by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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The 7 system describes ways in which our bodies and minds handle new information.  The process of moving from one stage to the next may be called “growing” into a new way of living such as that of a development program.




The seven stages of working into a development program are:

Stage 1. “I am willing to try it.”

Stage 2. “ I can feel some of the early effects and move a little deeper into it.”

Stage 3. “I understand the program intellectually at a basic level.”

Stage 4. “ I am becoming relaxed with the program.”

Stage 5. “ I am getting into the rhythm or “groove” of the program in a deeper way.”

Stage 6. “I am adding more mental power and understanding to my commitment to the program.”

Stage 7. “I am really connecting with the program at a high level.  I am really “getting it”.”



1. It is important to go through each of the stages in the proper order.  Otherwise, trouble often arises and you may quit the program prematurely.

2. One must essentially “fall in love” with each stage in order to move on correctly.

3. It usually takes a few years to pass through each of the stages below.




Stage 1. STARTING.  (yang or bringing it in).  This is the most difficult for many people.  There are no formed habits, there is resistance from friends, families, doctors and the media, and it seems odd to most people. 

However, one must pass through this stage successfully to move on.


            Stage 2. FEELING SOMETHING.  (spinning it to the right or bringing it in deeply).  One must join with the program, and make it part of your life, sort of like wrapping the program around yourself like a cloak.

            Most people will feel something from it if they do this right.  This will enable one to move on to the next stage, which is a more intellectual understanding of the program.


            Stage 3. BASIC UNDERSTANDING.  (down movement).  One begins to understand the program from the head down into the body.  This is an intellectual level of understanding. 

Instead of bodily feelings controlling the mind, a shift takes place where the mind or head begins to control the body a little more.


            Stage 4. RELAXING WITH THE PROGRAM. (relax, parasympathetic).  This stage is relaxing because you understand the program at a high enough level that allows you to just trust the process.

            You will appreciate the program almost like you appreciate a good friend.  You may begin to share the program with others at this time.  Some people become development consultants beginning in this stage.


            Stage 5. IN THE GROOVE OR IN THE ZONE (back and forth wobble).  At this stage you begin to vibrate or resonate more deeply with the program.  It is much more “your life” or “your frequency”.

You will often become more creative with the program, such as doing the spa morning routine where you combine the procedures to do many at once.  What was “your friend” becomes more of a “partner” or team.


            Stage 6. DEEP UNDERSTANDING (impact).  In this stage, your understanding deepens and, as a result, you can put a lot more power behind the program.  You will take on the attitude of “Lookout!  Here I come.” 

Many clients share the program with others at this stage.  You will have much more trust in the program.  You also trust the development conception, and may begin to assist others just because you want to help others in need of healing.


            Stage 7. I GET IT or I AM ONE WITH THE PROGRAM. (up and down wobble).  This is a culmination of the first six stages.  Things become easier, in part because your health improves, but also because you really understand the program deeply.  You are less afraid, and you have more ability to think and do the program.

Usually, you are more integrated, feel less “shattered” or ill, and the density of the body begins to lessen.  All parts of you and of the program seem to fit together better.  You will usually want to share it with others.



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