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We offer program support psychological counseling.  Listed below are several professional counselors who also understand nutritional balancing, and are on a nutritional balancing program themselves.




1. Anyone who wishes to learn more about how a nutritional balancing program can change your mental state or your feelings.

2. Anyone who feels the need to talk to a professional counselor about anything going on in your life. 

3. Anyone who is going through a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing crisis or reaction and wants support or just a friendly listener.




            1. This is an energetic approach to healing and trauma release.  Nutritional balancing is a bioenergetic approach to heal traumas and emotional blocks by increasing your biochemical energy production and balancing your body chemistry.  This is described in the article entitled Trauma Release And Nutritional Balancing.   Counseling is therefore mainly supportive, and that is all most everyone needs.  Your counselor may also help you understand purification reactions, Retracing, and how to move through blocks without resorting to drugs, in almost all cases.

2. Referrals. Your counselor is on a nutritional balancing program, and will assist you with your drug-free, hormone-free nutritional balancing program.  This is very different from regular counseling because very few counselors understand how a nutritional balancing program works.

3. All done long distance.  Counseling is usually by telephone, Skype or email, rather than in person.

4. Counseling is much less counselor-centered and more client-centered.  This is because with the bioenergetic approach to trauma release, the order in which issues arise, and the way in which they resolve, is largely determined by your body’s wisdom, and not by a counselor.

5. The counselor has a different role.  The counselor is not so much in charge of the counseling process, as he or she is a “helper on the path” during the client-centered process of bioenergetic healing.

6. You may heal quickly, in many cases.  This occurs because this bioenergetic approach is very powerful and precise.  Also, if you follow a nutritional balancing program correctly, you will have much more nutritional, structural and other support than clients have with regular counseling.

7. Unusual symptoms can arise.  This is because the energetic approach powerfully invokes the wisdom of the body to solve its problems.  The results can be surprising, at times.

8. It is more of a total lifestyle approach.  You will be asked to eat better, sleep more, take certain nutritional supplements, and do a mental exercise daily.  This is not usually the case with regular counseling.

9. Mental development.  The counselor is not just interested in your physical and emotional healing.  He or she is also interested in your development, a very precise concept explained in a number of articles on this website such as Introduction To Development.  This requires a healthful lifestyle, proper diet and other adjustments in your life, but the rewards are worth the effort.

10. Counseling is spiritually-oriented.  This counseling is not based on the secular-humanist-liberal belief system, as is regular psychological counseling.  Instead, it is based upon working with the teleology (healing intent and desire) of the body and the soul that everyone possesses.  It is non-denominational and non-religious in that it is not sponsored by any one religion, but it embodies most of the same principles used in Christian counseling, for example. 




I am reluctant and cautious about recommending regular psychological counseling for several reasons:


1. Most counselors are not oriented toward natural healing methods.  Indeed, counselors today usually recommend the use of medical drugs, or other medical procedures.  In fact, however, these are rarely needed when one follows a nutritional balancing program, and they easily interfere with nutritional balancing.  Medical methods should be used only as a last resort.  However, many counselors use them right away.


2. Among counselors who know about natural methods of healing, few are familiar with nutritional balancing science.  For example, very few understand retracing, bioenergetics, the oxidation types, mineral therapy, and other key concepts of nutritional balancing science.

As a result, such counselors may suggest methods of therapy that are unsafe, or conflict with and damage a nutritional balancing program.  These might include yoga, various meditations, homeopathy, essential oils, flower remedies, random supplements, or other methods that are not compatible with a nutritional balancing program.


3. Many counselors believe in a purely secular understanding of life.  This is sometimes called the secular-progressive or liberal view about life.  I find this approach is not in accordance with nutritional balancing principles, and is more often destructive for the person.


4. Some counselors are simply not competent or ethical enough.  This is a significant problem, at times, and can lead to confusion and discouragement.  It can be due, in part, to a faulty education or lack of experience.  It can also be due to the counselor’s own impaired health, his or her unhealed traumas, or other reasons.


So please be careful when seeking counseling.  Here is a much safer way to receive counseling.




I am pleased to be able to recommend Suzanne Balka, MA, LPC and Joe Rapisarda for counseling for people on a nutritional balancing program.



Suzanne Balka is a licensed professional counselor and life coach with 5 years experience with trauma-related and rape-related coaching and advocacy.  She is also on a nutritional balancing program herself, so she is very familiar with the program.


Joe Rapisarda.  Joe is a life coach who has been on a nutritional balancing program for a number of years.


Procedure. All of these counselors can work long distance by telephone or perhaps Skype.  Sessions are completely confidential, and no HIPPA or other state reporting rules apply to these sessions.  Scheduling is flexible based on your needs. 


Fees.  $50.00 for half an hour and $100.00 per hour.  An extra fee will apply if extensive preparation time is needed.


To contact Suzanne Balka, please call (281) 406-0439 (Central Standard Time) or Her hours are after 4 PM, Central Standard Time.


To contact Joe Rapisarda, go to


If the line is busy, please leave a message with your name and phone number.



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