Some people very much want to follow a development program, but have difficulty affording it.  For children and women under age 30, financial assistance may be available through The Center For Development, a non-profit, tax-deductible foundation. 

We have limited funds.  That is the reason for limiting our help only to children and young women at this time. 

If you are interested in this program, immediately begin the The Free Program.  This is a basic nutritional balancing program that is much better than the average diet and random nutritional supplementation.  After a few months on this program, children and women under age 30 may apply for financial help for a full program.

To apply for help, email us at Contact Us.  Please include your full name, and postal zip code if you are in the United States.  If you are not in the United States, include your city, province or state, and nation.


Donations.  We also greatly appreciate donations to support this program.  For details, read Donations.



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