by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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An important concept in nutritional balancing science is that a person must have reserve energy or adrenal reserves for healing to occur rapidly and properly.  This is a simple idea, but one that is very important.

            Perhaps a way to illustrate the importance of this concept is with an automobile analogy.  If there is insufficient reserve power in the engine of a car, the following will occur:


1. You will not be able to travel very fast.

2. You will not be able to travel at all up steep hills, impairing your ability to go where you want.

3. You will not be able to carry much of a load in the car.

4. You may be uncomfortable because you may not be able to operate the air conditioner, the lights, or some other options that use power.

5. You may strain the engine, damaging it.

6. The car will lack flexibility, meaning the ability to handle emergencies, need for rapid acceleration, etc.

7. Parts of the engine or car may not operate properly, or may not operate at all.


            While the above is just an analogy, it is a fairly accurate description of what occurs when the adaptive energy level in the body is low, and there is little reserve energy.  Basically, the body is usually toxic, congested, delicate, and inflexible.  This impairs one’s ability to handle diseases and other stressors, to repair the body, and to utilize all of one’s faculties.

In fact, this is why deep healing is slow, at first, when one begins a nutritional balancing program.  If one is fortunate, symptoms may begin to disappear quickly.  However, deeper healing takes more time because most people’s reserve energy is too low to allow deeper healing to take place.  For more on this important topic, read Slow Progress With Nutritional Balancing.

However, even more problems occur when the body’s adaptive energy level is too low.




            In addition to all of the body activities, reserve power is needed in our bodies for development.  This is a very specific process described in a number of articles on this website.  It involves vast improvements in immune system response, increased neuronal capacity, rebuilding of the thymus gland and more.  For more about this important topic, read Introduction To Mental Development.




            An important systems concept is that of flexibility.  Our bodies are dynamic, or changing at all times to respond to our environment.  For example, the oxidation rate needs to be able to speed up and slow down to meet the demands of the day, hour and even the moment.  Mineral ratios and mineral levels also must change from moment to moment, at times, to properly respond to environmental conditions.  ALL OF THIS REQUIRES EXTRA ENERGY.




            In order to move through healing reactions and resolving old traumas, extra energy is also needed.  For this reason, low adrenal reserves is an important reason, if not the most important reason, why some people are not able to get through healing reactions and unable to undo traumas.


To be continued …



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