness. Acts of helping others undo past acts of helping mainly yourself. Right action is very, very important for the safety of your body, your money and much more.

For more on a related topic, see the post just below this one about acting sexy. We think acting sexy in any way is absolutely wrong and leads to bad outcomes in all cases.

Later newsletter posts will discuss other precautions you can take.

Back to computers. Right now, if at all possible, keep your older computers! You can have your old one fixed if it breaks. However, some computer repair technicians will install the spy hardware and software when they “fix” your machine. It’s a fix, alright, but one that is illegal and unauthorized.

Another option is to buy a used or refurbished computer when yours breaks. However, be careful. Some stores and companies such as The Apple Exchange in Tempe, Arizona, USA will have rigged the refurbished computer so it is just as bad as the new ones. This is also illegal and punishable activity.


1/29/20. A rather unusual theme of this newsletter and website, but one closely related to the concept of development, is that women and men need to dress and behave in an unsexy way. We believe that sexy is always wrong and can lead to rapes and beatings.

Articles that explain the reasons for this and how to change for the better are What Is Wrong With A Focus On Sex? and How To Be Unsexy.


1/28/21. The following is a true story with no exaggerations. This newsletter author went to medical school in Mexico. A requirement for graduation was to do service as a doctor for six months in an underserved rural area of Mexico.

The school sent me to a remote area. I felt very unprepared as a doctor, did not speak the language well, and there were no telephones, no radio, no supervision, and hardly any electricity or pure water. It was beyond terrifying.

I lived in an adobe mud structure with a thatched roof. One morning, about 4 AM, a young woman knocked on the door. She said she had a stomach ache. Her stomach looked somewhat swollen.

After asking a few questions, it was clear she was having a baby. Her water had broken and she had no idea what was going on.

I told her we could have the birth in the village, where I had set up a little room with a clean bed. However, she refused and insisted that I drive her to a small clinic about an hour away, partially on a very rough dirt road. So we set off, though I was very nervous.

We made it to the clinic very early on a Sunday morning. No one was there, but the door was unlocked so we went in. She laid down on an examining table. However, before I could check her or even wash my hands, the baby popped out!

I don’t recall the trip home. I think the woman just rested a few minutes at the clinic. Then she and the baby got into the car and we drove back to her village. The entire labor and delivery were finished within about three to four hours.

Compare this to the birth of a first child of a “modern” woman - usually 12 hours to several days of painful contractions, and often requiring anesthesia drugs just to bear the pain.

I eventually grew to enjoy the Indian village and realized that the “modern” world has a lot of wonderful inventions but we don’t have all the answers, especially when it comes to health.


1/28/21. Chicken skin is toxic. Eating a little is okay, but it is not best. The skin of roasted chicken is particularly toxic and best avoided. This applies to feeding chicken skin to pets, as well, although occasionally a dog will want a little chicken skin for its fat content.

Also, earlier newsletter posts suggested drinking the water in which one cooks chicken. This applies to chicken without the skin. Ideally, do not drink the water chicken is cooked in if the chicken is cooked with its skin. It is also best to cook chicken with water (pressure-cooking, steaming, or crock pot) rather than roast it.


Childbirth. When a woman gives birth, she can pull the baby out, rather than push the baby out. Place one’s attention below the pelvis and imagine a powerful magnet or a vacuum cleaner pulling the baby downward and out. This is the same Pulling Down Exercise we recommend for everyone to do every day.

The standard method of pushing babies out puts a lot of pressure on the baby’s head and always causes some neck and skull damage. Pulling down is much safer and much less painful for mother and child! I am told that all highly developed women do this when they have babies.

Bowel movements. One can also learn to pull bowel movements out rather than push them out. The technique is the same as that described above. This is much healthier than pushing and another opportunity to do the pulling down exercise every day.


1/28/21. We are told that the very thin plastic produce bags used in supermarkets when buying loose vegetables have contain special souls that help keep the food fresh. This is not as true of other plastic bags such as zip-loc bags and others.

I asked and was able to buy an entire roll of the thin bags in the produce department at a local supermarket. I wash vegetables with water and then put them in the clean, thin plastic bags from the roll to store the vegetables.


1/27/21. The answer to this question may have to do with recent events such as illegal shutting down of businesses in many nations and widespread cheating on the American and other elections around the world. For details, read the new article, Has The Spiritual Development Of The Earth’s People Kept Pace With Scientific Progress?


1/26/21. Food is one of the most important factors to achieve rapid development. Most of our clients do not eat correctly. To help with this problem, an exciting new article discusses trophology, which is the science of feeding. For details, read Trophology.


1/25/21. The bidet procedures are very simple, very safe and surprisingly powerful healing methods. They involve spraying water at various spots along the floor of the pelvis. Everyone needs to know about them.

The bidet procedures can be done easily when one showers if one has a shower massager. They can also be done any time one sits on the toilet if one has a bidet toilet attachment. We expanded and updated the article about them. For details, read The Bidet Procedures.


1/23/21. Two days ago we suggested moving all squashes and quinoa to occasional foods. We are not going to make these changes at this time. Also, in an earlier post we said that celery root is a daily food. This is not proving to be true. It is best to eat a tiny bit of celery root only occasionally or not at all.


1/22/21. There exists overwhelming evidence the recent American elections were rigged and that the American people did not vote for the people now in power. There is also a pending Supreme Court case regarding the outcome of the election.

We believe the US Supreme Court has been seriously derelict in their duty to quickly review the extensive evidence for cheating. They are also derelict for refusing to hear a number of other cases besides the one filed by Mr. Trump.

The Supreme Court should have issued an injunction stopping the certification of the election and inauguration of the new administration until they rendered a decision. Their failure to act properly amounts to treason and fits with the widespread evidence of illegal election-related activity in the 2020 US elections.

This website and newsletter believe the certification of the election and the installation of the new administration were legally improper and therefore fraudulent.

We strongly disagree with those who say the new administration was properly sworn in and the legal case can proceed at its own pace. This is not the way things are done in a republic based upon fair elections.

For this reason, we say that the new American governments, at all levels, are fraudulent. Therefore, their actions are all null and void.

A new election. The people of America need to demand a new election at once. The new election must be handled fairly with no voting machines, no mail-in votes, no absentee votes and strict photo and other identification required for voting. Other safeguards are also needed, such as receipts for voting and producing multiple copies of ballots that are carefully locked away for recounts, when needed.

Treason. The American people also need to demand that those responsible for the widespread election fraud, including those who helped them in the media, be put on trial at once for treason. This is the serious crime of giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the nation.

Mr. Trump and others. We further believe that the former president, Mr. Trump, vice president Pence, the former United States Congress and courts of the United States are among the guilty parties.

We know this is upsetting to some people. However, to save the nation, any of these people could have stopped the crimes.

For example, the president has had the evidence of the crimes for two months, but hardly informed the American people about it. He organized one press conference, when there should have been 100 press conferences to present every shred of evidence.

He also could have used his power as commander-in-chief of the armed forces to stop the fraudulent and criminal inauguration and instead to hold a new election. Some will say this is not his job, but we disagree. Allowing cheaters and liars to take over the government is an extremely serious crime.

We are well aware of the good the former president did, but letting the new administration be installed cancels a lot of it. The unraveling of the Trump economic recovery, for example, has already begun within two days of the inauguration. The new president cancelled an important national security and economic program, the Keystone Pipeline.

Need for a new court. For the trials above, the American people need to demand that a new court be set up properly and safely because all existing courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States, are clearly infiltrated. Otherwise, they would have stopped the fraud and treason.

The fraudulent covid-19 response. There also exists overwhelming evidence that covid-19 is a relatively mild illness. Statistics prove that the recovery rate, for example, is at least 99% in most age groups. In fact, its severity is similar to the annual flu or less.

This newsletter and many other websites have documented how statistics have been manipulated to blow it out of proportion. For example, the medical authorities continue to cite the number of new cases as evidence of seriousness of the disease when, in fact, most of those infected have few, if any symptoms and almost all recover easily without complications.

This website and newsletter assert that the economically crushing and, in the case of America and some other nations, thoroughly illegal actions of the state governors and others are further evidence of treason.

In America, they would be crimes even if the illness were much more severe. There is no provision in the American Constitution giving the government the power to shut down legal businesses or peaceful assembly or worship for any reason, including to supposedly halt a mild illness.

More treason. The people of America and other nations need to demand that those guilty of lying and violating the rights of the people to assemble, to worship and to do business under the guise of protecting us against the Chinese virus be tried for treason. This includes the media and many other organizations that have supported the illegal shutdowns and other government actions.


1/22/21. Soft goat cheese and goat yogurt need a little unrefined sea salt added to them. Otherwise, they are too yin.


1/21/21. We restored some of the names of our Helpers to the Find A Helper page. More will be added as our souls do more cleanup on the Helpers.


1/21/21. A problem most people have is they do not move their mental or subtle energy downward from the head to the feet nearly enough. In many instances, this is caused by fear, especially in women.

FEAR. Living in fear moves one’s energy upward rather than downward. At times, you can feel it. When you move energy upward, you will feel up-tight, up-set, mixed-up, and messed-up. READ Fear As A “Place”, Fear and Fear Of Death.

The Real Self book discusses an ancient philosophy that says there are only two basic emotions – love and fear. An attitude of love moves energy downward, while a fearful attitude moves energy upward. Please read about fear in this book. You don’t have to buy it – it is online at the above link.

This philosophy states that one always has a choice as to which of these two attitudes will prevail inside of you. Outer circumstances affect your decision, but are not the determining factor.

The house of the Lord”. You choose in every moment “where to live”. The 23rd psalm says “I shall dwell in the house of the Lord”. I repeat this phrase many times each day because the house of the Lord is a place of love.

Moving energy upward may also be caused by other negative emotions such as anger, up-set, confusion, or being told lies. Listening to music tends to move energy upward, as do most sexual thoughts and activities. An exception is Down Sex and Down Hugging, which is a major reason we recommend these rather than ordinary sex.

Another simple exercise to help develop the habit of moving energy downward is whenever you walk, as you take each step say the word down. Also, imagine you have a suction cup on the bottom of each foot that you compress whenever you take a step.

The development program. The entire development program including the diet, the nutritional supplements, the healing and detoxification procedures, and the mental/emotional aspects all help move your energy downward.

This is a major reason why we recommend only certain foods, supplements, and procedures. It is also the reason that certain thoughts and emotions are more healing than others.

Why does moving energy downward work? One reason is that our bodies have millions of tiny channels that run from the head to the feet. These are hollow tubes through which move ether or subtle energy. A book about reflexology, Zone Therapy, has a drawing of these channels on the cover.

In fact, healing, clearing and opening these channels is the basis for a number of healing sciences such as reflexology, acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu, and others. For your health and development, learn to become aware of whether you are moving your energy upward or downward. For details, read Downward Moving Energy And Healing and the Seven Movements Of Development Science.


1/20/21. A way to make use of hydrogen peroxide for healing is to place a piece of cloth in a small plastic or glass mixing bowl. Then pour a little 3% peroxide on it to wet the entire cloth.

Place the bowl near your body. Some souls in the peroxide will move into your body and assist healing and development. You could even go to sleep with the bowl of peroxide next to your head.

We are still researching this new method. It is not quite as good as vaginal or penis peroxide implants. However, it is extremely easy and clean, and seems to work well.


1/20/21. The inauguration of Joe Biden as president of the United States is fraudulent because there is a pending Supreme Court case – Trump v. Biden - that challenges the election results. We are sad that very few commentators or news outlets report this fact.

We also believe there is a challenge to the Georgia Senate runoff election. As a result, the results of this election are unclear. This means the two Democratic Party senators who supposedly won should not have been sworn in and seated in the US Senate. It also means that the US Senate vote to certify the presidential election was fraudulent, meaning null and void.

In addition, there are several dozen other pending lawsuits regarding this election in various states. We pray that legality returns to the electoral process in America.


1/20/21. New Apple computers have been cheapened and can only connect to the internet via wi-fi. THEY ARE ALSO SPY DEVICES AND ARE RIGGED TO TRANSMIT SECRET AND UNAUTHORIZED PHOTOS OF YOU, SCREEN SHOTS, AUDIO AND MORE.

So for now, at least, we suggest keeping older Apple computers and, if possible, fixing them if they break so that you don’t have to use wi-fi. You could also buy a refurbished older Apple computer if yours breaks.

HOWEVER, BE CAREFUL BECAUSE IF YOU BUY FROM A STORE OR COMPUTER CONSULTANT THE OLD MACHINE IS LIKELY TO HAVE BEEN ALTERED AND RIGGED LIKE THE NEW ONES. Only buy directly from another person, and even then you may get tricked. Any Apple computer from about 2015 to about 2019 will do.


1/18/21. Another powerful entire music album to assist development is Bloodwood – the art of the didjeridu. It is by Alan Dargin with Michael Atherton, Small Music World, 1993. You may use the same listening methods as described in the post about sound therapy on 1/17/21.

The Bloodwood album has powerful effects and causes somewhat uneven development. Therefore, it needs to be combined with the rest of the development program for safety. Listen to it for no more than two hours a day.

The Australian aborigines. This is one of the most important groups in helping heal and develop the people of the earth. Most live in the interior desert regions of Australia and prefer to remain hidden. A few live in the urban and suburban areas of Australia and other nations, as well.

They feel sad about the condition of the people on planet earth, whom they say are spiritually quite primitive.

Planets are living creatures with energy centers, just like humans, animals and plants. As a group, the aborigines or abs, as they like to be called, are assigned to the upper, more spiritual energy centers of the earth - #18, 19, 20 and 21. These are found in the South Sea Islands such as Tahiti and Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, the Southern tip of India, and surrounding areas.

Recently, more abs are returning to the earth and having children to assist the task of healing and development on our planet. They know about and are sharing many methods of development, including the development diet. Another method is the sounds on the above recording.

There are few books about them and no accurate movies about them of which I am aware. An easy book to read is The Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan. You can also read the book review, The Mutant Message – A Book Review.

Beware! This little book was quite upsetting to me when I read it about 30 years ago. It made me realize that “modern civilization” is not as advanced or wonderful as I had thought. (The abs call us the mutants!)

For example, the author of the book had a cell phone, which the abs threw away. They told her she won’t need it because with their help (meaning with development) some day she will be able to communicate telepathically, as they all do! Most abs are born developed, communicate telepathically with each other, the plants and the animals, and live quite an enchanted life.

The book discusses junk food, healing, religion and many other subjects related to development. The abs say the book is actually a composite of events that illustrate a number of qualities about development. We highly recommend the abs sound therapy and reading The Mutant Message Down Under. The abs also love the topic below!


1/17/21. Telling the truth is a basic value of Western civilization. It is under severe attack today. The attack is given many fancy names such as socialism, communism, Marxism, intersectionalism, political correctness, emergency powers, social justice, environmental justice and group rights. Other lying terms are woke, fact-checking, the cancel culture, supposed political phobias such as homophobia or islamophobia, and more.

Perhaps the worst we are witnessing is what occurs when government and medical authorities lie in a big way.

Truth and lying are also time concepts. Understanding time is a theme for this newsletter for this year. For details, read Lying.


1/17/21. This is a fairly simple but very powerful healing, development and rewind method that anyone can do at home. We will be writing more about it.

The method requires a music system with decent loudspeakers. You can buy a good enough music system for very little money at a thrift store, if you prefer.

The basic procedure is to either turn the volume up high, or sit on the loudspeaker so it vibrates your body, or do both. You can also lie on a bed or massage table above the speakers.

If you want to spend lots of money, you can buy a vibrasound table. It is a massage table with loudspeakers or sound transducers mounted underneath. One could also build such a table. If you buy one, do not use the attachment for your eyes. This could be dangerous. However, you don’t need a fancy setup. We just use a 9” to 15” loudspeaker and we sit on the speaker cabinet.

The piece of music to play right now is on a compact disc titled All Is Forgiven by Ashana, Angelic Tones/Barkowitz Music, 2006. Just listen to the second piece, The Embrace.

This compact disc has a sexy picture on the cover which we don’t like at all, and the musician looks sort of new age. However, the second piece is quite powerful if you turn up the volume and have a decent set of loudspeakers. You will feel it vibrating the body in quite a special way. It is a development method.

While you are sitting or lying down on the speaker or table, do the pulling down exercise and you can press all along the arch of the foot. These will enhance the effects.


1/17/21. There is now additional information in the Rewind Science article. This is a basic development science article.

We added the sacred movements of each dimension and more rewind points on the feet and that a number of clients are using a massager or their hands to press on the entire arch of the foot every day with excellent results.


1/16/21. I took down the recent posts about the US army because we don’t have sufficient confirmation about it. I do believe there exists a war with China and I am working on confirming the information about the US army, but so far we cannot confirm it and the American forces are not that strong.


1/16/21. This is a short article about a subject that women care about a lot. Some men won’t like it, but it is a simple habit once you are used to it. For details, read Bathroom Hygiene For Men.


1/15/21. A problem almost everyone has when they begin the development program is that digestion is very weak. This is due to nutrient deficiencies and toxicity. As a result, even though one eats very well, nutrient absorption is poor. This slows healing and development.

To help this situation, we recommend a digestive enzyme for everyone and we recommend supplements for everyone. Some health authorities say these are not needed, but we strongly disagree.

After a number of years on the program, digestion improves greatly. As a result, development occurs much faster. Also, later on one needs fewer supplements.

Many clients ask if they can have a smaller or less expensive program. We tell clients that if one cannot afford all the supplements, one can take them just once or twice a day instead of three times daily.

The weak digestion trap is somewhat similar to the clogged toilet syndrome. This is the fact that when one begins a development program, the organs of elimination and detoxification are congested and nutrient-depleted. As a result, no matter what one does, detoxification proceeds slowly, at first.

This is one reason for the use of coffee enemas and the red lamp sauna. After a few years of following the program, the detoxification organs begin to heal and the elimination of toxic metals and chemicals begins to occur more rapidly.

This explains why development is slow, at first, but its speed continues to increase the longer one remains on the program.


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