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            Definition.  Cliff patterns are those in which one, two three or four of the macromineral levels are very high.  At the same time, the level of a mineral that is adjacent to these elevated minerals is very low. 

All cliff patters have the appearance of a cliff.  Hence the name, cliff patterns.

These patterns are recently discovered and are not too common.  As a result, we have not studied them as much as some others.  Therefore,  the criteria for the patterns may change as we learn more about them.




            There are four types of cliff patterns, depending on how many of the macrominerals are elevated.


            The one cliff.   In this type, only one of the macrominerals is elevated.  The criteria for this pattern are:

1. Calcium level above 165 mg% or so

2. Magnesium less than 3 mg%

3. Sodium less than 6 mg%

4. Potassium level less than 4 mg%.


This pattern is the same as the L pattern.  The calcium/magnesium ratio is always high, indicating that part of the pattern is spiritual defensiveness.  This is a lifestyle imbalance that is interfering with one’s health.


            The two cliff.  In this type, the first two macrominerals are elevated.  The criteria for this pattern are:

1. Calcium above about 165 mg%.

2. Magnesium above about 22 mg%.

3. Sodium less than about 7 mg%.

4. Potassium less than 4 mg%.

            This is simply a very slow oxidizer pattern with a calcium shell.  For details, read Slow Oxidation.


            The three cliff. In this type, the first three macrominerals are elevated.  The criteria for this pattern are:

1. Calcium greater than about 165%.

2. Magnesium greater than about 22 mg%.

3. Sodium greater than 60 mg%.

4. Potassium less than 5 mg%.

              So far, this appears to be a criminal pattern.  A prominent feature of it is extreme anger, indicated by the very elevated sodium/potassium ratio.  For details, read Criminality and Criminal Patterns.


            The four cliff.  In this type, all four of the macrominerals are elevated.  The criteria for this pattern are:

1. Calcium greater than about 165 mg%

2. Magnesium greater than about 22 mg%

3. Sodium greater than about 6ľ mg%

4. Potassium greater than about 30 mg%.

5. In addition, the iron level must be below 1.2 mg%, we believe.

            This pattern is similar to a high four highs pattern or extreme four highs pattern (also called the high tunnel), except we believe that the iron level (the next mineral on the chart) must be low, as well.

A four highs pattern is a secondary alarm reaction, also called a slow oxidizer under stress.  In acupuncture, four highs is a yang rising pattern associated with inflammation and acute stress.

A high four highs or high tunnel pattern has to do with mildly entering the “tunnel of death” spoken of in some cultures.

The two tunnel patterns, four lows and high four highs, both have to do with disconnecting somewhat from this existence.




All the cliff patterns involve a Calcium Shell Pattern.  This is often associated with trauma, psychological withdrawal, and suppression and/or repression of emotions.

            Disconnect.  All cliff patterns indicate a fairly severe imbalance of the macrominerals and perhaps indicate a “disconnect” tendency in a person.  In the criminal pattern (the 3 cliff), this could indicate a psychopathic or sociopathic tendency.  This means the person is disconnected from other people and so does not mind harming others.

            Copper toxicity.  All the cliff patterns involve hidden copper toxicity.  The reason is that high calcium is a hidden copper toxicity indicator.

Elevated copper is associated with disconnecting or detaching from this world to varying degrees.  For example, very high copper is associated with schizoid tendencies or schizophrenia.




These patterns can appear on a first test, or on a retest as part of a retracing process.  If they appear on a retest only, they are much less important and simply indicate that one is temporarily passing through the pattern on the way to health.

Also, on a retest, they might just indicate an elimination of toxic or metastatic calcium and magnesium.



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