If you have enjoyed the articles on this website, if you have benefitted from a development program, or just wish to help us, please consider donating to The Center For Development. 

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit educational and charitable foundation registered in the state of Arizona, founded in 2007.  We are also a non-denominational religious foundation, based on Biblical values and teachings.


Financial disclosure.  The foundation currently has one part-time paid employee.  Dr. Wilson works without compensation.  All of his income from consulting, book sales and other sources goes directly to the foundation.  This is currently our main source of our funds.


Foundation activities.  The foundation presently provides scholarships for about 50 children and about 20 young women under 30 years old who otherwise could not afford the program.  We check carefully to make sure each person actually needs our support.  For the rules of the program, read The Scholarship Program.

For more details about the Center For Development, please click here.


How to donate.  Please send donations to The Center For Development, PO Box 54, Prescott, AZ 86302 or via Paypal to 

For more information about donating, please call Dr. Wilson at (928) 445-7690 Pacific Time Zone.



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