by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

August 2017, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


A number of teenagers and those in their twenties have reported to us that their health became worse after they wore dental braces for several years.  Their hair mineral tests all revealed elevated levels of nickel, a very toxic metal.

Indeed, it appears that nickel alloys are being used in some dental braces, or perhaps for all of them.  Nickel is inexpensive and malleable, qualities that make it ideal for dental wires and perhaps other dental uses.

The problem is much worse in anyone who does not eat a diet high in cooked vegetables and high quality foods.  Unfortunately, this describes most teenagers and those in their twenties.  Enough of the vital minerals will antagonize or oppose some of the nickel, but if the diet is low in physiological minerals, the body will absorb more nickel from the environment.




            Nickel is unfortunately an extremely toxic metal that has no business being anywhere near the body.  It is associated with feelings of anger, rage, depression and even suicidal thoughts.  It can also affect the kidneys, the lungs, digestion and other body functions.  Even small amounts of nickel in the body can be extremely toxic. 

            Other possible sources of nickel include:

- wearing nickel-plated jewelry, or costume jewelry.  Nickel plating looks like silver, so jewelry is often made this way. 

- rooibos tea, also called red tea. 

- consuming hydrogenated oils found in commercial peanut butter, all margarines, Crisco, vegetable shortening, candies and many refined food products.

- smoking cigarettes.

- handling or breathing fumes of metal, especially steel, which contains nickel.  Occupations such as metal-working, welding, construction, electrical work and other may be provide sources of nickel.




            A nutritional balancing program will remove nickel from the body in all cases.  In my experience, this is the best method to remove it.  I do not recommend chelation therapy at all, as it always removes some vital minerals along with the toxic ones.

            Also, reduce your exposure to nickel by removing braces, avoiding hydrogenated oils and cigarettes, and do not wear nickel-plated jewelry if possible.  If you must wear it, then take off the jewelry and coat it with clear polyurethane varnish on any area that will touch your skin.  Revarnish it once a year or so, as the varnish will wear off.



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